Sylvia 206

Sylvia 206

After my meeting with Monk, I was optimistic that we could all coexist until spring at least.  So I went home and to work.  I was pretty much locked in the compound all the time. I tried to ride my bike any time I could squeeze a few hours away from the still.  The old moonshiners said there wasn’t time to do anything, but make liquor when you were making liquor.  I got that feeling for sure.  When the fermented mash went into to the cooker it was as demanding as a baby.  I ran up to 170 in a few hours and from then on you had be present to control the heat.

When it stopped running I cleaned the cooker and forced a few hours to visit The Brit and to ride my bike.  Then it was back to the still house to add the fermented mash and start it all again.  My mash worked till it was absolutely through fermenting, since I had to cook a barrel in three batches.  I did that because my cooker was small.  It was small but I kept everything working just fine.  I had a battery on the charger while one ran the pump.  It was labor intensive but I really didn’t want to do anything else.

Even something that you enjoy becomes boring after a while, and so it was with making liquor.  Monk was buying all I could cook and distributing it where ever he wanted.  He might be pouring it into the town’s water supply and I really didn’t care.

It was almost springtime in the mountains and I was getting bored.  Even more bored than usual which made me dangerous.  All along I had stored some of the liquor just to have my own supply.  I stored it in what we called a dry well.  It was a highest spot on the property.  To make a dry well you dug a hole in the ground, then lined it with clay pipe, and then you would build a well house to keep rain water out of your dry well.  That is how it used to be done.   These days I just dug a hole deep enough to bury a fifty gallon plastic barrel almost completely.  Then put the top on it, seal it, and cover it with camo netting.  It was a large area of storage not in my house and I could deny it was mine if someone stumbled across it.

In early April when I made the final decision to cook off the last few gallons and fill that dry well, I a month or so I would shut down the still and put it in storage.  I intended to play and have fun during the spring and summer.  I might or might not go back to cooking liquor the next fall.

I got the call from Jeremy after an early dinner of frozen Mac and Cheese as well as ‘hot from the oven’ corn muffins.  At the time his call came in I was sitting back with a TV show from the night before running on my computer.

“Silvia we need you to come to the pub now.  It’s nothing bad but it is important it’s about Allen.” the kid said.

“Is Allen alright?” I asked.

“Yes, but we need your help, please come now,” he said.

“Alright I’m on the way.  I grabbed the .22 mag and a handful of shells.  I also grabbed my cut down twenty gauge over and under shotgun.  If I needed more than those, I would have to play it by ear.  I did wear the Kevlar just to add some protection, but safety wasn’t my main concern, when I parked my Cruiser in the alley behind the pub.

Jeremy had never called asking for help, so I was taking it very seriously.  I went in through the kitchen which was empty.  That wasn’t right for the kitchen of the pub to be empty while it was open.  So I stepped though the kitchen door into the pub with the shotgun up and ready for anything.  Yes, I would be ready for trouble, but I would look foolish, if Jeremy and The Brit were having a surprise birthday party for me.  Which of course they were.

“Jeremy you are a dead man,” I whispered as I put down the shotgun after unloading it.  I also removed the lightweight Kevlar feeling like a complete fool.  I was greeted by cops and killers from all over the state.

“Go easy on Jeremy, you only turn thirty once Sylvia,” The Brit said.

“Thank god,” I replied.  “I see you invited the detective from Dobson.”

“Yes, Jeremy doesn’t know of course, and frankly it makes us look even more innocent.  You done good keeping me out of it.” The Brit said.

“It wasn’t hard, you had nothing to do with it,” I said ending that thread of conversation.

“Happy Birthday Sylvia, you are only thirty you seem older,” Agent Mission said.

“Mission thanks for coming.  You are spending a lot of time here, aren’t you?” I asked.

“It sure seems so.  We are investigating some politicians this time,” she said.

“Well then you should be able to sit back and enjoy this party, since I’m not the one under investigation this time,” I said.

“You would think so wouldn’t you.  Morris seems to be enjoying herself,” Mission replied.

