Sheriff Porter 30 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 30

I made a quick stop on the way at Wal-Mart.  I introduced myself to Old Roy.  I bought a 12 pack of Lamb and Rice in the cans.  I also bought a 20 lb Bag of Kibble.  I barely remembered that my dad fed his dogs a combination of both.  I also got a plastic coated cable and tie down stake.

Then I made a quick dash to the vet.  When I got there they were obviously anxiously awaiting 6 PM so they could leave.

“So, do you have the dog ready?” I asked.

“Yes, he is as ready as he can be.  Are we doing the paperwork now, or are you in too big a hurry?” the receptionist asked.

“Listen I’m here and I came for the dog.  If you need information I’m quite willing to share.  You might want to know that dog was the last breathing thing to see Tommy Novak alive.  His mother didn’t want him and asked me to take him to the shelter.  I sent him here instead.  I told the Dogman to tell you I would stand for the treatment.  I advised you of the same thing that morning while we were still ass deep working the case of the missing eight year old boy.  Now if that bothers you, then trust me I will pay you and you wont see me or the dog again.  Just tell me what I need to know, and how much I owe you,” I said.

“I’m sorry we had no idea, so this is the Novak’s dog?” the receptionist asked.

“Yes, have you treated him before?” I asked.

“We neutered him from the shelter.  We found the chip when we examined him.  It was never activated, but it was one we inserted,” she said.

“Then do you know his birthday,” I asked.  Why I asked that I have no idea.

“Not exactly two years ago in May or June, I believe,” she said.

“I believe his fur was covered in blood was it his?” I asked.

“No,” she said.  “If Tommy had any blood on his clothes the dog might have gotten it from him.  Anyway we washed him for you.  He was covered with fleas so we did a flea bath and gave him a spot treatment of Frontline.  It’s a flea control treatment that is good for 3 months.  If you like we can sell you some,” she said.

“I think I will get it on line, but thanks,” I said.  “How about heart worms?”

“We tested him and he doesn’t have any heart worms.  There is a preventative treatment.  We added a years supply to your order.  If you want to buy them on line I can remove them.”

“No that’s fine.  How much does he weigh?” I asked.

“He weighs forty eight pounds.  He really should weigh about fifty five pounds.  He appears to be slightly malnourished,” she said.

“Well, I’ll see about that straight away,” I said.

“Well he has had all his shots now, so he is good to go.  I do need to know his name for the file,” the receptionist said.

I remembered an old western movie I saw on TV as a child.  A woman asked the hero what his dog’s name was and he said “Dog.”

The woman in the movie said, “Yes, what’s the Dog’s name?”

The hero said, “That is his name.”

What the hell I thought.  “His name is Dog,” I replied.  When he came out Dog looked and smelled a lot better.  He didn’t look glad to see me.  He just looked sad.  I had a pretty good idea that Tommy was the only one in his life who loved him.  Now he was gone.  I had sympathy for Dog.

“That is going to be $208.50,” the receptionist said.

“Fine,” I said counting out the gray money.  I was getting very close to the end of it.  “Do you have a rope or something?”

“Yes ma’am the Dogman left an old rope with him.  We kept it in case you wanted it,” she said.

“Yes I want it,” I said.  I tied it to Dog’s collar to use as a leash.  I never saw a dog look depressed, but Dog did.  He followed me to the truck.  I opened the door and he knew enough to get inside.  There was no joy in his demeanor.  He just looked sad.

“It’s probably the drugs they shot you full of so they could give you the bath,” I said aloud to him.  “So Dog, what do you think of the truck?”  He didn’t answer or show that he even heard me.

“I know you feel like shit Dog, but believe me I didn’t have anything to do with what happened to your boy.”  I was careful not to mention Tommy’s name.  The drive to my place only took a few minutes.  Everything was close to everything else in County Seat.

When we got home Dog lay on the floor of the living area while I prepare our dinner.  I fixed a mystery meat, mac and cheese for me and a half can of lamb and rice canned dog food for Dog.  I tossed in a handful of Kibble, just in case he was really hungry.

I fixed Dog up with one of my two giant plastic cereal bowls.  It would hold a full meal for him and a hell of a salad or bowl of brand flakes for me, depending on the time of day.  After supper I took dog for a walk in the woods between the storage building and the creek which was my property line.

Dog walked behind me all the way.  He stopped to pee and to have a large bowel movement before we headed home.  When we got back to the box house, I attached one end of the cable to the deck then measure the distance from the deck to the end of the cable.  I twisted the tie down stake into the ground and attached the cable.  I left the cable stretched from the deck into the yard.  I then went inside to try to win Dog over.

