Sheriff Porter (edited)

Sheriff Porter 2″So Detective Thorn, you like your job?” I asked.

“I sure do Sheriff,” he said looking all serious and shit.

“Well you need to be better at it. See I took a quick look at the crime stats,” I said.

“Yeah, most crime is down all over the board,” he said all proud of himself.

“Yeah and statewide most crime is up in almost every category. You know why crime goes down in one area like that?” I asked.

“Because we are doing a better job, than those other places,” he said.

“I don’t think so Detective Thorn. It goes down because people say, ‘Hell the cops won’t bother to do anything for us, so why bother to call them.’ Those people only call, if they have insurance. Insurance that will only pay off with a police report. They do report things like homicide, because they kinda have to. Want to guess how our unsolved homicide matches up to other counties?” I asked.

“I know we had three unsolved homicide last year,” he said. “But they were drug related. I can’t do shit with those things. There are no witness and nobody is talking?” he said.

“Did you call the SBI in on them,” I asked.

“They came in when it looked like two of them were maybe the same people. But like I said they were drugs and nobody saw anything,” Thorn said.

“Well let’s work this hit and run,” I said. I had put the fear of god into him so I was satisfied. “Where is the victim?”

“He is in the hospital over in Abbottsville. He needed some special surgery on his leg,” Thorn said.

“What did he say happened?” I asked.

“He said a gray BMW ran him off the road and kept going. I’m thinking the driver didn’t even know the other car left the road.” Thorn said.

“So if he just ran him off the road you have no physical evidence?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not. Just what the driver and the passenger saw,” he said.

“So you interviewed the passenger?” I asked.

“No the deputy who investigated the accident talked to her,” he said.

“And what did she say?” I asked.

“She said the same as her boyfriend a gray BMW passed them at a high rate of speed and bumped them off the road.”

“If the Beemer bumped them there should be trace evidence,” I said.

“He changed his story when we mentioned that. Then he said he almost bumped him. He swerved to avoid the collision and went off the road.”

“How old is this guy?” I asked.

“He is 25 years old,” Thorn said.

“And how old was the girl?” I asked.

“She is 17 years old,” he replied.

“Did anyone call crime scene to process the car and their clothes?” I asked.

“It was a traffic accident. The officer determined that the driver was sober and the girl was as well,” Thorn said getting all huffy.

“Detective Thorn you ever had a blow job while you were driving?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

“Let’s go find that passenger,” I suggested. “You can explain to her what a huge mistake it is to lie to the police. Then I want you to lie to her. Tell her all about DNA and how you can tell how old the sample is. Then tell her about how we lifted sperm off his jeans where she let it fall from her mouth. Got both his and her DNA and how you gonna ask the judge for a five year sentence for insurance fraud.”

“You really want me to do that?” he asked.

“Do you want to keep your job?” I asked. “Cause I can pull a deputy off the road. He and I can go talk to this girl.”

“Okay I’ll do it,” he said.

“No Detective Thorn, we will do it together. You are just going to do the talking,” I said.

We found her at the high school. We got her in one of the Counselor’s offices. She lasted about five minutes, then folded like a piece of origami. When we left the school, we drove down to the Hospital at Abbottsville to see the driver of the car. We explained to him about how much shit he was in. Thorn was very nervous, when he called his wife to tell her he was going to be working late.

I talked to him while Thorn was on the phone. “You see the biggie is statutory rape. Then insurance fraud, you know that bullshit story you told us, so you could get your leg fixed on the insurance company’s dime. You know what got you caught?” I asked.

“No what,” he said absent minded.

I made sure no one was around when I explained, “I once gave a guy a blow job in his car. It damn near got me killed, cause he ran off the road, when he came in my mouth.”

“Now Detective Thorn,” I said on the way back to County Seat, “I have no idea who you knew, or what you had on the last sheriff, but now you either do the job, or you leave. I want those three last murder files on my desk by noon tomorrow.”

It was after six when we got back to County Seat, but we closed the case. I think I made the point. When I got home at 7 PM I went to the storage trailer and hit the heavy bag for an hour. It was 9 PM when I got to the Softball field. I had never been there so late.

