Sheriff Porter (21 edited)

Sheriff Porter

By Carniegirl

Sheriff Porter 21

Kara began talking, but I didn’t believe a word she said.  “Yeah I recognized the guy the girl in the picture left with, but believe me she didn’t look like that.  She looked like a hooker.”

“How did you recognize the guy,” Eddie asked her.

“He was one of my customers for a while, but he got tired of me and moved on,” she said.

“So what was his name,” Eddie asked.

“Man, I don’t know,” she said.

I sat in the corner of the interview room.  It was a big room.  The lights were off in my half of the room.  The only light illuminated the table where Kara sat.  “I don’t believe you.  There is going to be no deal for you.  You haven’t given me anything.  I’m going to hit you with the load, just like the Sheriff said.”

“I know who the Sheriff’s friends are.  No matter how much she bluffs she is not going to want it to come out,” Kara said.

“Well number one, we are going to work on the Lucy Martinez case first.  Then if have an accusation to make against the Sheriff, she has authorized me to take it.  Hell you could make it to the SBI.  They have a vendetta with her.  They would love to hear it, but you better be able to prove it.

Now back to the here and now, you better give me something, cause I know that you know more than you are telling.  I’m going to charge you with prostitution.  We have the club manager’s records and his computer, which he didn’t have time to clean.  He had very good records like maybe he worked for somebody else, but that is the SBI’s problem.  I want to know about Lucy Martinez.  The deal is off the table if you were a part of it and I think you were.”

“Somebody is going to give this john up.  It might as well be you,” Eddie finally said as he stood to leave.  He might or might not have gone back at her again.

I walked to the table where she sat.  I had watched her demeanor closer that Eddie had.  She didn’t give up the John because once we talked to him, we would rule him out.  He would point us back to her.  “Why did you do it Kara?” I asked.

“Do what?” she asked.

“Strangle that little girl.  She was no match for you.  You could have taught her a lesson without killing her.  Why in the name of God did you bring her to my jurisdiction to kill?” I asked.  “Sweetie once I know who did it, proving it is easy.  A bit of DNA, a tire track, someone who saw you leave the club and go after the two of them.”

“They chose the place not me.  If she had taken him to the men’s room like we usually do it would have never happened.  That bitch left with him.  I thought they were going to a motel room, but they went to the empty factory, why I don’t know.  When she finished getting him off, he left her.  I did her in that little building, but I carried the body into the big one.  I wrapped her head in the shirt and beat her with the baseball bat.  I guess I hoped you wouldn’t be able to identify her.”

“Why,” I asked.

“I read somewhere about a case up around here where the guy did that.  I thought it might confuse you for a while.  I knew once you tagged her as a hooker it was just a matter of time before you traced her to the club.  Then you would probably know it was me.  How did you know I was more than a witness?” she asked.

“Kara, it just fitted you.  When you wouldn’t give up the John, I knew better than to believe you didn’t know him.  The only reason you wouldn’t give him up is it would lead right back to you.  Did he see you?” I asked.

“He might have.  I couldn’t risk him telling to save his own ass.  I at least needed time to go talk to him myself.  If I were just free for a half a day, I could have cleaned up the loose ends.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll tell the DA you cooperated,” I said.

“You know the SBI is looking to hang something on you.  I’m not talking, but someone might,” she said.

“You could probably still make a deal with the SBI to be a states Witness and get a better deal,” I suggested.

“The Miami Mafia has long arms Sylvia.  They have more women in prison than the SBI has agents.  I do my time as a stand up bitch, and it goes easier on me overall.  Get that pip squeak back in here with his recorder I’ll tell it all.”

“Did you really care about that guy?” I said.

“He was a nice enough guy, but doing her was strictly business,” she said.

“Kara, whose idea was it to send Jamison the Message,” I asked.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“If it was strictly business, then this all had to be about Jamison,” I said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” she said.

We got all we were going to get from Kara so I had them take her back to her cell and I called Eddie back.


“Eddie here is what my take is.  Kara is ready to cop to the killing.  We are not going to know what is going on till someone brings us Jamison.  That is, if he is still alive.”

“Look at it this way Sheriff.  We are going to clear this case and prevent more kids from drifting into the life.”

“Yeah, but do you think we are going to prevent them giving blow jobs at thirteen,” I asked.

“Probably not, but there is one cheerleader who won’t be holding anymore classes in deep throat,” he said with a smile.

“Well it sure wasn’t what I expected, but I guess it never is,” I said.

“Well it almost never is,” Eddie said.  “You know my wife wanted to have you to dinner, but I told her it wouldn’t look right to the other deputies.”

“Yeah you are right, but if you come to The Brit’s pub, I would be happy to buy you guys dinner, once,” I said smiling.

“Well are you going to be there tonight?  We could kind of celebrate closing this case,” he suggested.

“Let’s do it over a drink not dinner.  You bring the wife for dinner one day next week,” I suggested.  “So invite Osborn, Wilson and Mrs. West.  They probably won’t come but you can ask.  Hell invite any of the deputies who worked the crime scene.  First drink is on me,” I said.

They drifted in from seven to eight when I bought a round for the house.  Then about ten Liam and Andrew came in along with Andrew’s new love interest the Russian Chic.  The Brit bought the first round and I bought the second.  After we closed the pub, I slept on the sofa upstairs.

