Sheriff Porter 95 (edited)

No calm after the storm

“Did you ever have a man go down on you?” the woman asked.

“Sure,” I said remembering my dad kissing me there.  It always felt good but I never orgasmed from it.

“He must not have done it right,” she said.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“You just have a very sad expression.  That is a joyous thing.  I can teach you how to do it better than he ever did,” she said.

“I don’t think so,” I said.  I stood and went to the bathroom before I headed back to the barracks.  As I opened the door the two of them were standing there.  Suddenly the larger one pushed me against the wall, while the other one pushed my tight skirt up over my hips.  The big one kissed me while the smaller one began to kiss my pussy and bite my clit.  My dad had done both but not as long or as gently as the little redhead did.  Before I knew it I was orgasming.  Sure the forced sex might have been a part of it, but my dad had forced me the first time and nothing happened.

She had just done better as she had promised they could.  While I was still in a state of shock, they got a cab and took me to the barracks.  We had been assigned to a room occupied by three airmen.  I was assigned to a room down the hall.  The two of them had a third roommate who they wanted out.  They told her to go somewhere else for the night.  She did as they demanded.

They spent the rest of the night teaching me to eat pussy.  That sounds pretty crass I know, but it explains it better than a whole lot of pretty words could.  When the sun came up, I was still at it.  I tore myself away to take a shower and dress for the day.

When the first sergeant called me into her office I was terrified.  “Look Sylvia, if we excluded all the women who ever had a bisexual experience, the Women’s Air Force would have about twenty women left.  I can’t leave you three here.  The rumors are already circulating.  I’m going to wash you out of the electronics school, and send you to air police on the job training.  I’m sorry to do it, but the needs of the Air Force come first.

So that’s how I ended up as an AP, and later a truck guard in the mountains of Afghanistan.  That led me to the life I wandered into as a cop in Warren County.

“Damn you have lived an interesting life.  Well I guess it isn’t something to celebrate, but it certainly hasn’t been boring,” Wilson said.

“I like to think I’m an adrenaline junkie not that I’m self destructive,” I told Wilson.

“I don’t think you are self destructive.  I mean you have enough money, so that you could be out drunk and taking drugs every night, but you aren’t.  You are trying to help people instead.  Those people like Osborn and EZ can’t see it, but I can,” Wilson said to me.

“Thanks Wilson,” I said.  I was pretty drunk for sure.  He was just as drunk as me.  I figured he was harmless, when he stopped me on the way back from the bathroom.  He kissed me.  It was a lot more than a harmless friend’s kiss.  Wilson’s hands immediately cupped my ass and pulled me to him.  I did not want to get turned on, but my drunken body didn’t listen to my slightly less drunken mind.

All the talk turned Wilson into my dad.  Yes, I even called him daddy.  Wilson could have stopped me at any time, he had all the power at that moment, but he chose not to do so.  He allowed me to relive a teenage memory.  Like I said earlier, it wasn’t all bad being a daddy’s girl.  I kissed him drunkenly and deep.  I sucked on his tongue as he slipped it in an out of my mouth.

I whispered the words my daddy liked to hear me say.  The ones I avoided, since I had left home.  “Please daddy, I need your dick in me,” I whispered in Wilson’s hear.  I immediately noticed an increase of his pelvic motions.  “You love to hear me beg for your dick, don’t you daddy?” I asked.

“You know I love to hear you beg for it Sylvia,” he said.

Before I could stop myself I had his zipper down and his cock in my hands.  “Yes Sylvia you know I love when you hold me like that.” Wilson said.  “Do you want daddy’s dick in your tight little pussy?” he asked.

“Yes daddy, you know I do,” I said.

“And what will you do for me, if I give you my dick?” he asked.

“I will make love to your dick daddy.  I will make you feel so good,” I said in an almost childlike voice.

“Yes Sylvia make me feel good,” he said.  He stood like a statue while I lowered myself between the kitchen cabinets and his body.  I already had his cock in my hand so I closed my mouth over it.  I sucked and manipulated it for a long time before it became rock hard.  When it did, he lifted me to my feet and pulled down my jeans and panties.  He turned me to the cabinet and bent me over.  Before I had time to think he began to fuck me.

“Just like the evil boys did,” I said.

“Yes just like your first time,” he said fucking me harder and faster.

“God yes, I’m going to cum daddy,” I said and orgasmed over and over.  For a drunk I was remarkably controlled.  After I caught my breath I said kiss my pussy daddy.”

Wilson went to his knees and kissed, licked and sucked on my clit.  He also moved his tongue in and out of my pussy lips.  When I came again, it was all over Wilson’s face.

