Sylvia 219

Sylvia 219

I left headed for the coast after my morning ride.  It was 9AM after I showered and loaded the car with a few clothes and weapons.  I carried the eight shot .22mag since I  had thirty K in cash.  I didn’t expect any trouble, but one just never knows what might happen.  The thirty K was in hundred dollar bills, so it took up a little more space than the cargo pants could accommodate.  That morning was one of the few times in my life, that I carried a purse.  I carried it to  hold the cash.

I meandered along toward the coast so it took me the better part of nine hours to make the drive.  I got to Vickie’s Villa about half an hour before Liam.  When I told the girl I was checking in for him, she seemed a bit skeptical.  “Tell you what honey, I’m going across the street to that Wendy’s Restaurant, when Liam shows up tell him to come get me.” I said.

“You don’t have to do that ma’am.  You can wait in out dinning room,” she said.

“I don’t think so,” I said without a smile.  I found a seat and a cup of only fair coffee, then I waited for about twenty minutes.

“Why are you over here?” Liam asked.

“The chick over at the tourist cabins didn’t want to let me have a key to your place.  I think she thought I was an old whore or something.” I said smiling.

“Well I will fix that,” he said.

“No you won’t.  This is the classiest place around here.  It’s this or some middle eastern, poorly maintained, concrete block warehouse, with bathrooms,” I suggested.

“Yeah,” he said.  Anyway you want to go to dinner or to the cabin first.”

“I am pretty hungry, but what I want is not on any restaurant menu,” I explained.

Liam smiled and headed back to the cabin.  I followed along behind with my little cruiser van.  He waited by the door until I parked and joined him at the little freestanding wood cabin.  It was really a neat place.  I expected to see Clark Gable come out of the cabin when we opened the door.

Liam waited until the door closed behind us before he kissed me like a man who missed  his girlfriend.  I was glad that he at least appeared to miss me.  I could feel his hands move over my body and I gasped for breath.  I could feel my skin on fire, all I wanted was for Liam not to stop what her was doing.  He didn’t disappoint me.  He took my top and and then began to suck and nibble one my small breasts.  I am sure he could feel me wrap my arms around his head and try to pull him closer.

He pulled back and I said. “What?”  My voice had to be angry.

“You know what I want girl,” he said.

I did indeed know.  I dropped to my knees and unzipped his thick cotton trousers.  When I worked  his erect, but average sized cock out of  his pants, I sucked it into my mouth without any playing.  I had missed cock in my mouth.  I didn’t know, if it was his that made it so exciting, or just any cock would have worked the same magic.  I just knew I had come to love the feel of cock in my mouth.  I hadn’t always, but I had begun to love the feel of it, not just the power that sucking cock gave me.

I could feel him getting harder and fighting back to use my mouth.  He wanted to move to his own rhythm and not be limited to my movements.  He drove his hard cock toward my throat.  I had never been able to allow cock into my throat but I always tried.  My body just refused.  My throat closed up and I gagged.  The sound of me gagging and choking turned Liam on.  It turned a lot of men on and Liam proved to be no exception.  His cock emptied its load deep in my mouth and I could feel it slide down my throat as I swallowed hard not to drown.  I tried not to choke completely as it pour spurt after spurt down my throat.  He had emptied a huge load of cum into my mouth and both of us were still more or less dressed.  He stepped back and collapsed onto a chair.  I had not cum, but I felt warm and strangely satisfied.

“Let’s go get a huge steak,” Liam said.

“I need to take a shower first,” I said.

“Bullshit, I would rather have you all sexy and smelling of sex,” he said.

“That’s crazy Liam, I wont be a minute,” I said.

“No, I don’t want you to shower.  Come on let’s go to dinner.”  With that he guided me out of the room and toward his SUV.  I felt so damn slutty and he must have known how I would react.  I actually clung to him all evening.  I ate and enjoyed it, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the room.

Once we were there I stripped off my clothes and got into bed.  I pulled him down on me and worked his not quite fully erect cook inside me.  His cock hardened as it worked its way inside me.  I felt him begin to move inside me and it thrilled me completely.  I could feel  his cock massage me from the inside.  I could feel my breathing quicken my heart beat faster and my body right against his cock.  In other words I was working toward a huge orgasm.  I was close to an orgasm of very high intensity.  I loved it and I only wanted to go higher and higher.  I fought against the urge to orgasm.  I wanted to make it last.  I tried to hold off but just as I lost control and flooded the bed, I felt Liam trying to drive his cock into my stomach.  It was an intense sensation his trying to destroy me, while I tried to destroy myself.  It was almost like death, to have such an intensive orgasm.  We slept in a wet bed that night but it required some doing.  I knew then that I was getting soft.

