Sheriff Porter 11 (edited)

Sheriff Porter

By Carniegirl

Sheriff Porter 11

“Damn that pisses me off,” I said while he was still standing there attentive.

“What, that he is so smug?” Eddie asked.

“No that he thought I was a man,” I replied.  Eddie broke out laughing.

“Well now that you mention it Sheriff,” he said.

“Careful I can’t fire him, but I can you,” I said.  “You don’t have a union.”

We were in a good mood while Wilson directed the search so that the people stayed out of his way.  The lab had first priority while looking for evidence of a crime, any crime.

An hour later found us in the court house basement and in the interrogation room, which doubled as Eddie’s office.  He had an office twice the size of mine, but it had an interview table on one side, which mine didn’t.

At that table is where we all sat.  There was me, Eddie and the suspect, one Roman Nevada.  I threw his rap sheet on the table.  “You have been a bad boy Roman.  A drug dealer in middle management that makes you a felony drug dealer, also felony stupid.  We are gonna toss you in a holding cell in our little jail, while we pick up another stupid asshole,” I said.  “You might want to think about cooperating while we are gone.”

“I want my phone call,” he said with that smirk again.

Eddie and I went out to pick up ‘The Snoz’.  The Snoz was a low level drug dealer.  We followed the same procedure.  He had a small house trailer in a rural area of the County.  We kept an eye out at the end of his drive for anything unusual but nothing moved till Eddie got to the house.

We crashed the door and went in.  Snoz had a sawed off in his hand when Eddie and I went through the door.  I went through first and screamed, “Down asshole.”  I think I confused him.  The shotgun wasn’t pointed at me but if he swung it in my direction I planned to light his ass up.  He chose to drop it and put his hands on his head.  Eddie got him into the corner of the small living room and cuffed him.

“You have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to an attorney.  If you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning.  Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?”

“I know my rights,” Snoz said.

“You obviously missed the one that says you have the right to die while holding an illegal fire arm.  You are alive right now only because I bagged my limit for the year already,” I said.

The guys found a small amount of Meth in a drawer by his bed.  There were about ten bundles and that made it felony weight.  There was going to be room to deal on the sawed off shotgun.  That one was a mandatory federal prison term.

We went back to the station feeling a little better.  We had two slimy dealers off the streets even if they would be replaced by two more tomorrow night.  Roman Nevada had the big guns waiting for us when we got back to the station.  Well Morris of the SBI wasn’t all that big a gun, but she was there for him.

“Sheriff, congratulations you just busted a two year drug operation we had going in Warren county.  She was livid.

“Lower your voice, or get the hell out of this office,” I said.  “Which one of these drug dealers was yours, and what the fuck are you doing running an operation in my county without alerting someone?” I said.

“It is an elected office you hold, how the fuck do we know who will be Sheriff?” she asked.  Then she added, “You are a case in point.”

“Listen you little shit, if you are accusing me of something bring it the fuck on.  Otherwise you get your ass out of my office, and wait till you pretend cops comes to the arraignment to tell it to the fucking Judges.”

“You are going to hold a policemen in your fucking jail,” she screamed.  It looked as though she might have a stroke.

“I am at least going to hold him till you give me some respect, and some cooperation, or until I can get him before a judge who will sign an order to release him.  Of course you can wake up the DA, and a Judge to sign an order to force me to release him.  If at that time he gives us any mouth, I will arrest him on an unrelated charge, and force him to post bail and come back here to answer for it.  That goes for you as well agent Morris.  Now either cooperate or get the hell out of here and call the DA.”

She stormed out which was what I expected.  I sat behind my desk and fumed.  I knew I shouldn’t have acted the way I did, but she shouldn’t have acted that way either.  She as much as said the SBI was never going to cooperate with me.  That suited me just fine, there was nothing I needed them to do that I couldn’t find someone else to do.

It looked as though Wilson was about to get his desired move of our forensic work to the university research lab.  There might be lots of other changes as well.  I could probably recruit my own volunteer Tac squad, ones that wouldn’t be so damn concerned with an armed hostage takers right to live.  I could see a hell of a lot of time saved.  I could see the men in black, dressed in full body armor, calmly walking into a mall and shoot some asshole dead.  Or better still two snipers across the mall hidden in a retail store among the ladies underwear.  The first sniper shot would be to break the glass windows, the second following immediately would be to make an organ donor of the son of a bitch.

I had a feeling that would happen once, before the bad guys decided not to take hostages in Warren County.  No matter what they say, the concept ‘move your evil shit on down the road’ works.  Make it a death penalty to operate in this county, and they will move it across the county line.  Let Mason County worry about that shit.

Well that big picture thought wouldn’t help me at that moment.  I had the SBI pissed at me and they were a big deal in rural law enforcement.  So I had to take a deep breath and play nice.

I was about to have the SBI agent brought up to the interrogation room, Eddie’s office, when I got a call from the DA.  “Am I really going to have to come down there and get a court order to release that SBI agent?” he asked angrily.

