Undercover Rose 5 (Edited)


I went home and as promised fell right into bed.  I was asleep just moments after my head hit the pillow.  Nothing happened from 1 AM till 8 AM, so I slept like a baby.

When I woke I went into the small bath to pee and brushed my teeth.  After that I heated the last cup of yesterday’s coffee and put on a fresh pot while the microwave worked it’s magic.

I walked around the bike as I drank my coffee.  Everything appeared to be where it was supposed to be, not that I would have noticed any subtle changes.  

“You might want to buy yourself a small can of WD-40,” Liam suggested.

“Yeah, I was just thinking that myself,” I said.

“It would go a long way to keeping that rust from coming back,” Liam suggested.

“Yeah, I know.  So where do you want to go for breakfast?” I asked.

“I know you like that place you found yesterday, why not go there again,” he suggested.  “There is a lot to be said for routine.”

“Like the bad guys knowing where to find you?” I asked.

“Like the waitress lying for you while you slip out the back,” Liam said schooling me again.

“I can see that being helpful.  Okay so it’s the grease pit,” I agreed.  The grease pit was one of those places with no real kitchen.  There was a wall of appliances a few feet behind the counter where customers sit.  The cook worked his butt off to keep up with the orders.

I rode the rambling route to the restaurant.  I covered at least three miles before I got to it.  I noticed the sign for the first time.  It read, Jack’s Grill.  I wondered if one of the cooks was named Jack.

The waitress was middle aged and a little chubby.  It was something I never noticed till I got the new body.  The one that prison and a couple of months at Church Camp created.  I realized upon my release on the world that women mostly fit in two categories.  They were either too chubby or too skinny.  There were some fit women, but not that many.  

“It means nothing you know,” Liam said.

“What?” I whispered.

“The term fit.  It has no real definition.  It is one thing to one person and another to a second person.  It’s like middle-class there is no real definition.  In Tempe Arizona it is one thing and quite another in New York City,”

“Aren’t you just full of it this morning?” I asked my lips barely moving.

“Full of what?” he asked.

“Why philosophy of course,” I replied.

“You need something else honey?” the waitress asked.  I suppose she saw me talking to myself.

“No thanks, I was just talking to my ghost,” I said.

The waitress laughed.  “I talk to my dad a lot he has been gone five years now.  I thought I was the only one,” she said.

“Mine gives me lots of advice,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s always things you knew, but weren’t listening to right?” she asked.

“Exactly,” I replied.

“Girl you must be Creole,” she said.

“Nope, WASP all the way,” I said with a grin.

“Well does your ghost want a plate too?” she asked.

“Hell no, let him buy his own breakfast,” I said still laughing.

“Good idea,” the waitress said.

“Now she would lie for you while you slipped out the back,” Liam said.  I didn’t answer.

On the bike ride home I got cut off by a young man in a small econobox.  I gave him the finger and he pulled over.  I was almost looking forward to showing him what Killer had taught me.  

“You are right.  I am so sorry that I cut you off.  I can only say I didn’t realize how close we were to the intersection and I am late for work.  I’d like to make it up to you,” he volunteered.  The words all came out in a rush.

“Would you be as nice, if I weren’t a blond chick with big boobs?” I asked.

“I hope so, but I really can’t say,” he agreed.

“Just don’t do it to anyone else.  Now go and sin no more,” I said.

“A Jesus complex good god,” he said.

I finished my bike ride and felt better when I got home.  I was cold but I felt pretty damn good.  I knew I had been a little hard on the driver of the car.  I mean I was wearing my hair down and my sweatshirt was a little tight, even though it was cold out.  I should have been in a parka and dressed in heavier body disguising clothing.  What the hell my guilt in no way excused his behavior, I thought.

I took a long and very warm shower.  The 12 unit apartment building had one water heater which never seemed to run low on water.  It also had modern radiators for heat.  They did an excellent job even if it was a bit chilly once in a while.

I was wearing a pair of panties with a towel wrapped around my blond hair when I opened the email.  “Have you no shame woman?” Liam asked.

“Suddenly the sight of my boobs bothers you?” I asked.

“No I rather like it.  I was talking about the tongue lashing you gave that young man today.  He most likely didn’t realize how close he cut it when he passed you to get a better look.  A perfectly understandable action, I might add.”

“And one that might have gotten me killed.  Just another example of how boobs can be dangerous,” I said with a smile.

