Sheriff Porter 92(edited)


I gave some serious thought to pulling Randy Ralph over, jerking him out of the truck and beating the crap out of him.  We were finding all kinds of crap he did wrong but I still couldn’t pin the rapes on him.  Instead I went back to the Railroad B&B for Wilson.

“So what the fuck would he pick up at the docks and deliver to a taco truck?” I asked Wilson.

“Maybe they are distributing drugs,” was his answer.

“If it was drugs they would never throw them over a fence and hope their man is the one who comes along.  Not to mention when he delivered the package, he didn’t walk out with a bag full of money.  I think he got the payment on the first visit, but it still wasn’t a ton of money,” I said.

“Maybe it’s not drugs,” Wilson said.

“Yeah, I’m beginning to think so as well,” I said.  “We still got his ass on the boat business.”

“But, do we really want him for that?” Wilson asked.

“If it’s all we can do, then yes by God we do,” I said.

“We are going to give him and Brian a chance to explain?” Wilson asked.

“Of course, then we are going to hang their asses,” I said.  It sounded real good at the time.

The next morning I was up at seven AM.  I raised the motor from the front wheel and rode to the airfield.  It was only a little more difficult that usual.  When I got the Chickadee in the air I felt a hell of a lot better.  I put the plane in slow cruise and found the air currents over the ocean and rode along with them.  They carried me north for quite a ways before I turned around to head home.  I had to add a little throttle in order to make it back after a 90 minute ride.

Once I had the plane back in the hanger and the fuel checked I headed home.  I had used only four gallons.  I was well within range for the five gallon tank to make the bird legal.  Of course I had no plans to change mine out.

I started the ride home on the trike.  I pedaled a few times then hit the power.  The trike took off at a clip about twice what I pedaled.  I have to admit it was kind of fun.  I mean zipping along at twice the speed, was exciting but it wasn’t giving me any exercise.  The power ran down about half way home.  It would still run too fast to catch the pedal up to the speed of the freewheel so I just let the power drain away.  It seemed to be totally out.  A couple of miles from the marina so I took over the pedaling.  I stopped to lift the motor off the tire so it would have less drag.

I made it back to the compound without any problem.  I could see that it was going to work out fine once I got a good battery.  I went inside the barge to order a battery.  I was right in the middle of reading about batteries and how to wire them when Wilson rushed in.

“Guess what?” he asked.

“Please no guessing games,” I said.

Wilson put his laptop down on my desk in my unit of the barge.  “Take a look.  This clown got arrested last night driving drunk through New Wales.  He ran into a road block being set up by the sheriff.  They took him in and had to inventory his shit.  I saw the mug shot and read the inventory from the police report”

“Well the mug shot fits our description, but so does a dozen other guys,” I said.

“How many of them have a bottle of Flunitrazepam in their pocket.  It’s illegal in this country,” Wilson said.  “The cops got him and they have the drug.  I’m just not sure they know anything else.”

“Let me take a shower and dress you gather up the shit we have and lets go down and kick this guys ass.”  I was a little depressed and Wilson knew it.

“Boss, I know you wanted to catch him.  I’m sorry,” Wilson said.

“That’s okay, we can get his ass on the rapes anyway.  I just can’t testify about them, he isn’t the one,” I said.

I managed to talk to the Sheriff like I was still a Sheriff myself.  After he saw all the evidence, he went right to the SBI with it.  I asked that he keep me out of it and he did.  It was easy.  He wanted all the credit.  I went home feeling remarkably good, considering I had spent weeks and lots of resources for nothing.

Of course there was still the issue of Brian and Ralph’s boat thefts.  I decided to confront the two of them.  Since Ralph was on the road running his delivery business, I decided to go with Brian.

We found him by using his phone as a marker.  He was on the pier at Jefferson Island when I ran him down.  “What you doing Brian?” I asked.  When I walked up to him.

“Just sitting here thinking out how shitty my life is,” he replied.

“Well it’s about to get worse.  They arrested your friend.  The one who worked for the fisherman’s cooperative,” I said.

“What you meant?  That guy was no friend of mine.  He was Chrissy’s friend.  The rumor is he is going down for some rape thing out here on the island,” he said.

“News travels fast,” I said.

“New Wales isn’t a very large place.  Word is also the Jefferson Island Trust is going to take a hit,” he informed me.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” I said.

“So how does Chrissy know him?” I asked.

“You need to ask her that,” Brian said.

“Brian your name is going to come up in the investigation if I file a complaint.  You know that night you and Chrissy raped me?” I said.

“I had no idea that was a drug thing.  Chrissy told me the next morning, when you threatened to kill me.”  She said, “I guess the drug wore off.”

“So you knew all this time I was going to do something about it,” I said.

