Sylvia 203

Sylvia 203

When I went into The Brit’s shower, I had clean clothes with me.  The shower showed signs of Jeremy’s good taste.  Unlike The Brit and I, who built a shower to be a shower, Jeremy made it artistic.  For one thing it was a real tile enclosed cubicle.  The slightly biscuit colored tile had a few decorative tiles scattered through it.  They really were quite lovely.

The Brit had the kind of hot water you didn’t have to worry about.  You could stay in the shower as long as you liked.  A girl like me could wash my short thin hair ten times and not put a dent in his hot water reserve.

I put on clean bikini panties and a pair of standard skinny jeans before I pulled on a long sleeved Russian Commando knockoff top.  I at least bought my knockoff from the Army Navy store, not some designer store somewhere.  Since I was wearing tight jeans, I had to wear the upside down shoulder holster.  I had a sloppy parka should I decide to leave the apartment which was a certainty.  I could sit around the apartment with the .22 mag swinging but if I went downstairs I needed to cover it.

I went down to the Pub for a consult with The Brit while they prepared for the evening.  “Allan,” I said since Jeremy was present, “What you got planned for today?”

“Just getting this place ready to open why?” he asked.

“We need a little consult about the conversations we are going to be forced to have with the law.” I said.

“Well I was thinking name rank and serial number,” he said.

“That would work as well as anything.  Our testimony has to keep swamp dog out of it. Nobody who saw them is going to testify, except maybe Jeremy but he shouldn’t be considered.  I’m thinking I will go see what kind of lawyer Bob is before we actually need to use him.  If he is any good, we can hide behind him.”

“Sounds good,” The Brit said.

“I figure we got a few hours at least before the state people come calling.  After I talk to Bob if nothing happens to dissuade me, we might as well go with it.  We can both use the same lawyer just to keep the conversation going in the right direction, agreed?” I asked.

“Agreed, but I’m not saying anything to him either,” The Brit said.

“Good enough,” I said as I pulled the parka over my pistol.  I headed out to my car.  I drove to the address on Bob’s card.  His receptionist was a cute little girl, no more than twenty.  I had no idea if she could use the computer, but she probably could give a better blow job than me.  “I need to see Bob.”

“Do you have an appointment?” she asked.

“No, but I got a pocket full of cash,” I answered.

“Have a seat I’ll try to locate him,” she said.

I spoke in an elevated voice. “Never mind, when you find him, tell him Sylvia Porter was in.  If he wants my business, he needs to make himself available.” After that tirade, I just walked out and drove the cruiser home.  It was taking longer everyday for the cold to burn off it seemed.  I shivered when I walked to the car.

I was halfway home, when I answered the phone.  “Miss Porter, it’s Bob your attorney.”

“You are my attorney, if you are any good, and you are around when I need you.  From now on Bob, let your receptionist know right where you are.  Checking back with the office now and then is not going to be good enough.  Go out and do your business that’s find, but let her know where you are.”

“I’m sorry, we are not a good fit Sylvia.  I run my own office. I don’t let my clients tell me what to do,” he said angrily.

“That’s your choice,” I said and hung up on him.  I called my friend at the clerk of court’s office immediately.

“Hey there Mattie how you doing.”  After all the usual about her family and my lack of family, it was time to start the conversation for real.  “Mattie, I have a five pound box of Sea’s candy kind of question for you,” I said.

“Long as it don’t also come with a prison term,” she said laughing.

“Nothing like that.  I’m looking for a lawyer.  Someone young just starting out maybe, but smart and a scrapper.” I said.

“Miss Sylvia you come to the right place.  I know an attorney almost working out of a Toyota’s back seat.” Mattie said.

“Nothing wrong with that,” I said honestly.

“Well, it’s female attorney,” she added.

“In case you hadn’t noticed I’m a woman too,” I said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell with you girl,” she said.  Then hurried on, “She is also black and tiny.  Probably more tiny than you even.”

“Can she raise her voice, when she needs to get a man’s attention?” I asked.

“She has been able to do that since she was a baby,” Mattie said.  “She is my sister’s little girl.  I helped Louise raise her up.”

“Okay what is her name,” I asked.  “We call her Rita.  I’m sure she has some fancy lawyer name now.”

“You gonna hold it against me, if I have to fire her?” I asked.

“No, but I might ask for bigger boxes of candy,” she said.

“Done, then ask her to call me when she has time, but it’s fairly important.” I said and hung up.  Everyone around here is related to everyone else, I thought.  I was halfway though the epoxy repair of my condenser, when the smart phone rang.  It was Mattie’s niece Rita calling.

“So let’s me and you meet,” I suggested.

“Sylvia, you do know my only experience was interning with a legal aid department.” she said.

“Nice of you to be honest, but honey, you don’t need to tell everyone that. When and were can we meet?” I asked.

“You want to do it today?” she asked.

“It would probably be for the best.  Are you gonna be anywhere near the plaza this afternoon?” I asked.

“I can be sure,” she agreed.

