Undercover Rose 6 (Edited)


After Lisa left I went out to breakfast.  It was back to the southern style diner for me.  I could eat what I wanted and the waitress already knew I was nuts.

 “So?” Liam asked.  “How did it go last night?”

“You should know I got the job done,” I said.

“Yes but how do you feel about you this morning?” he asked.

“I don’t know I haven’t stopped to think about it.  I just reacted to her and kind of went along.  I don’t think going along makes me a lesbian or even bisexual.”

“Oh what do you call it then?” Liam asked.

“I call it going along to get the job done,” I said with a smile.

“Well you don’t want that shit on your computer not even the one with no hard drive.  You need to dead drop that flash drive physically,” he suggested.

“I’m going to arrange that after a healthy dose of animal fat,” I said.  

“Your friend talking to you again?” the black lady asked.

“Yeah the horny old bastard won’t leave me alone,” I said.

“Just like a man,” she said.  “So what’ll it be?”

“Eggs and grits I think some of those link sausages as well,” I said.

“Oh big night last night was it?” she asked not expecting an answer.

After breakfast I rode the small bike back to the apartment.  I rolled it upstairs and into the living room.  I leaned it against the wall like a piece of sculpture.  If anyone objected I decided I would call it sculpture.

I used the no hard drive computer to draft an email.  My email read.  ‘Dear Lois.  I think I need to take a package to the post office this morning but I need to look up the address and operating times.’  I left it as a draft before I collected my clothes for the shower.  The clothes were a pair of black cotton panties and a bra.  

After my shower I didn’t dress, instead I checked the mail.  I had a reply.

Dear Lois

I decided to take the package to the post office at the corner of Burch and Smith Streets at 1 PM today.

So on my way to work I was going to make a stop at McDonald’s for a cookie and coffee.  The cookie bag would contain the flash drive when I dumped it in the trashcan at the corner of Burch and Smith Streets.

I completed that task at exactly 1 PM, then drove to a city park near there to drink my coffee and watch a softball team play.  It was an industrial league team, a southern tradition dating back to the 1930‘s at least.  It was sponsored by the different industries back then.  On the day I sat there it was more a community center thing.  Since it was during the week it was more a game for retired old men.  There was housewives league that played there as well.

I sat with an old black man and watched the game.  He made a comment and I began to see what he meant about the team that won made the least mistakes.  Unlike real softball games there was more than a few mistakes.  Also more than a few aches and pains I was sure.

“You know what they need?” I asked the older black man.

“No what do they need?” he asked in reply.

“To get a bus, go to a nursing home so that they could bring in some cheer leaders,” I suggested and laughed.

“Oh Lord that would be a sight,” he replied.

“Yes but it would be fitting,” I said.

“You know you got some good ideas.  You should work for one of these community centers,” he said.

“Or maybe one of those cruise ships,” I suggested with another laugh.  “Well I got to go to work.  See you again.”

“You might I’m here most days,” he said.

“That was a nice thing you did?” Liam said.

“If someone told you I wasn’t nice they were lying,” I said.  “Time to get to work.  I can see how this new thermos works.”  I left the parking lot and headed to the nearest fast food.  I got one large and one small coffee.  I pulled to a parking spot in their lot to fill the thermos.  When I left the lot the thermos was full of really bad coffee.  Since there were a few ounces left over I drank it as I drove.  It was truly awful coffee.

“Stonebridge, how did you beat me to the office?” I asked.

“I had a couple of errands to run and got finished a little early.  So tell me how is Lisa?” he asked.

“How do you mean that?” I asked.

“Well I saw the looks you two were sharing,” he said, “So now it’s time to fess up to it.”

“Nothing to fess up to.  Lisa helped us get a leg up on the investigation.  That is if the pictures helped the Detectives,” I said.

“Oh they helped okay, but you know that isn’t what I meant.  Is she as hot a number as she appears to be?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.  She is a nice enough lady and we shared a glass of wine after work.  You might remember I shared a beer with you and no one asked how you were,” I informed him.

“Okay, I get it you don’t kiss and tell.  I’ll just let my imagination fill in the blanks,” he suggested.