“So you would choose to go back to the flat chested version of yourself?” Liam asked.  

“I wasn’t flat chested, 34b is a perfectly acceptable size,” I said.

“I asked if you would rather go back to it,” Liam said.

“No, I guess not,” I admitted.  “So now that I made that admission can I open the email.”

“Please do,” Liam said standing behind me.  A sudden breeze came from nowhere and blew across my chest.

“If that was you Liam stop it,” I said.  He laughed so he knew what I was talking about.

“So suspicious,” Liam said.

The email was from my controller or her nerd I wasn’t sure which.  It read simply.  Subject of no interest try again.

That was no doubt short hand for there was no money trail leading to anyone in the case or their lawyers.  It also meant there were no unexplained deposits or purchases in the last year.  I knew that it was easy to follow the trail of electron from his smart phone to his bank accounts.  Since the controller or her nerd hadn’t asked for more information they had made the connections that it just meant nothing.  I had to trust them.  Shame that I went to all that trouble for nothing.

“Well at least you got his phone back without blowing your cover,” Liam suggested.

“Yeah, but it could have went sideways all for nothing,” I said.

“True but you better start seeing the glass as half full or you will go crazy on this job,” Liam said.

“Okay the bright side is I don’t have to cultivate Stonebridge,” I said.

“See that’s a half full kind of thing for sure,” he said.

It was 2:50 PM when I walked into the lab.  Pete the Geek was packing his evidence kit away for the day.  He was also headed to the evidence locker.  It was no more than a metal cabinet with smaller metal boxes inside.  It is where the Techs store evidence that either needed more processing before it went into the evidence room, or it was evidence gather to close too shift change to be logged in without going into overtime.  

It was already sealed and labeled against tampering but just haven’t been turned in to lockup.  Lockup was what everyone called the large evidence cave across the hall.  From there, after a couple of years, it went to a warehouse across town never to be seen again.  Some got destroyed and some went into long term storage.

All that to explain Pete locking a large brown envelope in his box in the evidence locker.  The system was a weak link in the overall evidence handling system.  It didn’t look as though it was a fatal weak link but one just never knew.

The controller and her nerd were still looking for a common element in the cases that went south.  So far they had nothing that the evidence locker could easily be that common link.  All the lab evidence could have passed through the locker without anyone noticing.  I just had no way of knowing.  If the so called geniuses couldn’t find the common link I was going to just concentrate on ripping off information that might find the connection from the tail end.

“So get your camera we are about to get called out,” Stonebridge said.

“I swear I didn’t hear a thing,” I said.

“One day you will begin to process all that noise on the radio.  In the meantime lets head to the truck,” he said.  He suddenly stopped, looked me in the eye and said, “Oh shit.”

“What’s the problem?” I asked.  “It’s a homicide.  They just called for the ME.  That may mean a full scale processing of the scene.”  Stonebridge did not look happy.

We headed out to the van even faster.  Once we were in the van the call came for the crime scene team.  “Since they didn’t call for 721 but the team, it mean we are going to be standing around waiting for the experts from the SBI to show up before we do anything.  They will manage the crime scene not us,” Stonebridge said.

“Do we turn around and head back to the station?” I asked.

“No but we are going to be gophers more than investigators on this one,” he said.

“Hey we get paid by the hour, we are not on piecework,” I said.

“I know but it pisses me off to be called, hey boy,” Stonebridge said with a smile.

When he pulled up on the civilian side of the yellow tape we approached the patrol sergeant.  “What you got Ed?” Stonebridge asked.

“We got a body of the day shift clerk.  She was found by the swing shift employee.  Looks like a robbery gone bad,” he said.

“Shit lot of brass coming down for a robbery gone sideways,” I said.  I really didn’t know any better but I didn’t imagine there were this many people at a plain robbery homicide.

“You the pretty blond photographer?” the sergeant asked.  

“Guilty,” I said.

“We take whodunit homicides seriously,” the sergeant replied.

“Well I’m sure you do.  So who done it?” I asked smiling.

“This is a Salvadorian gang’s turf.  Most likely it was one of them.  Probably shot her and got scared left before they could get the register open,” he explained.

“How many gang bangers would be scared before the cops showed up.  Somebody killed her with no plan to get the money.  It had to be an after thought,” I said.

“I agree, but they are looking for the easy answers.  It is our job to process the scene not figure out whodunits,” Stonebridge said.

