Sherriff Porter 47 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 47

It was hard to get everyone focused, but we were finally ready with the first load to be moved.  I planned to rent one of those suite things in a local motel, till the barge house was ready.  We tried to carry things we would need in that environment, without getting too bogged down in minutia.  Since we had to get Osborn’s car down as well she followed me.  We had all manor of crap packed in my truck as well as her car.

By the time we arrive in New Wales, the small coastal town across the bay from Jefferson Island, I found that my plan was shit.  I could have checked the internet and found there were no Suite type motels in the area.  It seemed that all the tourist in the area wanted to be on Jefferson Island, so the prices there were sky high.

People who stay in the local motels were just looking for a cheap bed.  Even the ones with the bay view were cheap compared to those on Jefferson Island.  For the bay view and some solitude we had to leave the modern town and settle onto the old town of New Wales across the river.

What we found on the first attempt, was a place that had two rooms for a hundred bucks each.  It did have a connecting door.  Since I wouldn’t agree to stay a month, the owner wasn’t willing to remove the beds from the second room to make a kitchen.  So we moved on.

Our only other choice with a bay view was a double room with a small dressing area.  I knew I should have brought my microwave and small fridge, I thought.  I decided that there was a bright side.  We could turn the dressing area into a kitchen with dorm size appliances, and have them when the house was ready.  Of course neither of us really wanted to cook anyway, so we decided to eat out for a while and see how the barge build came along.  I paid for a week, since I was sure we would be in the room that long at least.

“We need to talk,” I said to Osborn after having spent the early evening looking at motels.  The room we were in had a nice bay view.  Since it was already dusk, we sat at the high table with coffee in a paper cup.  Even at night the bay view was beautiful.  The lights on the boats headed in to moor at the docks up river from the town were beautiful.

“Well?” Osborn asked.

“Look, you had your wild weekend last time.  So are you ready to settle down and go to work?” I asked.

“I’m not ready to enter a nunnery again, if that is what you mean,” she said.

“No.  That is not what I mean at all.  What I mean is, are you ready to act responsibly,” I asked.

“In what way?” she countered.

“Well, let’s take it the other way, let me state what is irresponsible.  Picking up strange men in bars and bringing them home is irresponsible.  The problem is not only might they may be carrying an STD, they may be carrying an S&W as well.  The STD might be your problem, but the S&W is likely to be mine as well.”

“Okay, I get it.  If I meet a man I want to sleep with, I should let you vette him?” she asked.

“Not quite that dramatic.”  The conversation had taken on an adversarial tone.  One I didn’t like at all.

“I just want to have the same kind of fun, that you have had over the years,” she said.

“That’s fine, but I didn’t put anyone else in danger.  I suggest, if you must give in to those impulses, you go to his place.  If he doesn’t have one, between the two of you I’m sure you will be able to come up with the price of a Paki motel.”

“Okay I get it.  You are jealous,” she said.

“There is probably some of that.  Let’s do this, if you have three real dates, you can have them stay over.  Anything less you need to stay at his place, or a neutral place.  It is still my home we are talking about.”  I hated to pull rank but I had to draw the line.  There were going to have to be rules, if we were going to live together.”

“Okay,” she said resentfully.  “I think I will take a run to clear my head.”

I wanted to ask if she thought running at night in a strange neighborhood was a good idea.  Instead I offered, “Take my derringer.”  She might have been pissed, but she took the pistol anyway.

While Osborn was gone I gave her some thought.  I found her to be less likable on a long term basis.  She was still more likable than unlikable, but I figure she was going to be trying now and then.  Personal relations were always like that.  I was never good at them long term.

When Osborn came in she was sweaty and went into the shower.  When she came out I was already in bed.  “Sylvia, I want you to know, that when I thought about it, what you said make perfect sense.  I am sure that it is for the best, and I also think we should keep our sex lives separate from now on.”

“I agree completely.  It was a one time thing.  I’m sure it will never happen again,” I said.

“I also want you to know that I was a little jealous, when that guy said you gave a better blow job than me,” she said with a smile.

“More experience I expect,” I replied.  I rolled over and went to sleep immediately.

The early morning run didn’t get started till 7 AM.  It was a really nice area in which to run.  The whole town would have been.  I couldn’t believe how small the downtown area was.  It was old as hell, but it really hadn’t grown much.  That was probably due to the geography of the area.

If you can imagine a finger of land which ended in a point where there was a watch tower.  It had never been a lighthouse, but in the really early days there had been a watchtower with an oil light.  It couldn’t be seen very far, but it was a place to point your boat, if you got caught on the ocean in the dark.

