Undercover Rose 10 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt


I sent an email to my handler that same night.  I got a reply almost immediately.  The answer was simple.  ‘Tomorrow 10:10 AM, in the park across from city hall.’

That was all.  I had no idea if it was a dead drop or a meeting.  I just knew I needed to be there on time in order to find out.  I closed up the file and went to bed.

I awoke yet again to the smell of bacon.  It seemed the only thing that Fat Jack could cook was bacon and eggs.  He wrapped them in several different things, but it was always greasy bacon and eggs.  After breakfast I had time to run a couple of miles before the meeting.

I ran and hated every single minute of it.  I told myself that after the meeting I would find a cheap bike somewhere.  Then I realized we might be winding down the operation soon and it would have to be left behind.  I should have bought one when I first arrived.

Morris arrived at the park shortly after I did.  Of all things she had a dog on a bright red leash.  I didn’t bother to ask about the dog.  “So we meet again,” I said.

“Yes we do.  Let’s make this quick,” she said not looking at me.  In the paper bag I am carrying for the dog poop there is another bag with two listening devices.  I want you to plant one in the cabin and one in the wheelhouse of the boat.

That is just in case they take your cell phone, which they usually do these days.  Make sure they are well hidden, your life will depend on it.”

“Gee that’s an encouraging thought,” I said.

“There is also a GPS marker.  You want to plant it somewhere in the ship’s wheelhouse.  Wait till you are underway to activate it.  They can sweep for it with a cell phone AP, so be careful.

We are going to be doing round the clock surveillance of the boat from now till your dope dealer shows up.  It sounds like they are planning an at sea transfer of drugs.  It’s our one chance to catch them dirty.”

“We catch them dirty and they throw us over the side,” I said.

“Maybe once you get back to the dock, but they won’t take any chances till they get their drugs unloaded.  When you hit the dock, we are going to have a surprise for anyone waiting for you.” she said.

“I have no idea how to feel about that.  If your guys fuck up, it’s me and Fat Jack who will pay for it,” I explained.

“Don’t worry this is not an official operation.  Your friends from the Church Camp will be handling the dirty part of the operation,” Morris said.

“At least that is comforting.  Maybe they won’t kill us by mistake,” I suggested.

“Well they won’t have to play by the same rules as me.  Hell, you don’t play by the rules either, you know?” she commented.

“Yeah, that’s what I hear, but you are the ones making the rules I think,” I said.

“Actually Mission makes them,” Morris agreed.

“Whatever, so next time I hear from you this will be over one way or another?” I asked.

“That is the plan.  We will be listening,” Morris said.

I waited as the woman with the slightly wide hips, and a very bad bleach job on her hair walked away with the black and white dog on a bright red leash.  When I stood, I picked up my handbag into which she had slipped the paper bag filled with electronics spy crap.

When I got back to the dock, I motioned for Fat Jack to follow me to the vending machine area of the dock.  It was the only area with walls that we had access to.  Well there were the bathrooms, but I thought it might be suspicious, if I followed Fat Jack into the men’s room.

Once we were inside, I began to talk first, “Okay listen to me, if we are going to come out of this alive, we have to trust each other, so tell me what you told that drug dealer about me,” I said.

“He wanted to know if he could trust you.  I had to come up with something, so I told him you were my daughter,” Fat Jack replied.

“I do have a daughter about your age and I felt like that would be more believable than that story about you being an ex con.  We can still drag that out, if we need it,” he informed me.

“So okay, that sounds like a good enough cover.  What do you know about our part in this operation?” I asked.

“We obviously are going somewhere by boat to pick up a load of drugs.  We are going to bring them back here and that’s all I know,” he said.

“Jack let me try that again.  Tell me all you know about our part in this operation before I cut your fucking throat,” I said.  I tried to look as menacing as possible.

“We are going to be gone all night Black Ray told me.  That’s all I know,” he replied.

