Undercover rose 2 (edited by walt)

Undercover Rose 2

My ride dropped me in a small town of about 50,000 souls.  Mission’s file described it as follows:

Like most of the small towns in this somewhat unindustrialized state, the downtown is more or less all offices with no retail shops of any kind.  Almost every retail stores of any degree of success has moved to the highway business zoned area north of town.  There is some light industry east of town in an industrial park.  Adjacent to the industrial park are a number of fast food restaurants.

On the southern edge of the town is the Southern Christian Academy and University.  People with way too much money enrolled their children in the academy.  A teenage child was often allowed to remain at the boarding school through college.  The college also accepted student from other private secondary schools in the south.  SCAU was kind of a big deal in the town.  For it’s size it spent way too much money in town.  The kids for the most part were harmless over indulged teenagers.  That said there is enough money at the SCAU to arrange a cover up for most any crime.

We think that someone is using the town, if not SCAU to relay drugs.  Some kind of a facility to sort and cut the drugs, then send them on to their final destination.  So we want you to infiltrate the local crime scene and find out.  It’s a piece of cake really, the file stated.

“Piece of cake, who talks like that?” I asked out loud.  When the voice answered I almost jumped out of my skin.

“Obviously whoever wrote that report,” Liam said.  Well the part of Liam that was present said it.  Damn it was going to be hard to explain Liam to anyone else.  Actually it seemed best not to even try.

“Since they dropped me at the Waffle House, I’m going to have one,” I said.  I had no idea what to expect from him.

“I wish I could join you.  I do miss the whole ritualistic thing about food,” the sorta man said.

“I’m sorry were you talking to me?” the waitress asked.

“No just talking to myself.  Sometimes I’m the best company for me,” I said with a huge smile.  She took my order then left.  “You know I think, if you are going to hang around I’m going to have to buy one of those fake blue tooth microphones.  It will keep people from thinking I’m going mad.”

“But maybe you are going mad,” he said.  “Next I expect you to be talking to God.”

“I tried that but he never answered,” I whispered.  “Oh great I’m being psychoanalyzed by the ghost of Christmas past.”  The waitress brought my plate of pancakes and the sugarless syrup I had requested.

As she fill me coffee cup she asked, “Anything else hon?”  I could tell she meant it professionally not as an invitation.

“Not unless you know a place I can stay for a few days till I get settled in?” I asked.

“There are two motels that rent weekly in town.  I guess we have two because of the SCAU.  If you plan to stay longer there are lots of houses downtown that have been converted to duplex and triplex buildings.  The place to find those is in the community newspaper.  That’s about all that is in it these days, classified advertising,” she said smiling at me.

I left her a two dollar tip for a seven dollar plate of pancakes and coffee.  I went into the parking lot.  I pushed the button on the key chain that had also been in the brown envelope given to me at Church Camp.  The headlights on an older small Ford blinked and the horn beeped.  “What a classy ride,” I commented about the beat up old Ford.

“You expected a Mercedes, when you are trying not to draw attention to yourself?” the Ghost of Christmas past asked.

“When you put it that way I guess the Ford was the right choice, but did they have to get one with a dented door?” I asked.

“They probably put the dent there,” he said.  “They will also have put a tracking device in the car.  So be careful where you go and what you say inside it.”

“Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to find they had a recorder inside some of that fancy plastic surgery,” I replied as much to myself as to Liam.

One inside the car I said, “Well let’s go find the Bedbug  Motel.”

“I do hope the place doesn’t have bedbugs.  You need your sleep,” Liam said.

“I should have looked in the trunk before we left the parking lot.  I wonder what super terrific things they sent to use in the starting of my new life?” I asked.

“No idea Rose but remember who you are, so don’t expect too much,” he said.

“I know.  I’m a runaway wife.  One who just took off after an argument with her husband,” I said.

“Not just any old argument, one that put him in the hospital and threatening to file charges.  One of the reasons you left your job and ran away,” the apparition said.

“I know the cover story as well as you do,” I said.  “I also know the idea is to get the club owner to offer me a job.  I don’t want to apply for one.  It would be better that he thinks it is his idea.”

