Sheriff Porter 77 (edited)

The take down of Sheriff Porter

I called the restaurant to make my own reservation.  I planned to use the scooter to follow the cab, and to be the driver’s back up.  I went back to my hotel room, where Wilson, back home, and I shared the door duty until 7:30 PM.  I slipped off down to the lobby and demanded Wilson watch and advise me if anything happened.

Fifteen minutes later a scruffy looking man showed up at the concierge’s desk.  I saw him flash an Identity Card.  He went out to sit in his cab at the door until Ting showed.  When she got in the cab and it drove safely away, I got on the scooter and rode as fast as traffic would allow to the restaurant.  Since I had a reservation I saw no need to con them.  I was about ten tables away but well within striking distance.  I wasn’t expecting a hit in such an upscale restaurant which in and of itself made it the ideal spot for one.

Jing ate her dinner alone and seemed to enjoy it.  She had a few things to say to the waiter.  I couldn’t hear her.

“Wilson do we have Jing on the Gps?” I asked.

“No you need to plant another the original one is still in the hotel,” Wilson advised me.

“She isn’t wearing anything with pockets tonight.  Maybe I can slip it in her bra,” I said.  “I’m sure there is enough room there.”

“Is that your idea of racist humor,” Wilson replied.

I followed her to the bathroom and washed my hands several times before she came out of the stall.  I smiled at her as I passed and stuck the tracker the size of a nickel on the waste band of her simple but elegant dress.  The tracker had no weight to amount to anything.

“So Wilson do we have her?” I asked.

“We do indeed,” he said.

“I’ll be behind our taxi,” I said as I sat on my scooter waiting for her to enter the taxi.  The taxi with Jing drove quickly and professionally back to the hotel.  He, no doubt, wanted to get her inside and out of his sphere of responsibility.

Only after Wilson assured me that Jing was inside, I parked behind the dumpster again and went to my room.  I was in the room when Wilson handed off the feed to me.

“Okay Wilson let’s see what the view of our camera is,” I said into the phone.

He turned on the camera and microphone remotely.  We had a view of her from the waist down.  I saw her face when she took off her shoes, so I knew it wasn’t a trick.  It was an accidental act of modesty.  I really didn’t think about seeing her naked one way of the other.  She was just an object to me like a piece of art.

She ordered room service the next morning and we heard it.  Actually Wilson heard it.  “Sylvia, Jing is ordering bacon and eggs for breakfast.  She seems to know her way around the decadent breakfast menu,” he said.

Well Wilson I will monitor her for a while.  I don’t want to take a chance that something might happen, so I’m not running this morning.  It was almost noon when she started to dress for her speech.  She wore a simple black jacket and pants even in the 95 degree weather.  It was what they expected, I could almost hear her saying.  The civic center was filled with left wing nuts, who propose the same shit the so called backward south had a hundred years ago.  The benevolent company town.  Except they wanted to transform it to the government’s company town.  What they either didn’t get, or wanted to be part of, was that upper management were getting rich.  I would like to see Jing’s hidden bank accounts.

We did the same things for her speaking engagement, which we had done for dinner.  We managed to use our driver for the cab.  I trailed them on the scooter.  I mingled with the crowd while I waited for Jing to speak.  When she did speak, she was very dynamic but she played to the crowd.  I kept an eye on her fans while she ranted and raved about the capitalist scum.

Then without incident it was over.  So I figured one type threat was past.  The home grown right wing nuts had missed their chance.  The left wing nuts where all shouting there, so it looked like the nut case killers were absent from the mix when she finished her speech.  So who was left, the Chinese nuts.

The only people who would benefit from her death after her rousing speech were the Chinese.  They would get her making the speech, then her murdered in the Unites States.  Murdered by our government in a effort to silence her.  It made no difference that she had been allowed to rally the troops before her death.

So now Wilson and I had to really watch her.  It turned out to be anticlimactic as most things did.  No one tried to kill her that evening and no one the next morning.  Not to mention during her time in the USA she was a good little commie.  She didn’t even visit six flags over Ga.  She simply slept and played on her computer.

Then on the way to the airport two men in ski masks stopped her car. I went roaring up to the car with my pistol drawn.  I was ready to start putting extra holes in the ski masks when one of the men drew a bead on me.  I was just about to squeeze off a round, when he shouted US Marshal Service Swat.  He turned around to show me his jacket.

“Why the fuck are you kidnapping a Chinese Citizen?” I asked as the cab driver and I held pistols on the Marshals.

“It isn’t kidnapping, she is defecting.  We have granted her political asylum,” the one evidently in charge suggested.  “Now who the fuck are you.”

“Who us, he is a cabdriver, and I’m just a member of citizens patrol trying to fight crime,” I said.

“Right come with us,” he demanded.  So one car took Jing-a-ling and one car took us.

“I don’t know anything,” the cab driver said.  I just drive a cab.

Then I said,  “Hell I’m just a tourist with a carry permit.”  Of course I knew better.  They were going to be running my prints.  Then I could only expect a jail cell for a while.  I wondered how it felt to get raped with a mop handle.  They probably wondered what I found funny about my situation.

