Sheriff Porter 8 (edited)


Sheriff Porter 8

As I knew they would, things got boring. I returned Letter to patrol as a sergeant. Mrs. West turned up nothing on him.

It took two weeks after we shut down the drug gang, before I got the call from Miami. “Well you said you would close us down in Warren County and you pretty much have,” the voice said.

“Well, we are a small County and I may have got the heroin business, but I haven’t touched the other. However I am still looking for them. If you want to be a friend someday, move your operations next door,” I said.

“I am going to take that as good advice. There is no manufacturing of Meth in your county at this moment.”

“Do you really think I am stupid enough to think that man cooking in a soup pan had any connection with you?” I asked.

“Of course not, even if he wasn’t with me, he was breaking the law,” the voice explained.

“Yes and we stopped him. Don’t sell any of your shit in my County, and we can be friends for now,” I said.

“You really must come where the weather is nicer, for a visit at least,” the voice said.

“When I am no longer Sheriff,” I said.

“Well one never knows how long anything in this world lasts,” he said philosophically.

“Not even you my friend, not even you,” I said and hung up.

I drifted into what I like to call one of the bullshit times of my life. Nothing of any real consequence was happening. The County Attorney suggested I secure an attorney to represent me in a lawsuit. Seems the family of the black kid I busted a shotgun shell into was suing me. You had to love it. I was being sued for not letting the kid kill me.

So I called Rita and she agreed to represent me and to counter sue his family for bringing a malicious and frivolous court actions. Also to sue them for not properly supervising a minor child. It had never been done before, but that meant nothing to me or Rita. She wanted to make a name for herself more than anything. She was all hot to sue.

She filed the suit with the court on a Monday and had the family and their lawyer served with the papers. By Friday they were ready to drop their action. It might have had something to do with outside pressure, but it wasn’t from our side.

It seemed that in the improper supervision of a minor child, Rita was going to depose members of the Miami Mafia. I thought that was a ballsy move. I also had a Deputy sit with her till the action was dropped.

I did agree to make a statement, “I regretted the need to kill Lavon Willy. I find all loss of life a tragedy. I also would like to make it clear, that no law enforcement officer under my command will be expected to face a man with a gun, and do nothing to defend himself or herself. If you point a gun at a policeman or deputy sheriff, the consequences are on you.”

It wasn’t the statement they wanted but they should have read it in advance of my delivery. It wasn’t my fault that they didn’t do that.

For several weeks everything was routine. I mean, I went to the softball field at different times but I went every day. If the deputies on duty found out they swung by. They said it was to see me run in my tracksuit, which was bullshit. They were there because they thought I needed to be watched. Of course I didn’t agree.

I worked out in my storage building. I beat that duffel bag senseless, but it never complained. When it cut and bruised my hands I didn’t complain either. I was behaving myself even though it was hard. I had slipped off to Abbottsville a few times but I never found the courage to go to the dance club, or to go to the mall when Kara was there.

“Hey you are the Sheriff of Warren County aren’t you,” A very well dressed young man asked.

“Guilty,” I said. I just wanted to drink my drink in peace. Things were so boring I was about to go crazy.

“You are like that walking tall guy,” he said.

“Not really, I do carry a gun,” I said, “and I get along with everybody.”

“I heard that about you. I also heard that if you want to buy drugs these days, you need to go to a different county,” he said.

“Now you just began to worry me. If you have a point get to it or leave me alone to drink in peace,” I said.

“You are pretty blunt aren’t you?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not known for my social grace,” I said.

“Yeah, I can see that,” he said.

I ignored him and sipped my drink. Just then my phone rang. It was Liam. “Tell me you are within an hours drive of here,” I said.

“Actually I am headed that way. I should be at the church camp by midnight. Do you plan to work tomorrow?” he asked.

“I absolutely do not plan to work. However there is no guarantee that something won’t happen to require me to go in. But I have been known to work on a couple of hours sleep,” I said.

“Then head toward the camp, and we will meet you there,” he said.

“Now Liam, that we bothers me a little. You do know I’m the sheriff now and have to be concerned with my image,” I said.

“Not in the church camp you don’t,” he replied.

“Well that sounds good to me. I’ll meet you by midnight,” I suggested. I turned my attention to the pretty boy. “You are going to have to forgive me, I have to go wash my hair.”

When I first noticed the headlights in my rear view, I was driving the little red truck toward the church camp, I decided to pull into a convenience store for a cup of coffee. When I pulled in he went by. I wondered if he drove down the road a few hundred feet then stopped. I pulled out of the store’s parking lot without stopping. I saw the car that passed me and I got on his tail. When I did, his taillight brightened. It was obvious he intended to stop and wait for me. Only I was faster than him. I just wasn’t in my jurisdiction or I would have stopped him.

