Sheriff Porter 27 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 27

I half expected her to jump up and put her clothes, leaving me to fend for myself.  It sure as hell wouldn’t have been the first time.  To my surprised she started to tease my nipples then she rolled toward me and began to suck on them.  I immediately began to move my body to some unknown music only I heard.

Wendy began to move down my body planting wet kissed every few inches.  She kissed my fine pubic hair.  It was the same as the thin hair I had on my head.  She looked up when she reached it and smiled.  I had no idea what she was thinking and I really didn’t care.  I silently screamed for her to continue her journey down my body.  I felt her spread the protective cover that enclosed my clitoris.  Then she had me at her mercy as she moved it up and down, then left and right with her tongue.

She wet my vulva with the flat of her tongue.  I was on fire when she went back to my clit and I was ready to cum.  I was rocking to her every move.  When she inserted her thumb into my anus I began to orgasm immediately.  I continued the uncontrollable spasms as she fucked my ass with her thumb.  I was a complete wreck by the time I stopped shivering like a person dying.

“Wendy please no more,” I begged.

“Oh my is the big bad ass sheriff begging the nasty reporter to leave her alone?  Has she never heard of the first amendment?” Wendy said.

I could barely speak but I said, “I am pretty sure fucking is not covered by the first amendment.  Except to be able to call it what it is on TV these days,” I said with a weak smile.  I allowed her to hold me from behind.  If she had been a man I would have felt her cock between the cleft of my ass.  That was a strange thought to have at that moment.

She was holding one of my breast in each of her hand when she whispered in my ear, “Tell me about Liam Logan?”

“Fuck you,” I said sleepily.  Then I just drifted off.  When I awoke the next morning Wendy wasn’t in the bed.  Since she didn’t know how to open the gate, I knew she had to be somewhere on the property.  I found her on the deck with one of my extra blankets wrapped around her and a cup of coffee in her hand.

“I can’t be sure, but it doesn’t look like you rifled the house for clues,” I said.

“I didn’t, but I suppose I should have, since it came into your mind anyway,” She said.

“Honey, I might love you, but I would have to be in love with you to trust you that much,” I said.

‘True, your house is surprisingly free of incriminating evidence,” she said.

“I know.  I check it every few days, and throw out the body parts,” I said.

“I wouldn’t put it past you and those friends of yours from Swamp Dog,” Wendy said.

“Wendy I have no idea what you are talking about,” I said.

“You said that with a straight face.  Damn you are good.  You should run for president,” Wendy said with a laugh.  She waited a minute looking at the mountain made famous by The Mayberry TV Show.  “You know it’s beautiful here but fucking makes me hungry.  What do you do for breakfast.”

“Well you know it’s Saturday.  I can take you to the Cafe on the Square or a fast food poison breakfast.  Either one is filled with animal fat.  But you are less likely to get horse meat at the Cafe on the Square,” I said.

“Then Cafe on the Square it is.  I can’t imagine eating horse,” she said.

“Oh, do you ride?” I asked.

“I did when I was younger.  English walkers five gated actually,” she said.  “Do you?”

“No never did and I have no idea what you just said.  I find that most people who have the disgusted look when I mention horse were riders once,” I said.

“Yes.  When I think of Rosie on a hamburger bun, I just want to cry,” she said.

“Well go ahead and cry hon.  I personally had so much mystery meat in school and when I was in the military, I have no problem with eating Trigger as long as I don’t know.  But for you, it’s Cafe on the Square,” I said.

The owners looked at me strange.  Wendy was probably the only woman I ever carried into the place.  But also the brother and sister might have recognized the reporter from the most liberal TV station in the state.

I waited for someone to say something but nobody did.  We had our bacon and eggs with hash brown potatoes and toast without a word from anyone.  Wendy was a closet lesbian.  Hell I think there was a story around that she had an ex-husband.  She might well have had one somewhere.  Ex-husbands make good cover if being gay or bi is a problem for you.  I mean like, if you are a reporter, or a sheriff.

I don’t suppose she was too worried about blowing her cover at 8 AM on a Saturday morning in County Seat.  There were maybe a dozen customers and none of them even looked our way.  Being the sheriff had that effect on people.  After breakfast Wendy left me.  I still wanted more of her.

I went to the gym to work it off.  I did not call Melissa Osborn to meet me there.  I thought I was still in a vulnerable place, and I knew Melissa had a crush on me.  I was Sheriff but that didn’t necessarily make me stupid.

I worked the bag while Reggie drank his tea with just hint of bourbon in it.  “You hitting that bag like a sissy to day Sheriff,” he commented.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a girl,” I said and laughed.

“Well you are not a man, and you are not a sissy.  You have all the equipment that makes a girl I guess.  You don’t act like any girl I ever knew though,” Reggie said.

“Reggie, I’m just an ordinary girl times ten,” I said and laughed again.

