Sheriff Porter 91 (edited)

Tacos and more Tacos

While I waited I helped Wilson check the recordings.  I overheard Randy Ralph arrange for a pick up at 7 PM.  I made a note to follow him.  With the aid of the GPS, I wouldn’t have to get close.  At least not until he was deep into whatever shit he was involved with.  I pretty much expected the trailer to be on the road as well.

I had a lot of time to kill, so I dropped by the Aberdeen Proving Ground.  “So Tony what you got for me?” I asked.

“I got your trike of course,” he said rolling it out.  I noticed right away the motor was over the front wheel.  It was high enough so that it wouldn’t impede my pedaling.  Since there was a freewheel inside the front axle, I wouldn’t get beat to death by the pedal spin.

“It looks fine.  What do I have for a power source?” I asked.

“I put in a 12v small car battery.  It isn’t in good shape so you are going to need to replace it.  I did charge it so you can get an idea of the speed it will do.  Now the motor is off an electric scooter.  I welded that drive wheel on.  It might not be perfect so expect some vibration.  You need to take this home and do some research before you buy a battery.  You are probably going to want a lithium battery.  They are still pretty expensive, but are cheaper than they used to be.”

“So how does it work?” I asked.  Putting my ass on the wide seat.

“Pedal it a little to get it moving the just flip the switch.  First we need to take it outside,” he said.

I did as he said and when the trike started to move under it’s own power I tried to catch the free wheel but was unable to do it.  The trike was definitely faster on power then it was with me pedaling.  That was all I wanted.

“Okay so how much do I owe you,” I asked.

“The motor was fifty dollars and the wiring, switch and battery were twenty five.  You owe me $75 plus my $100 labor,” he said.

“Not a problem,” I said handing him the money.

“If it runs fast enough on 12 volts, you need to get a lithium battery so it will last longer and weight less,” Tony said.

I just nodded.  I helped him load it in the back of my truck.  I was back at the boat by five even though I stopped for take out pizza at the only pizza place in town offering take out.

“So Randy Ralph is going to be on the move again,” Wilson asked.

“Yes but it’s different this time, don’t you think?” I asked.

“Yes it does seem to be a little different.  But maybe he is still working with Brian,” Wilson suggested.

“He didn’t show up on the clone phone log,” I said.

“Brian could be using other phones.  A land line or a second burner,” Wilson suggested.

“That is true, so how do we find out?” I asked.

“We know that bugging the apartment and his land line isn’t going to work,” Wilson said.  “Over half this criminal shit is being done by cell phone outside the apartments.”

“Yeah and we cloned the phone he has,” I said.

“We could clone it again,” Wilson suggested.

“Either that or rubber hose it out of him,” I said.  “I would love to use EZ to infiltrate the two of them, but I don’t know that he isn’t in on the crap with them.  At least the boat part.  To be honest, I think no one but the rapist, and the one who doped me knows about the Jefferson Island thing.”

“The one who doped you might not know about the date rapes,” Wilson said.

“Those are not date rapes, they are pure rape.  There was no consent not even questionable consent,” I repeated.

“Okay, the Jefferson Island rapes,” Wilson replied.  “I can find out what kind of car Brian drives and we can tag it.  It isn’t much but it’s a start.”

“Do it,” I said.  “I’ll put one on him this afternoon, if we can find him.”

It was a few minutes later when Wilson informed me.  “Brian doesn’t own a car.  He lost his driver’s license for a DWI last year.  He isn’t eligible to apply for a reinstatement for a couple of months.”

“Now that is going to make it a little harder.  He is doing something to get around.  So get me his last known address and I’ll pay him a visit,” I suggested.

“You don’t want to do that, he knows you,” Wilson said.

“I’m going to document the cars at his house.  It’s a place to start,” I suggested.  Wilson nodded his head.

“He lives in a trailer.  It is in a park just outside of New Wales,” he said.

After giving it a little thought I said to Wilson, “Road trip.  It’s almost dark, can you make out a license plate in this low light.”

“I can if we stop talking about it and go right now.”  With that he went to our secure storage area for a camera bag.  He led the way out the door.  Wilson, I was convinced, was a frustrated James Bond wannabe.  It didn’t matter to me.  It made him a great partner.  If wanting to play super spy got him killed, I could live with it.  It would be hard, but he at least had the chance to try it a few times.  We drove across a small bridge which crossed a small creek.  The creek eventually went into the big river where my barge was moored.

The State road eventually connected to other roads that crisscrossed the state connecting smaller towns to each other.  They, of course, were also crossed by Interstate Highways.  So while the traffic on the road was minimal, there was still some traffic.  I turned off onto a county road then finally a private drive leading to the trailer park.

I drove by the trailers slowly while Wilson tried to determine the one belonging to Brian.  They had number over the doors.  We eventually had what we thought was his trailer pinpointed.  It looked pretty much empty.  At the end of the driveway was what appeared to be a large box.

“I wonder what is inside that box?” I asked Wilson.