I went back to the truck for my camera case.

The state crime lab people showed up in two Cadillac SUVs.  I followed Stonebridge over to speak to the boss.  “I’m the Capitol City Police Crime Scene Supervisor,” he said.  “Name is Stonebridge.”

“How nice for you Mr. Stonebridge.  Now you are dismissed,” the woman with the stick up her ass said.

“Remind her you have the responsibility for the Scene and you need to process the scene but you promise not to touch anything.  You are going to need photographs for your detectives.  Her job is to preserve the evidence for prosecution.  Yours is to aid the detectives in making an arrest,” Liam suggested.

I made that argument quietly to the woman in charge of the Medical Examiner’s team.  She was also the investigator from the last death case we worked.  “Alright sweetie I’ll clear it for you, but you are going to owe me,” she said.

“Coffee from the station’s vending machine?” I suggested.

“No way, but I bet you make a wicked cup,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Deal but work your magic now,” I said smiling.

She talked to the States Crime Scene Manager who made some kind of half assed argument then cleared me to shoot the evidence if I wore a bio suit and booties.  I looked like shit in the bio suit.  The suit hid the twenty thousand dollar boobs for sure.  And the hairnet hid my long blond hair pulled into a bun.  Gee I was almost back to being me, I thought.

I walked around photographing everything, the bullet casings on the floor, the access to the open areas.  I also made shots of the bathrooms even though no one was treating them as evidence at that time.  When I was finished outside I made photos of everything I could see.  I knew they would have footage from the owner’s cameras.  Well they would if there were any cameras.  I had no idea if there were cameras or not.  I worked on the assumption that there might not be and just shot everything.

The Medical Examiners Investigator came to me while I was working outside.  “You want to come to the hospital and shoot her body.  It would help your detectives to know what she looked like post mortem,” she said.

“Let me tell my partner we are going to the ER,” I suggested.  

“Tell the receptionist you are part of Lisa Evan’s staff.  I will tell her to expect you.”

“Very good,” I suggested.  “So you are Lisa?  You don’t have any idea how much I appreciate this,” I said.

“Well it isn’t a big deal.  You proved you can stay out of the way,” Lisa said.

“And Lisa likes girls,” Liam said.  I ignored him since I knew she would be listening, and I didn’t want to blow the photo op.  Since it was winter and even though we had covered only one crime scene it was dark when we checked out at 7 PM.

“Why don’t you go ahead and cover the pictures.  I’ll handle anything that comes up.  You can call me when you finish and I’ll swing by for you,” Stonebridge suggested.

“Okay,” I said gratefully.

I took my camera bag and cell phone from the truck where I left it.  Stonebridge had parked under the awning.  The space was usually used for ambulances so I rushed to get out of the truck.  “Later,” I said as I turned to enter the Emergency Entrance.  

Just a few feet inside the doorway, I found the reception desk.  “The Medical Examiner’s Investigator is expecting me.  I’m with the Capitol City Police Crime Lab,” I said.

“Lisa is in examining room one.  It’s right inside those doors,” she said pointing to the one of the three sets of double doors.  She also took a good look at me and said, “Watch yourself Lisa is a Shark,” she added without explaining the remark.

I just nodded, then went in search of Lisa.  I found her cutting the clothes off our victim.  She noted my arrival with a nod and smile.  She continued to remove the clothes and put each piece in a separate plastic bag.  

“I would have thought that cute punk kid would have come with you to cut me out of the evidence loop.  Just as well.  Get shots of all the clothes in the bags and one of me removing something just for continuity,” Lisa said.

“Ah oh,” she added.  “Middle aged lady wears fancy underwear to work.  What does that tell you Robbie?”  

I looked around to see if she meant me.  “My guess she didn’t plan to go straight home after her shift.”

“Good.  Now if you were a cop what would you want to know next?” Lisa asked.

“When her shift ended.  Was she coming on or about to finish her shift,” I said.

“Good for you, and I’m glad you didn’t say get off instead of finish her shift,” she said.

“No you aren’t.  It would have given you another chance to embarrass me,” I said with a smile.

“My you are intuitive,” Lisa commented.

I shot pictures of the exam and made mental notes of what I saw until about 8 PM.  At that time my cell phone rang.  I answered it and said, “Sure I’ll be waiting outside.”  Then to Lisa I said, “It was great fun but I have to go.  Thanks again.”

“Thanks my ass, I want my coffee you promised,” she said.

