floor plan


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sorry it is a mystery.
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5 Responses to floor plan

  1. M. Ferguson says:

    Much, Much better.
    Thank you.

    • cindypress says:

      I appreciate the offer but this is really just a student aid lol… and I always listen to my readers I might not always do as they would want but I do pay attention.

  2. M. Ferguson says:

    If you send me the graphic file, I’ll see if I can remove it (black triangle)

  3. M. Ferguson says:

    Microsoft Paint application can be used to remove the black triangle. It will also remove anything that happens to be underneath the black triagle when one uses the eraser tool.

    • cindypress says:

      Unfortunately I use Linux operating system. I do have gimp on the computer but the black triangle isn’t that big a deal to me. I am sorry it happened but it’s like my editing. i just do enough so that it makes sense to me.. however if it is going to haunt your dreams you can copy and past it onto a new file, do what you want to it and email it to me. I will replace my file with yours when I get it the same as I do with Walt’s text files.

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