“That Sylvia love is a ‘one each portable garage’.”  Wilson said.  He then made a few clicks on the computer and showed me an advertising picture of it.  It was a hinged lightweight aluminum box that lifted back on its hinges to expose a motor scooter.

“Well aren’t you a smart sum bitch,” I said to Wilson.  “So now we know how he gets around.  Five will get you ten, it is either 50cc or he is not bothering to comply with the law.  Which do you think?”

“I would say if he is smart it is 50cc and not necessary to register,” Wilson replied.

“Well that would be the smart thing.  He could get the kit that increases the bike from 50cc to 80cc and the change is invisible.  Top speed would go from 30 mph to 40 easy,” I said.  Wilson looked at me with some surprise on his face.  “You are not the only one who keeps up.”

“So, we think Brian rides a motorbike and keeps it in that ‘port a garage’.  We can keep an eye on the B&B and tag his scooter, when it is there parked on the street,” I suggested.

“That would work, if there is only one scooter on the street,” Wilson said.

“I am willing to take a chance on that,” I said.  “But for now we need to start keeping an eye on Randy Ralph’s tag.  He will be on the move soon.”

“We still have a couple of hours before his meeting,” Wilson said to me.

“Then lets use it to our advantage,” I said.  “Let’s go to the Railroad B&B and you can sing.”

“You are kidding?” he asked.

“Well about the singing yes.  I think I should be seen there tonight for some reason,” I said.

“Or more likely, you want to see someone there,” Wilson said.  “You think Brian might show up?”

“All I know for sure is part of the his unholy alliance will be on the move.  I’m going to leave you there while I follow Randy Ralph,” I said.  “Just in case Brian shows up after Randy Ralph starts to move.”

“I think, according to his tape, we have about an hour to go,” Wilson said as we settled into a table at the Railroad B&B.  As the perversity of the too quick an assumption goes, Wilson checked his smart phone and declared, “Shit you need to move now.  I’ll stay in contact.”

“Ah so the Games afoot,” I said standing to leave.

“I’m not Watson,” Wilson demanded.

“No, Oswald was Watson.  I got to go.  We can discuss your part later,” I replied.  I plugged my earpiece into the phone and talked to Wilson.  “Talk to me Wilson.”

“The man left home headed to the docks for a pickup, but he isn’t scheduled to be on the road for an hour yet.  As I expected, he didn’t take the boat.  This is something totally different,” Wilson informed me.

“Well keep watching your toys,” I suggested.

“Careful boss, he just stopped somewhere,” Wilson said.

I saw Ralph’s truck parked beside MrBJ’s empty parking lot.  At the back of the lot was a food truck.  It looked like a taco truck.  I couldn’t see the transaction, since I was driving by.  “Wilson he stopped for taco’s,” I suggested.

“Hey I like tacos.  Where did he stop?” Wilson asked.

“There is a taco truck at the rear of MrBJ’s parking lot,” I suggested.  “I think we need to check that out after we put Randy Ralph to bed,” I suggested.

Ralph left the parking lot at MrBJ’s and headed to the parking lot at the docks.  It was the same parking lot his employer used for his employees.  That made sense Ralph’s truck would arouse no suspicion parked there.  I rolled into another part of the lot with my lights off.  I really hoped that I had managed to roll into it unobserved.  With the aid of a long lens, I had a good view into Ralph’s truck.  I took a couple of shots of him behind the wheel before anything happened.

We both waited about half an hour before I caught sight of a man moving along the inside of the fence that surrounded the dock area.  The man carelessly flashed a laser pointer to alert Ralph.  Then he tossed a package over the fence.  That is when the action started, Ralph went to retrieve it.  I got pictures of it all.  Ralph didn’t bother to check the package out, he just took to back to his truck.  That told me it wasn’t his first rodeo.

When Ralph left the parking lot, I really expected him to go home.  Since it was getting close to midnight, I hadn’t expected him to make any other stops.  Instead of going home, he went back to the taco truck.  I didn’t see it, but I would bet my ass that he passed the package to the taco guys.  I could image that whatever was in the package got repackaged and redistributed by those inside the taco truck.  I could also imagine that Ralph got paid in product for his short night’s work.  Taco guys needed him because his truck wouldn’t be questioned as it sat in the parking lot.  Just another early shift for Ralph.

Since most of the Ruffies in the country came from Mexico, I wasn’t all that surprised.  Of course there was also a shit pot full of brown heroin and a ton of cocaine which could have been in the package.

Edited by Walt

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2 Responses to Sheriff Porter 91 (edited)

  1. jack says:

    Sure looks like the game is indeed afoot. The bullets will soon be flying again.

  2. KO says:

    Wow, so I’m traveling for a week or so and nothing is the same when I get back! Except my life of course, but certainly not Sylvia’s!! Love catching up on things and even with 6 or 8 chapters to read through it’s always over too soon! Love everything that is going on with all of the twists and turns! But then I expect nothing less from you and I’m not disappointed!!
    Thanks for writing and entertaining! I do so look forward to each and every chapter!!

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