Sylvia 226

Sylvia 226

It was almost noon before she left.  She left with the video she came to made.  I didn’t care. I was sexually exhausted for the first time in what seemed like months.  I could have stopped her at any time I told myself, but I always let these things play out.

There was nothing the man in Miami could do to me, since I had been beaten in my run for sheriff.  I realized that the timing of the Kara’s visit was organized so I would go along.  He knew I felt as though I had nothing to lose.  He didn’t get to lead a large criminal enterprise by being concerned about other people’s feeling.  Kara said something about him paying for the film, as if he had not been previously arranged.  She probably just planned to sell it freelance.  That’s why I chose to let this kind of thing play out.  The more you learn about the game, the closer you came to having the power shift from the enemy to you.  Not that he was the enemy yet.

The little pickup I bought would never pull the trailer that Jeremy and The Brit bought but I didn’t want to buy furniture, what I wanted was jewelry and guns.  The kinds of things that could be stored and sold easily.  Those could be carried in the small pickup.  I had to find places to buy things for sure.

By nightfall on the day that Kara came to visit, I was no closer to starting the old life.  I did have a list of auctions of storage lockers and estate auctions.  Both of which would give me a shot at the kinds of things I wanted to buy.  The storage locker I bought, I could clean out now that I had the truck.  Clean outs were part of the deal.  You had to leave them completely empty, or pay a large cleaning fee to the facility.

I scheduled a western half of the state auction trip for the weekend.  It took me to Abbottsville as well a three other towns of more or less the same size.  I would be running the whole weekend.  I could sure use a partner to  help with the driving, if nothing else.  Kara was out of the question, so I gave Jeremy a call.

“Are you kidding, that’s a wonderful Idea.  We can take the SUV and trailer,” he suggested.

“You have to know, I did not call you for that.  I can carry everything I really want in my own little truck,” I said.

“I know that, you pay for half the gas and motel bills like last time,” he said.

“Okay I can do that,” I said.  All that expense and I wasn’t even going to get laid.  I began having second thoughts about the trip. Maybe I needed to learn to travel alone.  It certainly wasn’t fear that prevented my from going it alone.  It was the thought of being totally alone for four days that did it.

Friday finally came.  After my morning ride I waited for Jeremy to come for the trailer.  It was still before noon, when he showed up.  He and I managed to get the trailer hooked up and ready to drive away before lunch.

“Jeremy let’s leave it in the yard and take my truck to eat lunch then head out,” I suggested.

“Good idea,” he agreed.

I drove us to the plaza, where we ate almost fresh burgers, and almost hot fries, before we headed out for out next big adventure.  We got on the road before 1pm and headed to our first stop in Abbottsville.  The place was a storage facility about two blocks from the campus.  I didn’t have high hopes for any jewelry but what the hell, I did want to look.

They bid off 4 lockers before 5 PM.  Each of the lockers seemed to hold storage boxes and nothing else.  I had a feeling it was all going to be books and shit like that.  Just for the hell of it, I bought the first one for $525.  Then we were more particular.  Jeremy saw one that had a lot of picture in pretty nice frames.  He said the frames were a good sign so he paid $1,000 for it.  Then we stopped bidding.  We both decided to save our money for the rest of the trip.

Jeremy went to his locker first.  The art work was mostly nice prints but prints none the less.  There were a couple of civil war prints made from the original negatives according to the printing on the mats.  I thought there might be some value there.  There were a couple of oil type paintings.  They were signed, by no one either of was knew or could find online.

“You know I think these were in a restaurant,” I said. “Maybe a country club remodel.  Let’s see what’s in the boxes.”  The turned out to be a lot of fancy cloth napkins and table cloths.

“Guess we will be trashing these,” he said.

“Let’s not trash them.  We have room in the big ole trailer.  Lets take them to the Warren County Animal Shelter.  We are going right by it on the to Dobson anyway.  We can write off the tax bill,” I said with a laugh.

“Damn Sylvia, leave it to you to get every penny out of this stuff.  I’m going to keep one napkin and frame it,” Jeremy said.

When we got to my locker.  There were some books that were neither old, nor rare looking.  There were a hell of a lot of books and some vinyl records.  I knew I could make salad bowl or decorator pieces from them, but that required work.  I was ready to toss them when Jeremy Intervened.

“I’ll tell  you what.  If you are going to throw them out?  I’ll take them.” he said.

“Suits me,” I agreed.