I rode the guy’s bumper while I tried to get a look at the driver. I didn’t recognize the car and when he passed the entrance to the camp, I turned off. He had no choice but to turn around and come back, if he wished to follow me. Since he almost certainly did not know what lay at the end of the private road, he would be foolish indeed to follow me.

It turned out that he was foolish. I called Liam’s cell phone. “Liam are you at the camp,” I asked.

“Yes I have been here a few minutes, why?” he asked.

“Because I’m on the entrance drive and someone is following me. I’m coming in hot and I’m going to stop hard. It should make him run off the road at the end of the parking lot,” I said

“I’ll be there in two minutes,” Liam said all excited

“Might be too late, but I’ll see what I can do to keep him there,” I said. All I could do was speed up to about fifty miles and hour while running right into the parking lot. I knew what was there and whoever was following me didn’t. When I entered the parking lot I swung my steering wheel left and locked my rear emergency brakes. It caused the car to drift into a 180 degree turn and I was headed back toward the car doing all it could to avoid me and stop at the same time. I did a hard 90 degree turn and tried to block him in. He didn’t manage his maneuver mostly because he didn’t know he was in a parking lot and was afraid he might run off the road. By the time he figured it out, he was looking down the barrel of a Glock pistol. I couldn’t get out of the car to help. I was too shaken. I just sat there trying to get my breath.

“You all right old girl?” Liam call over to me.

“I am barely alright and you aren’t going to be at all, if you call me old girl again,” I said. “I have to go pee. Where you going to take him?”

“Might as well be the bath house as well. It will be easy to clean up,” he said.

“By the way. I want you to show me how to do that driving thing. It sure worked like magic.”

“I just fucking got lucky. I could be dead you know,” I said.

“Better lucky than good any day,” he said. Liam had the pretty boy against the wall when I finished urinating. He looked terrified.

“Well guy you better have a hell of a reason for following me here,” I suggested. “If you don’t want to find your ass in jail.”

Okay it might have been bullshit, but I had to try something to keep him from talking about the church camp and getting himself killed in the process.

“I’m Thomas Harrison. I applied for a job with Warren County. I want to be a deputy. I recognized you in the bar.” he explained. “I tried to talk to you but you left.”

“When do you graduate?” I asked.

“In June three months,” he said.

Will you have your BLED certificate?” I asked.

“Yes I do now,” he said.

“Well Thomas Harrison now would be a good time to show it to me,” I suggested. He quickly reached into his pocket and produced the card that proved he had passed all the courses required for the basic Law Enforcement Certification. It meant he had completed the background checks and the basic rookie school sponsored by the state. He could be hired and start right away.

“Well he is certified, so he is eligible to be a rookie cop. He also may be telling the truth. Now tell me why you would want to join a small sheriff’s department with a college degree and a certification. You could make a hell of a lot more money in a big city police department?” I asked. “And make this good your freedom might depend on it.”

“I want to work with you. I have read about you and I want to work for you,” he said.

“If I can forget what happened tonight maybe. You are guilty of trespass at the least,” I said.

“I was never here,” he said still pretty nervous.

“What do you say?” I asked Liam.

“Cut him loose,” Liam said in a voice I didn’t recognize. “He is not a problem for me.”

“Thomas consider yourself lucky and never follow people you don’t know. I could just have easily been one of the bad guys. Make sure your Intel is good before you isolate yourself from your backup. Now go and sin no more,” I said.

“If I keep quiet can I go to work for you,” he asked.

“You are trying to blackmail me?” I asked. “I like that. Now get the hell out of here.”

Liam escorted him back to his car. When he returned, Liam and I went to one of the cabins. In a room with eight beds we screwed like bunnies in a lower bunk. I couldn’t help it. I could only suck his dick a few minutes, before I climbed on top of him and rocked my way to an orgasm. “God I love to fuck you after I have been terrified,” I said.

“I love that you do it so well,” he said.

Edited by Walt

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6 Responses to Sheriff Porter 8 (edited)

  1. jackballs57 says:

    She is hot at te wheel to good. pretty boy is a problem. His story dont add up.

    • cindypress says:

      To find out if there is anything to him other than youthful stupidity she has to allow him inside a bit.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    That one really posted screwed up. She is hot at the wheel, good for her. Pretty boy is a problem, he has no idea how stupid he was, and then comes back with the line “if i dont tell” He is a plant IMHO. Thanks.

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