“Exactly, so why are you settling in this town,” Liam asked.

“What is this, some kind of test?” I asked.

“Sure why not,” Liam asked.

“I grew up here the first ten years of my life, and I have fond memories.  I’m actually just visiting.  I probably won’t stay more than a week, since  everyone I remember has moved on.  So do I pass?” I asked.

“If no one questions you closely,” the mirage replied.

I did have GPS in the beat up old Ford.  I entered the coordinates for the motel, and the GPS lead me right to it.  It had once been a nice piece of property I am sure, but by the time I arrived there it was just seedy.  The shrubs had been chopped on drastically.  That was probably done to prevent their use by the guests of the tenants as a hiding place.  It was indeed that kind of place.  Hookers, drug dealers, thugs of various other low life types, and even a couple of welfare mothers, were in their natural habitat at the Wayfarer Motel.

“You got a room?” I asked the Middle Eastern looking woman wearing a head piece.  Great I thought, I might as well toss terrorist into mix with the rest of the bottom feeder mix.

“How long?” the woman asked in an accent which I couldn’t place.

“One week at least,” I said.

“Three hundred dollars,” she replied.  “In advance for the weekly rate.  Otherwise $65 each night in advance.”

“I’ll take the weekly rate,” I said handing her the cash.  She gave me a key on a plastic key ring with the number 10 on it.

When I removed my boxes from the trunk of the Ford, I carried them all inside before I stopped to look the room over.  The room wasn’t a dump.  I could tell it was not worth even the small amount they were charging.

There was a bathroom with a shower stall and toilet.  The sink was outside the bathroom door in a closet kind of thing that doubled as a small food preparation area.  There was a hot plate, tiny microwave, and dorm sized refrigerator shoe horned onto or above the vanity.  It at least had a double bed and a dresser to hold my clothes.

“So what you think?” Liam asked.

“I think I have never stayed in a more depressing place,” I said.

“Not even prison?” he asked.

“Okay prison was more depressing, but only because I didn’t expect to be leaving it any time soon,” I agreed.

I began to unpack the boxes of clothes.  “Geeze, I wonder what thrift shop these came from?  Hookers are us?” I asked out loud since I knew the mirage was always listening.

“I’m sure there are some jeans and things in there somewhere.  They aren’t all fuck me clothes,” he said.

“God I hope you are right.  I would like to go get a burger without being attacked by the man behind the counter,” I said with a laugh.  “I bet you twenty bucks that if I went for a walk in that shit, cars would be pulling over asking me how much.”

“That is the point isn’t it.  You want to get a job as a stripper, so you can get into the office to clone the computer,” Liam said.

“Yes that is the first assignment.  If I survive it, things can only get worse,” I said as a guess.  I spent the afternoon driving around town.  I tried to familiarize myself with the landmarks.

I had dinner, then watched TV in the motel room until 9 PM.  At nine I drove to La Belle out on the highway.  La Belle was a strip club.  I guess they called it an exotic dance club but it was still a place where women took their clothes off and danced with a pole.

I wore a loose fitting gold metallic blouse and very short hot pants.  I also wore five inch fuck me sling back pumps on my feet.  All in all I looked the part of a stripper/hooker.  The large black man on the door passed me through easily.  He hassled some college boys who tried to enter after me.

I could see there was a runway down the middle of the club with three poles on it.  There was only one girl dancing at the time, but it was still early.  She wasn’t nearly as attractive as me.  She looked older, but it might have been her bad skin caused by the drug abuse.  I could recognize a junkie even at the distance from the bar where I sat to the runway.

“Hi there can I buy you a drink?” a man in a workman’s uniform asked.

“Of course as long as you know a drink just buys conversation,” I said.

“Of course,” he answered.  “So what’s your name?”

“Lucy,” I said.  I had decided to give my cover name on the spur of the moment.  I still didn’t think I needed to waste my cover story on him.

“Are you from around here?” he asked.

“Nope I’m from Selma Alabama,” I said slipping into the cover story.  Just then a mean looking South American type came to stand beside me.

“We need to talk,” he said to me.  “The only working girls I allow in here work for me.”

