Sheriff Porter 46 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 46

The ‘Hunley’ had once been a fast food restaurant, I was absolutely sure.  It had the typical lower counter which was being used as the bar.  The area behind it was filled with coolers and storage.  The dining room had counters against the wall were people sat.  They had figured most tables had enough space for four, but only two people were seated there.  So the counters on the walls made sense.

When Osborn and I went in, there were probably a hundred people inside.  All of them seemed to have the haircuts of either marines or punk rockers.  There was a jukebox built right into the middle of the floor.  A very tight dance floor all around it made for a music in the round experience.

“Osborn, want to guess how many men are going to paw us before we get out of here?” I asked.

“Do you really think we are going to get out of here.  I have been so good for so long in County Seat, I need to be a little wild for a while,” she said.

“You go for it girl,” I said faking a TV announcer’s voice.  I stopped to pick up two beers at the counter.  We stood by the wall drinking our beer and resting the cups on the counter.  There were at least four guys for every girl so even I got hit on.  Not as often as Osborn, but that was fine.  I was waiting for someone of least a little interest.  She was rubbing her body against men who were barely able to say, “Hi baby, you are so hot.”

She was having fun though, so I enjoyed the view.  I felt like her older sister at that point of the evening.  One who was tiring quickly of her sister having all the fun, but who also intended to stay to make sure sis got home safely.

“So who is the girl with the boobs,” a slight older than the average male asked.

“Sort of my sister,” I said.

“Must be a bitch to have a younger sister who looks like that?” the jerk asked.

“I don’t mind that she is a knockout,” I said.

“No reason to.  It wouldn’t do any good to mind, would it now?” he asked.

“No I suppose not,” I said.

“I’m sure you get lots of her leftovers?” he said.

“Actually that is true,” I said.  “I usually strangle them, but occasionally I stab them.”  For some reason he decided to move on to someone else.

A couple of minutes later Osborn came over with two young men probably too young to be in the place.  Still that was none of my business.  “Sylvia, I want you to meet Paul and Simon,” she said.

“Is Art Garfunkel coming later,” I asked.  They all looked at me as if I was speaking some weird foreign language.  Why not, I barely knew who Simon and Garfunkel were myself.  I wouldn’t have known, but an older sergeant loved them.  I had to listen to them repeatedly in the sandbox.  I hated other people’s MP3 players.

“Well guys I hate to put an end to the games, but we have an early call tomorrow,” I said.

“But Ozzy said we could go back to your place,” one of them said.

I looked at Osborn.  “I need to go pee, you guys work it out while I’m gone,” she said then walked away.

I was about to explain that we weren’t going to be having company, when I thought what the hell, I had been good far too long as well.  I could also see just how far Ozzy was willing to go.

“Well, a promise is a promise,” I said.  Just then Osborn walked back to the table.  “These two gentlemen convinced me that you had been serious.  So I guess we are taking them back to our room.”

“That suits me, can we stop by the convenience store and buy some more beer?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I assured her.

The man in the convenience store was a typical clerk.  He was someone I wanted to ask for his green card.  I didn’t, but it was hard not to be a smartass.  Osborn brought the beer up and I paid for it.  We got back in the truck and went to the hotel.  The two young men were in the parking lot waiting by the entrance to the hotel.  We let them inside and they followed us up to the fourth floor.

Once inside the room, the one with blond hair took Osborn’s top off.  He buried his face in her large breasts.  “I have been wanting to do that all night,” he said.  The second one turned to me to kiss me.

I just didn’t feel in the mood.  There was something about being an also ran that turned me off.  “To be honest honey, I’m not in the mood.  There is just something about this that feels wrong.”  With that I went to sit on the balcony.  I planned to wait till it was all over, then return to the bedroom.

I heard the young man mumble something and then Osborn’s voice say, “That’s okay you can come join us.”

I couldn’t help myself I went back into the room and sat in the corner with my beer.  I watched Osborn take them both.  She was on her knees between one of the men’s legs, and the other was pumping her from behind.  The three of them were in constant motion.

“God you are a real slut,” the one she was blowing said to Osborn.  Then he looked up and saw me sitting there watching.  “You like to watch whore?”  I didn’t answer.  “Well, do you whore?” he asked me sternly.

I looked away and said, “Yes.”

“Well come closer and see her lips wrapped around my cock,” he said.  “Do it now.”

I stood then walked to stand beside the bed.  He looked up and smiled at me.  “She is beautiful isn’t she,” he said.

“Yes,” I answered.

“You would like to kiss her wouldn’t you,” he asked.

“No, she is like a sister,” I said and I meant it too.

