Sheriff Porter 10 (edited)

Sheriff Porter

By Carniegirl

Sheriff Porter 10

I fell into bed and asleep.  The next morning I called Mrs. West before I showered even.  “What’s the word from the hospital?” I asked.

“Two kids dead, but all the others will be fine in a few days,” she said.  “Lots of broken bones but none too serious, mostly emotional trauma.”

“Anything on the woman we arrested last night?” I asked.

“How do they say it on TV.  She has lawyered up, thanks to the public defender,” Mrs. West said.

“That should really help her out,” I said.  “Are they waiting on me to have a run at her like I suggested.”

“Detective Simpson is so far a no show,” she said.

“Call his old ass and tell him to come in to work.  We are going to have a talk with Rose Briggs,” I suggested.  “Tell him I promise to just watch.  After all I have a lot to learn.”

So after a shower I made it to the courthouse fairly quickly.  Eddie was waiting in Mrs. West office, which was beside mine.  I still hadn’t hired a receptionist so things were really running on the cheap in Warren County.

“Mornin’ Boss,” Eddie said.

“Morning Detective Simpson, so what is the plan for Rosie?” I asked.  “Are you planning to barbecue her or fry her ass?” I asked.

“I like the way you think but she has a lawyer.  I have called the Public Defender to send someone over.  They are going to send one, but the Court may appoint her a practicing lawyer.  They don’t want to have anyone say she had inadequate defense, when they burn her ass.”

“So what the fuck are we doing here Detective?” I asked.

“This is a formality.  We need to try to interview her.  She will refuse to answer on advice of her Counsel.  Then when we return her to her cell, the Public Defender will petition the Court for an experienced criminal lawyer for Rose.”

“She is guilty as original sin.  Why don’t we just take her out and see if either of those kids father’s want to shoot her in the back of the head?” I asked.

“Hell of an idea, why don’t you run for president next,” Eddie said sarcastically.

“Sometimes we are so full of bullshit,” I said.  “So how long do we have to wait for the public defender to show up?”

“Not long, they said he would be right over,” Eddie said.

“Debbie, from channel 8, is here and she wants a statement,” Mrs. West said.

“Send her in, wait fifteen minutes, then come tell me the interview is ready whether it is or not,” I said.

Within five minutes Debbie and her camera man were in my office.  “Well Debbie for channel 8, it’s almost good to see you,” I lied.

“Thank you Sheriff.  I am glad we can move on from the contentious election,” she said.

“I didn’t say I have moved on from all the hurtful things you said, but I did say it was almost good to see you.  I have some good news for the people of Warren County,” I said.

“Sheriff I understand you have captured the driver of the car that struck those kids at the high school last night,” Debbie of Channel 8 said.

“Well we have the owner of the car who was apprehended hiding behind a dumpster at the scene.  I’m not sure we can say more at this time.  We are holding her until the investigation is complete.”

“You don’t usually say so little Sheriff.  You are usually outspoken on these matters,” she said.

“Even Ted Bundy had the right to a fair trial.  Debbie you should know that,” I said.  “There will be a trial in this case one day, and we want to do this thing right.  So all I can say is the person we are holding is the owner of the car that killed those two kids and injured six more children.  She was also apprehended hiding on the scene.  She has an attorney now, so this is the last statement I will be making.  You will need to talk to the district attorney in the future.  Your viewers can draw their own conclusions.”

I said, “There is one more thing I would like to say.  My heart goes out to the families of all these children.  I do hope those children who were spared got a larger than usual hug last night.  My prayers are for the families of those children who will never be able to hug their kids again.”

The cameras were gone when Mrs. West said, “That was beautiful Sheriff.”

“Mrs. West, that was how I felt.  It wasn’t politics.  It was just the easiest way to remind all the parents in the County to hug their kids tonight while they can.”

“Hello,” I said into the office phone.

“The Public defender is here,” Eddie said.

“I will be right there,” I said.  “Well Mrs. West Duty calls.  If anything of importance comes along.  I will have the cell phone on.”

“Well Rose I’m glad you have an attorney.  I don’t expect you to tell me any fairy tales.  Better to hear I refuse to answer on advice of Counsel than some laughable attempt to mitigate your prosecution.”

“Huh,” she said.

“It means he would rather throw the book at you than even consider lowering the charges.  See if you say nothing, we can charge you with second degree murder, rather than say vehicular manslaughter.  The charge for one is 25 to life the other is 10 to 15 with parole an option at about 7 years.  But hey we like 25 to life.  We can’t make you talk, but we can make you listen.”

“See it’s your car.  Yours are the only prints on the steering wheel, we found you hiding behind a dumpster, not the kind of thing the jury is going to ignore.  Rosie they were kids.  Kids coming out of a basketball game.  Do you have any idea how that is going to play with the jury?  Now you be sure you listen to the lawyer that the court appoints you.  He will be looking out for his career first, and you may be a distant second.  Hey I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give you a chance to help yourself,” Simpson said.