“I see,” I replied.  “I suppose you manage this place.”

“I do,” he admitted.  He didn’t mention that he was also the owner.

“I’m not a working girl.  I just stopped in for a drink,” I suggested.

“Oh course you did.  If you want to work the room I get 40 percent,” he said.  “Otherwise you get a beat down.”

“Well, I’m new to this,” I said.  “I assume that a beat down is not a good thing.”

“Yeah, you really are new to it,” he said.

“Honest I am.  I was married till about a month ago.  My husband left me with two kids to support.  I had to quit my job in a ladies dress shop because I didn’t make enough money.  I decided to try this as a last resort.  I really want to dance not be a prostitute,” I explained.

“If you want to be a dancer get up there on the runway and take off your clothes and dance naked for me,” he said smiling.

“Do I get to keep the tips?” I asked.

“Sure you get to keep that money,” he agreed.

“Can I go in the bathroom and get ready?  You know take off my bra and stuff?” I asked

“Sure,” he said.  “Go for it.”

I went into the bathroom and stripped.  When I redressed it was in the gold top and my panties.  I went back outside and climbed the three steps up to the runway.  I did the most suggestive dance I could imagine.  I danced with a lot of bumps and grinds and suggestive moves.  After a few minutes of that I removed my top and the new breasts were a big hit with the crowd.  Unlike the other girl I rubbed my nipples as I danced.  I also massaged my breast’s tissue.

I danced in just my panties for a long time until the manager signaled me down.  When I started to leave the men began stuffing money in my panties.  I carried my top with me into his office.  His office was small nothing more than a desk and a telephone.  There was only one visitor chair and it was at the edge of the desk.

“You dance pretty good for an amateur.  So why did your husband leave you?” he asked.

“Something about another man,” I suggested with a smile.

“In other words you are a slut?” he asked.

“I would never admit to that,” I said seriously.

“You will if you want to work for me,” he said showing a mean streak.

“Alright I guess I am to some people,” I said hedging.

“No Lucy, say it,” he demanded.

“I’m a slut,” I said looking down at the top of his desk.

“Now prove it,” he said.  He unzipped his pants and worked a very ordinary looking penis from his trousers.  I moved toward him to kiss him.  “Hell no, I ain’t kissing you whore.  Get on your knees.”

I immediately dropped to my knees as Lovie had taught me.  I licked and kissed his penis until it became hard.  Then I sucked it into my mouth.

“Tighter,” he said.  “Make your mouth tighter and wet make it wet for me.”  I did all I could to follow his orders.  “Now take it deep.”

I pulled off his penis and said, “I can’t do that it chokes me.”

“You will get used to it,” he said as he held my head and forced his penis into my throat.  I couldn’t help it I choked on my saliva as his penis drove into my throat.  He forced his penis in my throat several times until he got really stiff on the last stroke.  He held his penis in my throat until I was about to pass out.  I was desperately fighting for air.

“Yeah that’s right slut work your throat on me,” he said while shooting thick wads of cum into my throat making it even harder to stay in control.  The black just washed over me.  My body was jerking and my mind was blank.  I was fighting the blackness when he removed his penis and I could gasp for air.

“God damn you were new to that, but you did great.  In a few more times you will be able to do that without passing out.  You do that anytime and place I want it and I won’t force it down your throat again like that.  I’m going to train you, but I won’t be so rough if you do it willing.  If I have to force you, I can get rough as you just saw.  Understand?”

I nodded.

“No Lucy say it.  Say it all,” he demanded.

“I understand.  I am to do that anytime you want or you will force me and be rough with me again,” I said.

“Good, now go buy a bikini and come back tomorrow at three in the afternoon.  One of the girls will show you the ropes,” he said.

I left the room with one last look at the computer.  “Well that went well,” Liam said.

“You call that going well?” I asked angrily.

“You are alive and you have a job that will give you access to his computer hard drive.  You will be able at some point to clone it so yes I would say it went well,” he replied.

“Liam I can’t swallow it hurts so badly.  I want to throw up and I feel like I might go into shock.  The only reason I don’t go to an emergency room is that I can’t see myself telling some doctor how I wound up in this shape,” I said.  I was on the verge of tears.

