Sylvia 211

Sylvia 211

When the three of them came back into the bar the next day they stayed only a few minutes.  They came in just long enough to put me at ease that they hadn’t raped and murdered her.

The talk was all harmless, so melody wouldn’t be privy to secret information.  Yes the Swamp Dog crew did have some secrets. Even if it wasn’t a secret,  their plans were Just better left out of casual conversations.

“So Andrew, what’s the plan for Melody?” I asked.

“We are going to take her back to the HQ and teach her how we do things.  If she really is clean and straight, we can use her as a kind of housekeeper.” he said.

“So which one of you is going to screw her, or are all of you going to?” I asked.

“Now that was really bitchy.  It was also uncalled for,” he said.  “I’m not screwing her, but if I were, I don’t owe you anything.  You sure as hell haven’t promised me anything.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t come to your home and screw your friend,” I said.

“She isn’t your friend.  You were ready to leave her to fend from herself,” he said angrily.

“Well Andrew, you need to stay away from me for a while,” I said.

“That might be a good idea,” he said walking out the door alone.  Since they only had one car I had no idea where he would go.

“Colonel, I think Andrew is going to wait for you in the car.  It might be better, if you didn’t leave him alone,” I said.

“So you think we should all leave,” the Sergeant Major suggested.

“Yeah, your tab is on me, but you probably should go somewhere else,” I suggested.

“Fair enough, your feelings for Andrew aren’t going to be an issue are they?” the Colonel asked.

“They won’t effect how I feel about Swamp Dog, but you know I’m out?” I asked.

“So you say,” the Sergeant Major said.  “Well I guess we will go on out to the Land Rover and take Andrew and the girl back to the motel.  I might come back after I get them settled.”

“Why Sergeant Major, I can’t believe you are being civil to me.  Someone might think you liked me,” I said.

“I never said I didn’t like you Silvia.  I just said you were hard headed and couldn’t be counted on to do the sensible thing.  Like walk away from Andrew and the Brit in Vera Cruz,” He said.

“It worked out,” I said.

“It won’t always work out,” he said.

“Some things, I wouldn’t want to carry on my soul,” I replied.

“Like leaving half your command in the jungle,” he said.

“I wasn’t there, I don’t know what really happened,” I said.

“It was simple.  We should have fought our way out ten days sooner than we did.  The Mission was to hold that relay station till relief came.  It never did.” He said.

“Did they tell you to fight to the last man?” I asked.

“I stayed till they told me I could leave, We each got a ribbon for that action.  Even the dead got a ribbon for their families.  I hope that was comforting.  I could have gotten out with a lot more men, if I were you Silvia.” he said.  “So Silvia, I never said I didn’t like, or admire you.  I just said I would never trust you to follow the mission brief.”

“Sergeant Major, why don’t you let them take the Land Rover. I can drive you back to the motel tomorrow.”  I poured him another Guinness while he broke the news to the Colonel.

“The boss thinks this is a really bad idea,” he informed me.

“What do you think Liam?” I asked.

“It probably is, but even I am entitled to act foolish now and then.” he said with a smile.

“I’ll drink to that. Then Liam, I expect you to buy me breakfast in the morning,” I said.

“Okay, even if you aren’t worth it I will buy your breakfast,” he said.

Liam was almost a foot taller than me.  He was also ramrod straight in his manner.  But once the light went out, Liam was quite animated.  He was a respectable size, but nothing spectacular but it really didn’t matter.  He wasn’t near as rigid as I would have expected.  Which made for a very nice experience.

It was 4AM when we finally went to sleep.  I was planning to sleep all day, but to my surprise Liam was up and ready for his morning run at 6AM.  “I don’t like to run,” I said.

“So go back to bed you lazy bitch,” he said with a very broad smile.

“So that’s how you are.  You get your dick sucked and you become a real prick,” I said pulling on my fleece pants and shirt.  I really couldn’t run with him.  He showed me no mercy all I could do after a half hour of hard running outward was turn around and return home.  I just hoped, he could find his way back.

When he showed up after two hours I had coffee ready.  We drank it while we discussed the day ahead.  “So you want to got back to the motel?” I asked.

“Unfortunately what I want has very little to do with it.  I have to be back by 11AM which means we need to leave soon, if I am to buy you that breakfast.”

“Well you are not getting away without buying me breakfast.  I usually get dinner first, but I’m going to get it now at least.” I said.  “You did catch a break.  The only expensive restaurant open on Sunday morning is in the next town.  The most I can get you for, is the waffle house by the highway.”

He seemed to be in a somber mood during breakfast.  I didn’t get it till he said, “You do know, I’m not the kind of man for the pipe and slipper bit?”

“I see, are you the kind to only do one night stands, or can I expect to see you again?” I asked.

