Sheriff Porter 68 (edited)

Sheriff Porter 68

We left through the back door of the bar.  The restaurant next door which opened onto a patio was closed, so we walked around the patio to reach the beach.  The young marine didn’t speak until we were out of the light.

“The ocean is beautiful at night,” he said.

“Yes it is.  It is also a very mysterious thing, the ocean.  I suppose it always has been.  Can you image what the earliest men thought when they saw it?  They probably had no way to comprehend it vastness.  It must have seemed to them like the universe does to us now.  We can’t comprehend its vastness either.  I wonder, if in a million years people will be saying the same things about the universe?” I asked.

“I have no idea.  I don’t do that kind of deep thinking.  I really just kind of go with it.  Whatever it is at the moment,” he said.

“Sounds like a plan,” I said in agreement.

“My name is Simon, so what is yours?” he asked

“My name is Sylvia,” I said wondering if Osborn had sent him over.  From all the questions it seemed that he had the urge on his own.  That was a good sign.

“So Sylvia, where do you live,” he asked.

“I live over in New Wales,” I said.  “How about you?”

“I’m from a little holler in West Virgina,” Simon said.

“So how long you been in the crotch?” I asked.

“This is my third year.  I’ve been in Afghanistan once already, and I’m going back,” he said.

“When you leaving?” I asked.

“Two weeks,” he said.

“Tell you what kid, how about I check into a motel for tonight, and you come with me.  We will have out own going away party?” I suggested.

Yes, I had been back from the sandbox a long time, but then the war had been going on a long time.  I was part of the first detachment in.  We had been trucking in Jet fuel at the time.  I expected that the supply lines were much better by that weekend.  I might have been in first and Simon might be one of the last.  I thought it kind of appropriate that I give him a send off to remember.

Come on you can ride with me,” I said.  I drove the candy cane truck to a Hotel on Jefferson Island.  It was the one where the victim Wilson told me about had stayed.  I wanted to see how the staff acted anyway, it was good excuse to do that.  The Marine wore shorts and a tee shirt with a motto, “First to die, US Marines’ printed on it.

“Hello, do you have a room with an ocean view,” I said.  I was wearing skinny jeans, and one of my Russian Commando knock off Tee shirt.  So I wasn’t any better dressed than Simon.

“Yes ma’am that will be $300 per night,” the not very American looking man said to me.  He actually looked a little like a middle eastern gentleman.  I could feel my skin crawl a little.  Screw him I thought.  I decided to pay with cash, since I expected that he would doubt my credit card was for real.  Cash usually worked well.  The little clutch bag I carried at night, since we found the murder victim in the deserted factory, contained a money clip with very close to a hundred thousand dollars.

Even after I gave him the money, he looked like we were going to steal the towels.  He should have known what we were there for, since we didn’t have any luggage.  It wasn’t the fucking towels.  I almost was almost sorry that I didn’t go to a hot sheet motel.  The kid would probably remember the blow job longer than the ocean view.

He and I stopped by the coke machine in the lobby before we went to our room.  I didn’t have any liquor but I still wanted a coke with ice.  Once I identified the location of the bathroom and the bed, I killed all the lights.  I went onto the balcony with the much younger Simon to drink my coke and look at the ocean.

It must have been 3 AM and dark as a gang bangers soul.  It was the prefect night to sit on the balcony and look at the ocean.  Too bad we didn’t have any more liquor.

“You know I can’t believe you are doing this for me,” he said.

“I haven’t done it yet,” I said.

“No, I mean all of it,” he said.

“Just my way of saying thank you for your service.  Not enough people appreciate what you guys give up to do what you do,” I replied.  Without so much as a kiss I went to my knees and worked his penis out of his shorts.  It was flaccid so it wasn’t a lot of work to get it free.

I kissed the head of it a few times and licked the shaft before it became as hard as a water pipe.  “Damn Sylvia that feels amazing,” he said in a breathless voice.  I looked up at him in the dark and smiled.  Then I went back to nursing on the head of his penis.  I enjoyed the feel of it in my mouth, only because of the pleasure it was giving him.  His penis was a little longer than average but it was thin which made it much easier to suck.  It even made it easy for him to drive it into my throat not down it just deep into the top of my throat.  I hadn’t gagged in years but my airway became blocked easily and I choked on cock often.  Big ones were the worst.  They never went into my throat they always terrified me.

Simon’s I managed to tolerate as it fucked my throat.  There was no other way to describe his pumping motion and his sudden lack of regard for how I was taking it.  I gave in to it and allowed him to try to force his cock deeper into my throat.  I was surprised at how far he managed to force it down my throat.  His penis penetrated my throat farther than anyone had before.  It went down far enough that I felt his pubic hair tickle my nose.

