Sheriff Porter 89 (edited)

Foggy Windows

I went to the barge house after watching, and listening to a couple of hours of boring roach recordings, as I thought of them.  I sat on my bed to explore the world of adult chat rooms.  I decided that night to be a divorced woman of 40.  It wasn’t too big a stretch.

Knowing that Wilson listened made it even more erotic.  I would say more fun, but when I sunk to chatroom eroticism, it was work not play.  I would classify it as almost a medical necessity.  I managed to find a nice enough lady, at least in my mind she was a lady, and that was all that mattered.  We talked about imagined events until I orgasmed.  Then I went to bed and slept very well indeed.

The next morning I tried something new.  It was really a compromise for Wilson.  I slept until 8 AM.  When I awoke I got right out of bed and put on the coverall outfit over my bikini panties.  I got the adult big wheel from the shed and rode slowly off toward the country road that led to the airfield.  It took me slightly over an hour of hard work to reach it.’

When I got there after nine the crew was putting siding on the frame which they had built.  The leader of the crew spoke a little English, so I asked him, “Finish today?”

“Tomorrow, waiting on door.” he replied.

“Okay,” I said with a smile.

“I chained the big wheel to a tree near the lawn mower.  I drove the lawn mower to the plane’s front wheel and attached it.  I towed the plane to the same spot I had used the day before.  I had it ready for take off in just a few minutes.  Then I put the lawn mower back to the storage area I had covered with tarps.

When the tiny plane sprang into the air I was as thrilled as I had been every time I managed to get airborne.  I spent the better part of two hours sailing up and down the coastline.  I searched for things of interest.  I stayed high enough, so that I could work a long glide into the flight.  I was practicing for the day I lost the engine.

I mean, I didn’t have an aircraft mechanic on site.  What I had managed was a to get the name of a lawn mower mechanic, who would come to the field to work on the Honda engine according to EZ.  Even so I had to get down if it died, so I practiced gliding to a dead stick landing.  Since the plane was very STOL, I even had plans to land on a county road one day and take off again just to prove I could.  It was probably crazy to do something like that, but I really wanted to know if I could survive a mechanical problem while in flight.  Nobody ever said I was completely sane.

Of course that wasn’t the morning to try it.  I turned to home and landed the bird safely.  It was a great flight, then I toughed out the ride back to the barge/house.  That big wheel was going to kill me I decided.  I loved it for rides around town but it was too much pedaling for the ride to the airfield.  Still the idea of some exercise before the flight and then an hour or so in the air before I began the day was appealing on some level.

Wilson would love it because I didn’t get ready to open the office till almost noon.  It needed some fine tuning for sure, but I liked the idea a lot.  After the shower and dressing in my grunge look clothes, it was almost 1 PM.  I had to work out a schedule that put me in the office before noon, but it was doable.  I liked the idea of doing things that required no one’s help or approval.  Yes, I also liked that my little toy had an element of risk involved.

I really also liked that it would take off and land anywhere.  My main problem was with the designation ultra light.  There were way too many restrictions.  But I felt like we could circumvent most of them.  I found after reading the specs on the plane that the fuel tank was too large.  It was not allowed to carry more than 5 gallons of gas.  I could probably get away with a small fine when they caught me.  It could have no more than a fifty odd mile per hour top speed.  The little yellow bird would do about 50% more than that.

I got my mind back onto Randy and Brian when Wilson and I sat down to monitor the tapes.  I got Randy’s apartment tapes.  Randy thought he was a singer for some reason.  He sang along with the radio, or whatever he was using to play the songs.  I listened to him and fast forwarded a lot of the time.  “Wilson I don’t think this clown talks to anyone,” I said.

“It is possible, but I doubt it.  We would probably have better luck with a phone clone on him.  At least we wouldn’t have to listen to hours and hours of bullshit,” he said.

“Then why didn’t we do that?” I asked.

“Because he knows you and if he sees you he will probably insist on sex again,” Wilson said.

“Then you clone him he probably won’t ask you for sex,” I said with a smile.

“Why do you keep insinuating that he might.  You let a guy suck just one cock and he never hears the end of it,” he said.  “That was a joke by the way.”

“I know, but you are awfully cute,” I said with a leer.  “See if you can find where he drinks most of the time.  I can infiltrate you into the club before he gets there.  You can clone his phone as you leave.”

“Yes that will work,” Wilson said.  “So go back to listening.  Let’s get this guy’s information.  His truck moved last night but it looks like he went to the Railroad B&B for dinner and a drink, judging from the timing and length of his visit.”

“So did he go straight home?” I asked.

“Straight as an arrow.  He stayed in all night.  So unless you can find something on those roach tapes, we wasted a afternoon,” Wilson said.

“It’s time for us to eat dinner and check his movements.  When we put him somewhere, you can go clone his phone,” I said.