Dog had sat at the sliding door and watched me work on the tie down stake.  He had no idea what its purpose was but I knew.  I joined him inside where I talked to him as I played cop on the computer for a while.  I answered several emails including one from Liam.  I even researched the finger print technology.

Before I went to bed I hooked Dog to the cable and walked outside with him.  I waited while he explored the yard.  He found a bush almost at the end of his cable, which he took a liking too.  He finally sprayed it with urine.  I expected the bush to eventually die.  It was okay, I liked Dog more than the bush.

When he finished I called him into the house.  As a reward I found one last piece of week old pizza.  It smelled okay, so I gave it to Dog.  He wolfed it down like he might know what it was.  Either that or he liked the smell of pepperoni.  I didn’t close the bedroom door.  I let Dog find his own place to sleep.  I was not upset when he decided to sleep in my bed.  My only concern was he took up way too much of the bed.  I didn’t have the heart to complain too loud.

I slept remarkably well to have been confined to a small portion of my own bed.  I was awake before Dog.  “Hey you, we don’t lay about here.  We get our asses out of bed and go potty.  So come on now get with it.”  It was almost as if he understood.  I put him on the runner and he went out into the yard.  It was a pee run as I expected.  Usually a dog had to eat to need to move his bowels.

I fed him and put him back on the line, nothing happened.  I waited a while then without bringing him in, I went outside and took the cover off my new pedal trike.  I planned to do some time on it before work out.  Dog seemed to want to go, so I thought what the heck.  I tied the Dogman’s rope to his collar and off I went.  Dog immediately took to the trike.  I couldn’t go fast enough for him.  He was trying to be a sled dog so I let him run along pulling me.  As long it was too fast to pedal I let him go.  When he decided to stop and smell the roses, I let him do that as well.

Dog and I stayed on the side of the road and he didn’t have any inclination to chase cars.  I turned for the plaza after a short run up and down the road.  When dog got tired I pedaled and he rested since I couldn’t pedal the trike very fast.  I left dog tied to the trike and I went inside and ordered a coffee and two biscuits.

We sat at one of the outside tables to eat.  I had to break his biscuit to prevent him for gulping.  I was sure that when he finished his, he would be begging for mine.  After all it was a Hardee’s biscuit we were talking about.  I sat on the concrete picnic table drinking coffee while Dog lay at my feet.  He still looked depressed, but he no longer looked as though it pained him to move.

“Well dog we have to go take a shower.  Then I have to decide what to do with you while I go to work,” I said.  He didn’t understand and I figured that was a good thing.

Dog enjoyed running along beside me as we coasted downhill almost all the way home.  When we went inside, he went to his water bowl and emptied it without a break.  I refilled it and he had a bit more then turned to me.  He whined one time.  I put him on the line, while I took a shower.  When I was dressed for work I considered leaving him in the house.  Then I considered leaving him on the tether.  It would be impossible for Dog to hurt himself, but I still didn’t want to do that.  What I finally did was take dog to work with me.  He sat up in the passenger seat just like it was his truck not mine.  I was just his chauffeur.  I didn’t mind.  It had only been 24 hours, but dog was slowly coming around.

“I walked Dog into the office on the rope from the Dogman.  Dog decided he liked the little hidie hole where I should be sitting.  “Hey you can stay there, but we have to share,” I said.  He decided the desk wasn’t big enough for both of us, so he moved to lie beside me.

“Dog I can tell we are going to have to get you a bed,” I said.  He was fine until I got a call to meet Simpson on a break in.  Ordinarily it wouldn’t be anything to interest me, but this one was a gun store that had just opened.

When we arrived I said to Dog, “It’s too hot to leave you in the car, so I’m going to leave you in the shade over there.  I’ll check back on you in just a minute.”

“Not much to this one Sheriff, they broke the back door, but didn’t realize there were no guns left out over night.  The have a safe room for the guns.  Nothing much is missing except a case or two of various ammunition.”

“Come on outside and talk to me,” I said.  “I have to check on Dog.”

“What?” Simpson said following me outside.  “That’s the Novak dog isn’t it?”

“Yes I had him checked at the vet and he is hanging out with me for a while.  I’ll find him a good home,” I said.  Hell even Simpson knew I was kidding myself.

Edited by Walt

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2 Responses to Sheriff Porter 30 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    Man’s best friend and a woman’s to. Thanks Wonder if the blood on the dog was Tommy’s or did the dog fight with some one if they tried to throw Tommy off the cliff or as Tommy was runnung away. If Tommy had scouted out the area in his play time he would have known the cliff was there.

    • cindypress says:

      Some cases just never become criminal but you just know something is wrong. this probably is going to be one of them.

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