He stopped pumping his cock to help me lower my head on is penis.  I found that I was able to work it all the way down my throat, just like the girls in those porno movies.  Since it was a new experience and a new feeling I did it quite willingly.  After a few times Simon stopped forcing my head down and allowed me to work his penis down my throat.  That really was a thrill to feel him slide down my throat without gagging or choking me.  I could also tell how it excited him.  When I felt him stiffen I worked his cock down my throat so that when he came it went directly into my stomach and I didn’t have to swallow it at all.  I almost threw up when he removed his cock.

Since he had just cum, he leaned back in his chair and just seemed to shrivel up.  He seemed to enjoy me kissing his cock.  It didn’t arouse him, but he did make moaning sounds so I knew he was enjoying it.

I staggered to my feet and then into the room.  I didn’t even consider that someone might have seen me.  I really didn’t care.  I fell into bed, but only after I pulled down the spread.  I removed my top and my jeans then lay down and waited for Simon.

He seemed to take a long time but he was almost hard when he came to bed.  I immediately went back to sucking his cock.  It wouldn’t go down my throat.  The angle seemed to be all wrong or something.  He became erect with me doing very little.

He rolled me over then said, “Put it where you want it baby.”

I easily worked him inside my vagina since I was so wet.  He began to move in and out.  I was ready to orgasm instantly.  Probably because I was turned on and hadn’t cum yet.

I came and got on a cycle somehow.  I couldn’t stop till he stopped pumping me, which took a long time.  When he finished again, I was drooling like an idiot.  It was glorious.  Then he rolled off me and we both went to sleep.  I was exhausted and knew I would sleep well.  I was right.  When we both woke before sunrise, I felt great.

I was about to get up, when I felt his penis getting hard against my butt.  I knew what he wanted.  It was unusual that I wanted it as well.  First, however, I had to urinate.  “I’ll be back,” I said.

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, damn I look old at thirty five.  I rejoined the Marine in bed.  I knew he had already been to the bathroom.  He hugged me from behind since I turned away from him.  I was suffering from a terminal case of morning breath.

He had his hands on my breasts and his penis pressed harmlessly against my backside.  I knew that wouldn’t be the case long.  I could feel it coming to life seconds after he began to hug me.  He used it coated with pre-cum to force it’s way into my vagina.  He stroked me for a while and I thought that would be the end of it.  It should have been, but when he was nice and hard, and well lubricated he pulled back.  He used his hand to guide it into my rectum.  I felt the head first.  It was a little dry but not too awfully painful.

I gasped a little when he pushed hard.  The canal was dry but my sphincter had been stretched enough so that the entry wasn’t extremely painful.  The pain turned into a small pleasure as he massaged me from the inside outward.  I reached down and was able to find my erect clitoris.  The difference was that my clit, even though it was too small to reach past the hood, was becoming super sensitive.  It took only a minor manipulation on my part to drive me crazy.  It would have been even more exciting it Simon had known the he should be doing it.  In the end it didn’t matter.  I increased the manipulation after I felt his body tense.  I knew that he was coming and I wanted to do so as well.  I rocked back onto his withering penis and enjoyed feeling of pushing him out of my body.

I went into the shower immediately.  I knew that I would feel his seed leaking from me all day even the shower couldn’t help.  I would also feel the urge to move my bowels all day.  It was just another reminder of what I had done.  All in all it would be an irritating day.

The young Marine had just dressed and was ready to leave, when I came out of the bathroom.  I walked around the room naked picking up my clothes from the night before.  I cringed at putting the soiled panties onto my body again, but I had nothing else to do with them.  My little clutch purse was certainly not large enough.

“So can I buy you breakfast?” the kid asked.

“No thanks hon.  I need to get home. I can drop you back at the bar for you car,” I suggested.

“I don’t have a car.  My friends were staying at a Paki motel last night.  Could you drive me there?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I said as we walked out of the motel room.  We still had no luggage but no one noticed at 8 AM.  The drive to the small motel just outside New Wales on the mainland and took only a few minutes.  After I dropped Simon I went to Mr. BJ’s for a take out biscuit.  Then I drove home.  I found Wilson’s car in the lot, so I knew I would have the pleasure of waking his ass.

Edited by Walt

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  1. jackballs57 says:

    Nice relaxing unrushed sex. Beauful. Thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    everyone can have boring sex now and then. Also it is stolen from my uncle fred telling it to my dad about his weekend with a widow. Never found out if she was a war widow or not.

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