“You could take a lesson from her.  Maybe get up on the table and dance,” I said.

“My dear Sylvia, this is as loose as I get,” Mission said.

“Too bad,” I replied.

There were several local cops and the pub’s usuals at the party.  Then we had our own Tomas and his family present.  The Swampdog crowd blew in about ten and from then on it was all about them.  They kept the whole place fascinated with stories and attitude.  By Midnight people began leaving.  Mission I noted left alone, but I also noted a Swamp guy left right after her.  I had to smile.

Then of course Andrew came over, after he had flirted with all the women.  “So you come to me after you strike out with all the other women?” I asked.

“Of course, but if you would like, a couple of them would be happy to come along with the two of us.  There is one little Hispanic cop from Dobson who looks really good.  She did say she would have to leave early she is working tomorrow.”

“I don’t want anyone, who has to leave early,” I said.

“Me either,” so you about ready to end this party?” Andrew asked.

“Yeah, let’s go see how long we can stay in bed,” I suggested.

“I can’t stay forever, we have to get back.  We just drove up for tonight.  We have to be back tomorrow night.” Andrew said.

“Well then you are wasting time,” I said.

“Seriously would you like to have a third in bed with us?” he asked.

“Male or female?” I asked.

“It is your birthday, you get to choose,” Andrew said.

“Then that tall thin young man who came up with your crowd,” I said.  The only downside was the three of us had to ride in the cruiser.  I also agree to deliver them to the downtown motel by noon.  Other than that there was no restrictions other than I told the second man not to tell me his name.  For it to be a true birthday present, it had to be nameless and never to be repeated.

We were all three a little drunk, but not too drunk to drive we told ourselves, and I believed it to be true.  The young man in the rear was folded up like a rag doll, since the rear seat was long gone from the read of the Van.  The drivers side door had also been welded shut so it was possible him to use it as a back rest without any concerns.

When we arrived at the Box house, I fixed everyone a couple of shots of green dragon.  Soon it all took on a dreamlike quality.  It was then that I really understood why the brew was so valuable.  Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful dream and still have some control over it.

The two of them undressed me, but not each other.  I got to take the wrapper off my own birthday presents.  It was beautifully erotic.  What you ask?  Everything would have to be my answer.  Cock had never felt so good in my hands, nor had it looked so beautiful.  They seemed to almost glow from the blood flowing through them.  Then there was the sensation of kissing one, then the other of them.  They both had the same taste but somehow different.  They were also both difficult to get rigid, but they eventually seemed to have a wood like feel about them.  No that wasn’t right, they were wooden like in their core, but soft like foam rubber on the outside.  In the end I decided that nothing else in the whole world felt like cock.

I knew for sure that nothing else felt like cock in my mouth.  It was smooth and wonderfully large and thick to nurse on.  It was like being a baby again nursing on my mothers breast.  I am sure her breast had felt as large and thick as that cock did.  That is probably why I had come to love the feel of just nursing on it.  I felt almost angry when the cock became demanding.  When the cock drove into my mouth at it’s own pace.

Then I felt the cock in my ass come to life.  There had been no cock in my vagina they had gone straight for my mouth and ass but I didn’t care.  I just needed them.  For some reason even with cock moving in and out both ends, where it didn’t belong, it just wasn’t enough.  One more cock wouldn’t have been enough either.  I was just in a place, I can only describe as cock crazy.  I was just insane and fucking them both as hard as I could.

I worked my ass on Andrew’s cock using the muscles a new way for me.  At the same time I was trying to swallow the stranger’s cock.  It all was just too unbelievably erotic.  We began coming.  It was hard to say who came first.  It just happened and kept happening.  I could feel hot thick cum in my mouth in my ass and was lost in the feeling.

It should have been over, but it wasn’t I was so lost in it, when they switched, I helped them to become erect again, so they could fuck me from different locations.  I finally felt a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth.  Neither was quite hard at first.  I seemed to just be lost in an infant’s dream as I rocked on the young man’s cock and nursed slowly on Andrew’s not quite hard cock.