“Come on Rose it could be worse.  It could always be worse.  If you are still alive and you are, there are worse things,” Liam said.  “I know he is a asshole but there might be something we can do after you get the computer cloned.”

“Right, I’m asking a dead man to help me, I think I’m losing my mind,” I said.

“Who knows, maybe we all are,” Liam said.

I tried to have a drink when I got back to the motel but I threw it up and it burned even worse coming back up.  I just fell into bed.  I was sure there was no wifi provided by the motel so I didn’t even try.  I also had no urge whatsoever to masturbate.  What happened earlier that night was not a bit erotic to me.

After four aspirin I managed to fall asleep.  When I awoke the next morning my throat was still sore, but I could at least swallow without cringing.  I drove to a waffle house a few blocks from the motel.  I managed to get the waffle down, but it wasn’t easy.

While I sat there eating slowly, I realized that I had never been so badly used.  I also realized that I wanted to kill the son of a bitch.  Since I didn’t want to return to prison, I would just get the information to put his ass away for a long long time.  I hoped I had a chance to explain who put his ass inside the walls.  I would tell him to think of me each time he took it up the ass.

“That would make you feel better?” Liam asked.

“Some yeah,” I replied.

“Good then go buy that bikini, and then let’s put his ass in prison,” Liam said.

I went to the Wal-Mart store several miles away to shop for the bikini and some snack items for the room.  When I left I spent all the tips money and twenty bucks of my own money as well.  Being a pole dancer didn’t pay all that well after all.

Three PM found me in the parking lot of the La Fem Belle.  Yes the second line of the neon sign had burned out, so I hadn’t seen it the night before.  I opened the door and saw a different bouncer just inside.  He looked over to the manager who nodded his permission for me to enter.

“You are supposed to be in a bikini,” he said.

“I have it on under my jeans and blouse,” I said.

“Then lets see it,” he demanded.

I stripped off the blouse first then stepped out of the jeans.  “Nice,” he said.  “How come a house wife in Alabama had a boob job?”

“I worked in a dress shop and modeled some of the clothes.  The owner was a friend of mine so he paid for the lift,” I said.

“Oh I see.  It was that kind of job?” he said looking hard at me.

I knew what I had to say.  “Yes it was that kind of job,” I replied.

“Good to know I’m not the first boss who fucked you,” he said.

“No you aren’t the first,” I said.  I said it even though I knew he hadn’t technically done that.

“Okay go back to the ladies room and I’ll send Jenn back to explain things to you,” he said.

I went to the ladies room and removed my jeans and blouse and waited.  A few minutes later another drugged up whore came into the bathroom.  She explained about the dances and the breaks.  She also told me about lap dances and turning tricks.  “Mostly what we do is blow jobs.  Usually it’s in the parking lot and we charge twenty bucks for that.  Don’t never let the John drive away with you in the car.  If you leave with one of the johns, Alec will hurt you bad.”

“Okay I understand,” I said.

I went out and began dancing like Lovie had taught me.  The men seemed to enjoy it.  Maybe it was just that I was new but by 8 PM when my shift ended I had well over a hundred bucks in tips.  I replaced my jeans and blouse before I left the ladies room.  Alec was waiting for me.  He motioned me to his office again.

Once we were inside he closed the door behind us and just smiled and pointed to my top.  I knew he wanted me to take it off.  I removed it and felt a chill.  Then he just opened his trousers to remove his just average sized penis.

“Show me what you learned last night,” he demanded.

I took his penis in my mouth and pushed up hard on it with my tongue making my mouth much tighter than my vagina would have been.  I continued to suck on it and draw it to the edge of my throat.  I felt him place his hands behind my head and knew what was about to happen.  Unlike the night before I was successful in fighting off the panic.  I tried to keep my throat muscles relaxed but of course they didn’t cooperate with me.  I felt Alec fight past them as he drove his penis into my throat and into the entrance to my esophagus.  It was still stretched from the night before.  Even so it was painful and scary.  I could only thank god he had an average sized penis.