“You could have told us who you were,” a blond desk type Marshall said.

“Why would I want to ruin your fun.  You got to use all that police computer shit,” I said.

“Sylvia we know who you are.  We also know who you were pretending to be.  We are inclined to release you and forget the whole thing,” the Marshall with the big butt said.

“Then I’m inclined to leave, since you aren’t going to arrest me,” I said.

“I said inclined.  Convince me I shouldn’t arrest you,” she said.

“Well I can’t think of a single reason.  When the press gets hold of this, and they will, it will make a great story.  Bodyguards of Chinese Diplomat arrested by US Marshals during kidnap attempt.  Oh did you hear how the last false arrest went?” I asked.

“Yeah I heard.  We are going to cut you and the taxi driver loose,” she said.

“Do we get a public apology on the TV?” I asked dead pan.  Then after a short wait I smiled.

“Get the fuck out of here, the wrecker pulled your cab and scooter.  We will take you any where you want to go,” she said.

“How about you give the cab driver and I a lift back to the hotel.  I have another ride there,” I said.

“I’m shocked.  Not that you have a ride, that you would give a stranger a ride,” she said.

“Sharing the back seat of a Marshal’s car is a bonding experience,” I said.

“All right, we will drop you both at the hotel,” she said.

When we got to the hotel, the cab driver spoke for the first time.  “Thanks Sylvia,” he said.  “You really are a stand up lady.”

“What because I didn’t roll on you.  I don’t know enough, but I know you didn’t break any laws.  Well impersonating a cabdriver, but that’s not against the law.  I on the other hand have two cover IDs going.  If they didn’t get blown, I have to get my shit out of the hotel.”

“I can get back to the office from here,” he said.

“Come on in let’s go to their lounge for a cup of coffee,” I suggested.

“One cup or one beer,” he said.  I nodded my agreement.  Fortunately it didn’t work out that way.  Over that one beer I found out he was an army ranger and had gone through the Swamp Dog school of higher learning.  He couldn’t take the discipline any more, so he left and opened a private protective agency.

“So do you do investigations as well?” I asked.

“No, I’m not that smart.  I know about threat assessment, but whodunits are a different thing,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “So what do I call you?”

“Call me Jose,” the scruffy looking blond kid said.

”You don‘t look like a Jose,” I said.

”Nickname,” he said.  “I like tacos.”

I nodded taking out my cell.  “Let me see what Wilson has to say.”  I had the phone turned off but I’m sure the Marshals went through it.

“Where the hell have you been?” Wilson asked all excited.

“I was a guest of the US Marshall Service,” I said.

“Everyone is going nuts.  That man who doesn’t exist has been calling you every hour,” Wilson said.

“Anything urgent happen at home?” I asked.

“Nothing, but that man calling.  Are you alright?” Wilson asked.

“I’m fine and I’ll take care of this shit,” I said and hoped that I could.  As soon as Wilson cleared the line, I called Martin.

When he came on the line I was ready for him.  “God damn you Martin did you know Jing-a-ling was going to defect,” I asked.

“I had no idea, but it’s starting to make sense.  They didn’t want any government agency guarding her.  If someone tried to hit her, it could cause an international incident.  They wanted to be as far away as possible, till they made their move.  Even so they didn’t want anything to happen to her.  Why else do you think they let you go.  They knew who you were.  Hell somebody in the loop authorized the payment.  They tried to fuck us all.  I’m glad you didn’t kill any of them, but it would have served them right.”

“Well I have to clear out my shit from the hotel, then I’m going to check into a cheap motel and screw Jose’s brains out.” I said.

“Last I heard, he was married,” Martin said.

“Then I’ll screw them both,” I replied.

“When you get back to New Wales, call me,” he said and hung up.

“Jose do you need to get home right away?” I asked.

“Not if you are going to screw my brains out,” he said with a grin.

“I need you to help clean up my shit in the hotel.  It shouldn’t take but a few minutes, I’ll give you a hundred bucks,” I said.

“Two hundred,” he said.

“Okay two hundred just follow the leader right?” I asked.

“Yeah sure,” he said.

I met the manager outside his office.  “This gentleman worked for that contractor I told you about.  He swore under oath they didn’t use anything toxic here.  I’m going to pick up my sniffers and if the all read normal I’ll be gone in a couple of hours.”

“I told you there was nothing toxic here,” the manager said.

“I am also sure that is what the manager of the last hotel thought.  Anyway give us a couple of hours and we will be packed up.  We need someone to open the rooms for us.  You can call it housekeeping,” I said.  “I’m taking him along in case there is something on the monitors.”

We cleared the hotel in half an hour.  I paid off Jose.  “Best money I ever made,” he said and smiled.  I got five hundred from swamp thing and two from you.  I sure would like to have paydays like this all the time.”

“Go back to Swamp Dog and you can,” I said.

“There is usually more to it than this,” he said.  “So how about that me and the wife thing?”

“Hell call her.  I always keep my word,” I answered.

Edited by Walt

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2 Responses to Sheriff Porter 77 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    All kinds of action. Soon every agency will know her. Tofinish out the day with a three way. LOL

  2. cindypress says:

    a promise is a promise after all.

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