Sylvia 216

Sylvia 216

So I mashed in the Colonel’s run.  I put in 15pounds of corn and all the stalks I had left after I ground them.  Then I added the yeast and let it begin to work off.  For two weeks I made myself seen around town.  I talked to a few people I knew and who could help me, if I decided to run for Sheriff if couldn’t hurt to have their advice.  The advice was all the same, try to turn your negatives into positives, admit to everything, and make a joke of it.

The Colonel Martin Mash was working and it had a couple of more days, when Kara called.  “Sylvia I would like to see you,” she said.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.  You see Kara I was about to get involved with you and you dumped on me.  So I’m clear of you now, and I think I want to keep it that way.”

“Okay, if you change your mind come to the mall at 9AM any morning, I will be there most any time.  I’ll try to explain it, but if you aren’t interested, you aren’t interested.” she said.

“I’ll think about it, and if I’m there tomorrow, you get your shot.  If not, I just decided not to try again.” I said it pretty sure I would not be at the mall the next morning.

“That’s fair enough, I can’t ask for more than that,” she said.

I spent the evening at the pub.  I mentioned Kara’s call to The Brit.  “You aren’t going to meet her are you?”  he asked.

“I’m thinking about it.  She might have a reasonable explanation,” I said.

“She is going to sell you ten pounds of bullshit, in a five pound wrapper,” The Brit said.

“Maybe she has an explanation,” Jeremy said.

“Jeeze Jeremy, you are just as foolish as Sylvia.  Kara is a bitch, you just want her to be harmless, because she is beautify.  Yes, I admit she is beautiful.” The Brit said.

“Maybe I can talk her into doing it with all of us,” I said.

“From what Allen said you don’t need to talk her into anything.  You just need to have enough cash.” Jeremy said.

“So she admitted she was in the sex for money trade.  She didn’t seem to be involved for any reason other than the money.  I mean she doesn’t act like a junkie or anything.”

“I think she is probably a little like she seems, but more full of shit,” Jeremy said.  “And I never met her.”

“That’s probably true, but I don’t know what her bullshit story is.  If I meet her at the mall, she can’t pull anything on me.  If I’m at least a little careful.”I admitted.

“Carry the big revolver and the derringer,” The Brit said.

“Yeah, and lots of untraceable shanks,” I agreed.

“Remember you are thinking about running for sheriff.  You do not need to get involved in anything shaky.  The Brit said.

“Are you really going to run for Sheriff,” Jeremy asked.

“I’m pretty close to making a decision,” I admitted.  At the pub I drank one dark beer and five cups of black coffee.  I was definitely not drunk but I was jittery as hell.  I saw the blue lights in my rear view mirror, so I pulled over.

“Well hello deputy,” I said to one of the new deputies.  “What can I do for you?”

“Got a question for you Miss Porter, if you run for sheriff and lose, what you going to do after?” he asked.

“I don’t know, what should I do?” I asked.

“Leave Warren County.  The word is to make your life miserable between now and after the election.” he said.

“I haven’t even filed for the election yet,” I said.

“I know, but you been asking around about it.  People say you are going to run, but that you don’t have a chance, too many skeletons in the closet.

Yeah, I got some skeletons, but don’t we all?” I asked.  “At least anyone I would want to be Sheriff would have a few.

“Well I’m just saying, if you run and lose, this might not be the best place for you,” he suggested.

“And what if I win.  What do you think I’d going to do to those who threaten me?” I asked.

“I’m not threatening you Sylvia, I just warning you.” he said.

“Well, we will just have to see how bad the good guys are.” I replied.

I drove home trying to figure out what all was happening.  I had the Sheriff’s deputies warning me that someone was out to fuck me up.  I had a black hooker who seemed to have problems trying to apologize for being a bitch, and I was in the process of closing down and disposing of my still and liquor business.  I had gone from boring to overload in a couple of weeks.  I loved my life at times like that.  There would be time for the peaceful life, when I reached sixty.

And that didn’t even take into consideration my strange connection to a mercenary group.  I had no idea how they would play into things.  The spring and summer were going to prove interesting in the one hitching post towns around County Seat.

I awoke at five and rode the bike through the mountain community of County Seat and to the plaza which sat on the road that connected the Dobson road to the interstate highway.  It was a nice long two hour ride and it always wore me out.  It was only 7:30 am when I rode around the gate which blocked cars from entering the compound.

How could that be you ask, well the drive way had a three foot ditch on each side of the cattle gate over it.  Then there was the solid metal gate that was anchored in lots of reinforced concrete.  So the bike crossing was a single 2 x 10 across that three foot deep and 3 foot wide trench.  It wouldn’t support a car but it would support me and the 6 speed bike.