“I would rather we meet in my cruiser.  I promise it won’t take long, but bring a letter of intent to represent me.” I said.  “We might not need it, but if we do I want to be ready.”

“Okay, I drive a gray Toyota.” she said and hung up.

I sat in the Cruiser/micro-minivan waiting for Rita the Lawyer just a few minutes, before the Toyota appeared in the Hardee’s parking lot.  I checked to be sure no one came in who was obviously following her.  Then I pulled my van in beside her.  She left her car carrying a laptop and smart phone.

“Hello Rita, let me say first your aunt’s opinion is good enough for me to hire you sight unseen, but that doesn’t mean I wont fire you in a minute.” I said.

“Hello and I have heard a lot about you as well.” she said.  “Nothing I heard would prevent me from representing you.”  She was smiling when she said it.  “Let’s get the terms straight.  Consultations are $75 an hour, preparation for court is $75 an hour, Time in court or police interview rooms is $100 per hour.  If that is satisfactory, sign the contract so we can start discussing your problems.”  She was all business and I liked that.

I signed of course then I said, “I am going to be interviewed by the SBI I believe.  If this happens I would like to learn more from them than they do from me.  I would also like to have them work through you, so that I can gain the maximum information.”

“Then just have them call me to arrange a meeting.  I will be sure there is justification for bringing you in before we go down there.  If they show up at your home or some other place you can refuse to go with them, or to answer questions without me present.  While refusing you may learn a thing or two.  At the very least you can delay their questioning to allow your friends to get their stories straight.” she said.

“Could you arrange to represent my friend who runs the pub?” I asked.

“I can and you have my word, if his interest conflict with yours, your interest come first,” she said.

“That is a decision I hope we never have to make.  I will tell you I’m innocent of every charge, until I can no longer be innocent.  So you better be a scrapper.” I said.

“Well you will have to judge that yourself.  So what do you think you might be questioned about?” she asked.

“Possibly the events at that warehouse in Dobson.  I have no idea where the Sheriff got the idea I might know something, but his investigator called me yesterday out of the blue.  I managed to squash that.  It happened in Dobson, so I don’t know if anyone else will latch onto my name, but I know nothing and don’t want to start a dialogue with any more cops.” I said.

“Well I would suggest to you, that you and your friend ‘The Brit’s’ next best move would be to do nothing.” she said.

“Good advice, if I get asked for an interview about this or any other criminal matter, I’m going to have them talk to you.” I said with a smile.

“Okay, we are through now, so can I ask you a question?” she asked.

“Well that is one question, so I guess you want to ask at least two, but go ahead.” I said with a smile.

“Were you really driving trucks filled with gasoline through the passes from Pakistan to Afghanistan, when you were only twenty?” she asked.

“Most of the time they were MREs which are pretty lethal in themselves.  But that was your one question.  Someday you can join me and your other client, when after hours in the pub and we will all get drunk.  Then you can ask anything and expect to get almost the truth.” I said.

“With your history, you would be an ideal client to put on the stand.  I mean as long as you didn’t kill a nun in the McDonald’s parking lot at noon.  Even then we would have a fair shot.” she said.

“Well, the people I come into contract with are not priests or nuns I assure you.” I laughed.  I reached into my pocket and slipped her a hundred dollar bill.  “I don’t count you as a tax deduction so let your conscience be your guide.”  I called the pub to let The Brit know that he was represented, not by Bob but by Rita.

“Does she have a good ass,” he asked.

“She is a young black woman with a big mouth and a equally big ass,” I said.

“Wonderful, finally a woman with a big mouth and a big ass,” he said with the smile in his voice.  “You coming in for dinner tonight?”

“I think I need to stay away from downtown for a while.  I will most likely go back into the kitchen soon though.  The natives will be getting restless.” I said.

I made frozen Mac and Cheese one of my favorite meals.  I cooked the mac and cheese in the Microwave and cornbread muffins in the toaster oven.  I finished most of the muffins and all the Mac and Cheese at one sitting.  I had no idea how I could stay so skinny.  I didn’t eat often, but when I did, it was like a homeless woman’s first meal in days.

Yeah I had a high fat biscuit most mornings but the rest of the day I might forget to eat.  Still in the end I neither gained nor lost significant amounts of weight.  I played around a little on the Internet then went to bed.

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7 Responses to Sylvia 203

  1. jackballs says:

    Yep gettin then ducks all lined up. Might be able to kill abunch of them with one shot. LOL

  2. jackballs57 says:

    WordPress acting kind of silly today. Slyvia getting her ducks all lined up. Will one shot take them out

  3. Walt says:

    Seems like the “cheese is getting more binding”, as they say. I can foresee two or three scenarious but I know any one I pick it will be wrong because Sylvia will go another direction. Good story.

    203 and added Rita (Lawyer) to the Cast of Characters

  4. Walt says:

    Maybe my thinking went haywire. I thought maybe Sylvia had spoken to someone in the Clerks Office before but maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, I entered Mattie as “a friend of Sylvia’s in the Clerk of Court Office”.

    Sorry for my poor thinking but at least I got her in there.

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