“I’m off to work so it will have to be another time,” I said and left the room.

Stonebridge and I worked nonstop until 11 PM.  I didn’t have a punch card since I wasn’t a city employee technically.  I just called dispatch to tell them I was off the clock.  If there was ever a question I had made a digital record with that call.

I drove my pickup truck to the apartment and was surprised to find someone parked in my space.  I went to the guest spaces and fumed a little.  When I passed the culprit’s car the door opened and Lisa got out carrying a six pack of a beer I didn’t recognize.

She held it up and said, “Negra Modelo, hard as hell to get here.”

“You scared the hell out me.  Come on up,” I said leading my way up to the apartment.  

“Hey I like what you haven’t done with the place,” she said laughing at the cavernous feel of the place.  “I guess you aren’t planning to stay long.”

“The grant runs out in about eighty days and then I’m off somewhere else,” I said.  I placed two plastic cups in front of her on the TV tray I used as a dining table.  “Not exactly fine crystal but it will do,” I said.

“Yes it will,” Lisa agreed.  “It’s also not your coffee but I guess it will have to do.”

“So where does one find Mexican beer here?” I asked.

“Down in the barrio.  There is a small convenience store there that deal in all things not quite legal and not quiet illegal,” Lisa said.  

While she explained about the beer I took a good look at her.  She wasn’t wearing scrubs so I could tell she was carrying at least twenty pounds of extra weight.  She had smaller breasts probably B cup certainly no more than that.  Her ass was a couple of inches bigger than her chest so she looked a little dump and would look worse in her scrubs.  I had never paid any attention to her so I couldn’t be sure.

“So Lisa are you Bisexual or pure Lesbian?” I asked bluntly.

“That’s a pretty cold way to find out,” she suggested.

“We just photographed a naked dead lady wearing a red thong, do we really need to play games?” I asked.

“No of course not, I’m bisexual with a leaning toward lesbian tendencies.  A bit domineering to be honest,” she explained.

“And you thought I was submissive?” I asked.

“Frankly I find you a challenge though I guess not so much now that you want it all defined,” she informed me.  “But yes you seem to have some submissive traits but it is very subtle that you might not even be aware of it.  We are still talking sexual here not in your interpersonal relationships.”

“Okay I can buy all that,” I said.  “So lets see if we can finish this six pack and then find out what happens next.”

“That was the plan all along,” she said.  “Did you know the Medical Examiner’s office is only four or five blocks from here?”

“I didn’t even know what a Medical Examiner was when I took this apartment,” I explained.  I was suddenly very glad that everything in my apartment was either encrypted or harmless.

“Ah okay,” she said.  After the second beer she showed me pictures of her two kids.  They were young maybe five and seven but that was just a guess.

“So is there a father?” I asked.

“Of course but I can’t talk about him,” she laughed.

“Oh?  Is he that bad?” I asked.

“No, it’s just that I don’t want to send a good loving man to prison.”  

 I was a bit shocked and said, “You don’t mean it was…..”

Cutting in, “Yes it was.  He loved me unconditionally and gave me both children and I love him dearly and will never do anything to hurt him,” she stated.  “It’s why I prefer females these days so I don’t have to explain my children to any man who probably wouldn’t accept it.”

“I see your point,” I said.

Like most of us she didn’t want to leave her computer in the car, so it sat on the kitchen counter while we drank.  It looked as though there was more oral sex in my future, but this time maybe nothing would be rammed down my throat.

After the second beer she kissed me.  I had to admit it was a nice kiss.  At least at the start but the temperature kept rising until it was out of control.  There were hands on my breast and they felt good thought not as good as before the surgery.  I didn’t mind the tight stretching feeling as she push my breasts around.  

While I returned her kiss I tried to pull her closer but she wanted free use of her hands so she held me back.  She put her hands inside my blue uniform pants rather quickly.  I could feel her hand trying to rub my clit but the angle was all wrong.

“Come to bed slut,” she said.

“Yes,” I replied and followed her.

“That is Yes Ma’am,” she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said.  

“Good, that’s your place in this relationship.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said.  I decided I wanted to play along till I could plug my handy dandy little flash drive into her laptop.  I didn’t suspect her but I had the opportunity to clear her so I would take it.

“Now take off your clothes for me.  I want to see that slut body of yours,” she said.

