Sylvia 208

Sylvia 208

We got back Sunday evening, so we dropped the trailer at my place to unload sometime Monday.  Jeremy drove, and I rode along with him to the pub in the SUV.  My Cruiser had been parked at the pub all weekend.  The Brit had the choice of it, or Jeremy’s econobox.  I went inside to get my keys and have a beer before going home.

The keys were easy The Brit threw them at me.  “Shit Sylvia, you have to be a midget to drive that crappy little car.  The driver’s seat won’t adjust.”

“Monk might have welded it solid to make the whole thing ride better.  If it is flexible, it will vibrate is a biker’s mantra.  You would get used to it, if you drove it much,” I said.

“That ain’t gonna happen,” The Brit said.

“Well then don’t bitch. So was the weekend quiet?” I asked.

“Quiet yes,” he said.  “It would be nice to have had a few customers.  Now that the cops have all gone, there should be more customers.”

“Brit you didn’t want to tend bar anyway,” I said.  “While the place was filled with cops, Jeremy and I didn’t have to worry about any unwanted visitors.”

“You didn’t need to worry, I got a shotgun,” he said to me.  “You don’t have to be a sniper to use one of those.  No matter how sick you are, you just use is as a point and shoot weapon.”

“That is true.  I still felt better, when Mission was hanging out here,” I said.

“She hasn’t been around that much.  It was mostly that other dyke Morris,” he said.

“Oh you think she is a dyke, because she didn’t flirt with you?” I asked with a laugh.

“No because she spent almost an hour drinking beer and asking about you Saturday night,” The Brit said.

“I thought they had all gone by Saturday. That doesn’t sound good at all,” I commented.

“Why do you think I’m telling you about it.  Be careful around her,” The Brit said.

“I’ll definitely keep that in mind,” I said.  “Right now I want to get home and into a hot shower.”  I left immediately.  I drove the cruiser t home with only a quick stop at the Hardee’s restaurant for coffee, and to run a quick check of my security cameras.  I did stay long enough to run the 24hour loop of files from the camera.  There hadn’t been anyone in over the last 24 hours, before that I couldn’t say.

When I got to the front gate I examined it carefully before I went inside.  The gate did not appear to have moved.  The cotton sewing threads that connected the gate to the post was intact.  So I was reasonably confident no one had open the gate.  Someone could have parked on the shoulder of the road and walked in but that was pretty risky.  There car could have been seen.  Not to mention they would be trapped inside, if I came home.  Yes I know it was paranoid.  Paranoia in small amounts was a good thing in my line of work.

I went inside the box house and stripped my clothes off first thing.  I put them in a net bag to take to the laundromat, then I climbed into the shower.  My plan was to stay in there till I ran out of hot water or shriveled like a prune which ever came first.

The hot water ran out after twenty two minutes which was about average.  Without any more hot water I dressed.  I had decided that I would mash in just one barrel.  That would be more than enough to cover my fun money which I really hadn’t used.  I got around eight gallons of hooch from 30 gallons of mash.  Six came from the still and two or more from proofing it with bottled water.

Once I got the mash to start working on Monday morning, I planned to drive into town and do laundry.  It was barely dark on Sunday night, so I went ahead and mixed the mash.  It wasn’t hard and mixing it gave me an eight hour head start on cooking.

After I had the mash mixed I put away my tools and went back to the box house to check the Internet for new toys.  I had already bought such things as thermal imaging scopes and cameras.  I was very high tech in my security around the still house.

One of the lowest tech things I did might have proved to be the most useful.  I had some signs printed and then stapled them to trees on the edges of my property.  Mostly the said no hunting with gun or dog on this property.  I had a pretty good feeling the neighbors had the same kind of signs up as well.

I spent two hours looking for more security gadget but didn’t really find anything new.  I had been debating upgrading my scanners to cover the new laser technology.  I didn’t know how it worked exactly but supposedly they could bug you with a laser pointed in your direction.  There was a scanner for it, so I bought one to add to my gps tracker scanner and jammer and the wireless bug detector and jammers I had purchased when there was downtime.

I had spent more than a thousand dollars trying to minimize my digital footprint.  The best security was to stay off their radar, but I couldn’t help the damage that had already been done.  I just needed to stay ahead of the curve, if possible.  That included an erase system for the computer the CIA would be proud to own.  After I placed my orders for new scanner upgrades, I went to bed.  I knew 5AM still came early.

It was really peaceful riding that early in the morning, since I had made peace with the idea that they could get me anywhere.  All I could do was hope the deals, I had made, held.  If they did there shouldn’t be anyone out to get me.  If not, then all the hiding in the world wouldn’t help me.  I stopped at Hardee’s for breakfast and a scan of the camera files from the night before.  Everything was quiet, so I rode home and checked the mash.  There was nothing more I could do to it, so I put the two net bags of dirty clothes into the back of the cruiser and went to town.

