Sheriff Porter 84 (edited)

The search for Big Cock continues

The Mechanic showed me where all the instruments were located.  I had used them all in flight school, so I wasn’t intimidated.  Then he went about showing me how little I had learned.  He gave me a bunch of numbers that told me the plane was a first class glider if I wanted to stretch the MPG.

According to him I could climb to altitude then cut the engine and feather the prop, then just sail.  The little aircraft would allow me to ride the air currents.  “Don’t worry you will learn all about that shit,” he said.  “Now you need to learn how to fold the wings.  With the wings folded it will more or less fit into a car garage but you can’t close the door.  The body is a polymer composite, so you don’t have to rush to get a hanger for it.  You just have to cover the motor and tie it down so a gust of wind doesn’t launch it.

I had already thought of that and had some temp tie downs made.  They were just five gallon buckets of concrete with hooks set in them.  The wind would have to be pretty strong to blow them away.  Of course that wasn’t going to be near enough on a long term basis.  I decided that if EZ wasn’t big cock, I would get him to send me a ‘Margo the builder’ type person.

I spent the remainder of the day driving him to Hanford, then turned straight around and returning to New Wales.  What a waste of a perfectly good Saturday, I thought.

It was after dark when I made the turn into the marina’s parking lot.  I was tired and my only plan was to fall into bed.  Well fall into bed after a visit to one of the many adult chat rooms.  That was the plan but Wilson met me at my bedroom door.

“What is it Wilson, I’m exhausted,” I said.

“Well do you want to pass up the chance to eliminate one of the big cock contenders?” he asked.

“The big bald man is at the B&B?” I asked.

“He is indeed and I have his ass on tape.  So do you want to go visit the Bar at the B&B or go to bed alone?” he asked.

“If it were anyone else, the empty bed would be the most appealing, but who knows when we will get the chance again,” I admitted.

I took a shower and tried to wake up.  I was tired, but I knew I was too excited to sleep after Wilson’s announcement.  After my quick shower I dressed in my one cut off tee shirt and tight jeans.  The top covered my boobs and would have been fine with a bra but of course I skipped the bra in hopes of attracting the man known as big cock by doing so.

I really did want to get picked up by the guy.  I knew how he rolled, if he was indeed big cock.  I was exhausted but it looked as though my day wasn’t over after all.  The drive into New Wales was only four or five minutes once I was out of our driveway.

The B&B was almost a block from the bay to offer it some protection from the high winds and waters.  It had been a classy railroad hotel in the late eighteen hundreds.  It had survived the civil war with almost no damage.  That was the case even though it was stopping point for a different kind of underground railroad.  It was a way station for the spies and other operatives headed north by boat into New York and Boston.

The bar had been a fancy dining room in those days.  At the time of my visit it was just a bar that served sandwiches.  Still they had managed to find and replace some of the decor.  “Hello Chrissy,” I said as I entered.  I had to speak since she was tending bar.

“Hi there Sylvia,” she said.  We had hardly spoken since the night I had been drugged.  She never knew that I knew what happened.  Since she didn’t know anything about my investigation, I felt pretty comfortable speaking with her.

“So how is business?” I asked standing far down the bar from the man who might be Big Cock.

“Business isn’t too bad.  We manage to keep the place filled on weekends.  The summer is here, so it should be getting better soon.  We book a lot of reservations over the Internet.

“Well I hope you do really well this year.  How long till the next show?” I asked.

“I should be singing in a few minutes.  Mom will take over at the bar.  Mike our bartender isn’t in today,” she informed me.

“Would you like for me to tend bar while you and your mom do your duet?” I asked.

“Thanks for the offer, but this happens enough that we have a routine for it,” she replied.

“Okay, so who is the big guy at the other end of the bar,” I asked.

“That’s just old Ralph.  I don’t know his last name, we just call him Ralph,” she said.

“With the bald head he looks a little like a biker, but I have to admit he is dressed better,” I said.

“Not much better,” Chrissy said.

“Do you know if he is married.  I have a thing for big men,” I said.

“I have no idea.  Hell he might be gay, he never leaves with anyone,” she added.  “Go down and say hello.”

“No way, I’m basically shy,” I said.

“Now you know I don’t believe that,” she said with a smile bordering on a leer.

“I am at first you know that,” I said.  I might as well use the fact you had to drug me, I thought.

I planned to get his glass, if I couldn’t get him.  Wilson could run the finger print database search.  Once we had his name, I could do a full background check.

Instead of going to the glass, it came to me.  “Hello my name is Ralph,” he said as he approached me.  “Could I buy you a drink.”

