Sylvia 231

Sylvia 231

When I woke up, it was the next morning and Juanita the pubs only female employee was standing beside me.  “Miss Sylvia is there anything I can get for you.”

“To be honest I could use some pain killers, and a cup of coffee,” I said.

“What kind of pain killers?” she asked.

Get me some Tylenol extra strength and some Aleve,”I said.  “Mostly honey, I really want coffee.”

“I will bring that and send Jeremy for the drugs,” she said.

She was back with the coffee and the Tylenol almost immediately.  I took two of them and drank the coffee.  I sort of remember Liam and the Brit being around the night before.  I also was pretty confused about the whole thing.  I waited to see who would show up, since they knew I was in the land of the living again.

“You ready to talk some,” Liam said as he walked in.

“It would be nice, if you carefully kissed me,” I said.  And of course he did.

“Now we found your man.  We had to finger print him and run them through the system to get his real name.  His name won’t mean a thing to you, he is a pro from Atlanta.” Liam said.

“I don’t know a soul from Atlanta,” I said.

“He is just based there.  He works for lots of people.  His partner checked into the ER as well.  He checked in a half hour after the one with the belly wound.  Hell Sylvia you hit him as well.  Looks like we were all wrong about that .22 mag.  You took out the bigger part of his elbow joint.  They thought he was going to bleed to death there was so much blood in his car but it wasn’t all his.”

“Damn shame,” I said.  “So they are both going to live.”

“Hey for a skinny bitch, you put up one hell of a fight.  I know guys in Wakefield prison that would like to use a shank that well.” Liam said.

“I’ll put that in my resume,” I said.

“So who would hire a hitman to run you off the road,” Liam asked.

“I would think, they all wanted to do it themselves,” I replied.

“Who,” he asked quite seriously.

“Well I had a deputy stop me before the election and tell me I might want to move if I lost.  Something about orders to harass me, but this doesn’t sound like the Sheriff.” I said.  “Save him till all else fails.”

“Okay, give me another name,” Liam said.

“Hon it would just be a guess.  We need to ask the men who came down that hill after this skinny bitch,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll go ask them,” Liam said way too quietly.

“Liam you can’t torture them in a hospital, if that is what you are thinking.” I suggested.

“That is true, I am just going to ask them some questions.  You know like how did you get gutted like a fish.  Just to see what he says.” Liam replied as he stood to leave.

“Liam please be careful.  If anything happens to you I would never get over it,” I said.

“Likewise I’m sure,” he said.

I fell back asleep and woke up at noon.  I took two of the Aleve pills before I fell back asleep.  I managed to sleep till 2PM.  I ate a bowl of soup Juanita brought from home for me.  It was good soup, but I fell asleep before I finished it.  I had no idea what was going on with my body, but it was doing whatever it wanted.

When I awoke that evening, I saw Liam sitting in the one upholstered chair in the room.  He was just staring at me.  “Hey there you,” I said.

“Hey there yourself,” he said.

“What you been up to today,” I asked.

“Talking to your two friends in the hospital.  They won’t give up the name of who hired them.” he admitted.

“Well then we will have to think of something else.” I said.

“No getting the name from them is the best we can do.  We are just going to have to be more persuasive,” Liam said.

“They are not being protected by anyone, so we can get to them anytime.” Liam said.

“Liam what day is this?” I asked.

“It’s Friday have you lost track of time?” he asked me.

“I got a name you need to try on them.  Ask them if either knows a Randal Davis, and watch for a reaction.” I suggested.

“Who is Randal Davis,” Liam wanted to know.  I told him about out conversation.  He could have got me to agree to wait, so he could get his man up here.  He needs to be sure, I won’t water down the vote.  Then again so do the democrats.  It’s hard to say who would benefit more from me getting offed.”

“Well let’s put it this way, we are sure as hell going to find out.  Martin can put his computer geeks on it now.  Remember Watergate follow the money,” he said.

“I had no idea you knew anything about Watergate,” I said.

“I always try to learn about things went to shit,” he said.  “Just to try to prevent it happening to me.”

“Do what you can.  I need some food and to see how many of the bandages I can do without.” I said.

“Don’t worry we will take care of this.  We will check out this political angle thing and let you know, when we have something.” Liam said.

The wounds were oozing some, but not really bleeding.  I cleaned them with Jeremy’s help.  “I got to tell you, I appreciate your doing this,” I said.

“Oh hell I always wanted to be a nurse,” he said with a giggle.  “Besides I have already seen you naked.”

“Well I appreciate it anyway,” I said.  He also helped me take a bath in a pan of water.  It wasn’t much of a bath but I still felt better.  Moving caused me a great deal of pain, but I managed it anyway.  I sat up long enough to eat some real food from the pub’s kitchen.  I also drank a cup of coffee.