“You bet your ass you are.  They want to take their ball and go home, so let them go through all the right steps to make it happen.  Their agent Morris is playing some kind of game, so let the games begin,” I said

“If we get a court order to force you to release him, he is blown for good.  They might be able to rehab him, if this can be contained,” the DA said.

“Morris is so stupid,” I said.  “What they should have done is go to the bail hearing with a local lawyer, post his bail, and put him back in play.  When it came time for the sentencing then they reveal who he is.”

“If there are eyes anywhere her outburst just fucked it all up,” the DA said.

“You guessed it.  So don’t come crying to me that you are going to lose the operation.  He has been in jail with one, The Snoz.  What do you think is going to be the word on the street now, if the dealer just walks with everybody saying gee I’m sorry brother?” I asked.  “But you feel free to come in here with your court order.  You and Morris will really blow him beyond repair.”

“Yeah I see your point,” The DA said.

“Now lets talk about her running an operation in this county without anyone knowing it, then expecting us to protect it,” I suggested.

“It’s a conversation for another day and another SBI Agent, the one who approved it.  She is too low on the food chain to make any difference,” he said.

“Well bring your court order or arraign him in the morning.  You can ask for a high bail since Roman was uncooperative.  Then he can skip bail,” I suggested.

“Let me suggest that to the SBI agent,” he said.

“We call her the SBI bitch here,” I informed him.

“Eddie, we need to rock The Snoz’s world.  If we don’t we traded a murder 2 charge for a street level Meth dealer,” I suggested.

“How do you suggest we do that?” he asked.

“Murder 2 for The Snoz,” was my suggestion.

“Murder 2, under the ‘you supplied the gun for a murder’, knowing that it was more likely to happen than not,” Eddie said.

“Man that is thin, but I bet I’m a good enough actor to sell it.  I need a few props, but I’ll have him with his ass in the air in no time.”  Eddie was smiling like a kid with a new toy.

Thirty minutes later we were ready to go.  “Now Snoz old boy we are going to give you a chance to help yourself by moving us up the food chain.  Now I realize you might not want to give up anyone else, so let me tell you why you want to help us.  First of all there is the ten bundles of methamphetamine, then there is the sawed off shotgun.  The meth is 3 to 5 in a state prison.  Then the sawed off is 5 to 10 years in a fed prison for a weapon of mass destruction.  But all that ain’t shit compared to the Murder 2 conviction for those two kids who died at the high school.”  Eddie said.  At that point he just stopped and waited for the less than brilliant Snoz to comprehend the charges.

“I didn’t kill no kids,” he said.

“Oh do you know what conspiracy to commit a crime is?“ Eddie asked.

“Yeah it’s like you helped them plan it,” he said.

“Yeah, or you provided an important element of the crime.  In this case the Meth that made Rosie out of her head, when she drove to pick up her little brother.  She was so high on that shit she didn’t know the brake from the throttle.  So you could say the meth was really responsible for the death of those kids.  Therefore you were a co-conspirator and just as guilty as Rosie in the eyes of the law.”

“And Snoz, when you go in we make sure the cons don’t know that you just provided the dope.  On your papers we made it look like you was high on Meth and drove the car that killed two kids.  Fifteen to twenty five with a target on your back.  Man I would not want to be you,” Eddie said.  “By the way the new sheriff is a bitch man, she wants your ass nailed to a wall.”  He shut up and just waited for Snoz to make a move.

“If I give you the wholesaler, you gonna make the murder go away?” he asked.

“Yeah but you still go down for the dope and the gun,” Eddie said.

“The DA gonna have to put it in writing,” Snoz said.  He wasn’t quite as dumb as he seemed.

“I’ll get it in writing but don’t make the DA come down here for nothing, you better have more than a courier’s name,” Eddie said.

“I know where the distribution warehouse for the whole area is.  It’s in Abbottsville that’s all I’m saying without that paper,” Snoz said.

I put in a call to Agent Mission, who was now somewhat higher on the SBI’s food chain.

Edited by Walt

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9 Responses to Sheriff Porter 11 (edited)

  1. Walt says:

    Moving Agent Morris to Capital City (in the Deputy Porter story) wasn’t far enough to keep her from harrassing Sylvia. She better be careful or she might end up in the chopper and deposited in the reservoir. Sylvia’s call to Agent Mission should be interesting.

  2. Barney R says:

    Walt, your suggestion for Morris is one of the best I have heard. Those that have their own agenda can sometimes end up being bitten by their own greed and need for prominence and self promotion. They need to remember more about self preservation than promotion. Excellent chapter Cindy.

  3. cindypress says:

    thanks barney..

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Great chapter ,, things really heating up . Thanks

  5. jackballs57 says:

    Be good the see Morris reminded of her place at the bottom of thechain lol

    • cindypress says:

      don’t know about all that but things are getting interesting but you know me things are fun then things are boring as hell.

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