I had already decided how I would play that.  Since the Ruffie was seldom dangerous in and of itself I decided I would let the scene unfold.  I should know in a few hours if Ralph was Big Cock.

“So are you from here?” he asked.

“Yes I do live here.  I actually live on a boat,” I said.

“Oh really, I live in an old house downtown,” he explained.  “It’s only a few blocks from here.  That’s why I drink here.  I can drink and not have to drive.”

“That’s a good policy,” I agreed.  “I usually call a friend, if I have too much to drink.”  I removed a pill bottle from the clutch purse.  “Damn,” I said after struggling with the top.  “Could you give me a hand.”

“Sure,” he said giving me a nice fingerprint on the bottle when he opened it.

“Would you take out just one for me?”  He did then handed it to me.  He also replaced the lid on the bottle.

I left the bottle on the table after he replaced the lid.  First chance I got, I slipped it carefully into the purse without being seen.  If nothing else I had his fingerprint.  After I took my pill I gave him a chance to dope my drink, if that was his intention.

By the end of the evening I still didn’t feel anything.  Either he was particular about who he doped or he wasn’t Big Cock.  Fuck it, I decided.  When he went to the bathroom I waited till he was inside, then I went to stand by the door.  I didn’t care who saw me push him back in as he tried to leave the men’s room.  I quickly unzipped his pants and removed his barely average size penis.  Just to maintain my cover with Chrissy, I knelt down and gave him a quick blow job.  It was quick because he came after only a couple of minutes of my attention.  He was probably excited by the location as well as the feel of my warm wet mouth on his cock.  I took his cum and let him watch as I made a big production of swallowing it.

When I left I was tempted to remove the bottle of aspirin and tossed it into the trash can by the door.  Instead I got into the candy colored truck and headed home.  I could still have Wilson run his prints as there was no sense wasting the opportunity.

When I arrived home, I was even more exhausted.  The two drinks and the blow job in the bathroom added to my exhaustion.  When I got to the barge, I didn’t even speak to Wilson.  I just went to bed.  I did masturbate to the memory of how the big man looked when he came in my mouth.

I slept with the feel of his semen coating my mouth.  No I didn’t brush my teeth, because I had learned to like the feel.  Actually I liked that it reminded me how much power I had over men at the time they ejaculated in my mouth.

When I awoke the next morning at seven, Wilson was still sleeping.  I took a shower and dressed in my running clothes.  I carefully brushed my teeth before I began my tricycle ride.  I rode rather than run for no particular reason.  The trike pedals worked my legs continually since the roads were flat.  There was no coasting at all.

Riding the tricycle was hard but rewarding.  I got my heavy breathing exercise and worked up an appetite.  Since I had a small basket over the front wheel I was able to bring home my breakfast.  I never brought Wilson breakfast, because he was a lazy bastard.  When he finally woke up, he could make his own egg or eat cereal.  Most likely he would drive to Mr. BJ’s for a biscuit.  I loved Wilson, but he was too lazy to even fry an egg.

I finished my coffee and the bacon and egg biscuit, while sitting on the roof deck.  I had seen the commercial for a deck cover roll out canopy.  Our deck was 10×16 with a small walk leading from one side of the kitchen bath unit on top of the two bedrooms.  It could really get hot up there with all that metal.  After giving the $500 awning some thought I decided on a $200 PVC patio set.  It was a table and chairs with a large umbrella.  The early morning sun was usually no problem, but I found it hard to get started that morning.  It was considerably later when I realized I had put off the purchase too long.  That being the case I resolved to drive to the largest store in the area.  It was a Wal-Mart twenty five miles away.  I started to make a mental list of things I wanted from the Wal-Mart store.

“Hello,” I said into the phone.

“I got your message.  So what can I do for you?” EZ asked.

“I need someone to build me a large garage on the airstrip.  It doesn’t have to be high grade just some protection from the elements for my airplane’s engine,” I said.

“Don’t bother going into detail with me honey.  It wouldn’t mean a thing to me.  How about Margo she has the equipment.  If she ain’t busy she could probably do it easy enough.  I’ll give her a call,” EZ said.

While I waited for EZ’s friend Margo to call, Wilson awoke.  He came out on the deck to drink his morning coffee.  “So the man last night wasn’t big cock?” Wilson asked.

“No Wilson, he wasn’t,” I replied.

“Damn shame,” he said.  “I guess the size of your cock is something you can’t disguise.”

Edited by Walt

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2 Responses to Sheriff Porter 84 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    Some things are hard to find when you are lookng for one. LOL

    • cindypress says:

      the old joke but a hard one is good to find. at my age just finding one that car get hard on a moments notice these days can be a challenge.

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