There was a box of cheap costume jewelry, which I kept.  A box of handbags and one of shoes, neither of which appealed to me.  Those went into the pile headed for the landfill.  It began to look like I paid five hundred bucks for a ten bucks worth of cheap jewelry.  Then I found a wooden presentation box.  Inside it was a very old cap and ball pistol.  It was probably a civil war era piece.  I doubted it would save me, but what the hell it was the best thing in the locker.

We drove the trash from both lockers to the dump and emptied it.  We just had time for another fast food meal before the auction house in Abbottsville started to crank up their Friday night sale.  The sale featured the contents of two estates and several walk in pieces.  Their were some coins as well.  I didn’t feel that any of the silver coins was worth the prices they went for so I didn’t bid.  Then a collection of unmounted bus tokens from bus and trolley companies from all over the south came up.  No one had any idea with the hundred plus bus tokens were worth.  I decided to bid on them so that I could make jewelry from them.

The bidding was slow, so I jumped in and bought the collection for under a dollar each.  That made the trip to Abbottsville worthwhile for me.  I hoped I could make a profit but even if I had to use the items to bring more gray money into the light it was worth it.

Jeremy seemed to be excited about the artwork that crossed the block.  He bid on several and won three.

Then a photo album of baseball players shot by a fan.  They were not professional players but the photography was old and excellent.  I told Jeremy,  “If you don’t bid on that I will.”

“I thought I would make a couple of bids,” he said.

Since the photographer was unknown and the prints weren’t of anybody spectacularly famous it sold for less than a hundred bucks.  A couple of folk art paint on wood pieces rounded out our purchases.

We delivered the dog bedding then on to a storage locker sale in Dobson.  then it was a laste afternoon flea market in an old tobacco warehouse building.  I spent a total of six hundred more dollars in Dobson all day.  I got a heck of a lot of antique jewelry from the flea market.  From the storage locker I got another Dremel type tool set. I could use it to make jewelry when mine broke.  It would be good for Polishing and grinding more than anything else.  I could always use one at home and one at Jeremy’s place. I also got some more costume jewelry.  Jeremy got some cheap artwork from the same locker.

The second locker I acquired in Dobson was a really cheap locker.  It was filled with household decorator junk.  I went in with Jeremy to buy it.  He took all the brass decorator items except an old electric wall clock.  He told me I needed it for my box house, so I took it.  I got some jewelry from the locker and a very big old camera with a leather bellows and black focusing cloth.  It would look good in the store, so I gave it to Jeremy for the store with the understanding it not be sold.

We drove late into the night to reach Capitol City for a Sunday walk around auction.  It was one where the crowds followed the auctioneer around the parking lot area while placing bids on merchandise displayed there.

I spent a a few hundred dollars on a big beautiful jewelry case filled with antique costume jewelry from the thirties.  Jeremy bought some more paintings.  We drove the half filled trailer home.

Something strange had happened during the night before the walk around auction.  We arrived in Capitol City late.  The first motel in sight was an econo dump.  It was run by a couple who between them knew maybe ten words of English.  The point was we either stayed in the room with one bed or went looking for another motel in the middle of the night.  I didn’t want to go back on the road and neither did Jeremy.  So we staying in the room which the clerk promised had ‘big bed’.  After my shower I fell into the bed naked.  Okay that was a little for Jeremy and some because I didn’t have anything clean to wear except the clothes I planned to wear to the auction the next day.

Jeremy and I got very friendly that night without him doing anything he couldn’t deny the next day.  We both could hardly look at each other that days, but we did managed to make it through the walk around auction.  We even worked together on some of the items.  We put the few things we bought into the trailer and headed for County Seat.

“Sylvia, do we need to talk?” Jeremy asked.

“If you want to talk we can, but I don’t really feel the need to do so.  What I do feel the need to do, is to never share a bed with you again.  You aren’t quite the totally gay man you claim.” I replied.

“Because I got a hard on doesn’t mean you turn me on,” he said.

“Oh what did it mean then,” I asked.

“It meant I found your smooth ass erotic somehow.  It was just something than happened when I was asleep.” Jeremy said.

“Honey, you woke me up trying to stick that hard on up my ass,” I said.

“Please don’t tell Allen,” he said.

“I don’t suppose Allen would appreciate you and me doing the dirty.  I am his best friend and you are his lover.  He might feel that we took advantage of him in some strange way.  Friends and lover wind up in all kinds of shit.” I said.  “Maybe we could all share a bed next time.” I laughed and dropped it for the moment.

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  1. jackballs57 says:

    Issues , issues always issues. LOL thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    half lies, lies, and damn lies, lol

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