The one thing I could do really well was take off my clothes.  I started with the knit polo type shirt that was part of the uniform I wore at work.  I pulled the hem up then lifted the back over my head at the same time.  It revealed my plain white bra.  The one my saline boobs over flowed.  I had to admit the doc gave dynamite cleavage.  I could tell Lisa was impressed.  

She had a satisfied smile on her lips when she motioned me on.  I slipped out of the slacks by opening the belt.  I slowly began unbuttoning and unzipping the side opening.  Then the slacks just magically fell to the floor.  I kicked off my shoes first then kicked off the pants.

I was standing in my panties and bra when Lisa said.  “Bend over for me.  I want to see how you fill a bra.”  

I did as she directed and saw her admiring my saline filled breast bubbles.  Probably because I hadn’t wanted the larger boobs I didn’t hold them in awe.  I saw them for what they were.

“Continue,” Lisa said.  I removed the bra and like they say in all the best porno stories my breast burst free.  I dropped the bra and let Lisa admire the fact that there was almost no natural droop.  The doctor had built in just a little.  My breasts looked pretty close to real till one felt them.  There were just too much of the gel filled bag about them to hide.  But Lisa had felt them and was still in awe so who was I to ruin her fantasy.

“Very nice,” she commented smiling.

“Thank you Ma’am,” I replied.

“You can finish now,” she said.  I removed my black bikini panties and stood naked in front of her.  “Now bend over and show me your ass.”

I did as she directed.  I faced away from her and bent over.  “Now spread the cheeks for me.”  I even did that for her but I didn’t speak.  “How are you going to feel when I fuck your ass with my big black dildo?”

“I think I will cry,” I said.  I didn’t think that part was play.  Taking it up there always hurt and always made me beg the man to stop.  I had no idea how I would feel with a hard piece of rubber up there.  I was willing to try and I don’t know how much of that was to be able to clone her computer and how much was my submissive side.  I also didn’t know if any of it was because I liked Lisa a lot.

She stood and led me to my own bed.  She quickly undressed but only after turning off the lights.  I felt her soft warm body pressed against mine as she kissed me and held me close against her.  I wrapped my arms around her and pulled with an urgency I could remember feeling before.  I wanted her to love me, I didn’t care how, just to love me.

“Now show me how talented you are with that gorgeous mouth,” she said while applying pressure to my shoulders.

I allowed her to guild me between her thighs but not too quickly.  I kissed her much softer breasts and down her slightly extended tummy and down through where her pubic hair should have been.  I used my fingers to open the hood protecting her clit then I ravished it.  I licked it up and down with wet licks.  I licked it side to side as well.  I felt her tense and knew she was about to orgasm but I didn’t slow down.  Actually it was a cue to slip a finger into her vagina and work it in and out.  I was in the wrong angle to curl my finger up so I just pumped two fingers in and out of her till she covered them with fluid from inside her making it even easier to continue.

“Please stop Naomi.  Please no more,” she said almost in a pained voice so I stopped and went back to sucking on her nipple.  She ran her fingers through my longer hair then fell asleep.

I slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom to cleanup.  After I ran a wash cloth over my own dripping vagina, I slipped into the living room to clone her computer.  It took about ten minutes to manage and I worried the whole time that she would come in.  When I was finished I went back into the bedroom and looked on the bed.  She hadn’t moved at all.”

I had forgotten about Lisa and thought I was dreaming till I opened my eyes and saw her head firmly in place between my legs.  Then I knew that I wasn’t imagining the feelings running through my mind.  I felt my clit sending signals to my brain and my brain trying to reach that place where everything shut down for a millisecond and I felt a beautiful sense of relief.

Lisa knew that I was on the verge of a huge orgasm and just stopped cold.  She slipped beside me and whispered in my ear.  “You are going to have to wait to feel all that I can do to you my slut.”  Since she didn’t laugh I knew she was taking the game more serious than I.

I literally stumbled out of bed and made her coffee in a fog.  She took a shower then put a pair of my much smaller panties before she left.  She kissed me long and hard then whispered “You are going to wonder all day what that orgasm would have been like, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered.

Edited by Walt


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  1. KiwiChris says:

    nice! another great read

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    Nice is an understatement. Very nice is more appropriate. Thanks for a great Saturday read.

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    MMMMMM…….Coffee……..Great Storytelling…….and a beautiful new Rose blooming in my reading rainbow garden………Thanks Cindy!!

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    we are trying so keep checking back.

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