Sheriff Porter 44 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 44

I was up at six even though I got to bed after 1 AM the night before.  Osborn hardly responded when I suggested we run.  Since that was the case, I got the adult big wheel and rode it for an hour and a half.  It was after eight when I returned to the box house.

“I’m sorry, I just need more sleep than you, but I am ready to go to the Gym,” she said.

“So let’s do it,” I said getting a towel and water bottle from the cabinet above the Fridge.  I filled it with tap water before heading to the truck.

“You know you can afford to buy a bottle of water at the convenience store now,” she said with a laugh.

“Oz listen honey, don’t tell me how to live my life and I won’t stop you from buying all the water you want, Okay?” I asked.

“Okay, I know we have to adjust to each other,” she said.

“Yes and that wasn’t a complaint just a suggestion,” I said.

“One I will take to heart,” she admitted.

We beat hell out of the bag till almost 10 AM.  “Okay any of you guys who got nothing to do at noon come to the town square.  We have something cooking,” I said.  I laughed as I went out the door.

We managed a shower before we left for the mall.  I had seen Osborn naked before but naked after a workout in my house was a first.  Her naked body had really gotten almost perfect.  Yes she needed to lose ten of fifteen pounds but she really was nice.  I found myself getting aroused, but I forced myself take a deep breath and get over it.  If our partnership was going to work, I could not have an affair with her.

After my shower I found a pair of only slightly worn out jeans to wear.  I needed to buy some clothes since I wasn’t going to wear fatigues everyday.  I found one of the old Soviet Commando knock off tee shirts to wear, and a cotton parka to cover the .22 mag revolver.  The jeans were just tight enough that I needed the small leather holster to hide the outline of the derringer in my back pocket.

We arrived at ten till noon, so we just wandered around the park.  There were a few people sitting in cars waiting for something they weren’t quite sure what.  Then at exactly noon, Mike’s truck’s doors opened and his sons rushed out with the gas cooker.  They had it open and the dogs on in seconds.  The bun steamer was going when The Brit’s man showed up with a big bag of hot dogs.  At the same time The Brit and Jeremy came running across the square with hot dog buns.  The folding table was setup and the covers on it.

Bottles of mustard, ketchup, and relish appeared.  They sat beside the worlds thinnest sliced onions.  Everyone started to serve and people came from nowhere to eat hot dogs.  The mob came and socialized and then left.

We had a hundred dogs left when the square emptied out.  We packed everything up cleaned up the trash and were gone by 1 PM.  Somehow the whole thing ended up on Utube.  I didn’t care one way or the other, but Oz was ecstatic.

Saturday night she was on her personal computer for hours.  I was on mine as well, but I expect we were doing different things.  She was answering questions about the flash hot dog lunch, while I was trying to get off.  In a house without door it would be difficult but I closed the drapes completely.  It was our signal that I didn’t want to be bothered.

I managed to find something to stimulate my imagination.  It worked out fine but I felt that Oz and I were going to need our own spaces and damn soon.

Sunday started off with a run and a gym workout.  Then we both showered and got dressed.  I was getting antsy so when a naked Oz stepped out of the shower, I said.  “How about I get in the shower and when I come out we just load one of the cars and head to the coast?” I asked.

“You mean go without a plan of any kind.  That isn’t like you,” Oz said.

“Of course it is.  Most of my life has been filled with the unknown,” I replied.

“Maybe when you are on a case, but not when you are between cases,” she said.

“How do you know what I did between cases,” I asked.

“Anyone could see that you were a creature of habit,” she said with a laugh.

“Well then, I’m ready for a change,” I said.  “You pack the cell phones and the computers into that big black cloth bag in my closet.  I will toss a couple of pairs of clean panties in and then we will be gone.  We can even call The Brit from the road.”

“I’m going to call your bluff Porter,” she said with an impish grin.

When we went to the truck, my half duffel was very floppy since there was nothing really inside except three computers and a few burner cell phones.  The most important thing was my debit card.  Well I did toss in ten thousand in cash from my stash.

Even with all the hype, we had lunch in one of those super convenience stores.  Kind of like on old style truck stop without the large parking lot in the rear.  No parking lot, no hookers I supposed.

“Hey guy,” I said into the phone when The Brit answered.  We were back on the road and headed into the Piedmont’s largest town.  The traffic had picked up considerably.

“Hey where are you?” Jeremy asked.

“On the road headed to the coast.  Why is something wrong?” I asked.

“Not really it will wait.  Eddie Simpson wants to slap your hand for not getting a permit for the flash lunch.  Mostly he is pissed because he wasn’t invited,” Jeremy said.

“You reckon I should call and make nice?” I asked.

