Sheriff Porter 131 (edited)

The man who called himself John kissed me and it took my breath away. I was gasping for air when he broke the kiss. Still he didn’t release his grasp on me. He pulled me to him even harder so he could kiss my neck. I was absolutely helpless as he lifted my tee shirt over my head. Even though he had broken the connection between us I was still his captive and we both knew it.

My breasts though small were very sensitive. My nipples were as hard as an old style sewing thimble. They were indeed long and hard at that moment. He nursed on my breast and I continued to struggle for oxygen. I was screaming but nothing was coming out of my mouth but gasps. It had been way too long.

How his shirt got unbuttoned I wasn’t sure since his hand never left my body. I could have done it while in a fog of emotions I had not felt for a while, or it could have been a genie. I didn’t care. I could feel his chest hair tickle my breast as he continued to kiss me.

I felt his hands spread the cheeks of my butt and I gasped again. “You like that?” he asked

“No,” I replied but it still had me climbing the walls, make that climbing the hull.

We were sitting on the sofa that doubled as a bunk in the sitting room. He lifted me and sat me on his hard penis. I helped by arranging my self so that I could ride him by rising slightly then lowering myself back on his penis. I could feel it inside me not so deep but very active. My muscles massaged him as well and my body opened and closed around his penis as I lifted off, then fell back on it. I could feel my body move from the ache of loss, to the joy of being full. It was a huge emotional swing very quickly and I couldn’t begin to understand the feeling going through me.

I knew that I was ruining his slacks since he had just unzipped to release his penis. I could feel his zipper every time I crashed into his lap. His cock was driving me mad. I felt myself working toward an orgasm. I was almost at the point of no return when he lifted me off his lap and forced me to my knees between his legs. I knew what to do.

I leaned forward and took his slightly funky smelling cock into my mouth. I could taste the not quite salty taste of my lubricant, and the sticky grainy taste of his. The two mixed together tripped my orgasmic trigger. It might have been the first time I ever came from just the feeling and taste of a cock in my mouth.

His cock was only a normal size, so I was able to force it into my throat as a kind of punishment for my actions. I rode his cock during my orgasm. I felt it move in and out of my throat as I gasped for air and grasp his hips for more of his cock in my throat. His cock stayed hard because he did not cum.

He lifted me and stood behind me. I knew when he bent me over I was about to get his cock inside me, where I wasn’t sure. His cock moved easily into my vaginal canal. I was soaking with lubricant and his cock was covered with fluids from my mouth. He moved easily in and out of me from behind. I could feel myself moving toward another orgasm. He still showed no signs of cuming in me.

He drove me to the very edge of my second orgasm when he pulled out and forced his cock into my rectum. I had never cum from simply being entered there, but I was having a wild orgasm as he bludgeoned his way deep into my rear. He pumps and three things happened to make it less painful. My mind was occupied with a very intense orgasm. His cock had stretched me out, and he had oozed enough cum to lubricate the passage. I came repeatedly as he forced himself into me over and over. I suddenly felt his drive even harder into me a few times and go rigid. I mean even more rigid, as his whole body went hard.

I had never really felt the sensation of semen in my ass as it came from a cock. His ejaculation seemed to penetrate even farther into me. When he removed his cock from me, he said “Do not wash inside. You will feel my seed for days as it works it’s way out of you. You will remember what it was like to be truly fucked.” I nodded my agreement. “You know who I am?”

“Yes I know,” I said.

“Is there anything you want,” he asked.

“To never see you again,” I said.

“You don’t mean that, but as you wish,” he said.

I staggered back to the dock and then to my truck. I was a total wreck both physically and mentally. My body was betraying me, but it had before. I could remember the first time I realized I didn’t want to enjoy the sex I was having because everybody said it was wrong, but my body didn’t get the message. I felt guilty for it, but it didn’t stop me from playing my part in the things that happened to me.

I had those thoughts as I drove home. Beating myself up was a Christmas Tradition as a matter of fact. It was just the latest in the long running string of sick Christmases. I was sleepy, exhausted enough to fall right to sleep, when I arrived back at the barge.

Since Wilson and Mel were staying in their new apartment I had the barge house to myself. I could walk around naked if I wished, and I actually did wish it in some instances. I wanted to walk up to the shower naked hold a towel folded in my arms. Then I wanted to walk back downstairs naked with the towel covering my wet hair which is exactly what I did the morning after Christmas. Of course that happened after my ride to the airstrip on my pedal trike, and inspection of the plane. I wished I had waited one more day to winterize it. I really needed the freedom it offered me.

