Sheriff Porter 26 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 26

So I talked to the bitch from ABC News affiliate in Capitol City.  I gave her the official story with a few extra statements, like how I felt while it was happening thrown in.

Then she asked, “Can you get me an interview with the two men who came from Swamp Dog?”

“Not in a million years.  You feel free to call them, I expect you can find the phone number,” I replied.

I got back to the office at 5 PM.  According to my arrangement with the Patrol Commander, I rode with one of his officers on the swing shift twice a week, and took call on any serious crimes the other swing shifts.  He took calls on all the after midnight serious shit.  He put in for overtime for all the times he was called out, but not for phone calls.  Again the budget office loved me.

Melissa Osborn was gone for the day, when I rode through the downtown.  Someone had been cleaning out a building near the Pub and the Cafe On the Square all week.  The day before they had carried kitchen equipment into the building.  Oh shit, I thought more competition for the Cafe on the Square and The Pub.  They didn’t need more competition.  The Brit had not known what was going into the building and of course I never thought to ask the planning and zoning office.

Then when I saw the kitchen equipment, I turned around and drove back to the courthouse.  I went to the planning office.  “So hello there,” I said to the almost old matronly woman behind the counter.

“Hello Sheriff, what can I do for you,” she asked.

“Frankly I’m wondering what the new business on the square is going to be?” I asked.  “Surely, we don’t need another restaurant there.”

“No we don’t and it isn’t a restaurant.  It’s a bakery specializing in Donuts,” she said.  I laughed hard.  “What is so funny?”

“You don’t see the humor in a donut shop three doors down from a cop shop?” I asked.

“It most likely will fail in a month or two at the most.  A very nice oriental couple owns it, but they speak limited English.  Even that is heavily accented.

“Well I’ll try to help them out,” I said.  Why not, I thought.  It wasn’t like they would be taking money from the Cafe on the Square or The Pub.  I still ate lunch at the Cafe on the Square at least once a week.  Usually on Friday, they had meatloaf as the special on Fridays.

Well it was good to know that someone else was opening up a shop on the square.  Hell, compared to other small mountain towns County Seat was thriving.  Rita even had an office two blocks off the square, in what had once been a small locksmith’s office.

I finished my musings and returned to the truck to meet up with the swing shift night Deputy.  The dispatcher told him to meet me at the plaza.  He pulled into the plaza and knew I would be in the parking lot of the Hardee’s with two cups of coffee.

“Best damn coffee in town,” I said as I sat down beside him in the passenger side of the cruiser.

“No my wife makes the best.  So how goes it Sheriff?” he asked.

“Same shit different day,” I said.

“Ain’t that God’s own truth.  Not much ever happens on patrol, except for the excitement out at the school last week,” he said.

“Yeah that was a trip alright,” I agreed.

“Sheriff were you scared in that classroom alone with the gunman,” the deputy asked.

“I really was at first, but when he made me strip and took the transmitter away, I knew it was going to be okay.  At least for me it would be,” I said.  “I don’t know why I felt that way, but I did.”

“Who were those two men?” he asked.  At the time we were driving though a little community off the main roads called Cromwell.  I had no idea why it was called that.

“They were two friends who live around here.  They are special deputies.  They are like our own swat team without all the fuss.  They can get here in a half hour not half a day.  If you get to a problem early, you can be proactive not reactive.  The dynamics of a situation set themselves in motion early.  The sooner you can resolve it the better.  Everything is fluid at first.  You just have to learn to work within that dynamic.” I said.

“So they will be around now and then?” he asked.

“You might see them again yes.  Just to change the subject stop that car up there with no license plate on it.  He most likely won’t be doing anything wrong.  Only an idiot would be hauling illegal shit in a car with no tag,” I said.

Sure enough he just bought the truck and had the plate on the seat beside him.  He didn’t have any nuts and bolts for the tag.  “Where did you get the truck?” I asked.

“Down at the auction.  I kinda stopped by my girlfriend’s place before I went home with it.  I’m sorry about the plates Sheriff,” he said.  His paper work was in order so we wished him a good night and got back in the car.

That was typical of a night on patrol in Warren County.  I drove my candy cane truck to Hardee’s for coffee while I checked out the webcams.  Everything looked clean except for the station wagon with an ABC news logo sitting on the side of the road across from my drive.

“Damn,” I said under my breath.  I either had to go home or call the deputy back and ride in the patrol car all night.  “Screw it,” I said aloud as I drove to the house.  I expected the news camera in my face but was surprised to fine Wendy Roberts without her cameraman or her microphone.

“What can I do for you?” I asked.

“Remember me?  I’m Wendy,” she said.

“You are pretty hard to forget Wendy.  You and your cameraman seemed to chase me all over town today,” I replied.

