Sheriff Porter 17 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 17

“You better start at the very beginning, so we can help you out of this mess,” I suggested.

“The first of this school year one of the cheerleaders said,  ‘The only way to be popular with he boys was to you know do things,’” Ellie said.

“What things,” I asked.

“To sorta have sex with them,” she said.  “Not real sex, none of us wanted to be pregnant not even the guys wanted that to happen.  So we did other things.”

“Like what kind of things,” I asked.  There might have been some salacious interest, as well as pure investigative interest.

“We gave them head,” she said.

“You mean you sucked their dicks?” I asked.  Might as well beat her down, I decided.

“Yes we did that,” she said.

“Did you guys have intercourse?” I asked.

“I never took a guy in my pussy,” she said suddenly seeming to change her personality.

“Anal?” I asked.

“Yes I have done that several times.  It isn’t much fun, but we were doing it to be popular.  It was just the price we had to pay,” she said hanging her head.

“So how did you kids get down to the club in Abbottsville?” I asked.

“I only went once to the club it was too rough for me, but Lucy and one other girl went almost every Friday and Saturday night,” Ellie said.  “They were having sex for money.”

“How did you get down there the night you went?” I asked.

“An adult took us down.  I can’t tell you who it was.  He is a friend of my family.  He said he would tell my dad what a little whore I was, if I ever told.”

Eddie looked at me and motioned that it was my turn.  “Let me explain something Ellie.  You friend is dead because you girls wanted to be popular.  Some adults took advantage of your need for approval.  Getting this out in the open is your only hope for redemption.  I have no idea what made you think you could keep this from your family, when half the fucking school knew they could get a blow job just by asking.  Your parent are going to know that some kids at school were involved whether we give them names is up to you.”

“The man who aided the minors in the commission of the crime of prostitution is probably going to be too busy to name you as a participant.  But either way you have a chance to get ahead of this by not being prosecuted for it.  You can tell your parents, and not have it come into a police investigation, or some sleaze telling them out of spite.  I assure you we will get his name with or without your help.  If we do, we are going to add your name to the list of warrants.  So who was it.”

“Mr. Jamison drove us to a strip club in Abbottsville.” she whined.

“What was the name of this club?” I asked.

“I don’t know they all just called it the club,” she said.

“The night you were there was there a large black woman dancing on the pole,” I asked.

“Yes, she wasn’t a very good dancer.  So you know the place,” she asked.

“Yeah, I know it,” I said.  Damn it’s always something, I thought.  “Who is this Jamison?” I asked.  The name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place him.

“He is the Biology teacher,” she said.

“I have heard that name somewhere.  I guess he was one of the hands I shook when I was running for sheriff.  Let’s go right this minute and pick him up.  Get some search warrants for his house, his car his mother’s house and his fucking outhouse.”

“I know the drill Sheriff,” Eddie said.

I turned back to Ellie and asked, “Which one of you was having sex with Jamison?”

Ellie hung her head when she said, “We all were.”

“Who was the girl who recruited you all?” I asked.

“Diane Smart,” she said.

“Is she one of THE Smarts?” Eddie asked.

“Her grandfather was Simon Smart.  He used to own a railroad or something,” she said.

“Yes he did, he owned the spur line back at the turn of the last century.  It would have been her great, great, grandfather that built that spur.  When Southern Railroad bought it, he was already rich shipping timber and furniture out of the mountains, and shipping consumer goods into the area,” Eddie explained.  The last of the line, lives in one of those big houses on Mulberry Street downtown.”

“Get some search warrants for whatever you can of their place.  I want to know what the girl had and if anyone else in her family is involved.  Eddie this is going to be one hell of a bucket of worms,” I said.

“All that adult shit you were involved with might come back.  This time people might care,” Eddie said.

“That’s why everybody with any of this stink on them is going to fucking jail.  This kid just saved a stretch in juvie by talking to us.”  I made sure Ellie understood.

“She will never hold up,” Eddie said.  “She is a cocksucker.”

“Yeah, but she is our cocksucker,” I replied.

Eddie and I left and went to the school.  “Where is Mr Jamison,” I asked the principal of Northern Regional High School, while standing in his office.

“I have no idea,” the well dressed and very annoyed principal stated.

“He is not teaching his classes?” I asked.

“He hasn’t been here for three days now,” the principal said.

“Did he call in sick or just not show up?” I asked.

“He just didn’t show up,” she said.  “What is wrong.”

“I going to search his desk,” I said.  “So you need to show us where his office or his classroom is located.”

“I’m not going to let you search his office without a warrant,” he stated flatly.

I dialed Rita.  “Rita this is Sylvia Porter.  Do I need a search warrant to search an unlocked desk in a teacher’s classroom?”

“No, but stop if it is locked.  That would be questionable,” she said.

“If it is locked can I sit my skinny ass on top of the desk to make sure no one removes evidence of a crime from it.”

“Hell Sheriff you can take the desk with you.  It’s county property, you just can’t open it without a warrant, if you want to play it safe,” Rita said.

“Fair enough,” I said.

“Did you hear my attorney?” I asked.

“Yes,” the principal said.  “I want to hear it from the school board’s attorney.”

