Sheriff Porter 45 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 45

That Monday morning we ran.  I found that the super motel/hotel was on almost the southernmost tip of the island.  When we ran north, it was almost three miles of public beach before I came to the gated community.  By the time I ran the almost six mile round trip I was exhausted.  It was hard to run in the sand even in the wet sand.

The boots I ran in made it worse.  I had failed to pack a running suit or shoes.  After a long shower including washing my hair several times, I sat in the bedroom and waited for Oz to finish her equally long shower.  I also had to watch her walk to her bag naked.  She removed a small pair of panties which were cut in a French bikini style.

She turned to me naked and holding the panties up for me to inspect.  “You should try these.  The waistband doesn’t show when you bend over in jeans,” Osborn said.

“Okay Osborn, you proved you are better looking than me, so get dressed and lets go buy some clothes,” I said.  Osborn smiled as she pulled on the clean panties and her bra from the day before.  She had one clean white tee shirt that looked a lot like a man’s undershirt.  I was dressed in the same outfit as the day before.

We drove to the first town inland and found a department store.  It wasn’t upscale at all, so it didn’t offend my sensibilities.  I bought four pairs of ten dollar jeans for twenty bucks a pair because that is what they were at that store.  Osborn insisted I not go to Wal-Mart, but I missed them already.  I bought a six pack of boy’s tee shirts.  I also bought a six pack of bikini panties.  I thought they were all white, but I found when I opened them they had little flowers.  I had inadvertently bought children’s again.

I drew the line at five dollar a pair cotton socks.  I insisted we go to Wal-Mart for my running shoes and socks.  I spent the best part of a thousand dollars that morning on clothes for Oz and me.  I didn’t really regret it.  I was splurging, but I still felt guilty for wasting the money.  I hadn’t gotten past having lived simply for so many years.  I hadn’t been poor but I learned to use and reuse everything in my lifestyle.  This money thing was going to take some getting used to.

When we got back to the motel, I took another shower and redress in the new and most important clean clothes.  Because I hadn’t bought anything dressy, I convinced Osborn to go casual for dinner.

Casual was a chain semi upscale restaurant.  They had good food and the service was good as well.  I really didn’t feel impressed, but I said nothing.  I was determined to go along and see if I would eventually feel comfortable.

I had a ton of email almost all spam, so I set up a new email account.  I got the new address to the few people I needed to contact.  All the others I left sending email to an address that would not be opened.

I managed to look at a few barges on line.  I found the best bet was to go to a river tugboat base and ask them.  There was one of course back on the mainland, so I made plans to spend Tuesday talking barges.

I went to bed after getting quite aroused looking at Osborn sitting topless in the bed.  She was naked, but the sheets covered her pubic area.  But since she was sitting with her breast exposed and her nipples were hard and pointed.  I knew she was flirting, but I really didn’t want her to stop.  Besides it was a good test of my will power.

When we left the room for our morning run at 6 AM, we were both dressed for it.  Me in a cheap gray sweat shirt and matching gray pants.  Oz was dressed a little better in a matching jogging sweat suit.  Of course her boobs joggled up and down as she ran.  Along the way we picked up three marines running with us.  Oz had turned out to be great date bait.

They offered us coffee, so we did it.  They were stationed near the beach it turned out.  I was impressed with them, but not as much as the men who trained with Swamp Dog.  They, however, were handy while the Swamp Dog people were about a hundred miles away.  So we agreed to meet them for a beer that night.

“Those kids are at least ten years younger than me,” I said.

“Hell, they are about five years younger than me,” Osborn said.

“You are ten years younger than me Osborn,” I said.

“Yeah I’m twenty five and those kids are about twenty, so duh five years younger,” she said.

“Fuck you Osborn,” I said with a smile.

“No comment,” she replied.

“Come on, you have flaunted your beautiful naked body at me the whole trip.  Time to get dressed and let’s go see the tug boat man,” I suggested.

“You go.  I’m going to go to the pier and watch the ocean,” she said.

“Well, be careful,” I replied.  Then I left the room.

Everette Marshall owned the New River Tugboat Company.  He explained to me the difference between a river tug and an ocean tug.  “It’s all in the shape of the hull.”  When he went on to explain the difference it did make sense.

“So what I want is a good used barge with a few cargo containers on it,” I said.  “So I need to say, I also want to get it as cheap as I can.”

“You gonna keep it either on a river or close to shore,” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I said.

“Barge at 50×20 would be best for the rivers.  That would still let you strap down some pretty good sized boxes.  You could get a few 40 x 8 boxes on it no problem,” he said.

“So who should I see about it?” I asked.  “I can broker the purchase for you.  Let me make a few calls and get some prices.”

I went out to look at the yard, while he did his thing.  My cell rang an hour later and it was Everette.  “I’ll be right there,” I said.

“The word is I don’t know what you call cheap enough,” he explained.  I just nodded.  “They got a barge that was used for containers.  It was a flat bottom barge for river use.  It’s in New Jersey so it has to be towed this way.  Now that same company will sell you two forty by eight and one 20 by 8 containers, just like you wanted.  All this stuff is used but not too used.  I will have one of my men check it out and make sure it is in excellent condition.  They said no rips, damaging rust or breaks in the structures.  Now it is gonna have dents and some surface rust but that’s all.”

“I’m a little nervous about buying it sight unseen.  How about I put up half and the balance after I inspect them.  When you inspect them, if they are not up to par negotiate a better price or have them switch for better ones.  The quality will be on you,” I said.

