Sheriff Porter 121

Sheriff Porter 121

“Well to be honest the premise of the show is based on having a female involved.” he said.

“You bring your crew down and I’ll get you a female for the show but it won’t be me. Meet everyone then you can decide if they are interested or not.” I suggested. “I can have a meeting with them and let you know the results later today.”

“You do that and I’ll make plans to come for a visit in a couple of days,” he suggested.

“We will see,” I said.

I was sitting on the deck atop of the barge drinking coffee, when Mel came with the food. I had to explain about the plane and the aborted mission.

“You should have called me I could have come home and brought the food.” Mel said.

“Mel honey you are not responsible for feeding up. You have to concentrate on yourself now. So did you enjoy helping the old men?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s kind of nice to be considered beautiful,” she said. “I’m pretty average to the rest of the world, so it was a big deal to me.”

“Honey, there is nowhere in this world where you are just average, but I am sure the old guys really appreciate you. You didn’t mention the TV show to them did you?” I asked.

“No, I promised not to until after you talked to the network. I just helped them finished the shipping from yesterday.” She said. “If I hadn’t been on your bike, I would have carried them to the post office.”

“Well the postal truck will come for the packages. It’s all set up to be convenient for them,” I said.

We waved to a couple of boats as they passed. “You know, we should be in bikinis,” Mel suggested.

“Well you would never fit in one of mine for sure. I really don’t have the body for a bikini. I’m way to shapeless,” I admitted.

“Well I got too much butt and not enough boobs to be perfect, I bet we would get noticed,” she said. “It comes with the plumbing I think.”

“It probably does,” I admitted.

“Is there a good place to buy clothes around here?” she asked.

“Well I buy most of mine on line. I am sure there are lots of places in Ellisboro, but I don’t know any,” I replied.

“I think I will drive over there this afternoon, after I do my research on the restaurant,” Mel said.

“I think that is a good idea. Keep working on the restaurant. I would really like to make a decision on it, so that we can start the bureaucratic wheels moving, if we decide to go forward.”

“I know and I promise I will give you my considered opinion tonight by dinner,” she said.

“Well it will be up for discussion by Wilson and I, since we all have to agree,” I said. “Be sure it is something you will be comfortable with because I don’t want to manage a restaurant.”

It was a little before lunch when I finished showering and changed for my trip downtown. I walked into the warehouse building right at noon. I watched them working just a second before I went to each one. I asked them into the office for a chat.

When they are all seated I began, “Guys I got an email last night from a TV producer. He wants to make you the next duck call show. At least he wants to make one short season worth of shows. I personally think it is a bad idea, but it’s up to you guys to give the go ahead. I will not be involved in any way. As a matter of fact I will take my 30% of the fee and call our debt settled. As promised I will turn over the whole shebang to you,” I said.

“Hold on,” the original old man said. “You mean there will be $70 k for us to split up, but you will be leaving.”

“Yes the 30% share comes to 30k and this months profits and that 30k will almost pay off your debt to me. The Old Man Enterprises will belong to the three of you and you get to manage it anyway you want.” I suggested.

“Sylvia, what if we say no to the TV deal?” he asked.

“It should take you another year to pay me off,” but then cutting you loose was always my plan. You guys pretty much know now how to handle the business end of the company.”

“Bullshit,” the original man said.

“How hard can it be to run the business now,” the latest guy to join said. “We can hire a manager to do what Sylvia has done. No offense Sylvia, you made all this possible with your loan and financing of the advertising, but this would be great advertising.’

“Believe it or not I agree with our newest member of the firm,” I admitted. “You guys could make a hell of a lot of money.”

“Hell Sylvie, I don’t do it for the money,” the original old man said. “But I know these two have other reasons to be here, so let’s take vote. Remember though if this happens it could be a one season thing, then we will be on our own.”

“Yeah, but you will do fine. I have to be honest though, it really is up to you after the debt is settled. That was always the plan. If you need help with a shipping crunch, you will have to find your own help and pay them,” I said with a laugh.

“So, I vote no,” the original guy said. He was overruled of course.

I stepped outside and made the call to the producer. “Come on down and visit the Old Man Enterprise shop, but don’t plan on meeting me.” I expected that to be my last word on the subject. I might have to sign away my right to object to his show, but I would not agree to be filmed. It was way to risky to my real business.

So I was about to get out of the toy business. It was time even an open loan has to be paid back some time. The addition of the 30k, if it really came through, would be an ideal way to end my involvement with the Old Men.