The sun was up and I was still sucking gently on a cock.  I was surprised to find the it was the unnamed young man from the swamp.  He was sleeping while I sucked on his soft cock.  Andrew’s head was between my legs but he was sleeping as well.  I must have been asleep and just woke up with the unnamed young man’s cock still in my mouth, from when I feel asleep.  Nothing like that had ever happened to me before.

When we woke up there wasn’t even time for coffee.  We had to rush to the restaurant for coffee and take out biscuits just so that I could have the two of them at the motel in time for their departure.  One thing I had learned about swamp dog was you better be on time or they would leave without you.  The three of us were still covered with the stale smell of sex, when I dropped them in the parking lot of the motel.

“Sylvia I do love you.  You should know this place is about to become the R & R spot for us.  We have about decided to look for a little place to buy up here,” Andrew said.

“Andrew try to talk them out of it would you?” I asked.

“No way,” he said with a smile.

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19 Responses to Sylvia 206

  1. Walt says:

    Nothing like having a couple of good plumbers to clean out the pipes.

  2. cindypress says:

    I hate being bored and I’m sure she does as well. I never tried this stuff but I bet it would be fun.

  3. dan s leb says:

    cool birthday concept – wish i had one like that (with 2 females in my case)
    way better than any traditional party concept.

    PS i know publishing everyday is a tough benchmark (thus i personally avoid it, if possible in a professional context, and totally try to skip private ones) – and humans are no robots … so many thanks for your effort … please carry on.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Nice chapter. She had a real suprise birthday party,good for her. And the Swamp wanting to set up a r&r camp. thats interesting. Thanks

  5. cindypress says:

    maybe they will give classes in end of the world survival

  6. garydan says:

    Posted: 8:00 AM EST, 2/7/2013
    Finally, I was able to read your last two chapters. I had Cataract surgery on left eye tuesday, and it took alot of screwing around to find a combination set of my wife’s old reading glasses to jury rig up a pair of glasses so I could read the computer screen. Once I got caught up on Slvia’s story, all the planets in the unverse realigned properly for me.

    It was good to see Sylvia enjoy the sex, even though it took a good dose of Dragon Piss to make her dreams come true.

    I look forward to see the Swamp people settle in the neighborhood. It adds another layer to the storyline.

    • cindypress says:

      Now my dad had cataract surgery and he said when they took the patch off the next day there was a hallelujah moment… I am going to tell you this but do not take my word as advice. Daddy had to have two done. After the first one he thought he knew more than the doctor. He went to dollar tree for the reading glasses. And from the hardware aisle he bought a pair of goggles like you would use to run a grinder. He slept in them instead of the patch with so much taping shit to be done. They worked fine for him. Just sayin

      • garydan says:

        I like the way your dad thinks. I’ll take the goggle approach under serious consideration. Taping on that plastic eye cover thingy is a pain. I get the 2nd eye done on the 19th.

      • cindypress says:

        if you do anything my dad says take it with a grain of salt better still a bag.

    • Walt says:

      I had cataract surgery in Dec 2002 and it was like a whole new world out there. I went from 20-400 to 20-40 in one eye and 20-20 in the other one. I only need glasses for close up reading (tiny print). I’m here at the computer without any glasses, where before I had to have trifocals with the middle lens to see the computer.

      I didn’t have a patch that was taped, it was an elastic band then went around my head. The first night the adjustment wasn’t right so they were kind enough to have me come in at 7 pm and fixed it in minutes. Never had a problem since and don’t regret the operation. You will love it when the inconvenience is behind you.

      Good luck.

      • Walt says:

        I should have said, middle lens to see the monitor (not the computer).

      • garydan says:

        I am/was 20-600 in both eyes to start with & had seperate “computer” prescription glasses. I’m now in the in between first & second eye & it’s kinda nasty/inconvient. I’m looking forward to the “final solution” I hope I come out as well as you did.

  7. cindypress says:

    my dad said it was like waking up 30 years younger.

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