advice please

I am considering writing a non scheduled narrative.  I have time sitting while I wait for thing to perk on the computer but I can’t spare the time to write everyday or to commit to write everyday.  So I’m wondering If you guys would like with arranging for word press to email you when something new shows up.

I can also show you what I mean in a kind of preview.  So try this.


“Agent Mission,” the somewhat older man said as he entered her office.

“Yes Senator Marshall, I recognize you from the news,” Mission said.

“Well I do hope I look better in person. I always think ‘who is that old man?’ when I see myself on TV” Marshall replied.

“Trust me you look ten years younger in person,” Mission replied.

“My god you should go into politics. I almost believed that,” he added. Agent Mission smiled but said nothing in reply. So Marshall went on. “I have looked over your proposal. I like it a lot. It should not only help me sell the budget, but should also advance our move to create efficiency in the non metro areas of the state. I hesitate to call them rural, since we want to get involved in the law enforcement in any town with a population under half a million.”

“That I had not heard before,” Mission said.

“Well you knew the plan was to take over all the country law enforcement first, then go to small town police departments?” Marshall asked.

“Yes, but half a million is almost all the police departments in the state,” Mission suggested.

“Well your proposal will get our nose in the tent,” he said.

“That was never the intent,” Mission said.

“And I will never admit that it played any part in my decision to push forward with it. I think I can get committee approval during the meeting next week. Then we will have a definite go, even before the official vote.”

“So should I be looking for resources?” Mission asked.

“Yes, but remember to sell the bigger plan, we want to absorb qualified local law enforcement people into the State Bureau of Investigation as much as possible,” Marshall said.

“There are not a lot of high quality people in small town law enforcement. We aren’t exactly looking for Mayberry here,” Mission said.

“True but we could have used Sheriff Porter, if you people hadn’t fucked it up,” Marshall said.

“Well we did clean it up, so I guess all is forgiven. Besides that was a rogue operation.” Mission said.

“Let’s face it sweetie, she did everything better than the SBI with less than 10% of the resources. So like I said, we could have used her,” Marshall said.

“Sylvia had some very worrisome friends,” Mission replied.

“Well that is true. So do you have anyone in mind?” Marshall asked.

“Several actually, no one really stands out. They are mostly young and aggressive. They are applicants with law enforcement backgrounds in smaller departments across the state,” Mission advised him.

“Well you have the power to recruit if you hear of anyone good. So good luck and even though we can’t advertise it, the program is going to go a long way with the politicians I can tell you that. There is something sexy about spies and double agents,” Marshall replied. “Keep me advised.

“Absolutely,” Mission replied but thought, fat fucking chance. The only reason you know anything about it is I need funding for the new section I am starting.




Ps it would be kind of a bunch of flash fiction staring the same characters each time.

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sorry it is a mystery.
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28 Responses to advice please

  1. Paul says:

    Email is great. Thanks.

  2. bigguy323 says:

    Anything that keeps you writing works for me.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    I’ll second that, and i thinki already get an e-mail notice with every post. thanks Will still miss the adventures of sylvia when she is gone.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    I just checked i do get an e-mail with every post from cindypress. Thanks. Anything you do whenever you can will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Buffalo says:

    Have at it! I am with the above comments, anything that keeps you writing is what I will look forward to.

  6. Allan says:

    I think the email idea is great i would love to keep reading your work as you are able to post it.

  7. Newdust says:

    Go for it , , , you keep wrightin’ ,, I’ll keep readin’.

  8. cindypress says:

    good I am glad to see you are still involved.

  9. Harold Sinnott says:

    I’m all for it.  Count me in.

  10. jackballs57 says:

    i think if they click the link to follow you they will get the box to allow the e-mail

  11. The Mage says:

    I will join in with my agreeing with all of the above, anything that keeps you posting sagas from you fertile imagination. Thanks! 🙂

  12. cindypress says:

    very good seems to be enough to post for

  13. Jim h says:

    YES! By all means, please.

    • cindypress says:

      It looks as though there will be enough readers to make posting them in this format worthwhile. I most likely would have written them anyway. I just like the serial format. This maybe more like the Saturday morning serial than anything. I don’t remember them but my dad assures me tarzan and buck rogers were all the craze.

  14. Shooter says:

    Love the idea and if it will keep you writing I am all for it. One suggestion about the 1st post. Are you changing Mission, of the Sylvia story, from protagonist to heroine? I have difficulty discerning the one from the other. Guess it is just my feeble mind but she was the bad guy in Sylvia and now seems to be the focus of the new post. LOL

    • cindypress says:

      Mission was always a neutral character. In the beginning she was Sylvia’s contact at the sbi the agent morris was after Sylvia and Misson tried to remain neutral. But now the SBI is trying to take over law enforcement along the British lines. Not sure where she will come down. I don’t think the sorry will be about her. God some new Characters in mind.

  15. GaryDan says:

    Works for me too!! Email away, or I will find where the automatic email setting here a WorldPress is. I get an email from one of my other favorite authors “Ann Douglas” when she has a new story and I am grateful for it.

    BTW, if you had decided to only post Sylvia’s story once a week, I would have been happy with that too.

  16. Chuck says:

    Why not. T’is better than no stories that I love from you.

  17. cindypress says:

    thank for spending your time with me lol. Hope is was as good for you as it was for me.

  18. Barney R says:

    I agree with all the above, anything you write i will read.

    • cindypress says:

      Thanks Barney… I think the next character might be interesting.. I’m going to post just as much as I have finished when I finish the porter series. I think it might be a good short story by then. I probably won’t put it on the Stories site. I kind of like the site here better.

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