“Bullshit,” I said.

“You want to go along with my plan or not?” he asked.

“I don’t know till I hear it, but I will tell you this, the people we are working for have been, and will continue bugging you.  If you are planning something hinky, you better start talking now before I turn those bugs on,” I demanded.

“I told you I had some drug contacts that I reached out to.  It’s how Black Ray knew who we were.  It’s also how I found a buyer for five kilos of his shit.”

“What do you mean, you have a buyer for five keys of Black Rays dope?  You do know that will get us killed,” I said.

“Look the guys we work for are going to grab the dope as evidence.  Five keys more or less is not going to matter to them.  All we have to do is stay alive till they get themselves grabbed up.  If we do that we will be over a hundred thousand dollars richer,” he said.  “It would be a nice way to start our new lives.”

“You really hadn’t planned to tell me had you?” I asked.

“Not till I had to,” he admitted.

“So what is my cut?” I asked.

“Fifty K plus half of whatever we can take from Black Ray before the cops grab him up,” he said.

“That is likely to be nothing.  If his gun thugs find out what you have planned, they will likely kill us both,” I said.

“Just go along with anything.  We will figure it out as we go,” Fat Jack said.

After our meeting I went back to the boat.  When I got there I planted one bug under my bed.  It was shaped like a roach, so it wouldn’t even be noticed under the bed.  I also planted the other bug in the wheelhouse along with the GPS marker. I did not turn the marker on, as I had been instructed.

Fat Jack and I settled in to wait.  We had two spring charters before Black Ray and his two gun thugs showed up.  It was the middle of the night two weeks later.  It was not really the middle of the night but it was 10 PM. Fat Jack confronted them, but then let them come aboard.

“Nat you need to come up here,” he said since I was down below in the bunk.

I looked at the assembled group and said nothing.  The three of them make ominous gestures but said little.

“I want you to understand what your position is,” Black Ray said to Fat Jack.  “You belong to me now, both of you.”

I looked at Fat Jack, but said nothing to anyone.  I had a feeling it was going to get dangerous before we finally set sail.

“Do you understand Captain Jack?” he asked.  Fat Jack tried to nod his answer.  “That will not do.  Say it.”

“We belong to you,” he said.

“Now prove it to me.  Tell your daughter to suck my dick while you watch,” he demanded.

“Daddy please don’t do this,” I begged.  I wanted it to look real, more than anything else.

“I’m sorry Nat,” Fat Jack said with the gun in his back.  “Suck his dick honey.  Do it for me please.”

“You bastard,” I said as I moved to stand in front of Black Ray.

“Well tell her how,” Ray said enjoying both of us squirming.

“Kneel down Nat,” Jack said.  I did as he directed.

“Reach up and unzip his pants, then work his dick out.” he demanded.

I worked his hard penis out through his shorts and the zipper of his pants.  It was hard and smooth.

“Now kiss it honey,” Jack said.

I did just that.  Then I licked the shaft from its base to the thin lubricant covering the head of his penis.  I finally took it in my mouth and began to nurse on it like a baby would on his mother’s breast.  I got totally lost in what I was doing and forgot all about who it was and the consequences of what I was doing.

It took several moments of the smooth but hard penis moving inside my mouth before I felt him tighten.  He began to pound my throat slowly but forcefully.  Because of the strip club experience I knew how to relax my throat and fight back the panic.  The head of his penis slipped past my throat and he emptied his semen directly down my throat into my stomach.  I moved quickly to the door and threw up.

“Now that was a blow job.  Did you teach her that Jack?  I’ll bet you did,” he said.  “When we meet again, I’m going to take her ass as well.  Hell Jack I might take yours.”

Several minutes passed until I was able to rejoin them.  “Now you and my two associates are going out to make a pick up.  When you get back we should have a little time to finish this party.  Hell once the drugs are on board my two associates might just take Natalie there.  It will be good for her to know her place.”  With that Black Ray left the boat.