I saw kids hanging out on the bleachers as I ran by. I did the five laps I had planned then ran two more just because I felt I needed it. I was going to my truck when a boy of about fifteen asked me, “Hey old lady wanna buy some weed.”

“No and I think you should move your operation somewhere else,” I said.

“Why you say that bitch,” he commented.

“Cause this bitch is the new County Sheriff bro. I will call in a half dozen deputies, if I drive up here ever again and see you dealing. You got it?”

“Yeah I got it,” he said. The others were gathered around listening.

I grabbed him by the throat in one quick move. Yeah it knocked the wind out of him. “You meant to say, Yes ma’am I understand. Am I right?”

“Yes ma’am,” he gasped. “Now all you kids that are holding pot need to get a move on.”

The park emptied out before I got in the truck. I knew I would probably hear from some angry parents the next day. So I would just handle it. I planned to say. “Your child was either dealing or in possession of marijuana. It was either a stern lecture or a criminal record. I know which I would prefer, if I had a child.” That should work but who knew.

I slept pretty well. I didn’t get up till 6 AM the next morning. I had been sleeping later since I no longer rode the bike or ran first thing. I bought a carry out breakfast from Hardee’s and carried my own coffee in a stainless steel thermos.

I walked to the crime lab to have my breakfast. I was sitting there at 8 AM when the crime scene man came in. “Deputy Sam Wilson, how can I get you to come in at least a half hour earlier to teach me some shit?” I asked.

“Well I could leave a half hour earlier, or you could bring me whatever you are having for breakfast. I’m not married so I have to fend for myself,” he said.

“7:30 tomorrow morning and I’ll have breakfast and coffee ready for you. Now tell me what you know about DNA samples,” I said.

What I learned was DNA can not in and of itself be dated. But it can be sorta dated by the type of Contaminates. Like if it has something else mixed with it, that could only have occurred a day later. It was just so much BS at the moment, but I knew it would come in handy some day … well maybe.

Detective Letter brought me a written plan for a more active approach to the drug problem. His plan was to find a low level pusher and follow it all the way up the chain. “Don’t waste your time with pot Letter. The judges don’t give us big enough sentences to turn the dealers. We need meth, coke, heroine, or even oxi to really do some damage. So who do we know?” I asked.

“We left all that up to the SBI,” he said.

“Well maybe it’s time we investigated this ourselves. If we can get a couple of dealers and convince them to stop dealing in Warren County that could only be a good thing.” Let them sell their poison in Dobson or Abbottsville,” I said.

“Yeah, we can make some noise, if nothing else,” Letter said. “I keep hearing about a doctor who is pushing oxi, but the SBI wouldn’t touch it, because he was a doctor.”

“Well what we need is to catch a user who will testify, then get the user on tape making a buy. Someone the doctor already trusts,” I said.

“Yeah, I know a guy, but we got to give him something,” Letter said.

“Really, what does he want?” I asked.

“I guess we need to ask him that,” Letter said.

“You go ask him Letter. I trust you can do it without me holding your hand. Get back to me with what we need to make this work.

I got on the phone to the forensic laboratory at the State University at Abbottsville. They promised me a complete information package in the mail. I said thank you and hung up.

Eddie Simpson came into the office before lunch. “Well you certainly have been busy,” he said.

“Yes I guess I have,” I said.

“Are you trying to undermine our relationship with the State Bureau of Investigation?” he asked.

“As a matter of fact I am. You know Chief Deputy it is really up to me who we get in bed with, not you,” I said.

“You really should ask me,” he said.

“Eddie I am out looking for unbiased opinions. You and the sheriff were in so tight with the SBI, they should have an office in the courthouse. We are not in the business of passing everything along to the SBI. We are here to enforce the law,” I said.

“We ran this department just fine for a lot of years by having the really tough cases investigated by the SBI. I expect that you will find it the very best way to go. They are the best people in many situation to back us up,” Chief Deputy Simpson said.

“Let me tell you this Eddie. You can either support me, or move over and I will bring someone in who will. Is that quite clear?” I asked.

“I have got 18 years with the state retirement system. I’m going to finish my career with the state system,” he replied.

“Eddie, I am sure you have your hooks into the SBI for a job. So now might be a good time to call in the favors they owe you,” I said.

“Are you firing me?” he asked.