I went into the house and then immediately into the shower.  It was a plain fiberglass shower stall sitting beside a plastic janitor’s sink.  The janitor’s sink was flanked on the left by the toilet completing the coverings of the rear wall of my front box.  I stepped into the shower stall and stood under the hot water.  Even after I washed my body and my hair several times, I stood there.  The tankless water heater finally gave up and spewed cold water.  It just couldn’t keep up no matter what they said in the commercials.  The water also wasn’t that hot, but I didn’t have room for a conventional water heater.

It also got me dressing faster than I would otherwise.  I put on my navy blue cargo pants and the red long sleeve tee shirt.  I planned to wear a white canvas parka over the outfit.  The parka the man at the army navy store swore was a knock off of some Asian country’s navy’s submarine service.  Of course I knew better, but I pretended to believe him because I wanted the parka.  Parkas covered my upside down pistol rig better than anything else I had found.

I planned to follow The Brit’s advice and carry the revolver in the upside down shoulder rig and the derringer in the pants pocket.  Not to mention at least one of the driveway spike daggers.  It was to be a somewhat contentious meeting.  I knew I should stay home to disconnect and get rid of the still first, but I had days to do that but only this one chance to meet and find out what happened with Kara.  I did hope she had a good story to tell.

I had more coffee while I waited for the clock to show me it was time to head down to the University Mall.  The wait got to much for me so I drove down to the mall.  I went into the food court and got myself a cup of really bad coffee.  I drank less than half of it before Kara came up.  Unlike me when I worked out,she was dress in a designer sweat shirt.  One of those from some workout line of clothing. The pants were fitted showing off her butt.  The most obvious thing was that her massive breasts were real and swung free.  She looked like a model in a super bowl advertisement.

She sat down taking my coffee cup and finishing it.  “Thanks,” she said then got quiet.

“Is the thanks for the coffee, or for me showing up,” I asked.

“Both,” she said.

“Well the coffee is no big deal, but I’m leaving if you don’t come up with some explanation for Friday night,” I explained.

“Look Sylvia I don’t like telling you this.  I certainly wouldn’t do it in front of your friend,” she said.

“Okay what is the explanation,” I said.

“The club manager was having a Saturday morning party in the club, and insisted I dance for it.” she said.

“I don’t buy that at all,” I said.  “You seem to be a nice kid, but you are no great dancer.” I

“I’m also no kid.  I know what dancer means in this business.  The point was I couldn’t go home with you and make the party,” she explained.

“So you miss one party to be with me what it cost you a hundred bucks, do you need money that bad?” I asked.

“Yes Sylvia I need money that bad and it wasn’t just a hundred bucks.  If I refused I wouldn’t be dancing at the club any more.  I can clean houses for fifty bucks a day or I can dance for two fifty a night.  I got some student loans, but they don’t cover everything.  At least not things I want.” she said.

“Well if you can live with the things you do to get it, then it’s nobody’s business but yours,” I said.

“I wanted you to know why I stood you up Sylvia.  That’s all, if you want to try again, it’s cool, if not I understand.” Kara said.

“I assume you have a car,” I said.  “And a phone.”

“Yes I have a car and a phone,” she said.

“Then call me, when you want to try it again.  Its only a twenty minute drive up to my place.  Call first, I don’t like unexpected guests.” I said.

“Sylvia its a five minute drive from  here, and there won’t be any visitors at my place either.  No one knows where I live.” she said.

“No one has ever been there?” I asked showing my surprise.

“Okay a boyfriend, but he doesn’t come around any more.” Kara replied.

“So are you inviting me to come home with you?” I asked

“If you wait while I walk another quick mile, I am,” she replied.

“I can do that sure,” I replied.

I got myself another cup of coffee while she walked.  I didn’t actually see her walk, but I was sure she did it, because there was a sweat sheen to her exposed skin that gave her away.  We left the mall immediately and I followed her European sports sedan to an upscale apartment complex.  I parked beside her and then followed her inside the very stylish one bedroom apartment.  It might have been a one bedroom, but it was a full one bedroom.  The eat in kitchen was separated from the living room.

“This is very nice,” I said.

“I like it she said,” closing the space between us and kissing me roughly.

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8 Responses to Sylvia 216

  1. Walt says:

    Some biggie has it in for Sylvia so they will use the low IQ’d to do their dirty work if she loses. But what will they do if she wins? An indictment of the current Sheriff right out of the box would send a good message.

    Also I don’t think hanging around a stripper is a good idea if one is going to run for Sheriff. Yet Kara knows she has Sylvia wrapped around her finger.

  2. cindypress says:

    ah what a tangled web but thus has her life always been

  3. bigguy323 says:

    I think it will be interesting if she wins no matter what dirty tricks they use.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Things getting ready to happen now. They should not have threatened her and they should have known better. it will be interesting to see how she makes them pay. LOL Thanks

  5. cindypress says:

    yes it will.

  6. gigdom says:

    You make me so envious. I am a voracious reader but my own imagination is nonexistent. Your webpage is the first thing I check each morning. Thank you so much for your writing.

    PS I hope Sylvia wins the election. It would make a great storyline.

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