Sylvia 213

Sylvia 213

After my walk I sat in the food court with a cup of coffee.  I certainly didn’t want any of their designer food.  The place was full of college kids just as I had been promised by the news reporter on the local station.  The guys were all in their twenties and walked every day so they were in pretty good shape.

I was surprised, since the walkers at most malls were older than dirt.  I mean no disrespect, but these walkers were overwhelmingly college students or college age students.

“You finished for the day?” the young woman asked.  She was a college student and probably mistook my dress and hair style for a statement of some kind.  It was nothing but me being me.  I decided not to correct her so soon.  What could it hurt to find our what she had to say.

“The day is just starting, but I am finished walking for today,” I said.

“How far did you walk?” she asked.

“I think, I went five miles or so.  How about you?” I asked.

“I usually quick step about five miles as well.  Quick stepping burns more calories,” she informed me.

“Ah, I see, well I’m just trying to keep my muscles loose,” I said.

“Yeah you don’t seem to need to lose weight,” she said.  “My name is Kara.”  She held out her hand to me.

“Sylvia,” I said taking her hand.”Nice to meet you.”

“Do you come here often Sylvia?” Kara asked. It sounded a lot like a pick up line, but I let it slide past me.

“This is my first time here,” I said, “Do you come in often?”

“Yes, I try to walk here everyday.  There aren’t that many places where I can get out of the weather to walk, and not have to pay for it.” she informed me.

“I heard about it on TV yesterday, and thought I ought to try it.  I usually bike in the mornings,” I said.

“Bikes scare me.  Actually not the bikes the cars you have passing you,” she said.

“Come up to County Seat at 5AM and you don’t have that worry so much.  I have started to wear a light on my back as well as one on the bike.” I explained.

“I can imagine, the more light the better.  So are you married Sylvia?” she asked.

“No never have been, how about you,”I asked.

“I never have either, So what do you do for a living,” The tall, large frame young, black woman asked.

“A little of this and a little of that,” I said holding up my hand then added, “I’m a retired cop on disability.”

“Oh I’m Sorry to hear that.  You doing okay?” she asked.

“In what way do you mean that?” I asked.

“Well you ain’t getting rich I know on a retired cop’s pay,” she said.

“Yeah but I get by.  I have very simple taste,” I replied.

“I wish I did.  I grew up poor, and I want nice things now,” she said.

“So what do you do?” I asked.

“I’m a student at the university right now, and I’m a dancer,” she said.

“As in ballroom dancer, or rockette type dancer?” I knew better but I didn’t want to sound judgmental.

“Exotic,” she said simply.

“I hear you can make some real money doing that,” I said.

“Sometimes,” she said.  “Some of the girls waste it on drugs.  I’m working a medical degree.”

“Wow, how much more you need to finish?” I asked.

“I got two more years to go,” she said.

“How long you been at it?” I asked.

“I have already finished four years and should get my PA license in two years.”

“I hate to say this Kara, but you seem a little mature for be 22 years old,” I said.

“There just ain’t no polite way to ask a woman her age, is there?” Kara said.  “I did a hitch in the army, before I came here to go to school.  So I’m 26 not 22,” she said.

“Oh, did you go anywhere interesting?” I asked.

“Yeah.” was all she said.  “You got a boyfriend?”

“Kara to be honest they come and go,” I said.

“Yeah literally,” she said with a laugh.

“Yeah that too,” I said also with a laugh.

“So how do you feel about girls?” she asked.

“Well they smell better,” I said.

“And I’m as strong as any of these wimpy little college boys,” she said.

“I have absolutely no doubt, but I don’t screw around with college kids.  I just came to walk in the mall.” I explained.

“So you wouldn’t be interested in doing a college girl?” she asked.

“To be honest Kara men or woman seldom pursue me with such directness,” I said.

“What would  you say the odds are of us meeting again, if I don’t push hard?” she asked

“Not good, but why me.  I’m certainly nothing special?” I said.

“I don’t know. You look like somebody I can take care of a little.  Why don’t you come to the club and see me dance?” she suggested.

“I just might do that.  Do you have to go now?” I asked.

“No, did you have something else in mind?” she asked.

“Wanna ride in my car up to one of the overlooks off the parkway.  We can sit in the rain and make out,” I suggested.

“You know girl, I think that is probably the best offer I have had all week.  But there are no string or commitments here.  If it works out fine, if not we walk away right?” she asked.

“I was hoping you felt that way,” I suggested.

“You ever been with a girl before,” she asked.

“Yeah,” was my only answer.  I had been trapped in the box house and I needed the release damn it.  I didn’t have to make any excuses.

The the view from the overlook down onto the campus of the state university campus was gorgeous in the rain.  It softened all the edges and make it a fairy land.  While the world spun on everywhere else time stood still me me, maybe for Kara as well.

As I noted earlier, Kara was taller than me, and had a much wider frame.  To be a stripper I suppose she needed the large breasts.  They were at least 38d maybe even larger.  She would have beaten me to death with one of those things and I probably wouldn’t have resisted.  Kara was also black.  I do not mean chocolate, I mean black coffee black.  She had shiny black skin except where it was pink.

