Sheriff Porter 85 (edited)

The prick that never was

“Or maybe you can,” I suggested.  “How many guys with that size cock do you think there are?”

“Damn few, I would think,” Wilson said.  “Are you saying he raped them with a dildo?”

“I’m not saying anything.  I’m just questioning my own logical assumptions,” I said.  If he did have a cock that size, do you think he would have trouble getting laid?  He has no intention of having a long term affair anyway.  He could surely find a woman in any bar who would be fascinated by his size.

“So how does he pull it off?” Wilson asked.

“People doped with those drugs are in and out of reality.  If she never sees him naked, how would she know?  They make those things very lifelike I’m told.

“If that is true, we have no distinguishing feature at all,” Wilson said.

“It surely would seem that way,” I agreed

“So the guy last night was a waste,” Wilson said.

“Oh I don’t know, it worked out okay.  You can also go into your super duper lab and find out who he is then get a real background on him,” I suggested.

“So what is our next move?” Wilson asked.

“We start getting tricky.  From now on when ever I have a little time between 10 PM and Midnight, I will walk through upscale lounges on Jefferson Island.  Whenever I see anyone who fits the description I will try to identify him.  Then we will build a profile,” I said.  “The best information we have is that he stakes his victim out for hours.  Well at least a couple of hours, then he spikes her drink.  He waits till she obviously is flying, then he follows her outside.”

“So you think you can catch him in the act?” Wilson asked.

“Hey it could happen,” I said.

“Now you don’t really believe that,” he said.

“Big guy shaved head,” I said.  “It will take only a moment in each of the lounges to check for him.  There are only six or seven on the island.  I think he is still going for the tourists.  They would be safer.”

“We have been through all this.  Why didn’t you start before?” Wilson asked.

“I expect I wanted it to be something exotic.  You know like finding the guy with a giant cock.  He still may be hung like a horse.  I’m just not so sure we should put all our eggs in the same basket again.  But I really can’t think of anything else.  Appealing to the public for help won’t work.  We could get into the security company’s files again, but we got everything worthwhile last time.  The cover up worked really well for them.”

“I wish I could help you, but I can’t frankly.  I could do a background check, but I can’t tell if they committed a crime for which they were never held accountable,” Wilson said.

“I know.  The only thing we really have going for us is we know he is out there, but he doesn’t know that we know,” I said.  The phone rang so I held up a hand to put the conversation on pause.

“Hello,” I said then “Yes I am.”  The call was from Margo about the hanger.  I agreed to meet her at noon on the site.  “So do you want the GPS settings,” I asked.

“Just directions, if you don’t mind.  I can use the Garman thing, but not by the longitude and latitude settings,” she said.

I agreed to meet her at the nearest landmark which happened to be a bait and tackle shop on the river.  It was about a mile away.  “Look for the skinny blond in the candy red pickup,” I suggested.

“I remember you,” she said.

Since we had a couple of hours to kill, I sprang the pill bottle on Wilson.  “Wilson this might tells us who the big bald guy at the bar is,” I said.  “Take it down to your lab and get a print off it.  You can tap into the super secret source of yours and Identify him.”

“If they ever catch me, I am going to prison.  I would make a terrible inmate,” he said.

“Anytime you want, you can refuse,” I said.  “Of course I would refuse to pay you, but hey life is full of unfair choices.”  I grinned at him.

“Come back after your meeting with the contractor.  Stop by and pick up some lunch and I’ll work through on our big bald man,” Wilson said.

I still had time on my hands, when I drove away from the pier.  So I went out to Jefferson Island.  It was far too early to do anything more than scout out the places mentioned in the reports.

In rechecking the list of possible victims compiled by Wilson there were four different lounges mentioned.  No two victims seemed to have been visiting the same lounge.  It could be part of his MO not to return to the same place twice to hunt.  It could also be that there were more victims who just didn’t report it.  I made a list of all the hotel lounges on Jefferson Island.  There were six places that seemed to fit the bill.

I didn’t get out of the truck.  I just made a note of the best places to park.  My plan was to spot potential suspects, then wait till his victim was drugged.  When he was ready to leave, I wanted to be able to move to my car quickly.  I didn’t want to lose him while I found my truck.  I was going to try to get ahead of the curve.

I found that I had to rush from the island to make my meeting on time.  Even so Margo the contractor was waiting for me.  “Hi there,” I said to Margo who sat behind the wheel of the well worn pickup truck.

“So where is it that we are building this garage?” Margo asked shortly.  She didn’t seem all that excited about the job.  Could be she just hated me.

“Just follow me,” I said driving off leaving her to catch up.  I was pretty sure Margo was really pissed about something but I didn’t mind.  I pulled into the private drive that led back to the long freshly planted grass field.  The driveway stopped at the top of the filed.  I got out of the truck and waited for her to park her truck.

“What you want and where do you want it?” she asked.

“Okay let me explain this is a grass runway for that aircraft under the tarp.  The building is to house it.  I found that I can buy a 20 x 30 metal building from Home Depot for seven thousand dollars.  So the question is, can you site build something as cheap or do you want to give me a price on picking it up and erecting it on this site.”

“I can pick it up at the closest Home Depot and deliver it here.  I can erect it on the site in a couple of days.  I will have to tie it to the ground and all that.  It will cost you about four thousand dollars for the construction.”  She said that and waited.  I knew there was more coming.