“I usually am a creature of habit, so I would expect to see you again.  I will not kill Andrew though.” he said.

“Liam, if I need him killed, I’d do it myself,” I said with a smile.  “He hasn’t even gotten close to that line yet.  I’m not a crazy slut.”

“Good,” he said.  “So let’s get to the motel.”

“Fine, but Liam, don’t even think of screwing Melody, I could probably kill you for that,” I said.

“And if I asked you not to screw Andrew again?” He said.

“Are you?” I asked.

“No, I guess I’m not,” he said.

“To bad you probably should have.  It would have been an easy one for me to promise,” I said.

“God this is far to convoluted for me.  I’m just a simple soldier,” he said.

“And what if I were to believe that,” I asked.

“I suppose I might try to sell you a run down cabin, in a run down church camp,” he said.

“So, you are guys are planning a condominium development at that camp,” I said.

“Not quite, but we could make an exception for you,” he said.

“No thanks I can get all the cold I need just touching my walls.  You can’t get enough insulation to keep the walls warm,” I said.

“I saw you had panels of insulation made from coffee cup material,” he commented.

“Yes, I am going to add a second layer to try to keep it warm.  It’s like living in Alaska or something.  Any work you want to do to the place has to be done in the summer, because you are pretty much shut down by the cold in the winter,” I said.

“How do you manage to ride your bicycle in the winter?” he asked.

“I look like the Pillsbury dough boy mostly.  It’s lots of layers of insulated clothing,” I said.

“All that clothing must make those .22mag hollow points pretty useless,” he said.

“I don’t know. I haven’t had to shoot anyone with them yet,” I said.

“When a hollow point hits heavy clothes, like the insulated canvas coats they wear around here, the coat absorbs most of the velocity used for penetration.  You might want to do some checking on that,” Liam the sergeant major said.

At that exact same moment I pulled into the parking lot of the motel.  It was located on the access road of the highway.  That access road had a retail park at the end of it something like the plaza near County Seat, but it was a different one.  Those things seemed to have become the new small town America

Liam kissed me goodbye, then left the cruiser/micro mini van.  I watched him walk to a room and knock on the door.  Melody answered the door.  I was a little disappointed by that.  It was bothersome, since she was a few years younger and much better looking them me.  She would find something to do down east for sure, I thought.

I drove back home and tried to forget them.  I did pretty well except for the information that Liam passed on about the .22 mag hollow points.  I was counting on those hollow point for maximum damage from the small round.  With that in mind I began researching the characteristic of hollow point bullets in general.  There were no studies specific to the .22mag.  I found that Liam had been telling me the truth.  The .22mag hollow point was a hell of a round in a head shot situation.  Even in a shot through a shirt, but when it was forced to penetrate a piece of heavy clothing first it mushroomed on contact with the first layer of clothing, which made it less effective in penetrating what was under that clothing.  Like the target.

There were all kinds of home made fixes but the one that seemed to be the most likely to work was a dab of silicone caulk in the nose of the bullet which would prevent it mushrooming on contact with anything soft.  It still looked to me as though it would lessen the effect of the hollow point’s effect inside the body.

I read another article that suggested the hole in the hollow point be filled with the silicone caulk and a BB pellet pressed into the hole.  Of course they were talking about a larger round and therefor a bigger hole in the head of the bullet.

I had to go the the Walmart store to buy a box of bird shot for the 20 gauge to get a lead pellet that might be small enough to fill the hole of a .22mag hollow point.  When I got home I had a cup of coffee and opened the shotgun shell.  I had about a thimble full of shot in the shell.  I also had about a ounce of silicone bathtub caulk in the tube I had used to seal the holes I cut through the walls of the still house.

So I took advantage of the combination to fill the head of about half the rounds in the box of fifty .22 mag rim fire hollow point cartridges.  Then I switch out the loads in the rifles and the pistols.  The fact that I used revolvers meant I didn’t have to worry about how they would react in the magazines.  Of course that was not true of the rifles, but I still didn’t use semi automatics so there was less chance of a problem.  That and I allowed the caulk time to set up before I loaded the weapons.

I put the weapons away with a determination to find a gun range the very next day to test them.

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8 Responses to Sylvia 211

  1. KO says:

    Wow, things seem to be getting a bit more complicated for Sylvia as of late. It would seem that her life is plenty complicated on the average day, even without the Swamp Dawg presence in her neck ‘o the woods. Keep up the great work!! 🙂

  2. cindypress says:

    thanks I am trying.

  3. Walt says:

    Have to wonder about those guys with Melody. Housekeeper??? Right now her mentality makes her vulnerable to be the “team sperm bank”. It might be the Eighth Wonder Of the World if none of them touched her.

    Added Liam to Sergeant Major’s name in the Cast.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Testng the 22 may be a good thing in deed. Might do some testing of my own come to think of it.

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