Sheriff Porter 48 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 48

Back in the motel we took turns in the shower.  I wore a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt with an OD fatigue jacket over it only because it was available.  It was also fun to poke a little fun at myself.  It was laughable because it still had the sheriff name tape sewn over the pocket.

Osborn wore tight jeans and too tight tee shirt belonging to me.  She obviously wore a push up bra because she had more breasts than usual even.  She fixed her hair in a girl next door look.  She somehow managed a sexy yet wholesome girl next door image.  She wore a very cute denim jacket.

“You packing?” I asked.  “Cause you are definitely going to have to defend yourself.”

“My god boss is that a compliment?” she asked.

“Of course it is.  So are you?” I asked.

“I picked up one of those 9mm derringers at the gun store in Dobson, when I bought the Glock,” she explained.  “I had to find it in all those boxes from County Seat.  That’s why I took yours last night.  I was too pissed off last night to look for it.  Anyway, I am packing,” she explained.

“I am not going to ask you where it is in those tight jeans and even tighter top,” I said with a laugh.

“It’s in my clutch,” she said showing me the tiny bag.  It was like the one we found at her first murder scene.

“Well keep it handy in that outfit,” I said.

“You think the outfit is too sexy, but there is no such thing,” she informed me.

“Well, not when you are twenty five anyway,” I replied.

We left just in time to make the 7 PM meeting.  I would have made it much sooner but Osborn was one of those people who was fashionably late.  It was just a habitual thing with her.

“My don’t you two look beautiful.  I can tell I’m going to be the envy of all the men here,” he said.

“Isn’t he just the cutest thing,” Osborn said.

“The absolute cutest,” I replied.  I doubted they could notice the sarcasm in my voice.  I have always been able to hide it when I wish.  The punk kid was right about one thing.  The seafood was very good.  Oh yeah and the men did check out Osborn.  She didn’t give anyone of them any encouragement and I found that very encouraging.

When I returned for a trip to the ladies room at the end of dinner Osborn said, “Ron and I are going dancing would you like to come along?”

“No, I think I will make a few calls I have been putting off.  You two go on along and have fun.”  I had learned enough over dinner so that if I needed to, I could run him down.  I insisted on picking up the bill, but I did let him leave the tip.

I drove home without Osborn.  I was surprised how quickly I had gotten used to her company.  Back in the room I drank coffee and looked at the bay view.  I was treated to the sight of the lights on the fishing and tugboats as they came in.  I was thoroughly loving the view.  I began thinking I should have bought the Bates Motel here rather than the barge.

“Hey there,” I said when The Brit answered the phone at the pub.

“Why the hell aren’t you out breaking hearts?” he asked.

“I’m leaving that to Osborn.  She is so much better at it than me,” I said.  “Have you seen that girl after her two years in the department.  She has a great figure and a pretty good sense of style.”

“That wasn’t her time on the department.  That was her time hanging out with you,” The Brit informed me.

“I hope not.  She has the morals of a dog in heat,” I said.

“Need I remind you of your video history?” The Brit said.  “Not to mention your choice of friends.”

“Okay, you got me there,” I said.

“Yes I do,” he said.  “So what progress have you made?  Jeremy is dying to know every little detail.”

“Well so far we found a motel to stay in till we get the barge ready.  That’s really about it.  I do have a beautiful view of the bay from the motel window,” I said.

“Give me the name of the town and the name of the motel.  Jeremy is going to want to research them both,” The Brit said.

After I gave him that info I promised to make pictures of everything with the cell phone.  “I can email you the pictures every night,” I said.

“Jeremy would love that.  He is convinced you will have the best place in the world,” The Brit said laughing.

“Does he know I would trade places with him any fucking day of the week,” I said.  I waited and The Brit didn’t answer so I added, “Just sayin’,”

“Thanks, but it is never going to happen,” The Brit said.

“And that’s why I moved the operation to the coast,” I said.  I waited a second and when he didn’t respond I said, “Hey I got to go.  Take care.”

Next I called Liam.  He wasn’t near his phone, so I left word for him to call me before bedtime.  I checked my messages on the computer as well.  I didn’t want to work, but I also didn’t want to let anything interesting slip by.  I knew the Barge wasn’t going to be anything I could be involved with for too long.  I mean the most adrenaline pumping thing would be if I fell overboard.

At 11 PM I slipped between the sheets.  Within two minutes I was asleep.  I heard the door rattle, so I looked up to see Osborn come through the door.  The clock from the box house sitting by my bed read 3 AM.  I rolled away from the light and drifted back to sleep.

I was up at six the next morning and out the door by 6:15 AM.  I ran alone since Osborn was still in the bed.  There was nothing for her to do so there was no reason for her to get out of bed at six am.  I got back to the motel at 7:30 AM and into the room five minutes later.  I took a shower and dressed not being particularly quiet about it.

At 8 AM I asked, “Hey, want me to wait for you?”

“No you go on.  I’m going to sleep all day,” Osborn said to me.

“Fair enough, I’m going over to see if the barge is on schedule.  Then I might scout out some places to moor it once it is complete,” I said.  Then I turned and left for breakfast.  I found a fast food restaurant just over the bridge that lead to the mainland town of New Wales.  I pulled into the parking lot.  ‘Since there was no drive through, I went inside.  I sat at a table after I order a biscuit and coffee at the counter.

