Sylvia 225

Sylvia 225

The primary election was held on a Tuesday.  Warren County is so small nobody bothered to take any polls, so we had no idea who won until Wednesday at noon.   I called the board of elections from the Pub.

“Well Miss Porter it looks as though you lost the election by about a hundred votes.  You can ask for a recount it you like,” the lady said.

“No thanks looks at though the people have spoken,” I said.  I clicked the phone off and turned to Jeremy who didn’t know the results,  “Well we lost by about a hundred votes must have been about a hundred and five ballots cast.”  At least I could laugh about it, I told myself.

“I’m so sorry,” Jeremy said.

“Thanks Jeremy,” I replied.

“Well I’m not sorry you lost.  It keeps me from having to go to your funeral, because the job bored you to death.”  The Brit said.

“Yeah, some truth in that,” I agreed.

“You give any thought to what you are going to do next?” Jeremy asked.

“I guess I’ll begin taking our business seriously,” I said.  I knew one thing for sure, I was going to have to tow the line.  That was why cooking more green dragon was out of the question.

“At least I made enough money to pay for that truck from the ship auction,” I said.

“By the way I finally figured out what color of red that is,” Jeremy said.  “It is the same color red that you find in peppermint sticks at Christmas.”

“Yes, I think it was a custom paint job on the truck.  Those seat covers are definitely custom,” I said.  I was a little surprised how little losing the election bothered me.  “I’m going to get in my peppermint colored truck and go to that steak house in the plaza.  They have cheese cake there.   I’m going to buy a whole one and take it home, then eat the damn thing all by myself.  Then I am going to sit on the toilet and either have diarrhea or throw up all night.”

“Well call me tomorrow at least,” The Brit said.

“I will be up at five for my bike ride as usual.  The cheese cake will take care of my need to work through the disappointment.  It’s kind of like when I found out you were gay,” I said.

“Don’t try to make me feel guilty for your emotional trials and tribulations,” The Brit said with a laugh.  Jeremy was in the bar so I didn’t go into the times I dressed like a teenage boy for The Brit and let him do it to me in the rear as often and hard as he wanted.

My phone rang before I left the pub.  “Hello Liam?” I asked.

“Actually Andrew, Colonel Martin, and I are all here.  We wanted to call and ask why you didn’t let us come and stuff the ballot boxes.” he said.

“Thanks guys, but it just wasn’t to be,” I said.

“Well maybe you can spend more time with us.  We are going to have a satellite location near you.  We closed the deal and are going to start work in a couple of weeks.  Which is another reason we called.  If we send you the plans do you think you could stop by just to be sure the builders are on the right track?”  Colonel Martin asked.

“Sure why not, I really don’t have any other plans,” I said.  That was pretty much how we left it.  There was a bright side to getting beat I could go down to Abbottsville and see Kara.  Well I could, if I had an urge to be abused, which I often did.

I didn’t go anywhere but the steak house before going home.  I didn’t go anywhere after I got into the house.  I just sat in the kitchen area of the box house eating cheese cake and drinking diet coke.  

The Cheese cake was eight inches in diameter which was a pretty good size.  It took me most of that evening to finish it.  Probably because I was forced to stop now and then to either eat real food or answer the phone.  Lots of people called to tell me how sorry they were that I didn’t win.

I got a call from a blocked number about 9pm.  “Hello,” I said into the phone.

“So how is the weather in the mountains?” the voice asked.

“Cold and damp, how is it were you are?” I asked.

“Weather is always beautiful where I am,” the voice said.

“That’s always good to hear,” I said.  “So what can I do for you?”

“It’s what I can do for you,” he said.

“I don’t think so.  I don’t need a job and I have a feelings the repay on favors would be a bitch.” I said.

He laughed for a second then said, “They tell me the man running against you would do anything to win.”

“Probably, but I won’t.  He can have the job.” I said.

“Well they tell me there is still a two party system up there.  I would give some thought to changing you affiliation, if someone approaches you.” He said.

“There is nothing in if for you,” I said emphatically.  

“I know, but I don’t like the man you were running against.  Frankly Warren County need to be a neutral territory.  He wants to turn it into a war zone.  The payoffs would be larger.”

“I see.  Well I might consider it, but don’t count on it,” I said.

“I can’t ask any more than that you think about it.  By the way the manager of the Club in Abbottsville send me a video.  You are a hell of a dancer, but your body need implants bad, if you want to make a living at it,” he said with a laugh, then hung up.  I went to the cabinet over the microwave and got the vodka bottle full of moonshine.  Yes I had half a dozen empty vodka bottles that I recycled.  I had them from the cop out club in Dobson.  The bartender saved me half a dozen.