We were both finally exhausted.  I fell into a hard kitchen chair.  The windows in the dining room were boarded over.  All we could do was listen to the wind and rain.  I have no idea what Wilson did.  I fell sound asleep slumped over the kitchen table.  Wilson may have played with a laptop, or he might have taken a nap.  All I know is when I woke up four hours later the rain was down to a manageable amount.

I took my ass down to the lower floor.  The door there was solid, so didn’t get boarded over.  Since the pounding rain had stopped, it was down to a gentle blowing mist.  I went back inside for the battery operated drill fitted with a screwdriver bit.  I went up the outside ladder to the top of the bedroom units.  I went from the window, to the patio door removing plywood as I went.

I should have waited for Wilson but he was nowhere in sight.  As I worked on the two big pieces of plywood over the sliding doors, I almost fell into it.  I surely would have broken the glass.  I struggled to keep from falling into the glass or the water.  I managed to wrestle it around the corner and onto the small deck there.  Wilson could help me get it back to the storage room to dry.

I had it finished when I noticed the Honda pull into the parking lot.  “Hey Wilson, give me a hand with this plywood,” I said.

“After breakfast,” he replied holding up the white bag from MrBJ’s.

“Now that is a real plan,” I said.  The fine misty rain falling was still falling when I sat down with my coffee and biscuit.  “Wilson, you are amazing,” I said.

“All the girls say that,” he said looking very serious for about two seconds, then he burst into laughter.  You should see your face.  Tell me what did I do last night.  I drank way to much for an old man.”

“You don’t remember?” I asked.

“Sometimes when I drink that much, I have memory loss.  Complete memory loss not even an inkling,” he replied.  “So what did I do.”

“Other than dancing naked on the table, you were a perfect gentleman,” I said.  I was trying to judge his reaction.  Even if he was faking it, I could live with never again mentioning the storm party.  “So now that we have breakfast out of the way, let’s get this place cleaned up.”

“You know you could hire someone,” Wilson said.

“Yeah and you and I could go out there and cleanup the place.  Probably by the end of day, we can have it done,” I replied.

We spent the day hauling downed tree limbs to the area behind the office.  It was after six when Wilson said, “Sylvia I’m through for the day.  I just can’t take any more.  I’m going to open the office and see what happened today in the rest of the world.  While I’m at it, I’m going to drink a gallon of coffee.”

“I am going to go in clean up and change, so that I can go to the B&B for dinner and a drink.  You want to come?  I’m buying,” I suggested.

I wanted him to know nothing was going to change between us, just in case he did remember.  I also wanted to know what the story was on the B&B.  If Chrissy was back, I intended to tell the Sheriff about her little hobby.  If she stayed away I planned to ignore it.  It looked like the SBI couldn’t prove anything anyway.  No victim, no case was how it went.  Jefferson Island Trust was going to get their asses sued.  Either by the women who either got raped or ones wanting some of the money Jefferson Island Trust was going to be spreading around.

“Sure Sylvia, I haven’t had time to call the B&B today.  I assume they are open,” Wilson said.

“I expect so, but the piano bar may be quiet tonight,” I said.

“You think?” Wilson asked sarcastically.

“Wilson, I know you are upset, but remember it was her who dope the drinks and set the ladies up for some pervert.  She did all that herself.  You warned her and she had time to get out of town ahead of the SBI.  Consider you did your good deed,” I said.  I didn’t tell him that I hadn’t rolled over on Chrissy.  I was still deciding what to do frankly.  My plans for her could change at any minute.

We took turns in the shower.  Since day one I had left the shower area in panties and a sweatshirt.  I saw no reason to change that habit.  I did notice that Wilson wouldn’t meet my eye till I dressed.  I went to my room and dressed in the camo pants of many pockets.  They should have been baggy but I had paid way too much to get them tailored so I intended to wear them out.

Wilson wore navy blue slacks and a white shirt.  Those were also left from his days as a civilian employee of the Sheriff Department.  Together we made quite the couple the distinguished older man and his grungy daughter.  Or maybe I would be mistaken for his trophy wife.  Well I certainly wasn’t much of a trophy, I thought.

When we got to the B&B the place was dark.  I went next door to the closest occupied building a payday loan office.  The man behind the counter looked familiar, but I really couldn’t say for sure that I knew him.  “Hi there, do you have any idea what happened to the B&B?” I asked.

“No idea why but the old lady was packing her van full of clothes before the storm.  Then she was gone.  She left a note on the door but the city police took it down.  It said something like.  We are closed till further notice.”  The slight greasy looking man suggested.

Edited by Walt

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3 Responses to Sheriff Porter 95 (edited)

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Is a B&B in the future for Sylvia? She does have past pratice at running one. A visit to the city police may be in order.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    A ruway and a b@b might come in handy for the swamp group on the coast.

  3. cindypress says:

    lots of story line here

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