Sheriff Porter 18 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 18

I placed a call back to the station.  They had everything under control.  Mostly they were processing evidence from all over the damn county.  It was a big job, but they seemed to be on top of it.

“Sheriff, we are going to need to process some of this, and pass it on to the SBI.  The bust is going to be out of our jurisdiction.  Should I make the call, or do you want to?” Eddie asked.

“Let me look at the evidence before you send it off, then we can decide what goes where together.  Now I got a little errand to run.  I’ll be an hour or so,” I said.

The swamp had run Tobais and came up with his cell phone and from that they got a location.  The Fucking SBI couldn’t do that, I thought.  So I drove the red truck to the seedy side of town.  Then I walked into the gang hangout.  It was a convenience store in front and a meeting room in back.  It had once been an auto repair bay.

I went right to the door.  The man standing guard looked at me.  “Now you can get out of my way or you can get carried to the ER.”

“What you gonna do Puta?” he said.

“This Puta is going to shove a shiv in your belly asshole,” I said with the orange stake pressed ever so gently against his belly.  The thing I had going for me was they always assumed I was just a little girl out of her element.  “This is no joke,” I said.

He opened the door but he called out something in Spanish before he let me pass.  I saw the man who had to be Tobias.  He had that air of dominance about him.  “You that lady sheriff from over in County Seat,” he said.

“Actually of all Warren County,” I said.  I was trying not to show my discomfort at being in the lion den.

“So why you come here?” he asked.

“I came to give you a friendly warning.  See Warren County is no longer gang friendly.  If you make a move in my county I will stop you.  You got the whole rest of the state, but Warren County is off limits.  Now you have been warned.”

“Why you come here with this shit?” Tobias said.  “We got the word no dope in Warren County.”

“Now you have the word no gang activity in Warren County.  I’m going to have the Deputies work out in Reggie’s Gym.  Then I expect the highway patrol will come down to work out there as well.  Our local thugs will most like still hangout there, so we don’t need your shit.”

“You are telling me we are not welcome in Warren County.  That’s a violation of my civil rights,” he said.

“My daddy always said, ‘Dead men don’t need rights,’” I replied.  He made a hinky move and the derringer just appeared in my hand, “Last man who tried that went missing.”

He backed away.  I turned my back on him and walked away.  Yes I knew turning my back on an enemy was dangerous, but it was also the ultimate insult to a macho prick like Tobias.

I managed to get into the truck and out of the parking lot before the shakes overcame my bravado.  Man that had been stupid, I thought.  I would have to wait to see how it played out.

I drove back to the courthouse in County Seat.  First I went to my office as I usually did.  Also as usual Mrs. West had things which needed my attention.  I approved payment for attending to some officer’s uniforms.  It was payment for sewing patches on, but at the same time he got to make alterations for which the county didn’t pay.  A deputy got uniforms one time that were the closest to his size, from then on it was on him.  He could buy replacement uniforms from a catalog, which were supposed to be discount but I had my doubts.  Our uniforms except for mine were standard colors and designs so they were easy to find.

“I’m going down to the lab and evidence room, if you need me,” I informed her.

“If anymore bullshit comes in just sign my name you know a lot better than me what needs doing,” I suggested.

“Sheriff we have both Democrats and Republican looking to tack your hide to the wall.  I would rather not go with you Ma’am.  I’ll just leave the signing for you,” Mrs. West said.

“That is a very intelligent thing to do Mrs. West and I approve of intelligent people,” I said with a smile.

“Me too,” she said with a smile as big as mine.

Leaving my office the next stop was the conference room.  We were using it to process the evidence on the very few major cases we had in a years time.  “So Osborn they got you in here to play computer geek?” I asked.

“Wilson is a better computer geek,” she said smiling at Wilson.  He was older and nerdy but she might not have had all that many options.  Osborn was no raving beauty.  She did have potential though.

“So what did we learn from his computer?” I asked.

“We learned we should have checked this asshole out at the first of the last school year.  He and his little cheerleader friend recruited a half dozen girls.  He even had it written down in a manual like he was going to franchise it or something.  A how to recruit and train high school whores,” Osborn replied.

“I can’t believe he left town and didn’t take all that shit with him,” I said.

“He did,” Wilson added.  “Sorta.  He had it on the site.”

“You are going to have to walk me though it.  I’m a Luddite,” I explained.

“Okay he figured we might come calling one day so he had a burn program.  He hit one key as he went out of the house and it destroyed his hard drive.  There was almost nothing on it anyway.  He stored everything on an external hard drive on line.  The site is called  You know save for a rainy day,” Wilson said.

“Wilson, I said I was technology challenged, not retarded,” I said.  “Okay so if he destroyed the hard drive how did you find this”

“We got an emergency warrant from the courts.  We contacted his Internet provider.  Then with his account number we traced where he went on line and guess what, popped up.”

“How did you get them to give you access,” I asked.

“I was going to ask you that, it was way too easy,” he said.  “It was like we were the FBI or something.”

“Has nothing to do with me.  Probably just knew there would be a warrant coming.  After all every one of those geeks can tell where the computer is located,” I said.