“Whatever you imagine it won’t be near enough,” I said and winked at Pete the Geek who smiled.  I put the original files from the night before into an evidence bag and sealed it.  The copies of the files had been hand carried to the detectives the night before.  All that being verified I had cleared the decks for a new night.

“After tonight there is one more then a two day break before we begin the dreaded midnight shift,” Stonebridge said.

“Oh what is that all about,” I asked.

“Midnight shifts are spooky.  Things come out of the dark when you work crime scenes,” he suggested.

“Sounds like a bad song to me,” I admitted.

“I have wrecked two of those SUVs or maybe it was the same one twice.  Things just jump out at me at night,” Stonebridge lamented.

“Or you fell asleep at the wheel,” Pete said on his way to the door.  He was off and headed god knows where.

“Stonebridge I know you are single, I mean that is obvious, but what about Pete?” I asked.

“He is working on this third wife,” he said.  “This one is probably going to stick.  They have been together ten years.  If you make it that long after a divorce it usually means it’s a go.”

“Who the hell told you that?” I asked.

“I think it was Dr. Phil.  It was one of those TV shrinks anyway,” he said.

“You watch that shit.  No wonder you don’t have a girl.  If you listen to their advice you never will have,” I suggested.

“Well you know if I was drop dead gorgeous like you maybe I would at least be having fun,” he said.

“What in the world makes you think my life is fun?” I asked with a laugh.

“Lisa.  The Lisa,” he replied.

“I am not joining you in this warped fantasy so stop asking,” I said.

“So I know we got Pete, the real Crime Scene Supervisor, and Fat Howard the Department Director.  Who are the others?” I asked.

“Martin who is working midnights this week and Louise who is off right now.”  

“Oh why haven’t I met Martin?” I asked.

“You have only been on shift three days and we were out when he started his shift.  It happens quite often on the 3P and the 12A overlap.  You will probably meet him tonight,” Stonebridge said to me.

He was right.  The night was so dull that we only rolled once.  We got to a gang fight about 9 PM but it was all over.  I took lots of shots of the crowd while Stonebridge talked to the Patrol Lieutenant.  After he returned I followed Stonebridge around while he collected weapons.  I also took photos of blood spots and their relationship to the scene.  It was a busy time for me but it ended just before 11 PM.  

“I was packing my camera case away when Martin, a man probably forty five or so, entered the lab communal area.  He had two cups of coffee in his hand.  “Someone told me you liked good coffee,” he said.  “I’m Martin by the way.”

“Well hello Martin, and thanks for the coffee.  I didn’t get a chance to refill my thermos,” I said.

“Nada, so how you liking our little coal mine,” he said.

“Well I have done worse things to stay alive,” I said playing along.  Martin wanted to be a tough guy, I decided instantly.  Sometimes I did that and was very wrong but most of the time I pegged them pretty good.  It might have been because he looked like a gym rat that I thought that as well.

“So what you do when you ain’t making pictures?” he asked.

“During my spare time, I am an international spy.  What about you?” I asked.

“Oh I hunt, fish, or work out at the gym.  Mostly I do work around the house this time of the year,” he said.

“Yeah, I heard you were a henpecked husband,” I said with a smile.

“Not much chance of that,” he said with a laugh.  He at least could take a joke.  Some of the imaginary tough guys I met in the wholesale pharmaceutical business wanted to slap a woman for questioning his masculinity.  Of course those were the kind you found in jail or a ditch, not a cop house.

“So how is that new wife,” I asked.

“She isn’t so new,” he replied.  

“My ex used to say ‘better than nothing’ when he was asked how I was,” I added with a laugh.

“Now that is cold,” Martin said.  

“Well it’s time we get out of here,” Stonebridge said to rescue me.

“Yeah, I got a date with Stonebridge.  See you around Martin,” I said.  On the way to the car I thought that there wasn’t much chance I was going to get Martin’s laptop or cell phone.  I still wanted to get something on him.  I could swipe his wallet, then clone the magnetic strip off his bank card.  That would give the Camp Geek something to work with.

Using my laptop in the car I put an email into the draft folder requesting a credit card swipe device.  If I got caught with it there was a good chance the controller would let me take the heat.  So once I used it, I was going to immediately dead drop it all.  I did not want to be caught with the tools to clone credit cards.

