Sylvia 236 (edited)






Sylvia 236

I had another interview about the boxing, so I just playfully challenged Webster and the republican to a three round match each. The proceeds to go to charity, winner take all to donate to their favorite charity. Webster was smart enough to say you don’t want to see me in a pair of boxing shorts, and laugh. The ex-Chief from Dobson made a face. “Being Sheriff is no laughing matter. Porter is a joke, actually a dirty joke,” he said

They played that sound bite for me later in the day. “So what is your response.”

“As I have said before the violent crime rate has risen every year he was Chief of Police in Dobson. I wonder how funny he thinks that is?” I said. Might as well rub salt in his wounds. I had made that charge every time his name came up.

“He says there is nothing he could have done to prevent that,” the news whore said.

“That is why it went up. He threw up his hands and said, there is nothing I can do, and he did nothing,” I said then walked away. Every chance I got I stuck it to Webster as well.

When I went back to the gym, every other person said something to me.  Mateo was there and he was pissed. I had fucked up his macho image. “You should look at the interview I did with the local news crew. I told them you went easy on me and still won.”

“I want to fight you again in a real match,” he demanded.

“Mateo, I am not a boxer, you will prove nothing by beating up on me. Frankly I have too much to lose by fighting you in a real match.  I’m sorry I will tell anyone you kicked my ass, but I can’t fight you again. That was the end of it for me.

I continued to work out at the gym and run the laps at the softball field as I had done the last five months. During those months I heard from Kara a couple of times, but I stopped seeing her at all. Running for sheriff meant more to me than getting off big time. I had years in mind not minutes.

Three days before the elections I walked out the back door of the pub and he was waiting for me. I had been expecting him.  “Mateo, you don’t want to do this,” I said.

“I have to,” he said sadly.

“Mateo I have a pistol in my hand. It is a very small pistol, but it makes very big holes.  Don’t come at me or you will force me to shoot you,” I said.

“I have to do this they are making fun of me in the hood,” he said.

“Go home and tell them you kicked my ass, I will back you up.  You don’t have to die for this,” I said. I was a breath away from raising the derringer and ending his life, when he turned and walked away.

It was only a few days till the elections and I didn’t need his blood on my hands. I went home. I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. I had a bad, bad feeling about Mateo. Some guys just can’t stand to have even a rumor going around that an inferior woman bested them in anything.  A fight would be even worse.  The only thing to fix it would be to beat me in the ring or kill me.

The problem with that is I could never cooperate with that.  I couldn’t take a dive in the ring and I couldn’t let him shoot me.  I decided I would stay away from the pub, just in case he decided to take me out in front of witnesses. He would need for everyone to know it was him.

I found my Kevlar and wore it under my long sleeve tee shirt that evening when I went out to dinner.  I came out of the pizza pit in the plaza with two take out boxes, one of Pizza and one of bread sticks. I saw him in the big old Chevy that rolled through the parking lot. When the gun came out the window I dropped the pizza and went to ground. He fired four shot at me while juggling the steering wheel, so he couldn’t hit shit. Except that there was a crowd and he did hit what looked like a homeless man.

I got the magnum free just as he began the turn at the end of the parking lot that would have lead him to the access road. For just a couple of seconds he was a very stable target moving at an easy to calculate speed. I zeroed in on him with two shots the third and fourth splattered his brains all over the old Chevy’s immaculate interior.

I tried to call 911 after I reached the homeless man. Instead I held my hands over his sucking chest wound. “You call 911,” I told a woman standing there staring at me.  She finally managed to make her body move.

I know it was a terribly thing to think but I thought, my fucking pizza is going to get cold.

The sheriff’s deputies took my statement.  The coroner came and took the body away. A tow truck came and pulled the car away and I was still standing there covered in the old man’s blood waiting for the detectives.

“Where the hell were you having dinner?” I asked.

“You aren’t Sheriff yet,” he said laughing.

“You better hope I never am,” I mumbled under my breath.  “So he took a couple of shots at you cause you beat him in a fight?” he asked.

“It’s a cultural thing,” I said.

“Looks like it. He would have gotten away, if this hadn’t been a parking lot where he had to turn left to get out. As it is you saved us having to go looking for him and the price of a trial.”

“Yeah, I’m real proud of that.  How is the guy he shot?” I asked.

“Old Duffy died in the ER,” the detective said.  “That wasn’t much of a loss, but he was harmless.”

“He was also a human being, if for no other reason he was a loss,” I said. I was really pissed at the detective.  Of course there was nothing I could do about it.  They did take my new pistol though. I decided not to do a makeover on the pistol when I finally got it back. I would just go trade it in on a new one, one with an even heavier frame. I was convinced the heavy frame allowed me to hold it on Mateo as he tried to drive away.