I sat down with the bottle of moonshine and thought about what the Miami man said.  Obviously the manager of the club was in his pocket, and the meant probably Kara was as well.  He had to know that I would figure it out, so let’s see what his next move is, I thought.

I had two more drinks, then went to bed early.  When 5AM rolled around I was ready to go again.  I did my two hours riding on the bike and eating breakfast then I went home about 7AM.  I did some research on a couple of the items I had at Jeremy’s store.  I couldn’t find anything on them, so I decided just to wing it.  Hell if I waited long enough I could slip back into the liquor business.  I had to try not to lose too much money that was my next goal.

For the next couple of days I tried to find something to buy.  I really needed to make a profit on whatever I bought for a change.  If not make a profit, at least not buy anything in which there wasn’t a potential for a profit.  I still had about 30K in gray money buried around the place.  I also had over 50k in the bank in usable money.  It was a hell of a lot more money that I expected to have at thirty, when I left the Air Force eight year previously.  I had a bunch of trade merchandise as well.

My gate buzzer went off around 8:30am.  It was Kara’s little econobox.  I had been half expecting her since last night’s revelations.   I went down to let her in the gate.  I still needed to have that gate move farther up the driveway.  

“Well what brings you here?” I asked the tall beautiful black woman.

“I heard you might need some cheering up.  Since you ain’t running for nothing now, having a exotic dancer girl around shouldn’t be a problem.” she said.

“The only problem is everything you see or hear winds up the the ear of people who I would just as soon not know everything thing I do.  Tell me how did you guys know I would be at the mall walking?” I asked.

“Nobody knew.  I just picked you up because you looked like you knew how to fuck,” she said.  “The manager of the club recognized you after he made the video of  you.  He saw you on TV. After he recognized you he sent the video to Miami to see if they wanted to black mail you.  That’s all there was to it.  The video was made of you dancing just in case you were somebody like a school teacher or something he could blackmail.”

“So it was just a smalltime scam that turned into something more?” I asked.

“That’s exactly what it was, just a coincidence,” she replied.  “Now you gonna offer me some coffee at least?”

“Sure help yourself,” I said pointing to the single cup coffee maker.

She had the coffee in front of her when she said, “Come here and lick me while I drink it.”

Once I made the move to her she lifted her skirt and removed her panties.  She sat down again then spread her legs.  Before I knew it I found myself on my knees and my tongue as deep inside her as it would go.

She held my head and rubbed it against her vagina as well as my tongue darting here and there.  “Yes baby you are one of the best.  Now just slip your finger in my asshole and you will be the best I ever had.”

I quickly did as she demanded.  “Oh yes you are so good.  I bet you got a vibrator here don’t you.”

My voice didn’t sound normal when I answered, “Yes I have a vibrator.”

“That’s yes ma’am I have a vibrator.  Now go get it.”  I did as she demanded.  I returned with the eight inch vibrator that took 3C cell batteries.

“Oh may that’s a right large one.  Now work it into your ass,” she said almost angrily.  I did as she ordered.  “Feel nasty doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied.  

“Do you like being fucked in the ass?” she asked.

“I don’t like it, but I can do it.” I said.

“Can you do it for me.  Can you work that thing like you like your men to work it?” she asked.

“I really don’t want to do this,” I answered.

“I don’t give a fuck what you want. I asked if you could do it.  Our mutual friend will pay big bucks to see you doing that.  He has a thing for  you baby,” she informed me.

“I am not going to let you film me dildoing my ass,” I said in what I thought was a strong voice.  That’s when she reacher over and took one of my small breasts in her hand.  She squeezed it till it hurt.

“Now bitch you gonna do what I tell you to do, or I will walk out that door.  You don’t want me to leave do you?” She asked.

“No,” I said feeling the pain deep inside.

“Good now work that dildo in and out nice and slow.  Be sure you look back over your shoulder.  We want to be sure he recognizes you baby.  Just be sure you hold off coming till you can’t stand it any more that way it will be a big one.  You might even squirt for him.  Now tell him you are a asshole whore,” she said.

“Yes I’m an asshole whore for you,” I said.

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8 Responses to Sylvia 225

  1. jackballs57 says:

    She cant seem to stop having sex on video. LOL

  2. cindypress says:

    In honor of the oscars.

  3. Walt says:

    After being told they were going to blackmail her, what the heck does she think Kara is setting her up for? Kara needs to join Mary Ellen before it’s too late.

  4. cindypress says:

    nothing to black mail her for now. Nobody is going to care or so she thinks.

  5. Walt says:

    Well Miami wanted her to switch parties and run against the other guy because they don’t want his strict law and order. So Kara sets her up to where Sylvia can’t refuse. so still a form of blackmail since they would control her if she did win sheriff. oh well, I can speculate anyway.

  6. cindypress says:

    good to see hope you are doing well at

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