She was gorgeous and I reveled in the big black body.  She absolutely dominated me.  First by subtle suggestions then with absolute control of my body.  I had long ago given control of my body to any strong partner, but I always maintain a core of control in my mind.  I never ever did things that were permanently harmful.

My hand and mouth wandered over her almost naked body.  My cruiser/ micro-minivan had only marginally more room than her Hyundai, but we managed.  I had huge orgasms as did she.  My hands and face were sticky with her body excretions as were her’s was with mine.  I needed a shower after, since I smelled of sweat from my walk as well as my sweat while attacking her body.  Also my body needed a good soak in hot water since I was sore, and needed a little antibiotic ointment here and there.  Kara was a bit rough in her embraces.

I dropped her back at the mall with a promise to visit her at work Friday night.  It was only Wednesday so I had to manage without her magnificent body for two more days.  I had also never seen her truly naked.

“You know you fuck good for a white girl,” Kara said.

“I was going to say the same about you,” I said.

“But you were afraid you would offend me right?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“You were right to feel that way.  I’m not black or white I’m Kara.  You are a white girl, and those bitches one can hear all the across the mall, are black girls.  I’m better than either of you.  That’s why I would be offended.”  She explained.

Honestly it made sense to me.  I nodded my head at her before she left my car.  I drove back to County Seat in a bit of a fog.  I also had mash cooking at the time. It was going to have to cooperate, before I could really commit to the strip club idea.

I also wasn’t sure I wanted another session with Kara.  She was a little rough.  I like rough sex, but I had never experienced it with a woman before.  Not that rough anyway.

I checked the mash first thing and it was bubbling right along, so I knew I was going to be cutting it close for Friday night.  I went back to the house and began researching Kara.  I got her last name from her driver’s license, when she went to the ladies room and left her wallet on the food court table.  She most likely knew I checked her ID.  If she were a plant by someone out to harm me, she would have left the wallet intentionally.  If she were just a woman out for some exercise, she might have left it as well since she had only three dollars in it.

Her name was Kara alright and her least name was Davenport of all things.  I would hardly have expected that with so dark a skin.  I would have expected Ohbahwa or something equally hard to say.  I used my tie in with the computer at the swamp to check the FBI files as well as NCIC.  I got her drivers license file from the state computer system.  I had been hacked into them for a year or more.

I found that her legal guardian was a Luther Davenport.  I was curious so I ran him as well.  He came up on Google.  Luther was a missionary in Nigeria, if he was still alive.  So Kara was an adopted child.  Probably sent to live with church members as a foster kid.  Most likely she joined the army as a way to get citizenship quickly.  I had no idea what the rules concerning church adoptions.

Anyway I had a plausible scenario whether it was the truth or not only Kara and God knew for sure.  Since God stopped talking to me long ago, I would have to keep my wits about me, if I saw her again.  I could of course just forget her and see if she turned up again.  Problem was I kind of liked her and I wanted to see her dance at least.

I wasn’t all that surprised when Liam called on Thursday.  Since the mash wasn’t ready I had time to think about him.  I had both Liam and Kara on my mind, when he called.  “I was just thinking about you,” I said.

“Really anything good,” he asked.

“I was wondering, if you might be headed this way anytime soon?” I asked.

“Not till spring.  I was hoping  you would come to visit me here,” he suggested.

“I really don’t have time I have work to do up here,” I said.  I did not tell him about Kara.  I did however decide what I was going to do.

“In that case I will see you when I see you,” he said more than a little snippy.  He just wasn’t used to people refusing him anything.

“I suppose so,” I said. and hung up the phone.

On Friday morning I checked the mash and it was still working.  I spent the day working around the house doing nothing at all.  I cleaned three dozen water bottles and sanitized them.  Other than that there was nothing to be done in preparation for the cooking of the mash.

I went to dinner Friday night at the pub.  “So are you going to meet the dancer,” Jeremy asked.

He had been present with I briefed The Brit.  I did that just in case she was a plant.  He would at least know where to look, if she was from the Miami Mafia.  Yes it was highly unlikely, and my paranoia was showing.  But it wouldn’t be for justice that I send him in her direction, it would be for revenge, I thought.

“Yes I think I am going to leave here and drive down to Abbottville to the exotic dancer club.  It is not somewhere I usually go, since it is 25miles and full of kids.  It is the university town for the western branch of the state university.  It’s enrollment is more than the population of the towns of County Seat and Dobson combined.  So everything is geared to college kids there.  There is just nothing for me to do in a town like that.  Well nothing I can’t find closer.  I was pretty sure that Jim sold product to someone in Abbottville, but that had nothing to do with me.

“So you guys want to drive down to the strip club with me,” I asked.

“One of us needs to stay and keep the doors open.  It is Friday night,”  Jeremy said.

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6 Responses to Sylvia 213

  1. Shooter says:

    Sylvia may just be locating a new market for her “product”. College kids would go “ape” over ‘shine with a kick. Whole lot better than PJ.

  2. Walt says:

    I would wonder about Kara being a plant too, being a former military. But then how would she know Sylvia would be at that particular mall on that day? Guess my conspiracy flag is up.

    Added Kara Davenport to the cast.

  3. cindypress says:

    yes suspicious but not real proof.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Strip club sounds like trouble,,most likely controlled by the florida group. thanks for the fun read.Jack

  5. cindypress says:

    more suspicions i know

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