Sheriff Porter 62 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 62

That isn’t quite true, I got out of the police station without even calling Rita.  It was about 3 AM when they sprung me.  From the police station I drove to the motel.  I slept until 10 AM.  I did not want to leave without getting the results of my talk with Tony.  His mom somehow forgot to call me, so I stayed in the city until noon.  I didn’t want to go back to the school, so I just went sightseeing.  I hadn’t seen the Capitol building, since I went on a school field trip in the fifth grade.  The building had grown smaller over the years.

I was sitting in a small fast food restaurant near the highway having coffee at noon.  Since I hadn’t heard, I called the mother.  “Hello Mrs. Garcia have you heard from Anthony?” I asked.

“Yes, he called me this morning I was so relived to hear.  He told me you found him and insisted he call and explain himself to me personally.  I would like to thank you for that,” she said.

“Now would you do me a favor and call your ex-husband.  Tell him you heard from Anthony.  If you do that I can consider this a closed case,” I said.

“I have already spoken to him and told him what a fine job you did and so fast,” she said.

“Thank you, then I will be heading home,” I said.

Everyone knows that you have your best chance to solve any case in the first two days.  If it goes any longer, you are going to be sifting very poor information hoping for a break.  Nothing you are going to do is likely to change the outcome.  It will fall in your lap someday, or not.  I could think in ten different directions at once, so maybe that was a help in breaking it or maybe not.

Either way I called Wilson.  “I’m on my way home.  I want you to know, I miss my truck,” I said.

“Good, I’m ready to give it back to you.  So we found them in Mexico having a wedding,” he said.

“Yes, I imagine it will solve everyone’s problems.  Nobody will recognize the wedding I’m sure, so nobody’s fortunes will be affected.  Then after the initial shock wears off will probably be the real concern,” I said.

“I’ll be home by 5 PM at the latest.  How about we go to the Piano bar tonight for dinner?” I asked.

“Well we can go, but I’m not sure how it will play out.  By now they probably both know what I have been doing,” Wilson said.

“You had to know they would figure it out sooner or later,” I said.

“I hoped I could pull it off, but yeah I always knew mom would figure it out, or Chrissy would tell,” he said.

“Well we can decide when I get home.  I wonder if I should learn to fly?” I asked.

“If you just want to fly a small plane, it wouldn’t be hard.  However it would be dangerous,” Wilson reminded me.

“I’m gonna give that some thought.  Seems all my jobs seem to be out of town,” I said.

“You know you don’t need the money you could say no,” Wilson reminded me.

I drove almost four hours to get home.  A lot of it was because I just wasn’t in any hurry.  I was waiting to hear from my so called friend in Miami.  If he didn’t call I would never bother him, but I felt like he would call.

I arrive in New Wales at 5 PM and I was back in my barge house in fifteen minutes.  I found Wilson in the office checking out the computer.  “I got a new program.  I put in our name and wait to see what is happening anywhere in the world, that have anything to do with us.”

“Gee Wilson, that must really be not at all interesting,” I said with a laugh.

“Would it be more interesting, if I told you I have fine tuned it so that any communication from, or to the SBI or FBI is the only things that pops up?” he asked.

“Okay, that might be of some interest,” I replied.

“The FBI field office for this area has a program that reports terrorist, guys on the most wanted list like the KKK and the like.  Guess who else is on their list for a copy of everything they can find?” Wilson asked.

“Why would they want my communications,” I said knowing it was a trick question.

“Because you are one of a hand full of people who know they want to nationalize law enforcement.  They are just waiting for you to go into politics or some such nonsense,” Wilson said.

“Well they got one hell of a long wait,” I replied.

“Yeah, but they don’t know that.  Meantime be careful what you say on line or on the cell phone,” Wilson said.

“You are going to find us a way around it aren’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yes you and I can communicate just fine.  It’s when you have to call anyone else.  Or they call you, like your friend in Miami.  They know he called you and what you did for him,” Wilson advised me.

“I don’t like that much, but there was nothing illegal about it,” I said.

“You don’t have to convince me,” Wilson said.

“Good, you better not come up with that holier than thou shit.  You who is screwing whole families,” I said with a laugh.

“What are you jealous now,” Wilson said.

“Wilson even if you were not a disgusting old man, I do not screw people who work for me.  That is true regardless of what you hear in County Seat,” I said.

“Well they thought you hired Osborn just so you could fuck her.  Everybody knows you always wanted to when you were the Sheriff.  If you hadn’t been her boss you would have.  She was all hot for you,” Wilson commented.

“Wilson that’s what I meant when I call you a disgusting old man.  Nobody ever thought I was trying to screw Osborn,” I said in defense of myself.

“Not till you moved her into your house,” Wilson said.  “Tell me the truth did you ever see her naked.”

“Yes, but I never had sex with that woman,” I said doing a pretty bad imitation of Clinton.