I always considered the doing of laundry a complete waste of time, but a necessary one.  While the clothes washed, I roamed around the Internet looking for news, or toys to buy.  I didn’t find any news, but I did find a .22 magnum Henry lever action rifle on a heavy frame.  I  couldn’t put a scope on it, but I could crank out a lot more rounds than I could with the bolt action sniper rifle I had at that moment.  I could get one for less than one days cooking.  It was a no brainer.  I placed the order to ship it to a local gun shop.  I gave them my debit card for the deposit.  In a couple of days the gun shop in Dobson should be calling.

When the laundry finished drying I drove home.  It was still a little early for the pub, though I needed to check in on The Brit sometime that day.  He had been recovering from the flu for a long time.  He was well enough to take care of himself, but not well enough to be to far from a toilet.  I knew just how he felt I went through two weeks of that myself.

I dropped off the clothes and checked the mash before I went shopping for a new pistol.  Hell I had bought a rifle, so I decided that I needed a new pistol as well.  I found that I could buy a Taurus .22 magnum on a heavy frame with an 8 shot cylinder.  So I ordered one of them to be shipped to the same gun store as the Henry lever action .22 mag.  I would have to part with some serious money for both, but I could afford it.

The pistol crossed my mind because of the changes I made to the rifling of the barrel on my only serious .22 mag revolver.  I doubted it would make any difference in the combat characteristics, but why risk it.  I could swing by the sheriff’s office for a permit, when I went in to check on The Brit.

It was well after noon, when I had the permit in hand and was walking into the pub.  The Brit was standing behind the bar and he really looked pretty good.  “How you feeling Brit?” I asked.

“I’m find except for a little loose bowel syndrome thing going on.  But hell you had that for over a month,” he said.

“Gee thanks for reminding me,” I said. “You and me need to talk about Jeremy.”

“He didn’t get the flu, what do we need to talk about?” he asked.

“I think he is not as happy as he could be,” I said.

“Come on Sylvia, I hear that from him all the time.  He feels wasted here.  He clearly isn’t.  You know he can paint and draw or whatever he wants.  He doesn’t have to work in the pub.” The Brit informed me.

“Brit he needs something of his own, I’m just saying,” I shut up at that point.  I put the idea forward, they would either work it out or not.  “Tell Jeremy we need to get that trailer unloaded and back to Jerry this week.”  With that I left the pub.

After the usual paranoid checks I went into the compound.  I pulled the .22mag revolver from my shoulder rig.  The frame of the pistol was the same as a colt .38 snub nosed revolver.  The only difference was the barrel was bored for the .22 mag cartridge.  The cylinder was massively thick compared to most .22 mag.  All that extra steel added to the weight of the pistol, but it also made for a much more stable platform.

I had done my research, so I was sure the Taurus would be just as heavy, plus it was a little larger weapon.  The barrel was three inches, which made it longer than my current pistol.  It had an 8 round cylinder which made the cylinder just as massive, but more efficient.  I didn’t really think that would matter too much.  I hoped not anyway.  I was really looking forward to the new additions to my arsenal.  I decided that I wasn’t going to sell any more guns, they were just as good as gold in the mountains.

It was just by accident that I decided to start my own company.  Sure it was just a shell to cover the hooch business, but it would give me a legitimate presence in the business community of Warren County.  It was a business I might want to go in.  I kept seeing all those trading companies masquerading as pawn shops on TV.  I thought I might like to try that on a smaller scale of course.

The mash was doing fine and there was nothing else I could do.  Well I could unload the trailer we had used on our road trip, but I had no where to put Jeremy’s junk.  I called the pub and reminded Jeremy again we needed to get the trailer back to Jerry.  He assured me he would bring Allen’s SUV, so we could move the furniture to his warehouse.

“What warehouse?” I asked.

“I just rented Mary Ellen’s old store to use as a warehouse,” he said.

Now that is likely to be some bad karma, I thought.  I asked, “Well are you planning to open it back up?  She had a pretty good tourist trade I think.”

“Allen and I are trying to work out the details now.  We definitely have it for a warehouse, so we can start filling it up,” he said.

“Fair enough, bring the SUV out and we will take the trailer downtown and unload it.  Then we can take the trailer to Jerry’s.”  After Jeremy hung up the phone, I began thinking about my own little business venture.  I decided to open a company called Warren County Trading company.  I would claim to buy and sell most anything.  But I would not run any advertising.  I didn’t want people trying to buy and sell from me.  It was all a sham to hide money, well mostly a sham at that moment.

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5 Responses to Sylvia 208

  1. jack says:

    Damn she is really improving her selection of firearms and going hi tech on the security end . Will she need a store front for her new business as well? more good things coming

  2. Walt says:

    Hmm wonder what Agent Morris is up to? Sylvia doesn’t think her still being there is not good.

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