“What does that mean?” he asked.

“Every thing a regular girl feels I feel, just ten time stronger.  Makes my life difficult, but it is seldom boring,” I said.

“Well I think I can agree with all that,” he said.

I left the gym to go to the softball field.  It was Saturday morning, so there might be kids out playing ball, I thought on the way over.  I didn’t expect Osborn to be waiting for me on the bleachers.

“How did you know I’d be here,” I asked.

“Reggie told me.  I called to ask if he had seen you,” Osborn said.

“Why would you do that?” I asked.

“Wendy Roberts asked me where you lived.  You always said if anybody wanted you to tell them then tell you.  I tried to call but you had your phone turned off.  You still haven’t turned it on,” she said.

“Forgot to charge it, the battery died on me,” I replied.

“No it didn’t Wendy came to see you, and she stayed.  Didn’t she?” Osborn asked.

I didn’t like Osborn’s tone.  I recognized it for what it was.  She was hurt and resentful.  “Osborn, did you drive by my house to check up on me,” I asked it before I realized she couldn’t have seen Wendy’s car in my drive from the road.

“No of course not, I was home all night,” she said.

“You couldn’t have seen her car from the road.  Osborn you have hacked into my surveillance cameras, haven’t you?” I asked.  The very thought of her hacking my computer files freaked me out.  I used the burner computer I had for all my incriminating files but the other files were all on the computer with the surveillance tapes.  She had access to my personal non-incriminating files.  That is if she hacked me.

She kept her eyes on the ground.  “I just look at your web cam footage.  I like to keep an eye on you to make sure you are safe.  You do so many dangerous things someone needs to keep an eye on you.”

I didn’t trust myself to speak.  “I’m going to change those addresses this evening.  I know you didn’t mean any harm, but frankly it creeps me out.  Have you hacked my computer or just the Internet website?”

“Honest Sheriff the web cam is all I have an address for.  You are mad at me aren’t you?  It was stupid, but I just wanted to know you were safe.”

“How long have you been watching me?” I asked.

“Just the last two or three months.  I promise,” she said.

“You know I can never trust you again,” I said.  “You are just lucky it wasn’t anything about the office you hacked into.  When you get home, delete any files you made from the camera footage.  Now get in your car and go home.  I do not want you to work out with me any more.”

With that I took off running.  While I ran I played it back over my mind.  It was more like a teenage crush than stalking, well if she was telling the truth about the web cam being the only things she tapped into.  I had finally learned how to pull the cam up on my phone now so it looked as though I would have to start over.

I never saved files from the chat rooms so she couldn’t know what I was doing there, but if she could get my browser history, which was saved on the computer and maybe on the net as well, she would know which chat rooms I visited.  They were anonymous weren’t they? I asked myself.

Osborn was a good deputy and would make a good detective, but could I trust her?  Well I could with the work, but could I trust her on a personal basis.  She hadn’t cooked a rabbit or anything weird like that, so maybe she was harmless.  What she did was freaky, but she wasn’t creepy.  I guess in some really deep recesses of my mind I was flattered.  I mean I knew she had a crush on me, but this went farther than a school girl crush, or did it.  I had no idea what kids did these days, with all the technology available to them.

There wasn’t much I could do about what she had already done.  I could clean up my computer, change my passwords, and move my web cam feeds to a new location.  It would be a pain and probably cost me a big, but it would be worth the trouble if it kept her out of my private life.

When I got home, I went to work changing things, even though it was only a little past noon.  I called the dispatcher to make sure they hadn’t needed me.  Then I logged on the computer.  I changed all my passwords.  I am so fuddled I had to write them down for a few days then I would dump the note I made to myself.

Since I lost my disability pension when I took the job of Sheriff, I was living on my Sheriff’s salary.  Well I was more or less living on it.  Everything I owned was paid for so I had very little expenses.  Since I had the money, it was no problem to afford a new security cam service.  I kept the motion detector in the living room and the one in the bedroom.  It just made a note if there was movement when I was out, if I remember to arm it.  When I watched the cam, I also read the report on the motion detector.  So I felt pretty sure that my security had not been physically breached.

Edited by Walt

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4 Responses to Sheriff Porter 27 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    The Oz has a crush on Sylvia. Hope they work it out They both need work out partners. Wendy is another mater and a surprise, hmm wonder if it will be ongoning for a while. Only time will tell. Thanks

  2. Bob says:

    You made Wendy sound really beautiful in the last two postings after making her sound like a real bitch in the preceding one. You use words that allow me to visualize exactly what is happening. Hitting the bag. In the ring. All of it. Way cool!

    • cindypress says:

      That is easy when you are not an author but a storyteller. I don’t have to impress anyone because they all know I’m no author. I just tell it like I was sitting at the kitchen table telling it to my dad who also loves my stories.

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