Even the average sized penis clogged my airway and he didn’t pay any attention to my struggles for oxygen.  He simply continued to work his penis in and out of my throat.  When he shot his cum into my throat I choked again.

“Swallow bitch it will be easier,” Alec said.  I swallowed hard and the clog moved to my stomach making it easier to breathe.  “That’s better isn’t it.”

I couldn’t speak.  I could only nod.

“You are going to be a first rate cocksucker when I finish with you.  Now getup and get out.  Be here tomorrow at three.  By the way I called Alabama and your boss is pissed that you ran off and left him.  Don’t even think of doing that to me.  Be here tomorrow at three.

“I will be here at three,” I said with my head hanging low.

I drank three strong drinks before I could sleep.  My throat still hurt.  Alec had used it again before it had any time to heal.  I had no idea how much damage he was doing.  I could only assumed he knew what he was doing.

I went back the next night and was dancing just as I had before, but the tips were better.  Alec came to me during one of the breaks and said, “Now you are dancing much better.  I knew you would relax after some teaching.  You are doing good.  I want to see you in the office before you leave.”

When the 9 PM dancers arrived I went to his office and found Alec waiting.  I knew the drill but I waited till he told me to get my top off before I removed it.  “While you suck me I want you to play with your nipples.  I want to see them hard and red from being used.”

“Yes,” was all I could say.  I had his penis in my mouth and my hands on my nipples.  The feeling going through my body was mixed.  It was arousal and it was dread as well.  I knew I was going to be choked almost to unconsciousness but I had to admit my breasts were hard and screaming for attention.

“Do you love my dick,” Alec asked.  I didn’t know what to do I had my mouth filled with him.  “Say it.”

I removed his dick from my mouth and continued to rub my nipples.  I love your dick,” I said.

“Suck it bitch,” he said.

I returned it to my mouth and began to make my mouth tight and wet for him to work his cock inside.  I felt his hand go to the back of my head and I dreaded what was going to follow.

“Play with your clit,” he demanded.  “Do it bitch.

I slipped my hand inside my bikini and began to manipulate my clit.  It was maddening how good it felt.  Then his dick was down my throat.  It hurt and it choked me for a few seconds.

“Don’t stop rubbing your clit bitch,” he said.

I rubbed and moved my clit around until I was on the verge of cumming that was when he drove his dick into my throat.  I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen when I slipped into an orgasm the likes of which I had never known.  I was doing God only knew what to his cock and suddenly felt his cum in my stomach and my orgasm rocking me.  I heard Alec say, tell me you love my dick and mean it.”

“God yes I love your dick,” I said.

“Do you love it even when it hurts you?” he asked.

“Yes I love your dick, even when it hurts me,” I said.

“Are you a cocksucker,” he asked.

“Yes I am a cock sucker,” I said and I meant it.

“Are you ready to be turned out to suck dicks for money?” he asked.

I didn’t miss a beat.  “I will suck dicks for money anytime you say,” I replied.

“You stay here and I’m going to get your first customer,” he said.

I was a wreck but I managed to find the flash drive in my jeans.  I even managed to put it in the usb port and reboot the computer before the old man came into the room.  I left the computer running with the monitor turned off while I gave him a blow job.  I did it nice and slow so that the drive had time to clone before he finished.  After he left me I removed the drive and the computer began to reboot.

Alec came in just as it finished.  “Go home Lucy and get your ass ready for me.  Tomorrow I’m going to have Elton take it on stage.”  He laughed wickedly.

When I got to my car Liam said, “Now call for a hard extraction.  Be sure you say a hard extraction.”

I used a pay phone in a convenience store to make the call.  I had been gone less than a week and I had the drive.  I had checked it and found it contained files though I had no idea what they were.  I was told to make the dead drop then they would arrange the extraction.

I slept poorly that night not because I was in any great pain and not because I was worried about what would happen.  I slept poorly because I was wondering what was happening to me.  I had meant what I said to Alec.  At least I meant it at the time I said it.

I drove to the park and saw the Mcdonalds bag on the ground by a trash can.  Someone had obviously missed the can.  I added my flash drive to the bag then placed it into the trash can and walked away.