It was only fair I supposed that I began with Mel at the same time. It would never do for me to have a time with no good deed going. I had so much to atone for in my life. I know that was a stupid way to feel. I couldn’t make up for my actions, and confessing them did no one any good. I just had to find a way to learn to live with them.

I drove back to the barge to advise Wilson of the end to my involvement. “So Wilson I am going to be out of the toy business, if the TV deal goes through,” I said.

“None to soon,” was his comment. “You know I never thought you should be messing with philanthropy. It always comes back to bite you.”

“No good deed goes unpunished?” I asked.

“Exactly,” he said.

“Well the good news is we will have recovered the 50k loan and a little over 3k of the charge for the money. We will have done it in record time as well,” I said.

Only because the Old Men are going to sell their souls for some face recognition,” Wilson said.

“Yeah, but it’s their choice,” I said.

“Well good riddance,” he said at a parting shot on the subject. “Now can we go fishing?”

“That boat isn’t big enough for us all,” I said.

“Mel is in Ellisboro buying a bikini and other shit I expect,” Wilson said.

“Okay then we will go fishing,” I said. I helped load the boat and then we rode upstream at about three miles an hour, if that. Finally Wilson pulled over along side a finger of sand extending out into the water.

“You know Wilson after we finish with the dams along the river that is no longer a river, we should dredge the sandbars along the Tomahawk,” I suggested.

“That actually is something I’m looking into,” he said.

“Good, I really want to have more plans, after we try everything in our little piece of heaven,” I said.

“You need to plan to make your jewelry,” Wilson said. “At least it is something to do between you excursions.”

“Maybe I can do that, I don’t know. Right now I want everything in place. We need to also get Mel situated, and the Old Men on their own,” I said.

“They may not make it on their own,” Wilson said. That business is a lot more marketing than anything else.”

“If the TV show goes on the air, they will be flooded with business,” I said.

“Yeah for a while at least,” Wilson agreed. “You don’t mind that at all?”

“Of course not that was the plan all along,” I suggested.

“That is way more decent of you than I would have expected,” Wilson said.

“You knew all along what I was doing,” I suggested.

“No Sylvia I knew what you said you were doing. It isn’t necessarily the same thing,” he replied.

“Well it is getting late, let’s go back and look for Mel,” I suggested. “I guess we will be eating steak while we watch her eating yard waste.”

“You know she is going to want to open some kind of vegan place,” Wilson said.

“No, I don’t know that,” I said. “I only know I have to agree before I bankroll it and I won’t be bankrolling any vegan shit.”

Wilson couldn’t stop laughing. “Okay let’s get back and see what she has come up with,” he said.

The little boat took a while to get back to the pier. Once we arrived beside the barge we found the ladder and climbed up. Wilson went first and tied the little foam boat to the barge. I passed the fishing gear up to Wilson, then climbed aboard.

We both saw Mel walk out onto the deck in her new Bikini. “Wow nice,” Wilson called up to her. Mel just smile at the much older man. I laughed at them both.

I found a diet coke then joined her on the deck. Wilson was right behind with a glass of designer water. I couldn’t help but think this was the man who make fun of Mel for eating vegan.

“So Mel have you given any more thought to a restaurant?” I asked.

“Not really are you tired of me already?” she asked.

“No, but Sylvia hates for things to hang in limbo. See a problem, make a decision, and move on with it,” Wilson suggested.

“Sylvia do you see me as a problem?” Mel asked.

“No, I see that a decision on the Bayview property which needs to be made quickly,” I said.

“Okay lets discuss it. I see it comes down to two decisions. One is do we go with a sit down and order from a menu place. You know with waitress and the whole thing. Then there is the more casual quick order type restaurant. See that decision will drive the rest of it,” she said.

“I can sort of see that. You wouldn’t want to serve hot dogs in a sit down order from a menu restaurant. You also wouldn’t want to sever a full meal on china from a stand up order at the counter kind of place,” I said.

“Exactly,” Mel said.

“Except for MrBJ’s there is nothing open on that side of the bay, except the fish camp. MrBJ’s closes at three so there is nothing for an evening meal.” Wilson said.

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5 Responses to Sheriff Porter 121

  1. The Mage says:

    I feel that the founding old man just may pull out of that business. I sometimes wonder at the craving for that 15 minutes of fame and wealth that so so many people pursue. It seems to me that that kind of thing destroys more than it helps.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Change is always hard to accept. More so as we get older.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    I posted a new chapter to my story tonight.

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