Sylvia 229

Sylvia 229

I went out and unhitched the trailer.  The changes to it could wait, I had decided to drive to the camp.  I had been curious about it for months.  I had filled the gas tank on the Ford before I left with the trailer. so I was good to go.  The drive was only twenty minutes or so, but it seemed like a journey in time.  When I entered the campground road and any trace of modern civilization was gone.  There was no modern conveniences at the camp.  That had always been the appeal of a church camp.  It was the old camp meeting kind of thing.  You know let us gather by the river and all that.

Once I negotiated the almost mile long dirt drive, I entered a large grassed assembly area.  Since there were no cars allowed at the camp, a real parking lot had not been needed.  The campers and staff arrived by bus, so the drive just ended in the grass field.  I expected that any supplies were brought to the assembly area and carried to the main building by campers recruited for the task.

The contractors hadn’t been as kind as the campers had been.  They had obviously parked several car and truck in the field and even driven them up to the cabins.  I loaded my cell phone pictures of the contractor’s abuses, then called the colonel.

“I thought I would send you some pictures of the contractors work so far,” I said when I got him on the phone.  I sent pictures of the rutted field and ruts leading to the cabins.

The walls of the cabins had been wood siding half up then screen wire to the roof.  The cabins had been completely closed in except for the doorway.  It had also been insulated and a wood heater included in the renovation.  The cabins still held the wooden bunks from when it was a church camp.  They were double deck bunks of course.  Each cabin was designed for eight people.  There were eight cabins in the compound.  The small amount of renovations were complete on the all.  I walked into the main lodge.  It was the administration building and a meeting room/dining room.  It was my guess that there would be new kitchen equipment in keeping with Melody’s new chef status.

I took more pictures and called the Colonel and sent them through.  “It looks good so far.  How about shooting the bathhouse and the boat dock, then call me again,” He said.

I Went into the bathhouse and found it insulated and new plumbing fixtures.  The old ones were probably beyond repair or not suitable for grownups.  I had no idea what they planned to do for a septic system and I didn’t care.  The contractor had built a floating dock.  I had no idea what was under the floorboard to supply the buoyancy to the dock.  When I walked on it,  it seemed to be stable enough.

I had noted the electric fixture and wires around the site.   My guess was that there would be a generator which would run a few hours a day but all the time.  I though that, because there were also gas light provisions.

I sent the final report to the Swamp Dog commander.  He seemed to be satisfied.  He even joked that I should pick out my cabin and write my name on it.  I had forgotten how much satisfaction I got from working for the Swamp Dog guys.  It always felt strange to enjoy the little things I did for those people.

My mind set changed as soon as I got back to my own house.  It was then that I remembered that I had a date with a hamburger pie and a cold dark daft beer.  I took the Christmas candy red truck to the pub.  The night the temperature finally started to stay warm past midnight.  The night weren’t as warm as they would be soon but a short sleeve tee under lightweight parka was in order.  The parka was mostly to hide the .22 mag.

Once I was seated at the end of the bar with my beer and hamburger pie I forgot all about everything else.  I just concentrated on enjoying my food.

“The Colonel called me today,” The Brit said.

“Really why was that?” I asked.

“He wanted to know, if I would teach out at the camp once in a while.  Maybe take a few guys on an overnight hike kind of thing,” The Brit said.

“You going to do it?” I asked.

“I don’t know the pub is a little boring to be honest,” He replied.

“Little, if this is all I did every day, I would shoot myself after the first month,” I said in agreement.

“It isn’t that bad, but it’s bad enough,” he said.  “So yeah, I will probably help out.  He asked if you would mentor the new females, I told him I doubted it.”

“You were right.  I don’t want to be involved with those guys again,” I said.

“Well you know even if you run for sheriff and get elected, you still have to do something until January next year, when they swear in the new Sheriff.  So why not be a role model for those chicks.  You could even take on a few bodyguard jobs.  Supplement that anemic pension of yours,” He said.

“I’m glad they offered, and I will think about it, but I just don’t know what is next for me.  I have to stay busy.  I do know that.  I just ain’t sure that is what I want any more.  I’m not sure any of this is what I want.  I might get a boat and sail around the world.”  I laughed.

Since the Brit got quiet, I finished off the beer and hamburger pie.  Since The Brit would never give me a bill, I put a ten dollar bill on the bar, when I was ready to go.