The call came at 2 AM.  I had just got in bed and was a little tipsy.  “Sheriff you need to meet me at the jail.” he said.

“What is it Wilson?” I asked.

“The black hooker slashed her wrist,” he said.

“I’m on the way, but is she dead?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“How the hell did it happen?” I asked upon my arrival at the jail.

“She had a visitor yesterday in the afternoon.  The guy said he was a lawyer from Abbottsville.  The jailer didn’t know him, but he had no reason to doubt it.  He had a fake ID.  He must have passed a scalpel blade to her.  That’s what they found on the floor near her.  She was in a cell alone, so no one there saw anything.  She did it right after the 10 PM check.  She bled out before the 11 PM check,” Wilson said.

“Get Eddie’s ass in here,” I said.  If I had to be in the jail at 2 AM half drunk Eddie needed to be as well.

“Simpson is already at the jail.  I didn’t bother to go over to the jail.  Besides being a little drunk, I didn’t really want to see her.  Since she had been dead at least a half hour the ME was called right after Simpson.  Eddie arrived in time to see the local ME pronounce her dead.  Wilson collected everything in the cell, then called the Pathology geeks from the State University at Abbottsville.

He did all that because it was protocol.  Since I was unnecessary to the investigation they had put off calling me till last.  Probably to keep me from meddling in their investigation.

We put out an alert for the fake lawyer and began to wait.  We interviewed her mother and brother.  They were the only family she had.  She had maintained only tenuous contact with them.

“Somebody slipped her a chive and convinced her to use it.  All that while we were celebrating.  Now I don’t know about you, but that pisses me off.  I want Jamison, if we have to go get him ourselves.  We are going to do our thing, and worry about jurisdiction later.  Eddie find out where Jamison is,” I demanded.

“It would help, if we could use the super computer in Capitol City,” he said.

“You told me our contract with the state gave us access through the Abbottsville terminal,” I said angrily.

“It does Sheriff, but no one down there is a cop.  The old SBI link had cops who knew what we wanted and how to get it,” he said.

“Get me Jamison’s file and tell me what you need to know to find him.  I’ll go down in the morning and teach them how to be cops.”  I meant to do exactly that.

I went home, but sleep eluded me.  I kept seeing Kara strutting around the mall.  I even saw her doing her lousy exotic dances.  Who arranged her suicide?  That was the next question and question number two was, where the hell is Jamison.”

When the head computer geek came to work, I was leaning against his office door drinking coffee.  “You the man in charge of the super computer?” I asked.

“I’m in charge, but it isn’t a super computer.”  Then he began quoting numbers and names of companies I presumed to be in the computer business.  Finally he ran out of steam.

Just after he asked, “Exactly who are you?”

“I’m Sheriff Porter of Warren County.  We need some computer searches, so I brought them down in person.  I know you guys are whizzes, but you aren’t cops.  You might know how to find all kinds of stuff, but you don’t exactly know what stuff we need for you to look at.  It shouldn’t take long to explain the search parameter to your geek.”

“The forensic computer work is done by grad students,” the professor explained.

“Cool get me one and let’s teach him or her where to look,” I said.

“Well I do appreciate your interest, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way,” he said.

“Oh how does it work again?” I asked.

“You send me the request and I assign it to a grad student with an outline of the perimeters.  You should have your information in about 48 hours,” he informed me.

“I would much rather work with the state university here at Abbottsville.  You guys approached me, and I assumed you wanted our work.  Now you tell me a search where you could assign a grad student to do right this minute has to wait forty eight hours?  In that 48 hours the man who turned fourteen year old girls into prostitutes is on the run.  If I can not get timely information, your services will not be needed by me.  I will also be sure my opinion is shared with the entire law enforcement community on face book.  Now would you like to rethink your answer?”

He looked at me and smiled, then said, “No, I would not.”

“Very well,” I said.  Then I sent the audio recording I had begun making after his first comment, to the Dean of the Forensic Department.  I also sent a note stating my intention to use the no fault contract cancellation clause in our contract, except that I plan to give my reasons.

Edited by Walt

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8 Responses to Sheriff Porter (21 edited)

  1. jackballs57 says:

    I don’t think the professor knows what or who he has run into with Sheriff Porter. Nice chapter certainly a different out come than i expected. Thanks HAPPY EASTER.

  2. Dave says:

    Definitely didn’t expect Kara to kill herself since she thought Miami would protect her. Now the question is, is it Miami or someone from the SBI that didn’t want her to give up that she’s somehow connected with them. Hmm.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    I think Miami, but how would she have known enough to be a threat to their whole operation? Did swamp put that much fear into the weather man he simply did not want to risk retalation if some thing happened to Slyvia that could be connected to them. Better yet what did they have on Kara that would have made her kill herself that soon.

    • cindypress says:

      Threaten her family?

      • Walt says:

        Sounds like modern politics where several very healthy people who “knew too much” had those sudden deaths with no explanation other than “heart attacks”.

        I’m not sure who is behind Morris’ actions but she sounds like she is being set up to be the perfect “patsy” if anything happened to Sylvia.

  4. cindypress says:

    There is always more than meets the eye.. Plus it is a long way to go. This is the long con. It’s always incestuous int politics.

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