“Do you always work from early in the morning, till late in the evening,” she asked.

“Is this for the TV Newswoman or the Blond chic standing in my driveway at 9 PM?” I asked.

“It’s for the attractive chic with the expensive dye job,” she said.

“I work a couple of night a week late like this to ride with a deputy.  I also get called in on anything major that happens up till midnight.  After midnight the patrol supervisor takes over the calls,” I said.

“Don’t you ever get tired of all this bullshit?” she asked.

“I’ve only been Sheriff a year and I set up all this bullshit, so no I don’t get tired of it,” I said.  “I get bored with it from time to time, but not tired.”

“Sheriff I’m getting a little chilly in this driveway, how about you invite me in for coffee,” she asked.

“Shouldn’t you be headed back to Capitol City?” I asked.

I called in.  I’m taking a personal day tomorrow.  I was hoping at least some of the rumors about you are true,” she said.

“Follow me up the drive.  Do not get off the drive it really is lined with spikes,” I said.  “You will ruin your tires.”

“Okay, I’ll follow carefully, but only till we get to the house.  I’m not a good follower.  It’s why I became a reporter.”

“Well, I’m not sure we are going to get along,” I said.

“Oh I think we will do fine.  One of us just has to remember her place in this relationship,” she said.

“Who said we have a relationship?” I asked.

“Sheriff you have the look of a woman who needs to get laid.  I know the look.  I see it in the mirror quite often.  There are very few women with the strength to make a relationship worthwhile,” She said.

“Wendy, we need some ground rules.  If you ever search my house, car, or storage building, I will arrest you.  If you eavesdrop on a conversation, I will never see you again in a non business capacity,” I said.

“You mean this isn’t inappropriate enough for you,” she said.  “Silvia, if it weren’t dangerous, it wouldn’t be any fun.”

“What we say in my house does not get reported, no matter how much you think it is worth to your career,” I said.

“Then try not to say anything that would make a good story, because I can not promise that,” Wendy said as she began removing her blouse.  She removed the black silk blouse and the black half cup bra then added, “I will leave if you really mean that.”

“Alright I won’t say anything,” I said as I closed the space between us.  I kissed her and realized that it was not the first time for her either.  Her hands went to cover my butt.  In the sloppy fatigues she could almost insert a finger into my ass.  She got it close enough to make me gasp.

“You like that don’t you Sheriff,” she said.

“If you are going to call me Sheriff while you stick things in my ass, should I handcuff you to the bed?” I asked.

“My God that sounds exciting but another time,” she said.  “I showed you mine now show me yours.”

“You certainly are demanding,” I said but I removed the over fatigue shirt.  With it gone my shoulder holster was revealed.  Those along with the green tee shirt were not even close to her black half cup bra and the black silk blouse.  I didn’t wear nearly as much makeup either.  I was pretty washed out, if the truth be known.

I had a feeling she was with me to gain information.  Well they always said the truth shall set you free, if you can find it.  Maybe they should add that you have to be able to recognize it when you do find it.  Screw it, I was through looking for the truth for one night at least.

I had her beautiful breasts in my hands, when she took one of my nipples in her mouth.  I gasped of course.  She continued to suck on it while she rubbed my clit exactly as I would have done while looking at the computer screen.

I was on top of Wendy and kissing my way toward her smooth pubic mound.  She seemed unable to continue making love to me, so I just ignored my own need to concentrate on her.  When I got to her mound and moved to her clit I noticed the smell of spring flowers.  Obviously Wendy used some kind of vaginal deodorant.  It was a first for me even though I had heard of it of course.  It was a minor distraction as I lowered my lips onto her clitoris.  I licked it with the tip of my tongue and felt her hips stir.  I licked her fast and slipped my finger into her vagina.  I found it extremely loose.  She either dilated or she was stretched badly.  Neither one would effect me.  Her hips rocked wildly as I kiss licked and even bit her vulva.  Before she orgasmed she mumbled something.  I had to really concentrate to understand her mumbling, “Yes that’s right fuck me you slut.”

I felt her soak my face with her lubricant as she sprayed it wildly on me.  It was one of the few times I ever felt a woman spray her body fluids.  She was preparing herself for a giant penis, I told myself.  I laughed at the thought.  When she orgasmed a second time I moved away and lay beside her waiting to see what she would do.

Edited by Walt

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4 Responses to Sheriff Porter 26 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    Damn hot action with the most unlikely suspect. You just never know. Will she be a friend or an ally now that is the question. Maybe it will be Slyvia that gets the inside scoop for a change.

  2. bobabcd says:

    Excellent post. Really enjoyed this. Keeps me looking forward to the next.

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