“Well, why don’t we go downtown and finished this talk,” he suggested.

“Give me just a second to make a phone call to my lawyer,” I said. He didn’t bluff and it turned out not to be a bluff.

“What the hell are you doing detective,” Rita said as she came into the interrogation room. “If you are stupid enough to charge her, then do it and I will sue your ass off. I mean sue you personally, as well as the department.  On the night before elections you try to turn a self defense shooting into a criminal offense.”

“Ma’am Mateo was not a threat to anyone when he died. He was trying to get away,” he said to Rita.

“After having tried to kill my client, and killing Mr. Duffy. He was turning his car to come around for another try at Sylvia Porter when she shot him in the head. I think you are going to have trouble charging her with anything except littering for throwing her pizza on the sidewalk.  But if you are going to charge her do it, or I’m taking her home.”

“We can hold her as a material witness, if nothing else,” he said.

“You are making my life so much easier,” Rita said. I sat quietly and just listened. “Why don’t you get near a TV?”

Rita went onto the steps of the courthouse and gave an interview. “You know you get the kind of law you are willing to live with. Inside the Sheriff’s office they are holding Sylvia Porter candidate on the Libertarian ticket for Sheriff. She did shoot a man tonight that is true.  She shot a man who took several shots at her as she walked to her car with a take out pizza.  A pizza which she dropped when she returned fire at the man who killed a homeless man.  A man whose only crime was standing to close to Sylvia Porter. The detectives are trying to make a case against her for preventing god only knows how many more deaths by ending the shooter’s reign of terror.”

My god she is dramatic, I thought as I watched on my smart phone. She made a hell of a commercial, too bad it came too late, I thought.

They cut me loose at midnight. The Brit was there to drive me back to my car. “You armed Brit?”

“Just as many as I could carry,” he said. “Was he a gangbanger?”

“I don’t think so, but I plan to act as if he was for a while. I’m sure he at least had a brother or an uncle. God only knows how they see this,” I said.

“Well let’s get you to the Pizza Pit and then home. I’ll ride along behind you to be sure there is not a repeat of the attempt,” The Brit promised.

“Let me get another pizza,” I suggested.  Before I got out of his car I ran the tape from all the cameras. I didn’t see the bad guys anywhere so I went into the pit.

“Miss Sylvia we have something for you,” he said putting a new pizza and bread sticks in a bag.  “On the house.  When you are the Sheriff I hope you remember us.”

“Well, I can take the bribe tonight, but I hope I can’t tomorrow night,” I said with a smile.

The Brit followed me home till I got inside the gate and closed it behind me.  I went into the house alone and looked under the bed. Well not literally but I wanted to do so. I sat at the counter against the wall in my kitchen/dining area.  From there I watched the feed from my cameras on one tab and chatted on a second tab. I n the end it was after midnight and I couldn’t really concentrate on either of them, so I just went to bed.

I slept until 9 AM then I went to the gym, I had no idea what the reception would be.  “You got four days left on this months fifty.  I’ll refund you part of the fifty bucks, if you want,” Reggie said.

“Reggie you know I was buying pizza when he came for me. I didn’t go looking for it,” I said.

“They say Mateo was driving away,” Reggie said.

“He was turning the car around.  He could have been coming back for another run. He had already tried once and he hit an old man.  I had to stop him,” I tried to explain.

“Sylvia I believe you but these hot heads here don’t want to, and you might even be the High Sheriff tonight. Even if you lose, I can’t afford the grief,” he said.

“Where else can I work out with the bag?” I asked.

“You got plenty of money.  Make one for your house,” he said. “Go to an Army Navy store and buy a duffel bag, fill it with old rags and shit.”

“You know this ain’t right,” I said.

“I’m gonna vote for you, and so are these guys, but that don’t mean they ain’t looking for a way to beat the shit out of you,” Reggie said.

“Keep the money for the advice you gave me,” I said.

Edited by Walt


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5 Responses to Sylvia 236 (edited)

  1. Bob says:

    You are an excellent story teller.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Head shot from a short barrelled gun through a car window now that is some good shooting. Great chapter. Thanks. I love strong women.

  3. cindypress says:

    It has to be a head shot i think the door would have gotten it the way other wise. I just hope she finally got to eat that pizza.

  4. bigguy323 says:

    Just FYI a car door will not usually stop a heavy caliber bullet but will deform it and can cause it to deviate from a straight path. If it does hit it makes a big mess. Car doors are concealment, not cover.

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