“I knew you have been a sheriff and would likely file a report.  It wasn’t something the Jefferson Island Trust was going to cover up for me,” Brian said.

“Brian, what was Chrissy’s part in it?” I asked.

“She spotted the girls and spiked their drinks.  When they check, all those rapes happened on Sunday night.  The Railroad bar is closed on Sundays.  I swear I didn’t know that guy, but I have seen him.  Chrissy took video of them.”

“None of the victims ever mentioned her,” I said.

“Well there was never a real investigation was there,” he said.  “It was also her idea that they pick up tourist on the island.  She said they would never allow it to become known.  It would kill whatever business there was on the island.”

“So Brian tell me about the boat thing,” I demanded.

“You mean the repossession thing?  EZ pays me a hundred dollars a boat.  He also pays Ralph a hundred dollars a boat to pull them to his uncle’s place on the river.  We had to do it so the owner never knows it was gone, or who took it.  EZ don’t like confrontation.  Once the boat is in his uncle’s place somebody there lifts it off the trailer and I have no idea what happens to it after that.”

“One last thing, what is in the packages Ralph delivers to the taco truck,” I asked.

“Chili peppers,” Brian said.  “The guy said he couldn’t get good ones here, but he could have his uncle ship them to him.  Problem was the dept of agriculture wouldn’t allow them into the country.  So he and Ralph worked out a deal to smuggle them in.  Ralph gets free food from the truck and he gets his chili.”

Jesus all that money and time for smuggled chili peppers, I thought.  “What an ass,” I mumbled aloud.

“You going to report me for the rape?” he asked.

“I should.  You were a lousy fuck,” I said walking away.  “Don’t warn Chrissy that I’m coming for her.”  I said that because I knew he would warn her.  She would most likely be in the wind ten minutes later.  I sure would like to know why she picked out women and drugged them for that creep.  I sure as hell wasn’t going to be upset, if the cops caught up to her, but for Wilson’s sake I was giving her a couple of hours head start.

The sun was down when Wilson and I went to the Railroad B&B.  Ralph came into the room looking pissed.  He walked to me bold as brass.  “I hear you been following me around,” he said.  I decided to let him think that rather than deal with the technological explanations.  Since what we had done was most likely criminal, I felt it best to let him be pissed and get it out of his system.  Wilson slipped outside while Ralph gave me shit.

I allowed him to continue ranting until Wilson came back in with the marker from his Truck.  I had already planned to go by the next day while Ralph was working to recover the other gear.

“If you were a man I would beat hell out of you,” he said.

“Well now Ralph don’t let that stop you,” I said finally getting enough of his loud mouth.  Ralph drew back to slap me.  I have no idea why men feel like they have to make a big production about slapping a woman.  Hell he gave me enough time to send out an email with pictures.

I hit him with a hard right to the body.  He was fat enough that the air made a whooshing sound as it exited his lungs.  Since for some reason he had expected me to just stand there and let him hit me, he was in shock.  He made no effort to prepare himself for the tap with my club left hand followed by the very hard right jab to  his nose.

There is nothing like the airways being clogged with blood to terrify a person.  Add that to his almost collapsed lung and you have a recipe for terror.  Ralph looked awful, but I really didn’t give a shit.

No he did not deserve the mini beat down I gave him.  I just took my frustration out on him.  I did call 911 and I guess mom did as well.  I used the delay between the blows and their arrival wisely.

“Here Wilson,” I said as I slipped a napkin covered Derringer to him.”  He accepted it without a word.  It went into his pants pocket.  It was legal but there was no reason to go into all that.

“So,” the police officer began when it was my turn to speak.  “You gave old Ralph a beat down?”

“Not exactly officer.  He said he was going to hit me, so I beat him too it.  I wouldn’t have called except he didn’t look real good to me,” I replied.

“I’m sure he would just as soon no one know he got his butt kicked by a woman,” the officer said.

“Yeah especially one as skinny as me,” I said.

“So do you want to press charges.  The only way you are going to be charged with anything is if he insists.  We can’t afford to charge you with anything unless you are standing over the body with a smoking gun.  Even then, we would want the CCTV of it,” he said.

“I’m sort of surprised you didn’t have the SBI investigate, since I know they are in town,” I said.

“They refused,” he replied without cracking a smile.

“So I guess I will run along home then,” I said.

Edited by Walt

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7 Responses to Sheriff Porter 92(edited)

  1. jack says:

    Ralph is going to want revenge. She better hang a bag in the hanger to keep her skills up.Will chrissy play dumb or just run? Better question is who were the videos she made for?

  2. cindypress says:

    let me know if you figure it out lol

  3. Clydwich says:

    Hum, somebody at the SBI probably had a heart attack when the name Sylvia Porter was mentioned…..

  4. jackballs57 says:

    I posted another chapter to my story tonight.

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