I went to Heidi’s for a drink before I went home.  I left the cop bar alone by choice.  I did have several offers but what would I expect from a sausage cop bar.  When I got home my email had an answer to Lisa.  She appeared clean at first glance so I was told not to waste anymore time with her.  The implication was that she had lots of girl on girl porn and the controller was afraid I would find her too interesting and forget my mission.

 There was also a set of instruction for using the card magnetic strip copier.  It was simple all I had to do was get the card and slide it through the jaws of the reader.  The real work would be from the Camp Geek when he got the codes.

My problem was getting hold of his wallet.  At the rate I was moving I would be through with the assignment rather quickly.  But the downside was that I wasn’t any closer to establishing a connection between the cases than I had been when I first arrived.  It wouldn’t matter.  I was in that place just to collect information.  If the powers that be couldn’t make a case, it just wasn’t my problem.

My problem was how to get Martin’s credit card and keep Lisa off my ass.  Literally off my ass, I might add.  She had hinted she wanted to own my ass which usually meant use it.  Not something I looked forward to even in the old days.

Then there was Louise she was another Crime Scene Supervisor.  She would have to be checked out as well.  I knew nothing about her.  I realized I should have asked Stonebridge about her personal life.  I would meet her in a few days and could ask her myself no doubt.

I went to sleep with the knowledge that tomorrow there would be a dead drop before my last night on swing shifts.  I would have about four hours from the time my cycling ended till my shift started to pick up the reader and hide it.  

The draft Email was on my computer when I returned from breakfast.  I had thirty minutes to shower and get to the Red Dot grocery store.  In the parking lot I was to park beside a van with the license number KYE321.  When I saw a fifty year old woman begin to unload her groceries I was to take the buggy from her and head for the store.  Inside the buggy I would find a plastic grocery bag with the reader inside.  I was to go into the store and buy something.  It didn’t matter at all what I bought.

I did as I was instructed and found the reader to be nothing more than a box with a card swipe sitting on top of it.  I went from the parking lot to the store and then to the Police Station.  Since I couldn’t go home it limited what I could buy.  I took a chance and bought a fruit salad for dinner.

Stonebridge looked at me questioningly.  “What?  I can’t live on hamburgers every night.  I would think you understood that,” I said.  “With that look, you should be some kind of bean sprout guy.”  I put the salad into the refrigerator in the lab.  It was officially for evidence but I had noticed it often held Pete’s power drink or someone’s candy so that it didn’t melt.  That night it also held a small fruit salad.

The night went about like normal.  I spent close to 70% of my time on Crime Scene Photographs that would never be used by anyone.  I made a couple of dry prints for the detectives to use during an interview.  The original files were shot by Pete the Geek before I came on board.  They were really quite good for someone whose main interest was fingerprints and blood splatter.

The images were of a man in a car whose face was recognizable.  Pete had shot it while driving up to a crime scene part of the ‘shoot everything when you get there’ rule.  He caught the lookout driving away after everyone else cleared the scene.  Since the lookout hadn’t been involved in the hold up, he didn’t think it mattered that he waited to see what the cops were going to do.  Pete just got his picture by accident.

Before I knew it Martin came in.  I was pretty sure in the ten minutes or so I was in contact with Martin, I wasn’t going to be able to pick his pocket.  You had to distract someone in order to do that without being caught.  I needed some way to distract him and it wasn’t going to happen at work.

“So Martin how was your morning?” I asked showing a little more attention in him.

“It was fine.  Of course my wife was at work when I woke.  I just hate waking to an empty bed,” he said.  I didn’t bother to remind him that the bed wasn’t really empty if he was in it.

“Yes, I know that feeling all too well,” I said and smiled.  Thank you Lovie, I thought.  I was able to say it without cringing at the cheesy factor of ten.

Martin looked at me with a question in his eyes, but I ignored it.  It looks as though Martin is a player, I thought.  “So what do you do while I’m sleeping?” Martin asked.

“Getting ready for work I imagine.  Of course, I will be in a cafe downtown in the morning about 8 AM.  You could stop by and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee while you fill me in on the people I’m working with,” I suggested.  It would be a place where I might be able to pick his pocket.  Then again since he was a player I might have to take him home to do it.  Which would be quite alright with me as well.  Martin was in pretty good shape for a man in his forties who worked in a lab.  That being the case he might not be too bad.  The good thing is we would both want to keep it quiet if he did come home with me.