“Then while I go to Jamison’s classroom, you call him.  Now where is it?” I demanded.

Instead of taking us, she gave me directions.  There were students with a substitute teacher in the room.

“Well this is your lucky day kids.  Class is dismissed for the day,” I said.

“Wait just a minute,” the teacher said.

“You need to clear out of this room now,” I said to the teacher.

After they had gone Eddie handed me a pair of rubber mechanic’s type gloves.  I pulled open the center drawer first.  I didn’t even look through the odds and ends I just emptied them all in the plastic evidence bag.  Then I went to the top side drawer and opened it.  It was full of folders.  I didn’t even look at them.  I just took them all.  We were searching for evidence of his involvement in child prostitution.  The evidence could be notes or photos.

The center side drawer held more folders.  Jamison was a very organized man, I thought.  Either here or in his house, we would find the link.  Guys like him always had an explanation prepared.

“Eddie get an APB out to everyone and his uncle for this fuck,” I said.

“Hell Sheriff what do you think I did while we drove here.  Just in case, Mrs. West is getting it out to everyone.  You got to love that woman,” he said.

“Hello Mission this is Sylvia.  You owe me a favor I believe?” I asked.

“Of course Sylvia, what do you need?” she asked.

“Oh I’m an anonymous tipster.  There is a child prostitution ring, and a plain old prostitution one as well operating out of a strip club on the state road from Abbottsville to county seat.  It’s about a half mile outside Abbottsville.  You shouldn’t have any trouble finding it, or busting them,” I said.

“Why are you sending me all these busts,” she asked.

“It’s outside my jurisdiction.   Anyway I have no idea how far it reaches.  You may have to follow it up the ladder from the sleazy strip club.  I wish you would go personally and if they tell you they have friends in high places, tell them the so called friends gave them up.  If they don’t try that, then never mind.”  I laughed my ass off into the phone.

“Damn, I wish I understood you,” she said.

“If you did, I would have to kill you,” I said and laughed.

“You probably would do it to,” she said hanging up.

“Eddie let’s go see how Wilson is doing at the house of Mr. Jamison,” I suggested.

“We could also go to the cheerleader’s house the warrant is ready,” he suggested.

“Okay Wilson can call, if he needs us.  Let’s go take our shit and pollute Mulberry Street,” I suggested.

We stopped by the station for the warrant, and me to go to the bathroom.  I also turned my phone on while I was in the bathroom.  I had turned it off after my call to Rita.  I had a message from Reggie.

“Don’t come over to the gym tonight.  I’ll explain tomorrow,” he said on voice mail.

“We need to go to a gym down in old town,” I said.

“They said during the elections you hung out there, but I couldn’t believe it.  Reggie is an ex-con and also he was a gang banger.  They say his gym was payment for not talking in the joint,” Eddie said.

“He is a hell of a trainer, no matter what else he is,” I said.  “Right now something is wrong.  He just reached out and told me to stay away.  Now you and I both know, I’m not going to do that and so does he.

“Okay Reggie what the fuck is it?” I asked.

“Told you not to come here today,” he said.  His face looked like five miles of country road.

“Yeah, I can see you don’t need no help.  Tell me who did this quick old man.  I’m in the middle of something important,” I said.

“I ain’t signin’ no complaint,” he said.

“Then I hope they kill your ass next time,” I said.

“I ain’t signin’ no complaint but it was Tobias from Dobson,” he said.

“Is he a gang banger?” I asked.

“I told him it was neutral territory, but he wants a piece,” Reggie said.

“I’ll talk to him,” I said and I was very glad Eddie had gone on ahead of me to the cheerleader’s house.

“It may be a day or two before I get up with him, but I’ll fix this,” I said.

“Don’t do it Sheriff,” he said.

“It won’t be the Sheriff.  It will be the bitch,” I said.  I went to my truck and called the swamp from the burn cell I kept in there.

“This is Sylvia Porter, I need to know all about a piece of shit named Tobias in Dobson,” I said.

“I’ll call you back,” the voice said.  “Meanwhile just be cool Sheriff.”

“This is not a problem that will require anything more than information,” I said.

“It seldom is with you.  Ordinarily you fight your own battles, but you also get yourself in some shit once in a while.  It is always fun for us to bail you out,” he said.

“You go to hell,” I said, but I did laugh.

Edited by Walt

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7 Responses to Sheriff Porter 17 (edited)

  1. Walt says:

    This is great. For a sleepy small town that had nothing more than convenient story robberies and pot dealing, Sylvia sure has opened Pandora’s Box and is finding all kinds of skullduggery long been hidden by the ‘good ol boys’. Gonna be a great ride.

    • cindypress says:

      for as long as it lasts. I don’t know if it was hidden but at least the powers that be were comfortable in their ineffective sheriffs department. If not downright benefiting from there complacency. And one day we will find out the true motives of the sbi Im sure.

  2. Newdust says:

    Great character this Sheriff Porter. Take nothin from no one. Great flow in your plot theme also. A lot has been hidden in town. I wonder if the old Sheriff knows anything.
    Keep writin’ I’ll keep readin’.

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