“I think it will wait, and while it does he will forget it,” Jeremy said with a laugh.

“Okay you got the number, if you need me.  The house and the property is locked up tight so just drive by now and then in case of fire, please,” I said.

“No problem Sylvia, we like to take a drive now and then,” he said.

“Good thanks,” I said and we ended the conversation.

We were somewhere near Capitol City when Oz said, “If we are really going to move to the coast, I want to live on the water.”

“You surely don’t mean like a house that backs up to the beach?” I asked.  “Need I remind you of Hurricane Sandy?”

“I still want to live on the beach given the choice,” she said.

“How about a boat we can move around,” I suggested.

“Can you sail,” she asked.

“No, but maybe I could learn,” I said.

“I don’t want to be like everyone else and live on a cramped boat,” she said.  “It doesn’t have to be huge just some kind of fun place.”

The idea kind of floated around in my mind a little, then I decided what the hell I could make it work.  I had done it before after all.  “How about a barge,” I asked.  “We can have it towed some where to live, then when we get tired we just hire a tug boat and have it moved.”

“Sylvia what a great idea.  We can have a really nice place built from a barge,” Oz said.

“Well I kind of had something else in mind,” I replied.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Storage containers on the barge,” I said.

“You are fucking nuts.  You have millions of dollars and you are going to build a beach house out of strange containers.  Ones on a barge no less and hire a tug boat every time you want to move it,” Osborn said.

“Okay, when you say it like that it does sound odd.  You can have your own 8 x 40 storage container,” I said.

“All I promise is, I will live there till I get tired of it.  I doubt you will ever move it.  You want to be near the Swamp Dog compound,” she said.

“Not true,” I replied.  “Okay we will go to the beach and buy the bates motel on the beach.”

“Nothing creepy please.  If that is the only choice I have, I vote beach barge.”

“Let’s just get down there first,” I said.  It was late when we got to Jefferson Island, but it was still open for business.  I checked us into an upscale motel with a beach view.  I am sure the beach view added a hundred bucks to the room price, if not more.  The room sure as hell wasn’t worth it.

The motel had a really nice restaurant and lounge attached.  The restaurant was open for one hour after the lounge closed.  It only served breakfast after 10 PM, which was fine with me.

“Lets go down and try that four star restaurant and see how many stars their eggs have,” I suggested.

“Sylvia, please don’t pick a fight over the eggs,” Oz said with a laugh.

“I promise no matter how bad they are I won’t send them back,” I said.

“Good, if you embarrass me here, I will never go anywhere nice with you again,” she said with a smile.

We left the big room with two beds to go to the restaurant about ten.  They had fancy folded napkins and candles.  There was no menu.  I suppose if you went through their door, you agreed to leave the title to your car.

“Hi there,” I said to the man in the tux shirt but no jacket.  It was, after all, the beach.

“Good evening ma’am would you like coffee?” he asked.

“I would indeed,” I said.

“What is your preference?” he asked.

Before she could stop me I said to him, “If I went into a truck stop on the side of I-40 to get a cup of coffee at 2 AM, that’s the kind of coffee I would like.”

“Ah Arabica,” he said.  “It’s a fancier version of the coffee truckers like.”

“Well, I’ll give it a try,” I said.

“And you young lady?” he asked.

“The same I think,” she said.

“Very well let me get this and I’ll be right back,” he said.

When the coffee came it was good.  It was also strong, just not as strong as I liked it but it was close.  He also placed what I presumed was a basket of toast on the table.

“Now how would you like your eggs,” he asked Oz.”  He had obviously decided he would rather talk to her.  I couldn’t blame him at all.

When he got to me I asked, “Can the chef do a good soft scrambled egg,” I asked.

“The chef can do anything ma’am,” he said.

“Good, then soft scrambled,” I demanded.

After he left I found the basket contained not just toast but three different kinds of rolls.  I buttered a corn muffin to eat with my coffee.  It was absolutely delicious.

When the food arrived it was every bit as good.  It also cost more than my first car had.  Yes it was a used car and needed to be rebuilt by my older boyfriend, but it was just a small amount more than the meal we had just finished.

The room had little chocolates on the pillow.  I moved mine and turned the pillow up as a backrest, then pulled the computer.  The amount of spam was amazing.  I had six pages of it.  I also had two pages on the regular mail but most of it was spam as well.  I had planned to do some research on barges, but I decided to go to bed after I sorted through the spam.

Edited by Walt

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4 Responses to Sheriff Porter 44 (edited)

  1. Randy says:

    I loved Osborn’s reaction… “You have millions of dollars and you are going to build a beach house out of strange containers.” Hysterical!!!

  2. jack says:

    Sylvia is in for the time of her life lol Learning to relax is going to be tough on her.

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