“He is not coming?” Fat Jack asked.

“Boss gets seasick,” one of the gun thugs said.  “Now give me your cell phones.”

“I did as directed and waited.  It was a few minutes before they turned on the cell phone of their own.  They ran an AP to check for the GPS marker.  Obviously they weren’t good with new technology because he didn’t notice when he turned it off that I turned the marker on.  If they didn’t check back later we should be good to go.

The larger and less greasy looking of the two slipped Jack the meeting coordinates.  It took four hours of sailing to get to the rendezvous site.  The whole time the two gun thugs amused them selves by feeling me up.  They also tried to frighten me.  They went into great detail as to what lay in store for me during the return trip.  I certainly was not looking forward to it, but I also wasn’t terrified either.

The thinner and cleaner of the two told me to get on my knees again.  I did as I was told since I didn’t wish to die this close to getting it done.  I had his penis out and in my mouth when Jack turned around, he said, “We are within 1000 feet of the GPS coordinates and I don’t see a thing on radar.  Are you sure you are right about the meeting?”

“Maybe they had a problem,” I guessed removing his penis from my mouth.

“They will be here,” The same thug who had been tormenting me said.

“It must be an airplane that is going to make the drop,” I said loud enough for the bugs to pick it up.

“Yes gringa an aeroplane will make the drop in ten minutes.  Now turn off your engine and lights.  When you hear the motor of the plane turn them back on,” the thug said.  “As for you go back to what you were doing.  You are not bad for a gringo whore.”

Jack looked at me as if to ask how this changed things.  I had no idea how, so I shrugged.

Jack killed the lights but kept the radar on.  I spoke into the bug before I returned to sucking the gun thug’s cock, “I wonder how long it will take the plane to get here?”

“Thug one says less than 30 minutes,” Jack replied.  “Thug two says ten minutes.  So I would guess soon.”

“Well I hope it won’t be too much longer I’m feeling a little queasy,” I said doing everything I could to convince the thug I might throw up in his lap.

“Natalie, I am sorry about all this and what happened with Black Ray,” Jack added.

“Thanks,” I replied sarcastically not allowing him off the hook.  “Remember you owe me,” I said as I returned to the cock in my hand.

We waited with the lights off on the boat.  When I heard the plane motor I stopped what I was doing and said, “Turn on the lights.”

When the light came on and blinked twice, I said.  “If they have a light on the package as a marker, we need to kill our lights to see them better.”  The lights went out and the marker light began to flash.  “It’s a strobe we need to get to it fast no telling who all is in these waters.”

Jack took off at full throttle which was still not much speed.  When we got near the package the bigger of the thugs wanted to turn on the lights but I objected.  He gave in and we got close to the bundle floating in the water.  There were three duffel bags inside a flotation device.  The two thugs worked on getting them onto the boat.  Thug 2 went back into the wheelhouse to renew his observation of Fat Jack.

While he was walking to the wheelhouse he had his back to me.  I used the chance to thrust the Porter dagger into his chest three quick times.  The thug tried to reach me but I stepped back and push him overboard at the same time.  There was a noisy splash as he hit the water.

“What was that?” Thug one asked.

“Your friend was reaching for the float and fell overboard,” I said.

He rushed back to the rear of the boat.  He obviously didn’t feel threatened by me.  After all I was merely a blond with big tits, nothing to worry about.  So he turned his back on me to look for his friend.

I stabbed his ass three times along the spinal cord and felt the dagger slide by the spine each time and bury itself in soft tissue near the spine.  I whispered in his ear just before he went over the side, “Now who got fucked in the ass?”

I pulled Fat Jack to the rear of the boat with my blood covered hands.  “Keep your voice down.  Now does your man know to stand by with the money tonight?” I asked.

“I can call him on the cell phone the fat one left in the wheelhouse.  I can at least get him moving this way.”