After the shower I dressed for the day, then had nothing to do. I searched for the card Martin had slipped into my pocket at the Christmas party. Was that party only two days before? Shit time was flying and I swear I wasn’t having any fun. Well the sex had been fun but the parties had just been sad.

I found the card with a number written on it. I was supposed to call if I had any interest. They were expecting me to call. Martin seemed to always know what was best for me. I decided to give it a couple of days. It was after all the holiday season.

“Ahoy there on the barge,” the voice from the dock was Wilson’s.

“Ahoy yourself,” I replied.

“You coming to the office today?” Wilson asked.

“I am indeed. Is there something special going on?” I asked.

“Come on down and we will talk,” Wilson said.

“Well, I guess I have something to talk to you about as well,” I said.

“You want to go first?” Wilson asked.

“I can if you want but mine is more business, so nothing important. You on the other hand are going through some real changes in your life,” I said.

“Yes and the town as well is going to start going through some changes,” he said. “The Brit and Jeremy will be here in about a week. When they get here life in New Wales will never be the same.”

“What does that mean,” I asked.

“The pub will be a lot like the one in County Seat. The cops, the deputies, and a lot of really bad ass looking guy come around,” Wilson said.

“So what is your point?” I asked.

“I don’t think that is the kind of atmosphere to help Mel’s place,” he said.

“You are worried about a cop bar being a negative impact on Mel’s restaurant?” I asked. “I see, you do know that there was never any problem with the Pub in County Seat.”

“I know but Mel has everything riding on this,” Wilson answered.

“No Wilson, I have things riding on this. Mel is just being Mel,” I suggested.

“What does that mean?” Wilson asked.

“Wilson I have known Mel longer than you. Trust me when I say Mel is high maintenance. That’s all I have to say,” I suggested.

“Well, I’m still concerned that she gets the best chance possible in the restaurant,” Wilson said.

That’s fine but do not mention any of this to Allen or Jeremy,” I said.

“Okay I get it, so what did you have to tell me,” Wilson said.

“I think I’m going back to work. I’m going to call a man when the holidays are behind us. If he hasn’t hired anyone by then, I think I have a shot at some work,” I said.

“Can you talk about this one?” Wilson asked.

“Yes it is just some undercover work in an automobile plant,” I said. “The problem is I have no idea how long it will take. I probably will have to take it on as expenses plus a bonus at the end. Expenses will of course include your basic salary.”

“Very cool, you will at least be safe,” Wilson said.

“As safe as I am in the canary at least,” I said and meant it. “I’m not going to call until tomorrow. I’m going to give them a time to get back from Christmas break. Maybe by tomorrow they will have their minds back on business.”

“It sounds like you have it all worked out,” Wilson said.

“Yeah, I think so. Now what is your news?” I asked.

“No news, I just wanted to inquire about the pub,” he said.

“If Mel opens today or tomorrow she will have a good head start. I don’t think the Brit intends to open till January 15th or so,” I said.

“Well she will be open well before then. I think she is going to open tomorrow and start advertising tonight mostly on line and on the radio and some stuff on Jefferson Island. She wanted to know if I would ride your trike around Jefferson island with a sign or banner on it. Would you let me use it today and tomorrow maybe?” He asked.

Do you want the one I pedal out to the airstrip or the moped one?” I asked.

“The moped gets the most attention, not that the other one doesn’t as well,” he admitted.

“If Mel wants to use it for advertising, I will bring the gasoline trike down from County Seat when I go up for the New Years Eve party at the pub,” I suggested.

“Tell you what, I’ll ask Mel,” Wilson suggested.

“Wilson do you know what you are getting into?” I asked.

“I think so Sylvia. It’s really nothing to worry about. I am still married, and I’m not going to be forgetting that.”

“Okay Wilson, just please be careful,” I said. He left not really in a huff just a little miffed. Mostly because I kept reminding him to be careful of involvement with Mel. I didn’t make an issue of the fact that she was like a vine.

Wilson went to the office to check on the open files we were running though. There were almost none at the moment. He was doing some background checks for potential tenants and probably some pre-employment checks for Mel. I didn’t mind as long as he had some reason to check on the names he ran.

Edited by Walt

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  1. jackballs57 says:

    Two ships meet in the night and then sail in different directions Such is life. Thanks

  2. jackballs57 says:

    I posted a new chapter to my story today.

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