“Don’t you want to know the price?” he asked.

“Of course I do,” I agreed.

“Thirty five thousand for the lot, and three thousand more for transporting them to our shop,” he said.

“That is a lot of money, but if they are what you say they are I can live with it.  How about twenty thousand now and eighteen on inspection?” I asked.

“I can do that sure,” he agreed.  “I’ll dock it at my place for a week free, or free while we do the work on it.”

“What are we looking at time wise,” I asked.

“We can have a boat headed that way tomorrow.  He will be towing a barge north and can swing by and pick your barge up on the way back.  Two days up and three days back.  That means Saturday or Sunday,” The captain said.

“Well Mr. Marshall, I’ll clear a bank draft right now,” I said.

“Call me Ev,” he said.

“Okay Ev,” I said.  I had my banker process the electronic check to his bank.  It took longer than I thought.  He called me on the phone after I was back at the motel.

I was in the restaurant ordering a cup of their five dollar coffee to go, when Ev called.  “If you want to see it, come by at the shipyard on Sunday.  Can’t tell you what time yet, but it will be Sunday.”  I took that to mean the check cleared which was why he told me to plan on being in town on Sunday, if I wanted to see the barge pull in.

I hung up just in time to take my coffee up to the room, while it was still hot.  When I got to the room I was shocked to find Osborn with one of the marines.  She was on top riding his cock for a fair the well.  She didn’t even bother to stop, when I came in.  She just looked at me and smiled.  I thought sure the marine would wilt, but he didn’t.  She stayed at it a few more minutes.  I took the lid off my coffee and sat in a chair in the corner.

When they finished the marine said, “I guess I better go.”

“Probably, but we will still see you tonight for that drink, right?” Osborn asked looking at me.

“No reason I can see to cancel,” I replied.

“Good then eight at the ‘Hunley’,” The marine said.

After he left I said, “Couldn’t you do better than that.  He had a rather ordinary cock and you deserve much better.”

“I know, but he was the first in a while.  Anything bigger would have been painful,” she said laughing.

“Oh my.  What a slut you are turning out to be,” I said.  She just smiled at that.

“Yes I guess I am.  I was wondering how we would divide them up.  I mean there is an odd number,” she said laughing.

“You are younger you can have the extra one,” I said.

“But I’m sure you are more experienced.  I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to satisfy them both,” she said.

“Let’s just play it by ear,” I said.

“I notice you have a full head of hair down there would you like for me to shave it?” Osborn asked.

“No thanks, I try not to look like a preteen girl,” I said.

“You know that is what the boys all like,” she said with a giggle.

“Well enjoy your big night out, we are going home tomorrow.  We need to pack a few things before we come back,” I said.

“You bought a barge?” she asked.

“Yes, it will be here on Sunday, or more likely Monday of next week,” I said.

“That’s great we can start putting down roots,” Oz suggested.

“I don’t know about that.  At least as many roots as two women who live in a house, which can float away in the middle of the night can manage,” I said.

“Well we will just have to get the phone numbers of the Marines.  They can be our roots at least for a while,” Oz said.

“Oz, if you are trying to impress me, you don’t have to.  If you are just having fun, then go for it hon,” I said.  “Now we need to go to dinner.  Can we go to a real seafood place tonight, since we are leaving in the morning?”

We went out to dinner at a small local seafood restaurant.  The kind of place the residents of the town would go.  I had great shrimp and adequate potatoes and coleslaw, which is all I could ask.  The Ice tea was good as were their hush puppies.  I was so happy that we went to that place for dinner that I was willing to go for anything else that came along.

Edited by Walt

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12 Responses to Sheriff Porter 45 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    HMM Three some or four some that is the question lol

  2. cindypress says:

    well you know there are two of the girls and three of the guys maybe a five some.

  3. jack says:

    Have to do that combo on the floor I don’t think the bed will hold five. LOL but your imagination may be better than mine so will have to wait for the descripation to get a mental visual.

  4. bigguy323 says:

    One thing I don’t understand. After Siliva was exonerated WHY was she not again the Sheriff?

  5. cindypress says:

    She was suspended and just decided not to go back. She was already tired of the job. Just before the incident she was mentioned she would like a way out.

    It wasn’t obvious but she complained of how long it was between things happening in the small rural department. It is possible she agreed not to go back to work as part of the settlement. Remember what the ‘SBI’ really wanted was to take over the sheriffs department as part of a plan to start a national police force modeled at those in socialist countries.

    • Walt says:

      Ok that’s what I was wondering. If she didn’t go back then who will take over as Sheriff? I thought if it was Webster she might have to leave town. I knew there was the possibility of SBI wanting to take it over but wasn’t sure if they did or not.

  6. cindypress says:

    I kind of planned on it remaining ambiguous but that’s okay the whole piece was supposed to be about creeping socialism. Creeping means it is under the radar just sort of happens in a far away tiny county and next thing you know there is no more local police.

  7. Keith says:

    This doesn’t really fit here but I keep thinking about the container house on a barge. This one is a starter (see link below for basic form idea) add a hot tub, Grill and seating to the open area on top of the first floor, then on top of the second floor a layout area lounge area where attire is optional and no one can see anyone that chooses their birthday suit.
    With the right size barge it would even be possible to add a swimming pool on the bottom deck down into the barge.

    I just happened to have that laying around from a slow patrol night wish list.

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