“Or I can build you a standard twelve foot wide and thirty feet long garage for the same ten thousand dollars.  I will sink 4×6 posts into cement every six feet to make it secure without having to build a complete foundation or pour a concrete floor.  Instead of roll up doors, I could put up plywood doors that swing.  You need about eight feet for the airplane I can put up two fairly light weight doors for you.”

“For ten grand frankly I expect twenty by thirty.  If you can build it just like you said with the same materials and add that extra eight feet, I can go with it.  Otherwise I’m going to be looking at some prefab buildings,” I said.

“You are really talking about an almost prefab building.  Since I would be building it with as much shop manufacture products as possible.  I will most likely sink those posts in the ground, then bolt on a top plate to hold the metal truss roofing system.  I will be building your walls in the shop, then erect them here.  Once the concrete in the post holes sets I shouldn’t be more than a couple of days completing it,” she said.  “But even so 10k isn’t enough.”

I replied.  “Oh I don’t haggle, so give me your bottom dollar and I will take it or leave it on the table.”

She thought about it while I went over to adjust the plastic tarp on my plane.  I was dying to fly it, but I had a few more things to do before I took to the air.  I still needed gas and a wind sock at least.  The solar lights on the pier had worked so well I considered them for the runway.  I just wondered how visible they would be from the air.  Also the runway seemed really short, but the mechanic assured me it was plenty long enough.

“I did some calling around,” Margo said.  “I can do it for $12,500 but it will not be beautiful.” she said.  “It will have a metal roof of whatever color is available that day at the salvage house.  The walls will be an unpainted cedar exterior chipboard material.  The doors would be one twelve foot roll up door and one walk in door.”

“I can live with all that, but I can not live with your trucks damaging my runway, so drive into the property along the tree line.  Do not drive your trucks on the airstrip,” I demanded.

“I understand,” she said.

“Good, because if you damage my strip, I will not make the final payment until it is restored,” I said.

“Fair enough, I would like $7,000 to buy materials.  Then $3,000 when I begin work and the finally $2,500 after you inspect the building,” she said very carefully.

“That sounds reasonable, when do you intend to start,” I asked.

“We can set the posts on Monday, and have the job complete by Friday,” Margo said.

“Then you won’t mind a $200 per days penalty for every day the job runs past Friday,” I said.

“Not if you agree to a day for day weather extension, in case of rain,” she said.

“Come by my Marina this afternoon at five.  I will have the money and the contract drawn up.  We can exchange money for signatures,” I said.

“Alright,” she replied less than happy.  My daddy always said in a negotiation it is only successful if no one is happy at the end.  Well for sure Margo wasn’t happy.  I wondered what EZ had told her.  She already knew I had money.  So she knew her payments were secure, but I was no pushover.  I flashed on something.  Wilson had never told me how it ended with Margo.

I shook it off and drove to the bank.  There I arranged for the seven grand in cash, then I drove by Mr. BJ’s for take out.  Wilson enjoyed their chicken, so I bought that for him.

“Did you get what you wanted?” he asked.

“Yeah EZ’s friend Margo is going to build me a hanger for the plane,” I said then added, “Here, I got you chicken, mashed potatoes and a biscuit.  Eat hardy, Margo is going to stop by for her money and sign her contract.”

“You not having any?” he asked.

“I don’t do chicken for lunch.  Hell I don’t do lunch most days,” I replied.  “Do you have anything on Ralph?”

“Ralph’s name is Ralph Mitchel.  He is a truck driver for one of the lines hauling cargo from the small pack boats inland.  About the furthest he goes is Kentucky or Tennessee.  Mostly it is Richmond Va. down to Columbia SC.  He probably goes as far as the mountain ski resorts.  He leaves here with a truck loaded in the morning and makes deliveries all day.  He usually is back by 10 PM according to his boss.  He does that about three times a week.

Edited by Walt

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11 Responses to Sheriff Porter 85 (edited)

  1. hartzog86 says:

    “How many guys with that size cock do you think there are?”
    Depends entirely on who is doing the measuring.


    • jackballs57 says:

      Rule on top against the bone any measurement from the bottom dosen’t count LOL

      • cindypress says:

        I think one of the guys I dated measured from base around the end and back again underneath Either that or he started with a ruler that had the first three inches cut off. What is that obsession with size anyway.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Have no idea but all the ladies on craigslist all want well hung it must mean something to them, may be it’s a case of the unkown just that one time,that drives the quest, Then again no matter what the add is for bigger is better, trucks, boats, motor homes ,down load limits. Why else would a family of two want 12000 sq foot house.

  3. cindypress says:

    yes I’m the only one I know who wants to downsize since my kids left. I know this house is paid for but I don;t want to climb the stairs anymore.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    You are not alone in the down sizing. Our house has a full basement, never again. we dont use because the wife can’t deal with the stairs because of bad knees. The kids rooms are closed off , to reduce heating and cooling cost and reduce cleaning time. I inherited the family farm. The farm house built by my grandfather in 1925 three rooms down and three up in old farm house style, i was planning to retire and move in there. Not any more the stairs are killers and i remember the house being cold as hell in the winter and that was when kero was 34 cents a gallon. It’s soon going on the market.

  5. carlton says:

    Sylvia should have wilson run Ralph’s route to see if there are similar cases being reported along his route.

  6. jackballs57 says:

    I posted another chapter to my story tonight.

  7. cindypress says:

    Go there people it well worth the click.

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