Sheriff Porter 24 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 24

It took me all day to move past my anger at the FBI.  I beat the crap out of the heavy bag before I really felt better.  It was two weeks later and I was already running, when Osborn showed up at the softball field.  She sat on the bleachers until I was in sight, then started to run.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming to run,” she informed me.

“I didn’t know I was going to run till I pulled into the parking lot.  I think I’m running on autopilot in more way than the obvious one.  Damn I’m a couple of weeks past that bullshit with the FBI and now I’m bored.  Warren County is for old men,” I said with a laugh.

“Well you need to start riding with the patrol division again.  We have all kinds of fun,” she said.

“Osborn, I read your form 51s religiously.  11 PM began patrol.  7 AM returned to the courthouse,” I said.

“You forgot gassing the car,” she said.

“Yeah and the 3 AM breakfast at the waffle house,” I said.  “I think I’m going to do an inventory and begin an investigation of the last sheriff.  That should be good for a couple of laughs.

“Sure, why not and hey the Waffle House has a nice fruit bowl,” she replied.

“So how much weight you lost now?” I asked.

“Thirty five pounds.  Only fifteen more to go,” she said.  “I won’t be as skinny as you, but I could never be that skinny unless I checked into the Hotel Dachau for the summer,” Osborn said with a laugh.

My Phone went off playing some stupid ring tone.  I held up my hand to Osborn.  She stopped beside me.  I listened to Mrs. West, who was on the phone.  I wasn’t in radio contact when I worked out.

“Sheriff there is an ongoing shooting situation at the Northern Middle School.  You better get back here,” She said.

“Fuck that, I’m going to the school,” I said.

“Get everybody you can find out there now,” I said.  “Tell the dispatcher you speak for me.”

“You got anything in the car?” I asked Osborn.

“I have my service Glock in there,” she said.  Get it, you are riding with me.  When I got into the car, I slipped opened the locked glove box and pulled the old five shot .22 mag out.  I ran with the .22 mag derringer in the pocket of my sweat suit.  My newer eight round revolver was at home with my uniform ready to be worn to work.

I was half way to the school, when the phone rang again.  I thought it might be an update, so I answered without looking.  “Silvia are you alone?” the voice asked.

“No Liam I’m with my workout buddy Deputy Osborn,” I said.

“It’s on the news can we help?” he asked.

“I’ll call if I need a super swat team.  Right now I’m just going to go see what is what,” I said.

“Fifteen minutes after you call we can be there,” he said.

“You will get a speeding ticket like that,” I said.

“Okay twenty,” he said with a laugh.

“Got to go Liam,” I said as I pulled into the parking lot of the middle school.  There were a lot of cars in the lot not all them were police.

“Hey you, I’m Sheriff Porter,” I said to a highway patrolman.  Go block the entrance to the parking lot emergency vehicles only.  Got it?” I said.

“Yes Ma’am, but the SBI is on the way,” he said.

“Then keep them out as well.  When I know something I will decide if I want them fucking up my crime scene,” I said angrily.

“What’s going on?” I asked the day shift deputy who should have been first on the scene.

“Some Guy is holding a classroom full of kids hostage.  He says he wants to talk to you,” the Deputy said.

“Now who the hell wants to talk to me so bad that he will take hostages,” I wondered out loud.  “Do we have an ID on him?”

“Fugitive named Tommy Kilborn.  He is a well dressed guy, too well dressed to be doing this.  Usually you think of a nut case.  He seems to be with it.  Said he wasn’t talking to nobody but you,” the Deputy said.

“Well let’s go do it.  How are you communicating with him?” I asked.

“He gave me his cell number.  I wasn’t sure we wanted to put it out on the radio,” he said.

“That was damn good thinking.  Call him and ask him how bad he wants to talk to me.  Tell him I will only talk to him face to face if the kids are exchanged for me.  If he goes for it, you call this number tell the man who answers Silvia needs you.  You got that?” I asked handing him a copy of the Swamp Dog West compound number.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said.

I listened while he made the call.  “So is that agreeable?” he asked after giving him my message.

He handed me the phone.  “He wants to talk to you,” The deputy said.

“Hi Tommy you want to trade or not?” I asked.

“Yeah, I got no use for a dozen whining kids,” he said.

“I suppose you want to be sure I’ll come in if you let them go?” I asked.

“You better believe it,” he said.

“Okay as a sign of good faith let half of them go, and I’ll be down the hall when they come out then I’ll come in,” I said.

“You get those cops out of the building, all of them,” he demanded.

“That’s pretty much doable.  Give me five minutes then send the kids out.  Look out the window and you will see the cops leave the building,” I said.

“I ain’t going to the window.  I’m no fool,” he said.

“Well it was worth a try,” I said and laughed.

“You think this is funny,” he screamed, “How about I kill one of these kids?”

“Now that’s the worst thing you could do.  See it’s obvious you want to make a statement.  You start shooting and we rush you and kill you about ten times.  You don’t get to make a deal to at least be heard.  So you think twice before you hurt those kids.  Wait till you get me,” I suggested.

“You know who I am?” he asked.