It was 9 PM when Alec went to the runway.  “Tonight we have a surprise for you after closing there will be a special show.  Some of you have seen them before but tonight it will star Lucy our newest dancer.  She is going to dance on the end of the pole instead of beside it.”  He laughed obviously the audience knew what it was about.  I had an idea and I wasn’t really worried at first.

I thought it might be anal sex with the boss on stage.  Or maybe he would tape it and play it back for the crowd.  Neither of which worried me.  It was pretty close to midnight when I learned it wouldn’t be the average sized penis of the manager but a huge cock of one of the bouncers.  That’s when I got worried.  I could wind up with a torn sphincter requiring surgery to repair.  Not a great prospect.

I began trying to think how to get away from it.  I could leave but then Alec might start looking at what I was doing there in the first place.  My cover wouldn’t hold up for too long, if someone started looking at it hard.

Just after midnight there was a commotion at the door.  The rather large black bouncer was arguing with a man who looked a lot like Killer.  Suddenly the bouncer stopped shouting and began gasping for breath.

Since it was late there was a second bouncer on duty.  He slipped up behind Killer but suddenly there was the sound of breaking glass.  It seemed as though someone had thrown a beer bottle and it had hit the second bouncer in the head and he went down hard.

“Get your ass out of here and into my pickup truck,” Killer said to me.  “You are still my wife and I’m taking you home god damn it.”

The Killer, and I returned to the Motel and loaded my shit in the back of the pickup.  We left town immediately.  The Sergeant Major drove my Ford out of the parking lot and headed to the convenience store just outside of town.

“My god that was fun.  I’m gonna tell Mission to count me in anytime,” Killer said.  He dropped me at the convenience store parking lot beside my Ford.  Mission said she would contact you tomorrow, in the meantime find somewhere else to stay.  Somewhere nicer than that dump from which I just rescued you.”

Edited by Walt

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21 Responses to Undercover rose 2 (edited by walt)

  1. Mr. Twitchy says:

    Love it !
    Colourful too. :-}

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Very good , Love it. Thanks. I think you are addicted to writing as much as we are at reading your work. Jack

  3. Von says:

    Psst…If you want the readers from SOL to write to you. You need to allow feedback on your author page. It’s turned off currently, so you are not getting any replies I reccomend not allowing annomoyus e mails. Lot’s of idiots write nasty things. .


    • cindypress says:

      If they really want to say something not just vent they can find me here and I will gladly respond otherwise I don’t give a crap what they have to say.

  4. Mr. Twitchy says:

    Cindy, I think I agree with you about SOL politics, especially the WORD NAZIS.
    BTW, I just found out that another story website is back online: http://www.beyondthefarhorizon.net
    It had disappeared last year sometime ago. They run a pretty decent site over there.

    • cindypress says:

      I bookmarked the site and when I’m able to think a little clearer I’ll take a look. I am always looking for places to post a story. I might get walt to give me his version or get him to post it there.

  5. buffalo says:

    I wonderful read. You are one of the best. While I know it will not be there every day I will still look for it. Keep up the good work.

  6. GaryDan says:

    LOL. I think you are just a “need to post it every day Junkie”. Such a nice surprise for Sunday/Monday. So……do we get Monday/Tuesday?? I really like the story potential, especially with Liam the friendly ghost. Thanks.

  7. auldmac says:

    Looks like this Lucy may be as explosive as the past bombshell. Love your style.

    • cindypress says:

      This is a bit hard for me to write as it’s outside my comfort zone. Rose is kinda of an antiheroic type. Of course they all were a little off with their sense of right and wrong.you

  8. oldsilvertip says:

    Good read. Thanks for posting early.

  9. Roger says:

    First, thanks for starting a new story. I look forward to reading more of your anti-hero’s adventures.

  10. jackballs57 says:

    New chapter posted to my story due to a numbering mix up it will show up as 72 and will show up out of order.


  11. bigtime4wyo says:

    I am liking the stories, been fun reading all of the, over the last 2 weeks. I look forward to continue to do so. Thanks for posting them.

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