Sheriff Porter 82 (edited)

On no not again

I drove to meet Wilson at a local franchise fast food restaurant known for it’s coffee.  “Good you got me a coffee.  Thanks Wilson,” I said.

“No Problem, so what are we going to do.  There is only you and me, and we have no idea how many bad guys there are.” Wilson said.

“Oh I figure a minimum of three , more likely four,” I suggested.

“How you figure?” Wilson asked.

“It’s just a guess, but I figure there is an intimidation factor.  They most likely think there will be a guard.  So they have to be prepared to intimidate him, or in this case her, as well.”

“So what’s your plan?” Wilson asked.

“Hell getting the stones to New York isn’t a problem.  It’s making sure these guys don’t just come back with a different plan next month,” I replied. “I’m going to ask them to surrender.”

“Why don’t you just call the police and let them set up something?” Wilson asked.

“If that were a viable alternative, don’t you think Hugo would have called them already?” I asked.

“Yeah, well it must be smuggling,” Wilson said.

“Yeah, that’s why my friends sent it to me.  They have way to much to lose as an organization.  We are freelance.  We can plead ignorance and probably get away with it.  Far as I’m concerned, it’s just a body guard gig.”

“So what’s your plan?” Wilson asked.

“My plan is to have you call EZ.  See if he can come down tonight.  Tell  him to plan on being busy tomorrow as well.  His business is pretty flexible, he should be able to do that.”

“Why don’t you call him?” Wilson asked.

“He will not mistake your intentions, unless there is something you want to tell me?” I asked with a leer.

“Fuck you Sylvia,” he said.

“You wish,” I replied.  “Let’s go back and get an approval, then you call EZ.  When he gets here, not one word about what is happening.”

I drank another cup of coffee while I made sure, I hadn’t overlooked anything.  Actually I had.  We went to a gun store on the edge of town.  I was really fortunate that they stocked the item I wanted.

We got back to Hugo’s office before five.  “So Hugo, I have a plan.  You might not like it, but it will work.”  I spent fifteen minutes answering his questions and explaining how it all should work.

“So you are sure this will work?” he asked in his gruff voice.

“I’m 80% sure it will work.  It it doesn’t work you and I won’t have much time to think about why it didn’t work.  We most likely will be dead.” I replied.

“That isn’t very reassuring,” Hugo said.

“Would you rather I lied to you, as if you were a ten year old,” I asked.

“No of course not,” he said.

“I can make a plan that will get your stones to New York and odds are 50/50 the bad guys will leave you alone when they realize they have been duped.  They may or may not come back next month to try again.  This plan has an 80% chance of saving your stones, and an 80% chance of ending this threat.  That is if it all works out as I expect it to work out.  If not there is a a 20% you and I will end up dead.  So now that you know the long and short of it, how do you want to play it?” I asked.

“I’m not very heroic, but I want the threat to end,” he said.

“Then you are pretty brave in my opinion,” I said.

Wilson called EZ as soon as I got the go ahead.  EZ assured Wilson he could be down to Port Arthur by 4AM.  He would be ready for anything when he arrived.

“I heard EZ say in answer to Wilson’s question, “Of course I have a shotgun.”

“Then bring it, we are most liked going to do some Rabbit hunting,” he said to EZ.

“Then I guess that is everything Hugo.  We will be in position at first light,”  I promised Hugo.

“Well,” I said to Wilson as we sat in the car in Hugo’s Parking Lot.  “You and EZ should be fine.  He isn’t going to need the rabbit gun once you get out of this area.  Toss it in a lake somewhere.  Tell him I’ll reimburse him for it.”

EZ did show up about 3:45AM.  I put him into the room with Wilson.  My bed hadn’t been used since the room was ‘made up’ the morning before.  “Where are you sleeping?” EZ said.

“I’ll try to get a couple of hours sleep.  You be quiet Wilson will be driving today.  He is old and needs his sleep,” I said.

At six in the morning we were in a drive through line at a local biscuit restaurant.  I bought plenty of food but didn’t bother with a lot of coffee it would get cold.  Nobody likes cold coffee, I thought as I took the order and handed the bags over to the ‘boys’.

We arrived at the shipyard at 6AM.  The pack boat was due at 10AM.  The dock workers would unload it and Hugo would arrive by 2PM.  Our job until then was to stay out of sight.

The freighter was on time.  It was off loaded with the small amount of cargo well before noon.  The sorting was complete in less than an hour, at which time Hugo was alerted.  He pulled into the warehouse and went into the office, where he got his package.

I slipped into the back seat of his car unobserved I was sure.  Hugo made a show of opening his trunk and putting the package inside.  It was very unlikely anyone could see it, but it was all part of the show.

Hugo and I pulled out of the fenced and gated parking area after 2:30PM.  The drive from the dock to  his warehouse in town took about ten minutes and nothing happened.  Hugo got out of the car and opened the trunk.  I was pretty sure that it would happen at that moment.

Shit I just hated being right.  There were two of them both holding guns on Hugo.  They had waited until he had absolutely no cover.  That had to make him feel like going along with anything.