The phone rang before I got in the truck.  “Hello,” I said to the black number.

“I saw your latest video and I just have to meet you,” the voice from Miami said.

“I’m running for sheriff, that would be a really bad idea for me.” I said.

“You think I care about you being a sheriff.  I don’t give a damn about that,” he said.

“Well you should, because it’s who I am, not the video.  I take my real life more serious than that,” I said.

“Someday,” he said.

I hung up without answering him.  I got in the truck and drove home.  It was only 10PM but it was a good time to visit an adult chatroom and get to bed early.  So that is just what I did.

5AM was just a tiny bit on the chilly side.  I didn’t need anything more than the lightweight nylon parka to ride the bike.  I didn’t pay any attention to the asshole who ran me off the road in the dark.  I probably should have paid more attention to him.  I went head first off the bike, so it was a good thing I wore my helmet.  I was thrown well clear of the bike, so I wasn’t tangled up in the wreckage, when the two men came back to check their handy work.  I managed to crawl behind some brush before they got the bike spotted with their light.

I also had the eight shot revolver out and pointed at the lights.  I didn’t want to shoot because they might have been just idiots and not homicidal idiots.

“Were the fuck is she,” one of them said to the other.  “You sure you hit her?”

“Yes I’m sure I hit her.  You see the bike down there don’t you,” the second man replied.  “We need to go down and find her.”

“And do what?  It has to look like an accident, you know what he said.” One of them said to the other.

I was beginning to get real curious about who had sent in the clowns.  I figured I could make some noise.  It should get them to shoot, then I could put a hole in one of them.  That would make it a lot easier to track them.  So I shook the busy and laid down very flat on the ground.

“There she is let’s get her.” the first one said.  Instead of shooting they came down the bank.  Well they knew where I was so I needed to be somewhere else when they arrived.  I moved to a different clump of brush while they were coming down the hill looking for me again.  I also used the time to remove one of the bright orange shanks from my slacks.  I removed the electrical tape from the sharp point and waited for them to come down the hill for me.

The beauty of the .22 mag was that it had good penetration abilities with no recoil to speak of.  So I held it in my left hand and the shank in my right and I waited for them to get closer.

“Let’s split up, you go that way and I’ll go this one,” the second thug suggested.

“Do you think that is a good idea?” the first one asked.

“She is a hundred pound woman for God’s sake,” The second one suggested. “and she just fell off a bike.  She isn’t going to be a threat.  Now go find her.”

The were separated by about ten yards when the one I had designated thug two got the surprise of his life.  He also felt a pretty good pain I’m sure, when I stuck the dagger about four inches deep into his gut.  “I probably hit a major organ and an artery or two.  “You are going to bleed out in a few minutes.  I would keep that in mind before you decide to come after me.” I said before I blended back into the woods.  Thug one fired the first shot after he thought he saw me.  I could see his light but I had no idea where he was so I aimed at the light and put two round on each side of it.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” Thug two suggested weakly.  I waited until they were up the hill.  Shortly there was the sound of a car motor staining as they pulled away.  I waited for that sound before I checked my bike.  The front wheel was missing and I couldn’t see it anywhere.  I didn’t search for it since it wouldn’t do me any good.  The front fork was twisted.  That pretty much meant I was going to be walking the mile or so home.  It also meant I would be exposed all the way.  The mile to my house was all woods and roadway, so I had no choice but to be visible.  I damn sure wasn’t going to flag down a stranger.

When I began thinking clearly, I realized I was closer to the Plaza than I was to my home.  So I walked toward the plaza.  When I got there several minutes later, I went into the Hardee’s restaurant.

“What the hell happened to you Sylvia,” A complete stranger asked.

“Bike accident, why,” I asked.

“You are covered in blood,” he said. “I need to call 911.”

“I don’t think so.  I walked about a mile to get here,” I said. “I must be alright.  I’ll go in the bathroom and check.”  When I got in there I realized why he thought I needed an ambulance.  I for sure had a hell of a scrape on my left cheek.  There was blood on my parka.  Some on the left side at the shoulder, as well as blood on my pants on the left side as well.  It looked as though I landed on my left side and slide for a few feet on it.  I felt no pain probably because I was in shock and I had a high tolerance as well.  I was still dabbing at the blood with toilet paper when the girl in the paramedic uniform came in the bathroom.

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