The biscuit tasted find, but it had the consistence of a sugarless pound cake.  Way too weird for me, but the people around me seemed to be enjoying it.  I found that just strange, but the coffee was acceptable for a restaurant.  All in all, I would never stop there again.

After I left the fast food restaurant, I turned inland to the tug boatyard.  “Hey Ev,” I said once I got inside the office.”

“Well Sylvia, it isn’t Sunday yet,” Ev said to me.

“Yeah I know Ev, but I came to see if it is going to be on time tomorrow?” I asked.

“If all goes as planned, it should be here about noon give or take a half hour,” he said.  “They are right on schedule.”

“Very good,” I said.  “Now I need to know what my options are to moor it, once you get the work done.”

“Well you can moor it to a dock, or anchor it in the middle of a body of water.  As long as you don’t interfere with the navigation of the waterways you are quite good to go.  Of course you have to buy the land on the bank, if you moor it.  You can pay rent on a dock space, or on a mooring space,” he said.  “Let me give you a map and you can start running down places while I work on your barge.”

“Tell you what Ev, just tell me which are the best, and where the best deals are.  I really don’t want to drive all over hell,” I said.

“Well if it was me, I would look for a spot with a dock that would let me moor it by the front or back.  That way you would only be paying for a twenty foot birth.  It probably would only be a couple of hundred a month,” Ev informed me.

“How about a piece of unimproved river front property,” I said.

“Well, for that you are going to need a Realtor.  I can recommend one for you,” Ev suggested.

“Okay, I can check that out at the same time I consider a dock,” I suggested.

I always complain about other folks having no patience, but at times I was the world’s worst.  I just wanted a place to put my barge that was all there was to it.  Well I also wanted it sitting there waiting.

When I got back to the motel, it was just about noon.  I found Osborn gone, so I called her cell.  “Where the heck are you,” I asked when she answered.

“I got a call from Ron inviting me to lunch, so we are at Fat Charlie’s.  It is near the pier on Jefferson Island.  They have the best cheeseburger I ever ate,” she said.

“Good, then I’m going to head out for lunch.  Let me know if you are not going to come back for dinner, so I can make plans,” I said.

I went to the mall thirty miles from New Wales.  It was a long way to drive for lunch in their food court.  However there is always a very clean Chinese restaurant in every mall’s food court.  After lunch I went shopping in the department stores in the mall.  I really preferred the army/navy surplus stores.  Since the department stores were easier to find, that’s where I went for a bathing suit.  Also there were no surplus bikini stores on the internet.

I found a pretty good selection at the large department store.  The one thing different about the department store was there was better service.  It probably had to do with the number of shoppers.

“Could I help you ma’am,” the preteen clerk asked.  Okay she wasn’t that young but she was young.

“Well to be honest I am looking for a couple of bathing suits,” I said.

“Do you know your bust size?” she asked.

“My measurements are 32a 23 34,” I said.

“That pretty much puts you in the kinds that are sold by the piece.  They are typically a bit more expensive.” she informed me.

“Okay, everything but the standard SML types are,” I said.

“Yes ma’am and frankly that’s about everyone,” she said smiling.

“Do you know what colors you might like?” she asked.

“Well black for sure, or maybe a dark blue, and one with some kind of print.  I’m not real sure about the print,” I said.

“With your body you could wear anything at all.  I wish I had that body,” she said.

“Not if you wanted to pick up men in a bar,” I said with a laugh.  “Well not early anyway.  At midnight I don’t think it matters so much.”

“You are probably right about that,” she said.

After I broke the ice she spent the next half hour showing me bikinis and making suggestions.  She saw me naked about as much as Liam had.  When we finished, I bought three bikinis from her for a total of $250.  Before the settlement I would never have considered that at all.  I also wouldn’t have been on the coast where I needed bikinis.

Edited by Walt

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5 Responses to Sheriff Porter 48 (edited)

  1. jackballs57 says:

    She can have a great sunning deck ( In the nude of course, Osborn would love that) built on top containers. She may need More containers one to use as guest quaters. i think Brit and Jeremy an Liam may be visiting often. Just sayin.

  2. cindypress says:

    somethings may have to just evolve

  3. Keith says:

    You will need to be sure that there is black and grey water pump out line that can be accessed by a drive up septic tank pump out truck, some areas have a service boat that can do that but everywhere has a septic tank clean out company. maybe a line from one end to the other so it can be done from either end so it can be serviced from land or water. Some areas will allow grey water (shower and sinks) pumped over the side. Black water (commode) can only be dumped outside the 200 mile limit and even then its frowned upon.
    I would make sure that there is access into the barge from within the house for emergency evac.
    One of those small pools that you swim against the current would be a nice feature and could be recessed into the barge floor.


  4. Keith says:

    I have seen photos of the shipping container home floor plan but here is an actual working home in a shipping container photo that I think would be a good representation of Sylvias first attempt. In case you ever want to illustrate your idea.


    • cindypress says:

      Very nice. I thought since I went over all that black and gray water in County seat I would gloss over it this time. All that is being done in the boat yard so all I need to do is get a pumper scheduled. Even that is pretty self evident.

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