“Yeah, even in a chatroom, if they are smart enough they can backtrack you,” Osborn said.

“I really didn’t need to know that Osborn,” I said.

“So how did this asshole work it?” I asked.

“His cheerleader chick would befriend a cute, but socially inept kid below the age of 16.  She would tell them to be popular she had to perform sexually.  If they did, they would be popular.  Then she made sure they did it.  After a while she moved them on to other things.  Meanwhile Jamison is pulling the strings.  Some Guy in Abbottsville is helping to set up the Johns.”

“So do we like Jamison or a john for Lucy’s murder?” I asked.

“Jamison is a dick, but he hasn’t got any violent tendencies.  The cheerleader swears he never had anything to do with the Johns personally.  He pimped by computer.”

“The girls said everybody did Jamison, so it wasn’t all cyberspace,” I said.

“He taught them how to best perform.  He didn’t want any sub par blow jobs.  It would be bad for business.  He also somehow convinced them that it wasn’t really sex to suck a cock,” Osborn said.

“When we get him, we can ask him how that worked,” I said.  “Any indication that he gave them drugs?”

“None of them are hooked on anything.  He might have given them something to calm them down the first few times, but he didn’t make a habit of it.  He was selling their purity.  Daddy’s little girl kind of thing,” Wilson added.  “We have lots of evidence and we are going to get word when he accesses his rainyday account.  WE are going to get him and fucking soon,” Osborn said.

“Not soon enough for Lucy.  Where is Eddie?” I asked.

“He is talking to Little Miss cheerleader.  He has her lawyer, the Asst. DA and the girls parent all in the same room,” Wilson said.

“Then I should go join them,” I said.

I walked up the stairs to the large conference room Eddie was using as an interrogation room.  Eddie was talking to the girl’s parents and her lawyer.  The Asst. DA was there to be sure Eddie didn’t do anything to ruin her case.  It was the biggest case to come to Warren County in five years for sure.

I walked into the conference room.  “Eddie you better not be negotiating anything before we have all the facts.  It looks little ‘Miss cis boom ba’ here was up to her ass in this thing from the beginning.  She might even have been involved in the murder,” I said angrily.  Yeah I was faking it for the lawyer and her parents.  “If you have it all processed and can file charges lock her ass up, and we will see how it shakes out over the next day or two.  Accessory to capitol murder should keep her in without bail.  We can always reduce the charges later, if we need to do so.”

“Hold on.  We are working on an immunity deal,” her lawyer said.

“That was probably before we had the proof that she was involved in the recruitment of the minor girls,” I said.

“She is also a minor I would note,” the lawyer said.

“She is almost eighteen, I would bet that the Asst DA can get her charged as an adult when some of the pictures from Jamison’s computer file show up.  I have no idea why we are even talking to you.  Eddie just charge her and get it over with.  The DA and the Lawyers can work it out.  I’ll remind the ADA here that her boss has to stand for reelection in a Bible belt county.  Going soft on this kiddie prostitution is a career killer.  If he deals, I will support his opponent.”

“Now hold on that is blackmail and we have a deal,” the lawyer said.

“Oh do you have ink on paper?” I asked.

“Not yet,” the Asst DA said.  She was going to cooperate for the deal.  You are telling me we don’t need her cooperation to pick up Jamison?” she asked.

“He will be in custody within 24 hours,” I promised.

“Well then it’s no deal for your client.  Plead her not guilty and hope for the best,” the Asst DA said.

When the Asst DA and I left the room, Eddie headed down to booking with the princess.  “Do you really have that strong a lead on Jamison,” the ADA asked.

“Yes whenever he goes to his files, we are going to know exactly where he is,” I said.

“You can prove the ‘ra ra ra girl’ was a major player in this?” she asked.

“Oh we can, and we haven’t even examined her computer yet,” I said.

“Is Jamison good for the murder,” she asked.

“I don’t know.  The others say there is nothing to suggest that he would so something like it.  Of course anyone is capable of anything, if the right buttons get pushed.  We have DNA from the victim’s mouth to test.  Maybe we can match it,” I suggested.

“You know what you said about the Bible belt is true.  We are going to need this case solved for sure,” she said.

“We just had an election, we have a little time,” I said.

Edited by Walt

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5 Responses to Sheriff Porter 18 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    The bitch has come to the top in Sylvia. People will be ducking for cover for sure. Hell hath no fury like a woman with a burr between her cheeks

  2. Walt says:

    I noticed Sylvia was a little shocked to hear geeks could track back from chat rooms to someone’s computer. I’ve gotten to where I don’t trust any site on computers any more. I give only the minimum of info. I’ve deleted my profile on a number os sites. One day I typed my screen name into google and one of the profiles at a site was there bright and clear. Couldn’t do anything about it but hoped it would rotate down the line quickly. I jumped all over the site about it then unsubscribed from them. Type in your real name and you might be amazed at what you find out about yourself. Google maps had my house pinpointed. Another site had the stats on my house, sq ft, what’s it’s worth and what I paid for it.

    I also went to various sites and changed my passwords. Lot o site compromises lastely.

    • cindypress says:

      I lot of things I used to speculate as big brother stiff have come true the lack of privacy is just one of them.

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