“Before or after she lost all that weight?” he asked.

“After,” I said.

“I bet she was something to see.  All the guys wanted to do her, but she just laughed at us,” Wilson said.

“Well she is quite beautiful,” I said.  What I thought was, they probably wouldn’t have any trouble getting her in bed now.  I thought it, but said nothing.

“Now that we have discussed my love life, and you have ruined every future conversation I have anywhere, lets get back to work,” I said.

“We have no work,” he replied.

“Yes we do dear, we have to clean this house and that pigpen of an office from which you work.  So get a broom and a mop and let’s swab the decks.”  I smiled but I did hand him a broom.  “You clean your room, and I’ll clean mine.  We will work together on the kitchen and bath.”

“Can’t we hire a housekeeper?” he asked.

“No we can’t.  We are two healthy people with too much time on our hands,” I informed him.

“But you just got back in town,” he whined.

“Alright tomorrow first thing we clean this place,” I said.  I checked my mail everyday so I didn’t even have that to do.

I took a quick nap.  Wilson’s voice drifted through the door after only an hour.  “Sylvia did you want to go to the piano bar for dinner?”

“Sure hold on while I get dressed.”  I took a quick shower then went back down to my room to get dressed.  I put on a little make up just enough to convince myself that I was a girlie girl.  Then I went outside and met Wilson in the office.

“I was just checking to see if anyone wanted us for anything.  Nothing in the ‘in box’ at all.” he said walking to the new Honda.  I joined him for the ride downtown.  It took no more than five minutes to reach the B&B.

The girls hadn’t started to sing when we first arrived.  When they finally started to sing, I had a plate with a cold meat loaf sandwich and a glass of beer sitting in front of me.  I was hoping to see Wilson wearing his dinner, but the two of them were faking being ladylike.  Wilson was not invited to entertain.  It was the first night that had ever happened.

Wilson went to talk to the mother, because she looked as though she might break out the AK-47 any minute.  He was standing at the bar during the daughter’s time on stage.  When she left the piano she came to stand with me.  I expected her to complain about Wilson.  It was my plan to plead ignorance, which would have been true to some extent.

Instead of asking, or bitching about Wilson, she began to flirt with me.  I mean blatant stuff like asking had I ever been with a woman as young as her.  She confided that Wilson had hinted that I might be interested in a three some.  She actually said, “If you are really, I might be as well.  It doesn’t have to be with Wilson, if you have a boyfriend,” she openly suggested.

“Do you and your mother ever do that?” I asked.  I felt like it was some heavy duty kink for such a small town.  I learned from County Seat that kink is everywhere.  Perversion doesn’t respect the sleepy little places, any more than it does the large ones.  Wherever there were humans, there was kink.  Nothing would ever change that.

“No, mom isn’t into that kind of stuff.  It’s kind of a generational thing I think.  People my age are a lot more free.  You might be the transition age.  From all I have heard about you, I think that is true,” she said.

“Don’t believe everything Wilson says.  He likes to glamorize stuff.  I’m really nowhere near as dramatic as he makes out,” I explained.

“Well what about all the news reports were they all over dramatized as well?” She asked.

“Most of them were exaggerations at best,” I said.

“So you wouldn’t be interested?” she asked.

Since I fondly remember the few times I had done the three some bit, I said, “Not with Wilson.”

“I can find someone else, if you would be willing,” she said.

“I’m always open to new experiences.  So why don’t you give me a call if you need a third.”  I left it that way because Wilson came back to the table.

“What are you two scheming about?” he asked.

“Just planning an orgy, and you are not invited,” the daughter said.

I took a good look at her and had to admit her youth was part of the appeal.  I was sure it had been for Wilson as well.  The daughter probably wasn’t too awfully popular with her own age group.  She was a little chubby and had a sorta country girl look about her.  Not that cute country girl, but the banjo player in ‘Deliverance’ look.  She almost looked mentally challenged.  When I spoke to her she seemed to get it all.  I didn’t think anyone would be taking advantage of her.  She didn’t appear challenged but just had that look.

Some one Wilson’s age would find her youth appealing enough to overlook the rest of it.  I admit her youth had some appeal to me.  The idea that I would have to entertain her and a friend appealed to me as well.  I hadn’t made it clear that the third should be a man, but surely she understood that.

“So Wilson is mama going to forgive you?” the daughter asked.

“Yes, but she made it clear, if I sleep with you again, I will not be welcome here again.  I do like the piano bar,” he said it as if with that final piece of information we should understand his reasoning.  We finished up the night listening to mother and daughter sing and play for us.

Edited by Walt

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5 Responses to Sheriff Porter 62 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    Nice closeure to the case. Should make everyone happy. Invitation to an orgy. That should take care of the boredom one night at a time. LOL

  2. jackballs57 says:

    I posted another chapter to my story tonight. Some action in this one.

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