Then we caught a break.  Only half of a conversation from the night before.  Randy Ralph answered his phone.  “Well hello, what a pleasant surprise.  I wasn’t planning on it, but I can be talked into it.”  Then there was a long pause.  “Okay tomorrow night.  I know you think we can use that marina, but I believe we need to keep using the state wildlife boat landing.  Nobody ever bothers us there.  Even the few couples fucking in the back seat never bothered us,” Randy Ralph said.

“Okay, tomorrow night 2 AM at the landing.  Don’t be late.”  Then there was another pause.  “Whatever but 2:30 and I’m in the wind,” Ralph said presumably into the phone.

“That call was at midnight,” I said.

“Did we have a Brian call as well?” I asked.

“No,” Wilson said.

“Did we clone the wrong phone?” I asked.

“Either that or someone else is involved,” Wilson informed me.

“There is one way to find out.  Ralph and company will be at the landing tonight,” I said.

“Yeah and all we have to do is figure out where the landing is located,” Wilson suggested.

“I’m no genius but I bet somewhere on the net there is a list of public access boat landings,” I said.

“And if we find it before 2 AM what are we going to do?” Wilson asked.

“Why we are going to be that couple fucking.  That doesn’t seem to bother Randy Ralph,” I said.  “We can practice with that fancy camera equipment you had me buy.”

“Oh my that does sound better than anything I could have come up with,” Wilson said.

“Right, but let’s figure out which one he is going to use.  Find all of them within thirty miles of New Wales,” I insisted.  “What would they want?”

“Deep water and not too far from the scene of the crime, but not too deep.  They do have to maneuver the boat onto the trailer.” Wilson said.

“Okay there is one a half mile up river from the barge house,” I noticed.

“Yes, but there are two more equally viable, but in different directions,” Wilson said.

“Okay this one,” I said pointing to a launch site on a totally different river.  “We can go there and wait till he starts moving toward one of them.  He is going to drop Brian off at the boat they plan to steal.  So we assume they are going to use the one nearest to that site.  We can move from one site to another till we have to commit for real.”

“We want to be in the parking lot when they show up,” Wilson suggested.  “Since I don’t think they will check the temperature of the motor, we can pull in two minutes before them.”

“That works just fine with me.  Be sure you know how to use that low light shit,” I said.

“I have played with it enough to know what it will do.  Most likely they will have some light.  They aren’t going to want to work in a total black out.  For one thing Randy Ralph will have to signal Brian so he knows where to make landfall,” Wilson said.

“Don’t you sound nautical and shit,” I said.

Since my truck would be a dead give away, we sat in the Honda in a convenience store parking lot.  We were ten to fifteen miles from two of the boat ramps and twenty or so from another.  Wilson was monitoring the bugs, Brian’s phone clone, and the trackers for anything we could use.

While we waited for Ralph to move, I said, “Wilson I need for you to have a CCTV set up installed on the new hanger.  I want it to record continuously on a loop of 48 hours.  I want the images stored on line so that we can recover them if we need to do so.”

“Okay since you are going all solar shit out there the thing will need it’s own solar power setup,” Wilson began.

“Just do it honey, I don’t really care how it works,” I said.  “Also a nice local siren alarm to scare them off if possible, one that goes fifteen minutes then shuts itself off.”  Wilson nodded.

“Ralph is on the move,” Wilson said.

“He is probably going to meet Brian somewhere,” I suggested.

“All I can tell is he is headed North on a state two lane road.  Looks like they are headed away from town and toward the boat they plan to steal.  That boat is no where in New Wales I think,” Wilson suggested.

“We need to head toward the landing one up north.  The one on the Calico inlet,” I demanded.  “So are we committed?”

“We are committed,” Wilson agreed.

I drove the car quickly to the boat ramp.  There were about ten parking spaces for cars and ten for cars with trailers attached.  We parked in a space with a view of the landing.

While we waited I speculated on the other cars in the parking lot.  A couple belonged to fishermen for sure.  I saw one with the windows steamed.  “Definitely a married couple, but not married to each other,” Wilson suggested.  “You know without the steamed up windows, it isn’t going to look like we are making out in here.”

Before we fog up our windows to the point we can’t drive off, let’s be sure we are in the right landing,” I suggested smiling.

Around fifteen minutes later we were sure Randy Ralph was headed our way.  So Wilson looked at me.  “Oh what the fuck,” I said as I leaned over and kissed him.  Wilson was thirty years older than me but it didn’t seem to matter to my body.  Probably intellectually I knew better, but biologically it just didn’t matter.  The heavy breathing we needed to fog the windows came way too easily.  The next thing I knew Wilson’s tongue was choking me and his hand was on my small breast.

Edited by Walt

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  1. jackballs57 says:

    I can see now, windows to fogged up for the camera equipment to work, so involved they miss the action and busted by the locals for public sex.LOL thanks Have a great Memorial day !

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