I came out of the car and said, “Drop your weapons.  At the same time I fired the 8shot .22 mag at the head of the one closest to Hugo.  It took a lot to do that since the one closest to me was the direct threat.  I fired at him at the same time he fired at me.  His shot hit me in the gut and I went down hard.  I was barely awake when the third man stepped from the car.  He was firing at Hugo.  He hit Him once in the chest.  I managed to get my .22mag up and fired it at the man.  I was surprised that I hit him.  I was in way more pain than I would have expected.

All three of them were down when the car sped out of the parking lot.  I had been right three or four.  It turned out to be four.  I managed to painfully get to my feet.  I staggered to the still body of Hugo laying in the parking lot.  “Hugo you are quite and actor,” I said.

“Playing dead wasn’t hard, that son of a dog shot me,”  He said.

“Yes he did,” I replied.  “And if I hadn’t forced you to wear the Kevlar, you would be dead by now.”

After being sure he was alright and the others were no longer a threat I called 911. “I need an ambulance and a policeman at, hold on,”

I turned to Hugo  “What’s the address here?”

Then to the operator, “811 Lakeshore Terrace.”

The cop questioned me, then they asked us both do go down and give an official statement.

I told them I was Hugo’s body guard and returned fire.  I showed them the slug stuck in the Kevlar.  When asked I said, “I have no idea what I was protecting.  My job was just to keep Hugo alive.”

It took the cops 8 hours to get it all straight in their minds.  Hugo’s lawyer helped them to understand.  I got sprung and my first call was to Wilson.  “Hey babe you okay?” I asked.

“That was slick as owl shit,” he said.

“I suppose that is a good thing,” I asked.

“It was a very good thing,” he said.  “Hardest thing was staying awake.”

“Well I’m certainly glad you did.  Tell EZ I’ll drive his car back to New Wales in the morning.  I’m going to check in somewhere and sleep the rest of this day away.

“We are heading to the barge,” Wilson said.

“Then give him the keys to the Honda let him drive it home.  You can drive my truck.  There is too much high tech stuff there to fall into the wrong hands.” I said.

“I got it boss and by the way this is way better than working in a lab,” Wilson admitted.

“Good,” I said.  “Did you change your opinion about EZ?”

“No, but I’m willing to listen to reason about him,” Wilson said.

“All anyone can ask,” I said.  “I’m going to sleep now and tomorrow I’m going to talk to Hugo.  He is out of jail and I want to be sure he was happy with the results of our operation.”

“He should be, you took a bullet to save his ass,” Wilson said.

“That was two days ago lady, what have you done for me lately, he might just say,” I replied.

‘Anyway let me go to sleep. They kept me up all night trying to break me.  Hugo even held up I think.  I’ll be home sometime tomorrow night.  Bye,” I said.

I checked into a motel near the docks.  I just wanted to sleep, it had been a long long day and night.  I fell asleep easily and the only dream I had was about a muzzle flash and then I was gone.  People walked by and said, “What as shame.  You know she could have done so much more.”

I woke up in the middle of the night and I ran.  I ran till first light, then I found my way back to the motel.  I didn’t have any clean clothes, since I put everything in the back of the Honda before the boys left with it.  I had nothing at all on me other than the pistol and my Id cards.

When I got to Hugo’s office, it was empty.  Since it was only 8AM, I waited until he showed up at 9AM.  I thought you would be back in New Wales by now.” he said.

“I was too tired to drive last night. So I checked into a motel and slept from 4PM till 4AM.  So, you done alright with the cops?” I asked.

“They ran a gunpowder test on my hands and it confirmed that I didn’t shoot anyone.  They wanted me to say that I knew you were going to try to kill the three men, but I couldn’t.  I had no idea you would start shooting.”

“You didn’t really give them a chance to put down their weapons,” Hugo said.

“And what happen if they decided to shoot you in the head before they did.  I didn’t force them to pull their guns on you.” I said.

“I know that’s why I said they fired first.  The fact that you and I both got shot seemed to satisfy them.” he said.

“Yeah that tends to go a long way,” I said.

“I got a cracked rib,” he said.

I lifted my tee shirt and showed him the bruise.  The one I found when I dressed that morning.  “Well stick to our story.  I’ll be available, if you need anything else.  I turned and put EZ’s car on the road to New Wales.  During the drive home I rolled the car windows down, because it reeked of cologne.  I had used it to hide my body smell.

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11 Responses to Sheriff Porter 82 (edited)

  1. Dave says:

    I’m surprised Sylvia didn’t ask Wilson if he got the license number of the car that drove away. She could find out who was behind the robbery and prevent them from coming back.

    • cindypress says:

      great idea would have been nice if Sylvia thought of it lol.

      • Dave says:

        Of course Wilson should have thought of it himself and perhaps he did and will provide Sylvia the results of his computer search. ;))

      • cindypress says:

        Wilson was on his way to NewYork with the stones. It was just Sylvia and the client. at the scene.

  2. jack says:

    Tag was most likely stolen

  3. jack says:

    Great action Thanks

  4. Teflon says:

    Good writing. Really good action sequence. I’ve been following Sylvia since her deputy days and I enjoy the way she handles herself.

  5. john amann says:

    great story, you get better all the time. hard to wait for next chapter.

    • cindypress says:

      My dad and two uncles shape Sylvia she is a composite of some female cops, some female convicts, and some female military nurses. they each gave me a story that I rewrote for Sylvia. So you can thank my crazy family. Also walt helps make it readable. and prods my memory now and then.

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