“You know Jeremy, if you go out to the box house and look in the cabinet over the dry sink you will find a full bottle of vodka and a almost empty one.  Why don’t you bring them here.  We will take care of them,” I said.

I was asleep when he brought them to me.  He didn’t know what he had.  When I came around again, I explained it to him.  He and I sat in his living room having a real drink.  I had three before the pain really went away.  I felt good enough to dance, but I knew better.

I slept through the night for the first time since I had been run off the road.  I felt really good even, if I was in pain the next morning.  I began the Tylenol and Aleve regiment again.  They combination took the edge off the pain, but they didn’t get it all.  So I laid around and fell back into a stupor.  I finally came back to life after a second night of dancing with the green dragon.  I slept like the dead until about noon on Monday.

Jeremy came in and said, “We need to get you back to the clinic.  Let the nurse clean those scrapes and tell us you are going to be okay.”

“Why is that Jeremy,” I said.  “I feel like I’m doing okay.”

“You are coping with the pain, but a couple of those scrape have gone very red.  Allen said you can go to the ER now, if you need it.  Would you rather go to the clinic or the hospital.” Jeremy asked.

“Okay first the clinic then the ER, if I have to go.  By the way, why can I go now? When I couldn’t before?” I asked.

“Something about threat being neutralized.  You know I don’t ask about that shit,” he said.

“Okay, let’s both trust him.  I’ll go with you to the clinic,” I said.  I took a couple of extra pills and went down the stairs holding on to Jeremy.  We climbed into the SUV and roared off to the High Mountain clinic.

“Well I see you survived,” Molly said.

“Yes but Jeremy, my private nurse, said he thought some of the scraped might be going sideways,” I said.

“Well they are pretty angry looking.  Start using antibiotic ointment on them.  I think that will solve the problem.  I don’t think antibiotic tablets will help nearly as much as the drugstore ointment.”

“Good, are you satisfied now Jeremy?” I asked.

“I feel better about it,” he said.

“So did you find out who ran you off the road?” Molly asked.

“Trust me you don’t want to know,” I said.

“Works for me,” Molly said.  “Talk to the lady in the flowered scrubs on the way out.  She is our insurance and bookkeeper lady.”

“Can do,” I said.  Then Jeremy and I went to see the money lady.

“I didn’t think you wanted any records of this, so I didn’t file your insurance yet.” she said.

“You can file it was just a bike accident.  You were the closest medical facility to where it happened.” I said.

“Okay, I did an estimate and it looks like you will owe a couple of hundred dollars,” she said.

When Jeremy got the green dragon, he also got my money pouch.  I had reimbursed The Brit for his expenses and now I paid the clinic their pound of flesh.  It looked as though I would be out of gray money soon, and would have to start using the debit card for the honest money till I could get back and open the dry well with the money in it.

We left with our debt all paid up, so things looked pretty good.  Molly had redressed the wounds and told me to leave them alone for two days then do it again.

“You might want to find a warm place where you can wear short and a lightweight top to let these things air out,” Molly had said.

“I think I’m about ready to head home.  I can crank the heat up there.” I said.

“Stay off the bike,” she said with a smile.

“Hell that thing is junk in a ditch somewhere.  I don’t even remember where it is,” I said honestly. “Thank’s Molly, if there is ever anything I can do, just ask.”

“You paid your bill, that’s all you owe me,” she said.

“Bullshit, you need anything, you ask.  If I can’t do it, I have friends that can,” I said very seriously.

“Okay,”  she said.  “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Jeremy and I were in the SUV headed back to town, when he asked, “So you want to come back to our place or go home I heard Molly tell you to get into a hot place and you said you would go home for that.  We can’t get the upstairs hot without getting the pub too hot for the customers.”

It was obvious Jeremy was ready to get his home back.  Four days was all he could take.  “Yeah, why don’t we stop by a drugstore for the ointment and then go by the pub and get my shit.  Then I will go back home, I can get Liam to take me home I’m sure.”

“If that’s what you want, it sounds good to me.  You know I’m not trying to make you leave don’t you.” Jeremy asked.

“Jeremy, I am never going to be able to thank you enough for taking care of me these last few days.  I really do appreciate it.” I said it both because it was how I felt, and to ease his conscience.   I knew I would be fine.  I could manage the pain with just the OTC shit.  The pain was my only problem as the moment.  I was sure, I was going to heal fine.  I did wonder about the face scar, and that bit about the threat being neutralized.

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  1. jack says:

    nice chapter , good info , still some questions left unanswered , but i’m sure Brit and Liam will fill in the blanks. Thanks, Have a good weekend.

  2. cindypress says:

    thanks you have a good weekend as well.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    P.S. I posted another chapter to my story tonight.

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