Syvia 235

Sylvia 235

I stayed working out with them though out the summer. It worked just exactly like that. I also had my picture made with Reggie, and the rest of the gym guys, the ones who were wanted anyway. Some didn’t want to be in the pictures. I never asked anyone except Reggie to do it the others just volunteered.

During that same period of time, I made some legitimate purchases and sales. I finally turned some of the bus tokens into jewelry. I tried using one of the gold coins I purchased. I didn’t hold a lot of hope that it would be purchased, since its sale price would be over two thousand dollars. I didn’t clean it up either. It was still in its antique state.

The jewelry didn’t do well in the shop, but it probably did as well as Jeremy’s original art work. If Jeremy really wanted to do well, he needed to be in the plaza at the very least. Still there was some tourist business. In the last two years Warren County had a couple of the old summer homes of the wealthy and super wealthy turned into bed and breakfast. Part of the appeal of the bed and breakfast were shops like Jeremy’s. The downtown of County Seat was becoming a retail center for crafts. The rents remained low in the old buildings so they were finding new life selling everything from wooden toys to fried apples pies and cider.

I would like to think that the Brit’s pub, and Jeremy’s Rainbow Shop had a lot to do with it. The cafe on the square had not changed one bit. There was no reason for it to change. It stayed at capacity as long as it chose to stay open. So maybe I was wrong, and Jeremy didn’t need to be in the plaza, where he would just get lost among the quickie retail shops and the big box stores.

I was at the gym with Reggie hitting the bag, when one of the fly weight male fighters asked, “Sylvia how about going a few rounds with me. My sparing partner is MIA today. I came all the way from Dobson to go a couple of rounds with him. I promise I will take it easy on you, if you would spar with me.”

I looked at Reggie and he nodded his head at me. “I have never spared with anyone before so I can’t promise the same thing.”

“Oh really,” he said in this Spanish accented voice.

“Yeah really,” I replied.

“Well I can take all you got, but if you go to crazy I just might knock you out,” he said.

“Do what you gotta do,” I suggested.

We climbed in the ring. I was in my workout suit. “He is going to lay back and just kind of tap away at you cause you got no class. Just do the thing you do and put him on his pretty boy ass,” Reggie suggested. My opinion of Reggie went up.

The headgear was too big for me but it wasn’t a bad fit Reggie assured me. He rang the bell and it was on.

I went out and let him throw a couple of jabs, then he threw one that missed badly when I ducked and moved right. When I saw the opening I went in and threw a couple of combination to his gut and ribs. I stayed away from his face. Since we were both wearing the helmets it wouldn’t do much good anyway. I did throw one right hand at his head when I stepped back. The bell went off then.

The kid shook his head and smiled. He had under estimated me before, so I knew it was on. He knew I came to fight. I stepped into the center of the ring when the bell sounded. He went to work on my face that second round. I don’t know if he thought I would go all girlie on him or what, but I took the blows and waited for the opening. When it came I went after his body again. I landed a few hard combinations to his belly and ribs. When he backed off, I landed a hard right to his helmet. The bell rang again.

“You’re bleeding,” Reggie said trying to stop the ooze of blood from the bicycle accident scrape, which hadn’t healed enough to take the beating.

“Let it go Reggie. It don’t hurt and he will keep his eye on that blood while I break his fucking ribs,” I said.

It went all five rounds. I know I hurt him, but I couldn’t put him down. I had sure as hell slowed him down. He wasn’t dancing around the ring anymore. He was drag assing around and I was stalking him. If the fight had gone ten rounds I would have had him on his ass.

“God damn you Sylvia, you fucking listened to me. When he hit you, it all came back to you didn’t it,” Reggie said all happy and shit.

“When he started pounding on my face, I just wanted to put him on his ass anyway I could. What you said was I knew how to do it,” I replied.

“You gonna need some stitches in the face,” Reggie said.

“It’s okay I got a doctor on retainer,” I said with a laugh.

Of course I meant Molly the nurse practitioner. Twenty minutes later I was in the clinic. They didn’t make me wait. An RN cleaned it up and asked, “How did you rip the unhealed cut open again.”

“Prize fighting,” I said. “I think I won on points.”

“Damn you crazy girl,” she said before she went for Molly.

“If I put stitches in it you are going to have a hell of a scar on that pretty face,” Molly said,

“And if you don’t?” I asked.

“It will never heal, if you keep abusing your body,” she said.

“Put in the stitches,” I replied.

“I would feel better if you had a plastic surgeon do this,” she said.

“Molly I’m over thirty and I’m skinny as hell. If I find a man, it won’t be my good looks that keep him around,” I said with a laugh.

“I don’t think I want to know what you think will,” she said.