He didn’t want it to get back to his wife and I need it to stay quiet so I could continue with my investigations.

After one beer with Stonebridge, I drove home to the little apartment.  It was a good fit for my cover that it was almost empty.  I was supposed to be in town for only 90 days.  I liked the idea of flirting with Martin.  He reminded me of someone from my past, who I couldn’t remember, so it was buried way back there in my memory cells.

I left Heidi’s after a single beer yet again.  I had never stayed for more than one so it wasn’t unexpected.  I went home and checked my secret mail drop and found nothing waiting there.  If Martin checked out I would be forced to go after the last lab tech next.  I was working them in a systematic way so Louise would be next.  I knew almost nothing about her.

Well I did know the obvious.  Louise was a fifty something black woman who acted black at times and white at times.  I’m sorry if that sounds racist but I believe she was the racist.  They say when it suited her she could be Whoopi Goldberg or if it suited her she could be as white as a loaf of grocery store bread.  So I figured that was pretty racist.  I had no idea how it would be possible for me to get close with her.  At the moment my problem was Martin.  I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.  It might not be necessary to get close to Louise at all.

I tried not to think about Lisa but I did.  Not only was it hard not to think about her when I was alone it was impossible not to think of her when I lay down.  My sheets smelled of her perfume.  I couldn’t relive our night together then imagining what it would be like to orgasm for her.

My clock went off way too early.  I set it because I wanted to be in the cafe just in case Martin showed after his shift.  I timed my bike ride to end up there at almost exactly 8 AM.  

I was pleased to find him sitting at a table drinking coffee obviously waiting for me.  “Well hello imagine bumping into you here?” I said.

“I know, quite the coincidence.  Sit down I’ll buy your breakfast,” he suggested.

“Now that is an offer a poor working girl can’t refuse,” I said.  Then to the waitress I said, “I’ll have a cup of your bad coffee and your breakfast special.  You know how I like it.”

She looked at me and smiled as if to say, so now you have a man for real.  “Very well and you sir?” she asked.

“I guess I’ll have the same except no grits.  Bring me hash browns instead,” Martin said.

Liam whispered into my ears, “You know he is way to slick.”  I ignored him.

“So what’s it like being a married crime lab geek?” I asked.

“The hours drive my wife nuts, but otherwise it’s okay.  I mean the pay is lousy but jobs are hard to find right now.  My degree is pretty much wasted here or else I’d be sitting home drawing unemployment,” he said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.  I had my own business in Alabama and I can’t even draw unemployment so I have to work where I can,” I said.

“Did you ever do any modeling?  You are a natural,” he meant it as a compliment I’m sure.

“I tried to begin with modeling.  That’s how I wandered into photography,” I said lying like a cheap rug on a slick hardwood floor.

“Well you should try going back to it,” he said.

“Not a chance I’m too old and too fat now for that, but thanks for the compliment,” I said.

We ate most of the meal in silence, had one more cup of coffee then stood to leave.  Once we were outside Martin said, “You know that was nice.  I really wish this didn’t have to end.  You have a couple of hours before you shift starts,” he said leaving it open ended.

“More than that I’m off tonight and tomorrow then I come back on midnights,” I said.

“That’s right Stonebridge takes over my shift Sunday night.  So you got any plans for today?” Martin asked.

“Well to be honest I had planned a long shower and a short nap,” I replied.  “Do you have a better offer for me.”

“How about some long hot sex then the other things,” Martin suggested.

“You can follow me or you can go to 213 Vermont Street and wait for me,” I suggested.  “Since I’m on a bike you probably should go on ahead and wait.”

He was indeed waiting for me in his new sporty Ford.  I couldn’t tell what kind it was but I knew it was no econobox.  It was also bright and shiny like a new penny.  He obviously took care of it.

“Nice ride,” I commented.

“Yeah it’s a lease.  I could never afford to buy one like it,” he said.  His explanation was uncalled for and it sounded rehearsed.  Like something he had repeated often to explain his driving a car he obviously couldn’t afford.  Martin showed signs of being my man or if not he definitely had something going on besides his crime lab salary.  He was attempting to hide it.