“Keep it cryptic.  They will be monitoring the air wave tonight,” I said.  “At least I hope so or we are going to be two dead gringos.”

An hour later we were met by a motor launch.  The people got on board and took a black plastic bag with five kilos of heroine and delivered $125,000 to Jack.

Once they were gone we sailed back to the dock to await the next move.  Black Ray showed up on the boat to take possession of the Heroin.  “Where are my men?” he asked.

“They fell overboard,” I suggested.

He pointed a pistol at me then after a terror filled minute he shrugged.  He was in the process of counting his heroin, when the heavy sound of a Barrett sniper rifle filled the air.  A sniper had put three fifty caliber rounds into the block of Black Ray’s Cadillac.

Without any warning four men in black descended on the boat.  The sound of the SUV’s block being crushed, along with the sound of the four men firing with pinpoint accuracy made the three remaining thugs throw down their guns.

The four of them quickly put black hoods over the drug crew’s heads and rushed them from the boat.  The leader of the men in black stood in front of me and asked, “What happened to the drug cartel men with you?”

“Fell overboard,” I replied.

To that he nodded then said, “Go below and pack everything that belongs to you.  I mean everything Rose and leave nothing behind.  Then get in your car and go back to Central Park at noon tomorrow to go back to your life there.”

“It will take me five minutes then I’m gone,” I agreed.


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14 Responses to Undercover Rose 10 (Edited)

  1. Walt says:

    For new readers, if you need an individual Chapter, or you want the entire story from 1 to 10, or a copy of the Cast of Characters, they are on my own site in Text form. That way you don’t have to worry about any “baddies” sneaking into your system. I left off the http as it screws up my posts, yet doesn’t see to affect Jack’s links. One of those unknown mysteries.


  2. jackballs57 says:

    Another great chapter. Rose remembered her training well

  3. Shooter says:

    Keep up the good work. Still miss my every morning read but this was great. Looking forward to her next adventure.

  4. KiwiChris says:

    Very nice chapter 🙂

  5. oldsilvertip says:

    good chapter. thanks for your efforts.

  6. hartzog86 says:

    Been in the hospital a couple of days and just read 9 and 10, good reading. I broke one of the bones going to the middle toe of my right foot and had a huge bruise on the top and on the under side of my foot. About a week later it threw a clot and I woke the next morning and my leg was swollen twice its size. Made it to the hospital and they didnt like my chances on just blood thinners so they went in through a vein and got it out ( its a teaching hospital and if your willing they always have something new they want to try or just train a new batch of Dr’s) they put me on blood thinner and restricted mobility for a while so I was looking for about two weeks worth of reading about Rose to fight the boredom. Quality is worth the wait plus I can find plenty of trashy fill in reading on SOL and others while I wait on Rose to stir up some trouble.

    Thank you Cindy for your great story’s


    • cindypress says:

      I am so sorry to h ear you are having problems. I fell a month ago and tried to tough it out but finally I had to go to the doctor. First thing they wanted to do was all this invasive stuff. It was a good thing my dad was along and went back with me.

      He convince the doctor that I was tougher than that so he tried oral steroids for the inflammation. It has been a month longer but it’s on the run now. Sometimes you know best and sometime you have to get help. Sometimes you have to take the advice of people who love you.

      I have been back to Tylenol and steroids for a couple of days. I have 3/4 of the prescription pain killer left but it was a blessing for a week till all the inflammatory shit kicked in. That’s part of why I went to a longer time frame and the business is just nuts at the worst possible time.

      So here is wishing you luck and believe me I have empathy for your position. Good luck.

  7. jackballs57 says:

    Morning all. I’m glad to hear that everyone is recovering and improving. To add a little more reading to pass the time I have posted another short chapter to my story. Jack

  8. jackballs57 says:

    I do hope Rose took the cash with her She deserves some compensation other than a rat infested garage to call home. lol

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