Sheriff Porter 94(edited)

Storytellers on the storm

You know we never talk, Wilson.  Maybe this is a good time to ask questions.  Let’s call this a free time.  What ever is said and done here tonight will have never existed, once the storm is over.”  I paused a second then asked, “Deal?”

“Yes it’s a deal.  How graphic are you willing to be,” he asked.

“You mean like do I get off with a cock in my mouth?” I asked.

“Yeah something like that?” he asked.  “So do you?”

“Usually, but not from the cock in my mouth.  It’s like cybersex it can push me to the edge but I still have to rub my clit,” I said.

“Yeah, I have heard you and done that as well,” he admitted.

“So your plumbing still works?” I asked.

“Of course it does.  Did you think the only attraction of the B&B was the piano bar?” he asked with a laugh.

“No, I guess I just tried not to picture you naked with Chrissy’s mom,” I said.

“Well, she is a little chunky.  You do know that you are the other extreme.  I could never picture myself in bed with anyone as thin as you.”  He paused and then went on, “Well, maybe I pictured it once or twice.”

“I thought I was going to need to send you to a shrink, if you never had imagined sex with the boss,” I said.  “They tell me it is a common fantasy.  One I have to be careful to discourage.”

“Why,” Wilson asked.

“Hell, I don’t know.  They just put it in all the behavioral courses.  Beware who you fuck, they might come back and bite you on the ass.  Something about a Power Differential.

“I guess I can see that.  So tell me, how old were you when you did it first?” he asked.

“You will have to be more specific than that.  There were lots of firsts in my life,” I said taking another drink.

“When did you first have an orgasm,” he asked.

“I was twelve I think.  Might have been eleven but I think twelve.  I had an itch down there and scratched it.  Scratching gave me a sensation very pleasurable.  I did it a few times before it happened.  When it did, I felt my body spasm.  It was an amazing feeling.  I wasn’t exactly sure, but I felt like it might be what the older girls all snickered about.  Anyway I started to read and listen to what they said.

It was during a summer.  I remember we were out of school, or maybe it was the last few weeks of school.  I remember that most of the time, when I experimented it was during the day.  I know that I wasn’t in school, so it had to be in the summer,” I explained.  Then I asked, “How about you?”

“First time I jacked off I was thirteen.  Like you I found out that rubbing my dick felt good.  I kept doing it till I came.  It was just the most remarkable feeling.  I actually hurt that first time, but it was also pleasurable as well, so I kept doing it till it stopped hurting.  From then on it just felt good.”  He paused a long moment.  “So what was the next escalation?”

I dated a kid in high school a couple of years later.  I found that I liked his groping better than my own.  He gave me my first orgasm from anyone other than myself.  It was finger fucking,” I said grinning at Wilson.  I didn’t get the expression of shock, I had hoped for.

“Your turn,” I said.

“There was a girl at school who was just as nerdy as me.  She and I started out just kissing but it escalated to petting and yes finger fucking,” he said.  I was seventeen before that happened.  “So what happened next did you give your friend a blowjob or screw him?” Wilson asked.

“His name was Shawn and he had a car.  I was fifteen and he was the coolest guy I ever met.  He was a high school football player.  We had been groping for a few months, when he took me to the park on a warm spring night.  I was so excited by the anticipation that I really didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings.

He played with my breasts, then put his hand in my panties.  I had my hand on his cock by then and it was just so exciting.  Then he opened the door and led me to the picnic table and bent me over it.  He reached under my skirt to pull down my panties.  I had never done it but I was more than ready.

It hurt when he entered me.  I bleed a few drops but didn’t know it.  I just knew that it hurt.  I asked him to stop but he didn’t.  He just kept pumping inside me till he came.  I didn’t cum.  I had lost any desire due to the pain in my pussy.”  I could tell I was drunk by my choice of words.  I would have to be more careful I thought.  I was carefully editing the truth, so I didn’t sound too much like a victim.

“Anyway when he pulled out I felt him reenter me.  At least I thought it was him till I asked him to please not do it again.  The voice that replied to ‘shut up’ wasn’t his.  I struggled a little but he pushed me back against the rough wood table to control me.  He pumped me for a few strokes and came in me.  I felt someone else replace him.  I looked up and saw the high school football player drinking and laughing with the boy who had just cum in me.  The third boy finished in me.  Just as he did my body betrayed me.  I had a huge orgasm.  I shook so hard that the boy screwing me shouted, ‘God, yes bitch.”

“Can any of you get it up again?  She is finally into it,” the third one said.

The one I thought was my boyfriend spoke, “I can but she will have to help.”

That was also the night I gave my first blowjob.  The other two held me so that I had to take it.  He said, “Suck it bitch or I will fuck your throat.”  I had to suck it so that he wouldn’t pump my throat.  I did them all and they fucked me again.  I had cum pouring out of me in huge globs.  My pussy was aching and most likely spread wide by the time they finished.  I was fortunate that it was before the popularity of anal intercourse.