“You like to see your sister suck cock and get fucked,” the one doing her from the rear asked.  He also stopped with his cock buried in her.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“You like to suck cock too?” the one in back asked.

“Yes, I guess so,” I replied.

“No guesses either you do or you don’t,” he said.

“Then yes,” I replied.

“Who is better, the one being sucked asked?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t know,” I replied.

“Well she has been sucking me but I can’t get off.  You want to try it,” he asked.

“No,” was my answer.

“Sure you do,” he got up lifting Osborn off him.  He turned to sit on the side of the bed.  “Now suck it,” he demanded.

I’ll swear I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it.  I began by licking it.  I got all the taste of Osborn’s mouth off it first, then I sucked it into my mouth. I made my mouth smaller using my tongue.  As I pumped up and down I could feel him respond.  When he started to pump back I stopped and just sucked hard on his cock.  I tried to get it into my throat when he began to cum.  I swallowed as much as I could but some at the corners of my mouth got away.

“Oh my god you do that so good,” he said.

I just shook my head.  The one who had already cum in Osborn pulled me to him.

“Suck it babe.  Clean me up good,” he said.  I stood up and leaned over.  I sucked him for a few minutes and cleaned Osborn’s cum from his cock.

“God damn that old woman can suck a cock,” he said and smiled at me.  I didn’t smile back.

“Okay you had your fun now leave,” I said almost asleep.

“What if I’m not ready,” the first one said.

“Then I’ll blow a hole in you and scream rape,” I said showing him the .22 mag revolver.”  They both got in their clothes and retreated into the hall.

“You mad at me?” Osborn asked.

“No honey, you are still my sister,” I said and smiled.

“My bed is wet can I sleep with you Silvia?” she asked.

“Okay but we can’t make a habit of this,” I said.  I slept in my clothes and Osborn slept naked.  I didn’t know if we had a problem or not, but I wasn’t ready to think about it at that moment.  I held her with one arm and Masturbated with the other.  When I finished it felt so good I did it again.

My next conscious thought was that the sun was up too high.  I checked the time on my cellphone as it charged beside me.  The time was 9 AM.  When I shook Osborn a little, she tried to cuddle so she could sleep longer.

“Get up you lazy slut, we have to get ready to leave,” I said.  We skipped the morning routine and showered quickly and went to checkout.  The girl behind the desk was friendly and cheerful.  She should have been for what they charged me.  But it was okay, because I got a lot done and had some fun.  I definitely planned to keep the ‘Hunley’ in mind.

My half duffel bag was pretty much full on the return trip.  I pulled up the drive and parked behind Osborn’s car.  First thing I did was to call The Brit.  “Honey I’m home.  Anything happening?”

“Boring as hell without you here,” he said.  “So what is the word on the move east.”

“Well to be honest, I’m almost moving the house down there,” I said.

“You are going to need to explain that one.  I thought you were going to leave it here for a summer home?” The Brit asked.

“I am.  I managed to buy a river barge.  It is coming down from New Jersey.  It came complete with three storage containers,” I said.

“Terrific, so you are going to just sail away when you get bored?” The Brit asked.

“It’s really a twin hulled floating deck.  It had to be towed, but it sounds like it isn’t going to be too expensive to move it up and down the waterway,” I explained.

“So are we invited,” The Brit asked.

“You should know the answer to that without asking,” I said.

“Just checking,” he said before I broke the connection.

Osborn finished cleaning out her apartment and packing it into either my truck for transport or the storage building for storage.  The small amount of space inside the box house was filled with furniture.  I planned on leaving the County Seat place just as it sat for at least a while.

I thought to have the Gas company come remove the big tank and issue a refund to my housing account for the tank and gas inside it.  They would resell both.  If I needed gas I would just buy a couple of the tanks commonly used for recreational vehicles.  Those were the same tanks used for barbecue grills.  I packed my small collection of guns into a large fiberglass case, which I had purchased from the gun store on the Monday after I returned.  It was supposed to be weather proof, but I planned to pack it onto the truck just before we left.

I insisted that Osborn stay with the plan.  She had a tendency to lose focus.  She had that thousand dollar bonus burning a hole in her pocket.  She finally made another trip to the gun store.  She traded her Saturday night special for a Glock 19.

I could hardly fault her for it, though I wouldn’t have purchased it.  If I was going Glock, I would go big with the ugly Glock model 22.  Since it wasn’t my money I keep my mouth shut.

Edited by Walt

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  1. jack says:

    Oz liks big guns LOL. Sewage may present a problem on the barge. but i’m sure there may e a easy fix for that

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