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Tomorrow begins my new not daily serial.  You will have to sign up for an email when they are posted.  I have never done it so someone who gets the email can explain the process.

The new serial is call Undercover Rose

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sorry it is a mystery.
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6 Responses to Between stories Post

  1. ronald bakker says:

    there a yahoogroup called Story_Announce (
    if youre readers become a member (free) there they recieve a regular update from that group
    you post the link to youre latest chapters there and they all see it , no need to put out a lot of emails that way
    there quite a few who post there when they have new chapters

  2. TJ says:

    Sylvia is damn great! Let’s see how she does as the “Big Dog” of the swamp!


  3. Hi, I couldn’t find your email and I wasn’t sure where to leave a comment, so I hope you find this. I finished Deputy Porter a couple days ago and I’m now reading Sheriff Porter. I’m really enjoying them, so first of all, thanks so much for writing them.

    I don’t know very much about cops, but I’m fascinated by them in your story — all the pettiness and squabbles and scheming and posturing. It’s fascinating but i wondered if should think that real-life cops are like this. I wondered if you could tell me how much of this is based on your first-hand observations and experience. I notice you have good cops, lazy cops, mean cops, shrewd cops, ambitious cops, selfish cops, bored cops, smart cops, jaded cops, highly territorial cops, dumb cops, cops with other personality problems or defects, but so far, no really corrupt cops. (Well, I thought Webster may have been dirty, but I don’t think you ever actually said so.) With the number of cops you’ve introduced to me so far, I would have thought there’d be a dirty cop in there somewhere by now. Any comments?

    Last, I’m a member of SOL and I’m reading your stories mostly on my iPad mini. SOL has the unedited versions (with lots of mis-spellings, grammar and punctuation problems) and I read the entire Deputy saga before I realized that there was a cleaned-up version on your blog. I’m reading the Sheriff Port story from your blog. The SOL version is much, much easier to download, but the blog version is in much better shape. I was wondering if you would consider consolidating the edited versions of your stories and re-posting them on SOL -or- making them easier to download or read directly from your blog? For example, a button linking one chapter to the next and previous chapters would be a huge help.

    OK, one more question. Once in a while, you/Porter gets a word wrong. An example is that Porter sometimes threatens to sue someone for “liable”. Letting go of the legal distinction between libel and slander, are you the kind of writer who likes this kind of thing brought to your attention or not?

    I want to reiterate that I am enjoying these stories and these small editing problems have not stood in my way. Sylvia is a very interesting character. If I met her in real life, I’m not sure I would like her and it’s even more doubtful that she would like me, but she is a very interesting fictional character. And as much as I’m not looking forward to leaving Sylvia’s world, I’m looking forward to trying your other stories. Thanks again for your very entertaining story and writing.

    • cindypress says:

      I got this fine and you make a good point. I did some time as a crime scene photographer during a summer internship with a small town police department. Joe friday of dragnet once said. The problem with cops are they are recruited from the human race. If you think about the places you work there are probably the same traits there as well.

      Walt has a set of websites dedicated to this series and he coauthors it. His address is on the blog in the comments section now and then.

      He does the postings to sol I really have no use for them. Most not all but most are there for other kinds of fiction and get nasty if they are fooled.

      I write like I speak so it can be confusing for sure. It like dictating to a computer program. give that a try for easier reading

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