Sheriff Porter 35 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 35

It was two agonizingly slow weeks before the call came.

“Sheriff Porter I believe the farm belonging to Joseph Black is going to be used for an illegal gathering of terrorists tomorrow?” the heavily distorted voice advised me.

“Who is this?” I asked even though I knew.

“If you have your deputies there at 12 Noon you might be able to stop them,” the voice went on.

“How many are there,” I asked.

“Probably two dozen,” the voice said.  “You just need to be there.”

Be there or be square, I thought.  So geek, of course I have no idea who, had just told me they had cracked his digital code.  He was planning a dog fight the next day.  It was just in time for me to ask our special deputies for help.  Which would explain how they just happened to be there.  It would also give Colonel Martin some cover should something go wrong and the swamp dog guys had to put someone down.  All in all it was an eloquent plan.  It was very well thought out, but then again this wasn’t Colonel Martin’s first rodeo.

I made the phone call they were expecting, the one where I officially ask Liam for help.  He agreed, “I’m totally at your disposal.”

Of course his plans were already made.  With nothing to do that Friday night, but stay home and worry.  I did just that.  I wondered if I had a good enough plan.  I wondered if someone else could have done better.  Me and the dog sat home on another Friday night.

I had seen Dog gain weight and go for runs with me, but he never seemed to be content.  I knew he missed Tommy.  I felt really bad for him, but I didn’t know what to do.  He just looked so unhappy even when he chewed his chew toy there was no happiness.  He would bring me his tug and when I tugged he just gave up and walked away.  He looked fine but I just knew he wasn’t happy.  I just didn’t know what to do about it.

I joined an adult chatroom, then masturbated.  It was an hour or more before I was ready for bed.  I slept all night but the raid was on my mind.  I told myself that Dog was on my mind even more, because of the things I might see the next day.

I also had not come to grips with Osborn.  I should fire her ass, but she really hadn’t done anything but stalk me.  I mean it wasn’t like I was some high school girl in need of protection.  Hell as far as I could tell, Osborn was more than likely straight.  She probably just had a little girl crush on me.  I did have to admit she had lost a lot of weight and really did look good.  I would bet my pension the guys were finding her attractive.  She was either dating, or turning down dates since our little dust up.  I should tell her all was forgiven.  She should just go and sin no more.

Something about her was rattling around in my brain when my clock went off at 5 AM.  I took the trike and Dog out for a couple of hours work.  Dog seemed happier when we went up and down the roads than any other time.  He also loved Hardee’s.  He sat up on the bench of their concrete patio set and ate from the table just like a person.  Okay it was like a person with terrible table manners.

We went home I skipped the shower and dressed for the second part of my workout routine.  Dog lay on the floor of the bedroom while I took off my riding clothes and put on my shorts and sweatshirt with the cut off sleeves.  He was always in the same room with me and always looked miserable to me.  He came alive only when we ran in the mornings, or he met someone he liked, even then it was only for a minute, before he went back to his sullen ways.

It was a Saturday, so I didn’t really need to be anywhere until I called my crew together.  I went to Reggie’s to work the bag, just to kill time.  That is where I bumped into Melissa Osborn.  She was ending her bag work and I was there to start mine.

“Have you run this morning?” I asked.

“I’m just heading to the Rec Center to run.  I’m going to try to get the run in early before the kids show up for a soccer or softball game,” she said.

“When you finish, go home take a shower put on a uniform and meet me at the courthouse.  Be there by 10 AM.  Oh and Melissa forget about that misunderstanding with the computer thing.  I’m over it,” I said coolly.

“I’m glad, I was a little concerned.  I know it was wrong.  I really just felt you needed someone to watch your back.  Honest that is all there was too it,” she said.  I didn’t believe her, but it also didn’t matter at all.

“Since I had begun storing a spare uniform in the locker at the station, I just went down there and showered.  I had the little sign that a deputy made for me.  It said “Female in the house stay out”.  The other females and I turned it backwards when we weren’t doing anything that we needed to do in peace.

That morning it was take a long shower.  Longer than I did at home, the courthouse had a heck of a lot more water.  They heated with steam, so the boiler was full of hot water all the time.  Dog lay just outside the shower stall, while I was inside it.  He looked a lot more alert when we were in places other than home.

Well he looked bored at the pub, once he had dinner that is.  He stayed very quiet and sad looking Mrs. West commented once.  She never changed her opinion either.  Jeremy pretty much felt the same way.  Nobody thought Dog was happy or as happy as dogs can be.

At 10 AM I dropped Dog at Jeremy’s Gallery.  Jeremy had an accounting sheet for me.  The items of mine were pretty much gone.  Now and then he sold a piece of jewelry I had from an estate sale, or even one of mine got sold.  That morning was accounting day.

“I will be back for my dog this afternoon.  I do appreciate the dog sitting,” I said.

“Has this got something to do with Allen leaving at the crack of dawn?” Jeremy said.

“Jeremy it does, and if you even hint at it with anyone you could put us in danger,” I said.