He then added, “Hey you got a Public Defender and he isn’t going to want to take any responsibility until he gets you in front of a judge and tries to dump you onto someone else.  Any hope you get for a deal goes out the door with us.”

“Don’t let them play you.  The District Attorney is the only one who can make a deal,” the chump said.

“Right, if you give us something we can use, she will listen to us.  With nothing to mitigate this, it’s 25 to life.  That I guarantee.  We have already talked to her.”  We hadn’t of course.  It was a bluff.

“Let us have a few minutes alone with the recorder and the microphones off,” the Public defender said.

“Even a public defender knows we need the prosecutor to sign off an any deal, or it ain’t worth shit,” Eddie said.

“Simpson I’ll get West to get down here.  You make a wish list of information we want from Rose, before we suggest and deal for leniency,” I suggested.

She was a user who didn’t want to give up anything.  We needed to be specific to get any information at all.  Eddie came up with the laundry list of information.  I made it clear we were not going to give her immunity before we even went in the room.

“I will come off the murder two,” the DA said.  Since he could never get murder two, even with the confession and the two dead kids.  The drop from Murder two down to Manslaughter with a fifteen year sentence recommendation wasn’t much of a deal.  “But for that she has to give us something good.”

“Good, now you tell the Public Defender that,” I suggested.

“Don’t worry it will my pleasure,” he said.  She did just as promised.  She also told Rosie and her public defender, that Rosie was going to jail.  Whether it was 25 to life or 15 to 20, and out in ten, most likely was going to be on whether I was satisfied with the information she gave up.

After a consultation, Rosie nodded when the ADA asked, “You gonna cooperate?”

“So Rosie, where did you buy the drugs?” Simpson asked.

“Just some gang banger down in the hood,” she said.

“Rosie it was Heroine, you had to know him pretty good?” Simpson said.  Those guys don’t deal to strangers without an introduction.  Well Rosie that’s a deal breaker,” Eddie was doing fine so I decided to leave it to him.  I went back up stairs to think about what I would do next.  I was sitting behind the desk about a half hour then switched my mind to thinking about lunch, when Eddie came in.

“Well Sheriff we got her to roll on a whole bunch of dealers.  But I don’t think we got everything from her.  They sound like a bunch of street level pushers,” Eddie said,  “The Public Defender suggested, how much do you think a simple junkie could know?  She just wrapped herself in her client’s ignorance.  She might even have to move when this gets out,” Eddie added.

“I don’t give a fuck,” I said.  “Did those two lawyer whores make a deal?”

“Yeah fifteen plus years.  She pleads guilty and shows remorse,” Eddie said.

“She might mean it a little now, since she thinks it’s to her benefit.  I will guarantee you that her only regret is having gotten caught,” I said.

“I know, but her testimony will shut down a couples of drug dealers.  We can squeeze them for names.  This could lead to us getting more of this shit off the streets.  We might could trade the names for some favors down the road,” Eddie added.

“Tell you what Eddie, bust everyone she gave you.  Then find out where they are getting their shit.  I want everyone dealing in this county in jail before we go trading away information.  If we can find them on our own, we won’t owe any favors.  Get your search warrants and lets go serve them.  We will try to get them served before they go to the clubs, since that is where Rosie says she bought her shit.”

“It’s me and you and Osborn nobody else, till we are on site.”  I want to be able to see, if one of them gets hinky, as we start to move in,” I explained.

“You think there is a leak in our office?” Eddie asked.

“What I think is there is a lot of money in selling drugs, and even more if you buy a politician.  So me and Osborn will watch the house, while you get the warrant.  Lets hope nothing happens,” I said.

Osborn and I sat in the old telephone van across the street and half a dozen houses up the target.  Yeah he might see the van, but I was counting on him not knowing who was inside.  We kept an eye on the house.  No one came or went until Eddie called to say he had the warrant, and those who were on duty were coming to serve it.

Someone showed up about five minutes before Eddie and the calvary showed up.  We went and kicked the door down just for the hell of it.  First thing we did was put Roman Nevada in cuffs.  We let him watch while we ripped his house apart.  We found his stash in the freezer but we still tore the shit out of his house.  We also found a couple of guns with the serial numbers scratched off.  That made it a federal offense.

“You gonna be sorry man,” he said smirking at me.  Eddie was standing beside me, he just shrugged.

Edited by Walt

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4 Responses to Sheriff Porter 10 (edited)

  1. Walt says:

    I have a feeling Sylvia may be hearing from the man in Miami again. Also I liked Simpson smart remark that Sylvia should run for President. Now there is a gal who could do a great job of cleaning the swamp in DC. The place would never be the same if she got in there. Wheeee.

  2. cindypress says:

    Porter could never operate in a democracy.

    • Walt says:

      True. Give her one of those rifles that can shoot for a mile or two then send her to DC. From that distance they won’t know where she is.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    But i bet she would be on target. ,, You don’t think the man in Miami would go back on his word, not with Sylvia and stay healthy.

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