I was up at my usual time but without a bike it was simply to run up and down the secondary road outside the tourist cabins.  The Sergeant Major ran with me of course.  When I turned around he said, “Wimp and kept running.”

I said, “Show off.” loud enough for him to hear.  Then ran back to the cabin.  I used the spare key to enter the room.  By the time Liam returned, I had showered and dressed for the day.  I had a feeling he wouldn’t be interested in sex for a while.  I knew I wasn’t interested at least.

He returned and flopped into the chair.  The bag in his had held two coffee cups.  The were Styrofoam so the best I could hope for was adequate coffee.  I don’t give a fuck who made it, if it comes in a Styrofoam cup it is just adequate.  However adequate is fine sometimes.  At time like that morning, after you almost died orgasming, after an hour of running, adequate was more than just adequate.

I drank my coffee while Liam showered.  When he finished the shower, and dressed in his unofficial fatigue outfit, we went to breakfast.  He drove so I carried the purse that looked more like a small camera case with a shoulder strap, which is what it really way.  Only instead of a camera it held 30K in ill gotten gains.  Since I carried that kind of cash I also carried the upside down rig under my parka and my derringer inside the pants pocket.  I just never figured out where I would carry that thing with a skirt.

Over breakfast Liam explained why the auction of freight damaged items was being held in a small town.  “In the old days they would have called it a tramp steamer.  It does not carry containers like the ones you live in.  Speaking of that, don’t ever feel like a bag lady living on the street?” He asked.

“No I don’t.  Now go on,” I demanded.

“Okay, this thing carried probably 100 tons of freight I really don’t know thats a guess.  Some of it had already been delivered in the shallow water ports along the east coast of your country.  It put into harbors too small for a super freighter.  Maybe even a regular sized freighter.  Then it got caught in the storm.  It got washed up on the rock or somehow went aground.  There were items up on the deck that were scheduled for delivery in other ports along the way before they got soaked and tossed around the deck.  The wooden creates were water damaged and broken.  So the insurance settled.  Now they are trying to get some of their money back.  They figured it was cheaper to auction the crates off where they sit, than move them all over hell.” Liam explained.

“Any idea what’s in those crates?” I asked.

“Here is a manifest, but it isn’t too helpful since the crates are unmarked.  Why that is I have no idea,” he added.

The manifest called for mostly items that would not be helped by water exposure, but not necessarily ruined.  I figured some of the stuff on the manifest could be resold easily, if I got it cheap enough.  “Okay it looks good,” I said. “Now tell me why you are interested.”

“I just saw an opportunity for us to be together for a weekend,” he said.

“Liam don’t ever go into politics, you are a terrible liar,” I said.  “Spill it or I say thanks for the fuck and go home.”

“Okay, but that’s why I agreed to get you into bed again.  Otherwise I would have told them to go to hell.”  He saw the look I gave him then held up his hands and continued.  “There was a shipment on the freighter meant for us.  It was part of the water damaged merchandise, but we don’t know which crate it is.”

“So you can’t bid without drawing attention to yourself.  You don’t have an import license for what is really in the crate.  You need a shill and I’m the perfect patsy, nice,” I said to  him.

“Now don’t get your panties in a wad.  We will buy it from you for a huge profit.  You will have to buy more than the one crate to make it look legit.” he said.

“Do you think?  This is so fucked up.  Why the hell should I do this for you guys?” I asked.

“Because no matter how you deny it, you will always be one of us,” he said smiling.

“I am sure as hell not one of you.  You are going to rent me a truck to haul this shit home.  You can also get a tow bar to pull my van.” I said.

“Just as soon as we find out how big a truck we need,” Liam said.

We took a walk through the cute older port town.  They had done good things with the historic district.  Then we went into the small dock area and to the warehouse where the damaged sale was being held.  “I have the dimensions.  I will tell you which crates it could be.  You need to buy them all.” Liam said.

When the auction ended I had bought six crates that were possibly theirs and five more just because I had the money and thought they looked interesting.  Then Liam placed a call.  Fifteen minutes later a Budget Rent A Truck showed up.  A fork lift from the company that ran the port, loaded the crates onto the truck.  Andrew was the truck driver so I wasn’t surprised the truck was quickly on it’s way out of the port and headed for the swamp.

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5 Responses to Sylvia 219

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Must be some real good stuff to be worth 30k. The joint venture with Jeremy just got a lot of inventory. lol

  2. KO says:

    A bit of bangin’ before Sylvia finds out someone else might have been trying to screw her too, although not nearly as enjoyable as her encounter with the SargentMajor seemed. She’s a smart cookie that Sylvia! The down side would be now she will have some more “gray” money to contend with. I guess there are worse things in life to have to deal with. 😀

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