“Of course I do.  You are Tommy Kilborn.  You convinced Kara to kill herself to save her mother and brother.  So yeah, I know you are a bad ass.  But you haven’t murdered anyone that I know about yet.  So just stay calm and we can make this trade,” I said.

I went into the hall and I held the .22 mag at the ready.  “Tommy let half of the kids go and I’ll come inside,” I shouted.

Half the kids came out.  I moved to the doorway when the last one left.  I was holding the mag at the ready but Tommy was standing in the middle of the kids.  He had them draped all around him.

“Put down the gun Sheriff,” he said.

“Let the kids go first,” I demanded.

“You are not in any position to make demands,” he said.

“Sure I am.  None of those kids are mine,” I said.  “But to be fair I will move to the corner.  You move to the door and I will put the gun down.  You let the kids go out the door.  When they go out the door, I will move away from the gun.”

“Alright,” he said herding the kids along toward the door while I moved away from it.

When the moves were accomplished I stood in the corner with the mag on the desk.  “Strip,” he said.  “I want to be sure that was your only weapon.”

“Do I get music?” I asked.  I took off the sweat suit, saving my tee shirt for last.  It hid the microphone and transmitter.  I was standing in my bikini panties.

“I knew you were going to try something,” he said.

“Of course they want to know what you have to say.  You want me to dump the microphone, no problem,” I said taking it off and unplugging it.  “Now what do you want.  Surely you didn’t do all this just to kill me.  Killing me would get you even less than killing those kids.”

“I want a deal,” he said.

“Hell, if you want a deal you should have turned yourself in and got a DA.  Better still you should have gotten a federal prosecutor.  Those guys make really stupid deals.”

“See Sheriff that’s the kind of shit you can make happen.  You can get a federal prosecutor to make a deal with me,” he said.

“Sure if you have anything to trade?” I suggested.

“Oh I can give him the whole thing.  Name dates places and everything,” Tommy said.

“Okay but I don’t have one in my pocket.  Closest one is in Abbottsville, I think.  We are going to need a link to the outside for me to set it up,” I said.

“You ain’t going nowhere,” he said.

“I said we need a link, I didn’t say anything about going anywhere.  I know you aren’t that stupid.  Call that deputy or I will, and tell him to make the call for the Federal prosecutor,” I said.  “By the way would you search my clothes so I can get dressed.

He went through the pockets and removed the driveway dagger before he returned my clothes.  He had helped me without knowing it.  He kept me facing him while he talked to me.  He didn’t see the lump under my panties in the rear.  That lump was an EMT adhesive tape used to hold the .22 mag derringer in place.  It was my last resort weapon.  Even farther down the list then the driveway dagger.

He placed a call from his cell phone to the deputy’s cell.  “Officer Sheriff Porter wants to talk to you.”  Then he handed me the phone.

“Deputy I want you to call the Federal Prosecutor in Abbottsville and ask them to send a representative here, one who has the power to make a deal with Mr. Kilborn.  We do not need the SBI, but everything else remains the same.”

Kilborn took the phone back.  “What was all that about?  You should ask them all to leave,” he said.

“Right, that is just going to have them consider that I am in trouble and rush you.  Your best move is to sit tight till the prosecutor gets here.”

“Yeah you are right.  You are being too cooperative, what do you have up your sleeve?” Kilborn asked.

“Tommy you saw everything I have up my sleeves remember?” I asked.

He smiled, “Yeah you were right it wasn’t much.”

At least he was beginning to relax, I thought.  He went to the corner to peek out into the parking lot.  While his attention was diverted I began to remove the derringer.  It wasn’t painful, since they used the new medical tape that didn’t stick as well as the old adhesive tape had.  The waistband of my panties helped to hold the derringer in place.  I had it almost removed when Kilborn turned back.

“So how shall we spend the time?” I asked to divert his attention.

“Forget it, I have heard about you.  They say, if you are pissed, you will bite a man’s dick completely off.  I don’t need that kind of action.  We will just sit quietly, while we wait for the Feds to drive here.”

Yeah, Liam will be here about five minutes before the Feds.  Then we will see what kind of deal you can make with the devil.

Edited by Walt

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5 Responses to Sheriff Porter 24 (edited)

  1. Walt says:

    Just out of curiousity, who is the reader from Southwest Brevard County? I lived in Eau Gallie for 30 years. Contact me off list at

    Corrections made to gender mixups. All characters in Cast up to date.

  2. Keith says:

    Its to late now but for future info, Any radios they have should meet P-25, APCO-25 standards for digital radio communications for use by federal, state/province and local public safety agencies. They should have a feature that lets the officer press a special button (both portables and vehicle radio’s have it) The button locks open the mic on a special channel so the situation can be monitored without the perp being aware. Some systems can even be remotely activated by the dispatcher or in case of a lost or stolen radio it can be remotely disabled. So in this case Sylvia could have brought a portable with her explaining it was just in case they couldn’t connect with a cell phone. Of course Liam will have access to a device that turns a window glass into a Mic and lets them monitor the audio remotely with a laser beam trained on the glass or if they are really lucky there is a computer in the room with a web cam they can remote access it and watch Sylvia when she gets shot disarming him before he spills the beans about Miami.

  3. cindypress says:

    we shall thus was it written and thus shall be now and for always…

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