“Good thinking girl,” Liam said.  “He does act a little suspicious, in fact he acts guilty as hell.”  I shook my head which was meant for Liam but Martin assumed it meant I was buying into his explanation.

I took him up to my apartment and he smiled.  “My god I like what you haven’t done to the place.  You obviously aren’t planning to stay long.”

“The job has an ending date.  About eighty five more days and I’m going to be moving on to something else.  The trick to working contract work like this is to buy nothing that won’t fit in the back of a pick up.  And not to buy more than one load’s worth,” I explained.

Martin moved forward and kissed me.  It went from a mild kiss to one filled with lots of heat.  While I had him distracted I removed his wallet from his hip pocket.  It was easy since I rubbed his ass while I did it.  I managed to secret it in one of the hand warmer pockets in my sweatshirt.  

“I got to pee, I’ll be right back,” I reached for my Nikon purse with the card reader inside.  In the bathroom I removed three credit cards and swiped them.  I was forced to wait for the green light before replacing them in the wallet.

When I returned to the room he was already in bed.  I dropped the wallet on the floor near his pants.  I also put the Nikon bag on the floor near the blowup bed.  Once the work was out of the way, I removed my running suit then slipped into the bed with the older man.  Since I had seen a photograph of his wife, I wasn’t at all surprised to find Martin enthusiastic about making love to me.

He pulled me into the bed and lean over me while kissing me deeply again.  I turned on immediately.  He didn’t know it but he was benefiting from the fact that Lisa stopped short when we were together.  I was aroused quickly and deeply without any real effort on his part.

Since we were both naked I could feel his penis pressed between us.  I was happy to find that it was of an average size.  I had no desire to deal with a larger than normal penis again anytime soon.  I was not so glad to find that he had to be prompted to move on from kissing to the next step.  It was almost as if he was afraid to break the spell I was supposed to be under.  It wasn’t a spell at all and it was no longer an act.  It was pure lust nothing more or less.

I held his penis between us with both hands and stroked it gently while he kissed me.  I was prompting him to move forward.  At least that was my intention.  He was either slow to get the message or was trying for some reason to postpone the actual sexual act.  

I felt his penis slip away and he slip over on my body kissing my breast then my tummy and finally my pubis.  Before I knew it he was using his hands to spread the hood protecting my clitoris.  Then there was the maddening burst of sensations that come only from the clitoris being stimulated over and over again.  It was a sensation that could never be produced through vaginal intercourse.  It was a super stimulation that can only be achieved through direct stimulation.  

Then his finger entered me and moved deep inside.  Without warning he curled his finger and began to stroke the rough skin inside and on top of the vaginal canal.  It was the skin that was stroked with the penis in the doggie position.  Even then there was no additional direct stimulation of clitoris.  It was an absolute maddening feeling.  I wanted to turn myself inside out for him.

He lifted his face from between my legs, moved up and since I was wet he easily slid his penis inside me.  He started pounding me as if he were in a hurry.  Then suddenly, without unloading, he pulled out and used his muscular body to flip me like a rag doll.  I was to far gone to complain even when he forced his penis through my tight sphincter.  It hurt but I hardly made a sound beyond the moaning that never stopped.  

By the time he finished pumping me full of his sperm I was a total wreck.  I came repeatedly hanging by my anus on his penis.  I knew he had won, when I begged him to leave immediately after so I wouldn’t have to acknowledge his look of superiority.  He knew why as well as I did.

What he didn’t know was I had his credit card information.  I was even more sure that he had something to hide, but I wasn’t sure that it was evidence tampering.

Edited by Walt

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  1. The Mage says:

    Cindy, would you mind if I used Sylvia and Swamp dog in one of my stories. If you like I will email you the section of the story (when It is written). I promise to treat your characters with respect.

  2. cindypress says:

    sweetie this story and all my characters are like linux operating system they belong to the readers. I you do an animated porno cartoon I want a copy otherwise do whatever you like. If I could make a virtual world I would do that with all the characters played by readers.

    I would want to be melody of course.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    Another great chapter. Thanks

  4. jackballs57 says:

    I posted another chapter to my story this morning.

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