I just laughed while she filled my face with something like Novocain. She left for a few minutes then returned with a sewing kit. “I’m going to do the very best I can hon,” she said.

After she finished, and I paid her receptionist office manager, I was allowed to leave. I drove by the gym to tell Reggie I was okay. Then I planned to go to the softball field to run. When I got to the gym I noticed the guys staring.

“What’s with everyone,” I asked Reggie.

“They all decided you one bad ass bitch,” Reggie said.

“They should know that already,” I replied.

“Not in the ring they didn’t,” he said.

“Well I just came by to tell you I’m all stitched up, and I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m going to go run now,” I said turning to leave.

“You took all that abuse to your face, just so you could work on his ribs. You know honey that is really bad ass,” Reggie said.

I went to the softball field and because I had rested at the clinic, I could run four of the five laps. I really felt pretty good about my physical condition. Hell I should be doing better it was over four months since the accident. I had signed up for the run at Webster, and the powers that be. So it was on and let the best person win.

I was sitting in my one comfortable, though ugly as hell chair. It had come from a storage locker like most everything I added to the box house lately. It was in good shape, but just butt ugly. That color of green, god never intended to exist. I sat in it and it felt good to me. At that moment I was in love with that chair.

The phone was within reach sitting on one of those cheap wooden TV trays. I picked it up being careful not to spill my coffee. “Hello,” I said.

“Have you seen your video?” the voice asked. It was Liam.

“The porno of course I have seen it. I made if for god’s sake,” I replied.

“No the one of you beating the shit out of that boxer?” he asked again.

“First of all, I think he beat the shit out of me. Second that only happened a few hours ago,” I replied.

“Well it’s on U Tube. It’s under Female Vs Male boxing.” he replied.

“Hold on let me find it,” I said. I managed to find it after several attempts. There it was the whole fight minus the time between rounds. “Like I said that is me getting shit beat out of me.”

“No one who knows fighting is going to see it that way. You might have broken his ribs. You are all over him,” Liam said.

“Forget it Liam, he is doing a tap dance on my head. I have half a dozen stitches in my face,” I said.

“You already had that cut he didn’t do anything but open it. It was below the eye so the blood looks worse that it was. He was focused on it, so he beat you around a little. He also took his eyes off the prize. You scored more than he did. At the worst it was a draw, but I think you won,” Liam said.

“Liam honey you are like family, of course you think I won,” I said.

“Read the comments,” he suggested.

“That’s just because men like to see other men hitting on women,” I said.

The comments were mostly about me running for Sheriff. I liked the one that said toss them all in a ring and whoever walks out wins the election.

“Our geek assures me that the video will go viral. He knows something I don’t,” Liam said.

Everybody who had my phone number called to see how I was. Most of them had no idea that the blood was just showy not dangerous. Still they called. The little fifteen minute video went viral with over a million hits. It just wouldn’t go away.

The local cable news station was all over it. “So Miss Porter, what in the world possessed you to get in the ring with a professional boxer,” the news whore asked.

“Well to be honest I have been taking boxing lessons, and he asked me to spar with him for a few rounds. To him it was just a warm up, it was a chance for me to test my new found skills,” I explained.

“Most of the people online think you won that match,” she said.

“At best it was a draw, but he clearly won. He was holding back taking it easy on an old lady,” I said.

“I don’t know, you landed a lot of punches,” she said.

“Well I had on a boxing helmet that kept him from knocking me senseless,” I replied. “If Mr. Mateo had wanted to, I’m sure he could have finished me off anytime. He was there for a workout, you can’t get much of a workout from an unconscious partner.”

“Well you looked awfully good in the ring, and you look like he wasn’t pretending to hit you even now. Did you have stitches?” she asked

“Four very fine stitches so maybe it won’t scar too badly,” I suggested with a smile. “Wouldn’t want to ruin my model look.”

Then I turned around and got into my truck with the ‘Porter for Sheriff’ sign on the door. I watched that interview a couple of times and was satisfied with it. The run up to the elections had started.


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10 Responses to Syvia 235

  1. jack says:

    Now that is one tough bitch.But then we all knew that. Thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    you know if she gets elected sheriff this is all over….Sylvia will have to go straight,

  3. jack says:

    naw no way just have to be more descrete and the challenge will just make it more fun. Like chasing married women , you know sooner or later you will get caught and have to deal with a mad husband but you just can’t live without the thrill . LOL

  4. hartzog86 says:

    WOW, great chapter. I wonder how many people will go to and see if they can actually find the video.


  5. cindypress says:

    that was her only good 3seconds linking together. but you know that’s pretty much how I saw Sylvia sparing in my mind. Take and take then unload then go back to taking it again and just wait.

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