“No but I will tell you this. I will accept your resignation at any time, and give you a great recommendation, right up till I do fire you. Then I will tell the truth.”

“You know you are crazy,” he said nice a loud.

“Lower your voice,” I said. You are allowed to think that all you wish, you are not allowed to say it. You serve at the will of the Sheriff, and you are very close to becoming a liability.”

Edited By Walt

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22 Responses to Sheriff Porter (edited)

  1. Shooter says:

    Along with reviewing the various personnel a new sheriff might just want to have an audit done and an up to date inventory of equipment/resources remaining when the old Sheriff left office. Some lame duck Sheriffs have a tendency to leave office with all their “pockets full” and somehow much equipment, particularily guns, seems to have become either misplaced or lost.

  2. Barney R says:

    Not only has Sylvia hit the ground running but she is kicking ass and taking names. Great work, this is going to be some interesting times until the dust settles. Keep up the great work Cindy. As always we all love you and your work.

  3. KO says:

    Yup, great stuff as always! Sherriff Sylvia is certainly going to turn things upside down there in Warren County. That needed to happen when she as on patrol, but it dind’t, so now is the perfect time to rectify that! Looking forward to all of the upcoming adventures and maybe a few mis-adventures in what I hope will be many, MANY more chapters!

  4. Walt says:

    When it comes to Simpson, paybacks are a bitch, especially from a bitch.

    One thing I learned in the military, never piss off a subordinate, you never know when they may end up being your boss or have control of your life. I had a buddy who worked in the Hospital Lab. Thankfully we were friends. Two years later he was my Physician’s Assistant treating me.

  5. cindypress says:

    What was the old saying careful whose hands are on the ladder rung you step on. You might just meet them on the way down.

  6. jack says:

    Crackin that whip. Thats the way to get things done. Way to go girl. thanks

  7. hartzog86 says:

    Unless I missed it She has to swear in the old-deputies before they can act as her deputies. One way to prune the the group would be to call everyone in to be sworn in and then when they are all there just pull out the trouble makers and swear in the rest. Then give the none swore a ride home and tell them to return the rest of their issued equipment in exchange for their last pay check and they can submit an application for their jobs back.

  8. cindypress says:

    you know way more about being a sheriff than me lol. You didn’t miss it. I knew the deputies served at the will of the sheriff but I didn’t know they all had to be re-sworn. I’m just gonna have to fes up to never having been a deputy sheriff. My family is full of law dogs but no deputies. Highway patrol manciple cops. Even a forensic expert non sworn. but no deputies. Of we had our share of military on both the men and the women sides.

    • hartzog86 says:

      The NC agency I retired from re-sworn each deputy every four years [since the Sheriff was elected for 4 yr terms] Normally the highest ranked ELECTED official swore the Sheriff in, then the Sheriff with another elected official as a witness swore the deputies in. I don’t know if it has been updated but back in the late 80’s when I went through BLET(Basic Law Enforcement ) We were taught that the only person in the county that could arrest the Sheriff was the County Coroner.


  9. Shooter says:

    Hartzog is correct that in NC all deputy sheriffs are to be re-sworn once the sheriff is sworn in after an election. It doesn’t really matter whether it is a new sheriff or not because if some deputy just happened to support the incumbent’s opponent he might not be re-sworn. The political spoils system is alive and well in the Sheriff’s office. The office of Coroner has however been eliminated and is no longer viable.

  10. jackballs57 says:

    Sheriff Porter is is going to be great. Looking good . Thanks.
    P.S. I posted another chapter to my story tonight. It’s a long one.

  11. cindypress says:

    keep us informed.

  12. Scribbler says:

    I know it’s been through an editor, but there’s still this: “Are you are trying to undermine our relationship with the State Bureau of Investigation?” he asked.
    One too many “are”s in there?

    I thought there was another one, but I’ll be damned if I can find it now…

    • cindypress says:

      Ordinarily I don’t fix things after I have finished with them but I will fix that one. thanks

      • Scribbler says:

        Now if I could only see those bug-a-boos in MY work…

      • cindypress says:

        I have a rule, I proof read once then turn it over to my readers. If they can stand it welcome aboard if not it is what it is. Lately walt has be editing it for his fellow followers and I am happy to post his corrections i still only proof it once myself.

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