The tower had long ago fallen into disrepair, but someone had forked over the money to rebuild a replica in the 1990s.  There was no light by the time I got to town, but the oil pot was there.  On one side of the point was Jefferson Island and on the other was a very large river.  Across and slightly up river sat the boat yard, where my barge would arrive.  That part of the coast was home to a fairly small but modern part of town.  At the rear of the town about two miles away lay the Great Dismal Swamp.  So the cut off town where we stayed was called the Light Tower section.  It had never become a commercial center.  It was too isolated.

How we wandered to one of its two motels I had no idea.  I saw a sign on the mainland for a motel and followed it to the place we were staying.  I was too tired and frustrated to do anything but check in for the night.

That is how I found myself running at 7 AM through the streets of County Seat by the sea.  Which is what Osborn called it disparagingly.  “I don’t know Osborn I kind like it,” I said in response to her.

Her response to me was “Ugh, all your taste is in your mouth.”  Even so she had to enjoy the lack of traffic when we ran on a hard surfaced road.  It was much easier than running on the beach.

We went to the beach later that Friday morning just because the weather was clear and warm.  It wasn’t bikini weather yet, but it was tee and shorts weather.  I had to dig through the several boxes to find my shorts, but I had them in time to go to lunch on the pier.  I ate my hamburger and drank my coke while sitting on the fishing pear.  I had the sea breeze and view of the shrimp boats with their nets hanging over the side from long arms for entertainment.  They didn’t make a great sight like a sailboat, but they were more interesting.

“Damn, I love the ocean.”  That was the opinion rendered by Osborn.

“I have to agree,” I replied.

“I know I said I didn’t like that small town, but it is growing on me.  If you want to just stay in that room till the barge is ready, it’s okay with me,” Osborn said.

“Good, I checked in for a week to give us time to look around.  But if we don’t have to look for a motel, we can begin to search for a place to moor the barge house this afternoon.”

“Could we wait until tomorrow, I really would like to walk on the beach this afternoon,” she said.

“Of course but you can’t stay out there all afternoon surely.  Talk about nothing to do,” I said with a smile.

“Sure I can.  Besides the room we are living in is full of boxes,” she said.

“You know we couldn’t leave those things in the back of the truck.  Your car is full,” I explained yet again.

“I know it’s just kind of a bummer,” she said with a smile.  “We might have to store things on one of the bed and share one.”

“No, we are not going to do that again.  You snore,” I said even though it wasn’t true.

“Sure, you are just afraid to admit you liked sleeping with me,” she said.

“Of course I enjoyed sleeping with you.  It was just like sleeping with Dog.  You both push me around so that you can take all the spare room in the bed,” I said truthfully.

“You could push back,” she said.

“Enough of this bull, you go take you solitary walk on the beach and I’ll sit right hear and drink more coffee.  It’s really pretty good coffee,” I informed her.

She did go for her walk and left me sitting on the pier in the sunshine.  It was great for a while, but it started to get a little breezy around three.  Osborn had been gone two hours when she arrived on the pier.  She had a young man in tow.

“Well, I see you brought home a stray,” I said.

“You must be Sylvia the older sister,” the man said.

I expect that I looked at Melissa Osborn strangely.  She shrugged as if to say, I had to tell him something.

“My name is Ron, I’m down here for a short vacation, before I go home and start a new job,” Ron said.

“That’s interesting, so what are you two planning,” I said.  “I can tell you are planning something.”

“I thought we might all go to dinner,” Osborn said.

“Well that would be nice, why don’t we meet somewhere later for dinner.  I’m really getting chilled.  I need some long pants and a sweater,” I said.

“Yes, I would like to change out of these shorts as well,” Osborn said.

“So do you ladies like seafood,” Ron asked.

“Sure,” Osborn said before I had a chance to say we had seafood last week.  I guessed I was going to have to learn to like seafood better.

“Well in my week here, I found Captain Jack’s on the mainland.  It has the best authentic seafood around,” he said.  The kid actually seemed to be respectable.  This won’t last long, I thought and laughed inside.  “Why don’t we meet there say at seven?” he continued.

“I expect we can get cleaned up and be there by seven.  So where is it?” I asked.

He gave me some half-assed directions, but I thought that and GPS would get me there.  “I’ll see you at seven,” he said to Osborn.  Then he added, “It was nice to have met you Sylvia.”  We were standing by my candy cane truck at the time so we all parted company in the parking lot.

Edited by Walt

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4 Responses to Sherriff Porter 47 (edited)

  1. Walt says:

    47 is done. Updated the Cast of Characters, put to the top, the new locations and people will be added as they appear in the story.

  2. jack says:

    i think full time life at the beach would be tough to adjust to for someone that has had to work hard every day all their life.

  3. cindypress says:

    the trick is not to be on vacation everyday but to bring your work along. I did that once it was great. I should never have left.

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