“Sylvia, try to take care of him,” Jeremy said.

“Honey, If I could, I would trade my life for his anytime,” I said.

“I know you would,” he said.

“Good, we should be back around five,” I said.  “If we are going to be longer I will have Allen call, Okay?”

“Yes, and thanks Sylvia,” he said.

When I got back to the office, I went into the Dispatchers office in the courthouse.  “I want you to contact all the off duty personnel.  Get me at least five more, I have Osborn already but I need five more,” I informed her.

There were five deputies and me by 10:30 AM in the assembly office.  It was a small office used by everyone.  Eddie Simpson, two patrol deputies, one patrol supervisor plus Osborn and I were ready to go, once I told them where.  I informed them where we were going and why.  The excitement seemed thick enough to cut.

“Now we are going to hit that farm all at once.  I’m going to get a highway patrol unit to stand by in case someone gets by us.  There better not be anyone getting by us.”  I posted a picture of a man in black combat armor.  If you see someone like this, he is on our side do not shoot him.”

“We are going there just to take a look.  We have an anonymous tip that these are terrorist.  I don’t believe it, but we are going to go take a look.  Now we leave here in one hour and drive directly there.  We enter the property at noon.  Our special deputies are there now keeping an eye on things.  If we hear from them, we will pay attention.  Otherwise we will hit them at noon.  We are going to look around, but be ready for anything.

We made twenty seven arrests that afternoon.  Twenty two for attending the dog fight, and five for organizing and staging the dog fight.  We rescued nine dogs.  Some were fighters and some were bait dogs.  Three of the organizers were taking to the high mountain clinic for treatment of injuries incurred while resisting arrest.

“How much cash did you find laying about?” I asked.

“Three grand more or less,” Liam said.

“So did your men get any good training during our little exercise,” I asked.

“Oh hell yeah, they got to lay in the rotting vegetation, they got to be cold and hungry, and best of all they got to take on a bunch of assholes who wanted to fight.  We didn’t kill anyone, I made you a promise,” he said.

“Well a bunch of the audience tried to run but it was difficult with a dozen spike strips at the entrance to the parking lot.  Those were courtesy of the highway patrol by the way,” I said.

“Nice touch did any of them hit the strips before they figured them out,” he asked.

“Let’s say the parking lot was a cluster fuck,” I said.

“We were a little busy with the promoter and the guys who owned the dogs.  What happened to the dogs?”

“For right now the Dogman has them.  He is supposed to be in to see me anytime now.  I have contacted the rehab facility in the desert of New Mexico.  They will take them for me.  In exchange we are going to make a $3,000 donation up front.  Then we are going to make it more as we can get if from these animals.”

“So are you satisfied with it,” Liam asked.

“I could only be more satisfied if we could have shot the prick and those watching as well.  Never did a mass grave seem more appealing,” I replied.

“You know you miss that shit,” he said.

“Is this your new recruiting poster, come over to the dark side, we have cookies?” I asked.

“One of the lads wanted me to ask if it would be alright to ask your Deputy Osborn out?” Liam explained.

“Ask her, not me for permission,” I said with a laugh.

“Now we come to something I find a little difficult to discuss with you,” Liam said.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s about Dog,” Liam said.  “I know you love him and he is well cared for, but he is not happy.  He ran loose at his former owner’s house.  He had the little boy to play with and he had a job.  His job was to take care of young Tommy.  He had a purpose.”

“What the fuck are you saying?” I asked.

“I’m saying you have a life that is all about crazy hours and dropping him with some friend at a moments notice.  Your dog is confused about where he belongs and what his job really is,” Liam replied.

“We do alright, he and I,” I said.

“No you don’t.  I care about you and I know you are going be heart broken when he runs away, but he is and in your heart you know it.  He needs more than you can give him honey.  Dog is a warrior like us, and you give him a chew bone.  You knew what he was.  He didn’t get the chance to prove his worth with Tommy, and now you have in a protective bubble.  It isn’t fair to him.”

“So what do you propose?” I asked.

“Let me take him to the camp.  We will give him a job.  We won’t take care of him as much as we will take care of each other.  He can run with us, he can guard the perimeter and we can teach him how to be an operational asset,” Liam stated.

“You are going to get him killed,” I said.

“Maybe, but he will die like the warrior he was meant to be.  Just like you and me,” Liam said.  “I know Dog.  So let’s load him into my truck and I’ll take him back with me.”

“Did the dog fight have anything to do with this?” I asked.

“You are damn right it did.  Those dog’s should have torn out the throats of their handlers,” he said.  Somehow that explained it.  Yes I cried, but I also loaded Dog in the SUV.  He knew Liam from my place, so he was comfortable going with him.

Edited by Walt

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4 Responses to Sheriff Porter 35 (edited)

  1. Mr. Twitchy says:

    Yep. If you love Dog, let him go.

  2. cindypress says:

    everybody is suppose to love Dog.

  3. jack says:

    Great group of chapters thanks.

  4. cindypress says:

    I was ahead enough to try to move the story along.

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