They drove me home.  When I slipped into the house my dad saw me.  He came to my room.  I was crying.  He asked me what happened.  I told him and he said, ‘Sylvia this is all your fault.  I hope you learned something from this.  You have to be more careful who you go out with and where you go.  Lay down I will clean you up before your mother gets home.’

He used a warm wash cloth and cleaned the blood and cum off my legs.  Then he bent over and kissed my sloppy pussy.  ‘You are so sexy all full of cum and ready to fuck again.  You are ready for more aren’t you?’ he asked.

“No daddy, they hurt me,” I said.

“This is the only way to stop the hurting.  You have to work through the pain and it will stop,” he said.  “Take my dick out Sylvia.”

“Please no more daddy,” was my answer.

“Do it Sylvia.  You know you need it,” he said.

I took another drink of my rum and coke before I went on.  “I took out his dick and sucked it.  He taught me how to do it right that night.  I made love to his cock while he coached me.  I heard the excitement grow in his voice.  I was excited as well.  He came in my mouth then quickly bent and rubbed my clit till I exploded.  He didn’t tell me to swallow his cum I just did.”

Wilson said, “God I’m sorry Sylvia, I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t know, no one does,” I said.  I took another drink then went on.  “He fucked me that night and every night for a month.  At the end of the month it no longer hurt and I had orgasmed almost every time.”

“How did your mother not know,” Wilson asked.

“She worked nights.  Dad worked day shift so he was home alone with me.  When I missed my period daddy made the appointment with the clinic.  They screwed it up.  Said I was pregnant in my tubes.  They had to cut or something like that.  I scarred down there and now I can’t have children.  Mom never knew.  I joined the Air Force at eighteen, and never went back home again.  I knew what we were doing was wrong, but it didn’t stop me from cuming for him.”

“Did he ever do you Anal,” Wilson asked drunkenly.

“He did me every way.  Hell I was his little whore.  I would do anything for him.  Truth is he really fucked me up,” I said.

“So where is he now?” Wilson asked.

“He and mom retired to Florida.  I probably should drop his name to the man who calls me from Miami, but this one has to be a DYI project, I think.”

“I hope it doesn’t come down to that,” Wilson said.

“I’m surprised he lasted this long,” I said.

“What about your mom didn’t she ever find out,” Wilson asked.

“Dad just told her I was an ungrateful slut when I joined up.  She is just stupid enough to believe that.  Either that or she just wants to believe it,” I said.  “She needs him.  There were no other kids, so I suppose she had nothing else to worry about.  He might try it on a neighborhood kid and get what he deserves.  Unless she asks me directly, I will never tell her.  That’s why I don’t see her either.”

Wilson and I sat for a long time just drinking and listening to the torrential rain pound the shit out of the metal containers.  “Rain on a metal roof, there is nothing else in this world that sounds like it,” I said.

Wilson just nodded then like a typical man he asked, “What was the biggest cock you ever had?”

I broke up laughing.  “Wilson I bare my dirty laundry for you, and you want to know who had the biggest cock.  That is so typical of the men I get involved with.  His name was Lamar and I did it with him on camera.  It was in a film for Mary Ellen from County Seat.  You might have heard of her,” I said.

“Seems like I did, but she was gone before I got there.  Where did she go,” Wilson asked.

“How should I know.  She just disappeared,” I lied.

“So he was black?” Wilson asked.

“Yes, you know this tell all seems to be all about me,” I said.

“Nothing exciting ever happens to me,” he replied.

“So how did you get started with women?” he asked.

“It was in the Air Force.  I had been without a man since I left home.  It was after basic training.  A couple of the girls and I went out to have a drink.  That was back in the days when they booted you out for being gay.  She they had to be very careful, but sometime during the evening they let it be known that they might be gay.

“You ever done it with a woman,” the biggest one of them asked me.

“No, I never have,” I replied.

“Well, I can tell you are horny and you need to have sex,” she said.

“Yes, but I don’t need it with a woman,” I said.

“You sure?” she asked putting her hand on my leg.

“Pretty sure,” I said but I didn’t move her hand.

Edited by Walt

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6 Responses to Sheriff Porter 94(edited)

  1. jack says:

    I’m not sure confession is good at times

  2. Tenspeed54 says:

    Sounds like Sylvia is in chatroom mode. Her story doesn’t go with what we learned earlier about her dad in prison and her visit with her mom after that dinner she had with her parents earlier in the story. But I doubt that Sylvia would ever trust anyone enough to tell the hold truth.

    • cindypress says:

      I think you might know Sylvia the best. Information is power, so said one of the early characters. Nobody is ever going to know the whole truth. Of course the first story could have been what the people then wanted to hear as well.

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